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How to stay focused in a buzzing office environment?

Whenever we hear the term ‘office’, generally an image of a few set of employees dressed in formals, with laptops/computers working seriously pops up in our head. But, are all offices the same? Not really. Every office has its own persona. Some offices are more chirpy and busy than the other ones.  For example, if we talk about the environment of an AD agency or a BPO, the environment is completely different from an IT firm. Though, interactions are important part of a positive work environment, but at times it becomes a little tough to concentrate when the office is very noisy.

Steps to stay focused in a buzzing office environment:

  • Make a To Do List

Making a to-do list is a fantastic habit formation activity. It’s not only good to stay focused in a busy office environment but otherwise as well. However, if we specifically talk about the noisy office environments, making a list is an awesome way to keep an eye on the things that you are supposed to accomplish. The list will not only remind you about your important tasks, but it will also motivate you to work on your tasks on time. It is a great way to stay distracted from the noise.

  • Find your ‘silent space’

When it comes to working on some specific activities which require some bit of calmness, it is important to find a silent space for your work. Any meeting room that’s empty or a corner that is less noisy will be perfect for such kind of work. Because, there are certain activities which require a little more concentration and these spaces allow you to concentrate more.

  • Keep your goals in mind

One of the other fabulous ways of staying focused is by reminding yourselves of your goals. Your goals can be specific to your work or generally career wise as well. If you know what you want to achieve it is easy to attain and no noise can ever distract you. Therefore, make sure you keep reminding yourself of your aims.

Every office has its own environment. But, at times, too much buzz becomes distracting for the employees. Therefore, it is also important to maintain certain decorum to make sure that all the employees feel comfortable. At the same time, if a particular employee is only finding it difficult to focus, then it is advisable to follow the steps listed above.


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Tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance

Part of the corporate world that irks everyone the most is the balance of work/life or rather the lack of it. Long and irregular working hours, mounting workload and humongous pressure are all that takes a toll on people’s personal life.

This deterioration of work/life balance is common in most professions– whether they are work from home or office based. We, at Careermarshal, bring to you some tips on how to achieve this elusive balance thing:


Focus on your strengths

Don’t be the ‘guy who does it all’. Do what you’re good at (what you’re being paid to do) and outsource the rest to the experts. If you don’t know how to do accounts, give it to the accounts department rather wasting your time on it yourself.

Compartmentalize your time

Make a to-do list for all your tasks for the month and divide it into categories based on how important these tasks are and how immediately you need to finish them. Know when you are at your efficient best Do you work better at mornings or in nights? Depending on your answer, assign taxing and tough tasks to yourself accordingly. Always do these heavy tasks when you are at your best.

Take out some ‘me’ time

Always devote at least half an hour a day to just do anything that makes you relaxed. It could be watching Stand-up comedy, taking a stroll in the park, listening to music or something else. Take care of your personal relationships and health too.

Always follow your own schedule

Set work hours for yourself and completely stick to them unless it’s a grave situation. This gets your mind in a habit to do the work only in the stipulated hours and unwind in the rest.

Adjust your workplace to your needs

If you work in an office, you can’t really do much on your own. But what you can do is get your daily utility things according to your own needs. After all you’re going to be spending a large part of your day cooped up in there. You can ask your boss for comfortable seating arrangements and an atmosphere conducive for working. That includes getting a comfortable chair, an ergonomic keyboard, a support stand for your laptop, etc. Investing here is totally worth it.

Technology to the rescue

If possible, when you are not able to go to office for some genuine reason, use video conferencing apps like Hangouts or Skype.

Invest in making time

There are a lot of tools available that can help you keep track of how much time you expend in doing various activities like meetings, client acquiring and servicing. It will help you understand how long a particular task takes for you to do. In this way, you’ll be better allocate time to various tasks and plan everything out in advance.

Make time out for passions

There must be something you truly love – other than work – make sure you spend time doing it too. You will feel refreshed and enthused to be able to carry out the daily tasks at work.

Be realistic

Take time for introspection everyday. Analyse your day at work and ask yourself what clicked and what didn’t. Try to weed out those mistakes in the next day at work.

Get a business coach

Getting one can be a bit expensive but they are really recommended. They will help you detect early on the wrong business habits you’re indulging in and set you on the path of self-contemplation and correction.

