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Take the placement record of your college to a new high by opting for Career Marshal’s placement services.

Career Marshal, in short span of time, has placed more than 1000 candidates in some of the topnotch companies of the world. We are present across the country and are spreading our wings to the international circuit as well. With our experiential expertise in hiring, we are now taking a step towards campus placement.

Steps involved in Career Marshal’s campus placement process are:

Placement training and Pre- placement briefing: We will impart all the necessary training to the candidates, to help them secure high grades in the placement process.

Organizing the required tests: We will also arrange specific tests demanded by some of the companies, to enable them conveniently hire the best of the lot.

Register your college now to know the process in detail:

Career Marshal also organizes various Campus Placement sessions to prepare the students for the corporate world, and to help them step into the corporate world with utmost confidence.


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