Knock yourself out

Go to Goa with your college friend’s or Rishikesh. The point is to go to someplace every 6 months at least. Get yourself an extended weekend bonanza and have fun.




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4 Things Your HR Department Needs to Start Doing.

We’re all aware about the role and importance of the Human Resource Department for any company. Given that their main function is to provide a strategic management of employees and the office environment, is your HR department really fulfilling the requirement of the job? Join us in looking at the 4 things that your HR Department should start doing, if they haven’t done it already!

  1. Be well versed with technology

There was a time when every record of the company was on paper in files. Times have changed and the HR Department should be very adaptive to that change. It is advisable for the HR team to transform every detail about the company into a digital record; this includes details from the minute ones to the bigger ones. This will enable keeping a hassle free track on various aspects for example, the salary structure for each profile and the attendance & holidays taken by employees.

  1. Be approachable and inspire the employees

The HR Department is your apt destination when you have any problem in the office, so the HR team should always be considerate to hear the employees out and look for a solution to those problems. But also, the HR person should know where to draw the lines – things should not get personal to the extent of physically trying to help in solving the personal problems of the staff. The HR Team must make sure that the problems they are dealing with are strictly in relation to office matters, the employees should be able to trust the HR Team with immense faith.

The HR Department should also be exemplary in their transparency and punctuality to report for work. This department should be one that every other employee looks up to, be it pertaining to work habits or code of conduct.

  1. Promote and encourage team spirit

In an office environment, there are always different teams across various departments. A lot of times when you are not in the same team with a colleague in the office, you hardly even talk or greet each other. This should not be the case, the HR Department should promote the culture of greeting one another, even across different departments – a mandatory “good morning” would be a nice way to start. The HR Department should also hold group meetings with all the employees, conduct a poll and find out the common interests that the employees share. This interest could be towards donation or an outing, the HR Team can act on the results of the poll and organize something that everyone can be a part of – this will promote a sense of unity among the employees.

  1. Pay close attention to cleanliness

The importance of a clean office is essential for a better working environment. The HR Department should always prioritize a consistency in cleanliness of the entire office – a cleaner environment will result in fresher minds that will in turn generate more productivity.


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How to Tackle New Job Nerves

Be it a new job, a job switch with a new profile or a promotion within the same firm, congratulations on the new position you’ve earned! We all are aware of the fact that with new jobs come new responsibilities that very often lead to those heart-in-throat kind of situation. But worry no more, for this article is here to help you ease your nervousness. We at Career Marshal have listed out 5 things that you must remember to overcome those butterflies in your stomach at your new job.

  1. Make sure that you wake up early on your first day

Let us start with the beginning of the day. You always have an option to be either just on time or be early to report at your new job on your first day, we highly recommend the latter. In order to report early, you should get up earlier than you should. By reaching early, you get time to absorb more positive vibes and your mind will feel prepared.

  1. Dress for the job

It’s not a secret that some recruiters have been known to complain about people not being dressed right for the job, even after they have hired those employees. So avoid attracting such comments, be at your best, be prim and proper. In short, dress to impress!

  1. Remind yourself of your worth

The idea of “new” is certainly scary and makes you anxious, but a new job means you are moving forward and that you are worthy of that progress in your life. Here is where the importance of self talk comes in, you need to constantly tell yourself that you are there reporting for that position because you fit the requirements of the job. You have been hired because you are worth it, you can do this.

  1. Do not be afraid to ask questions

It is extremely important to remember that it is okay to not know everything in the beginning. You will learn with time but in order to learn, you will have to ask at the right time. From the tiniest little things to more important questions at work, do not hold yourself back from asking questions. Never forget that your boss and your colleagues are people too, so they’ll understand when you want to clear your doubts. That being said, make sure you’re being respectful while asking your questions.

  1. Be friendly and helpful

Nobody likes a snobbish newcomer, that’s just how it is everywhere. Go ahead and do yourself a favour by blending in, be polite and friendly – start becoming a part of the team by initiating an interaction and start making your connections. You should keep in mind that there will be days in the future when you will need your colleagues to help you out in some way or the other, try and get the team to like you.

All these points and the belief that you have in yourself is what will take you a long way, good luck!


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How tech is shaping up the new employee

The technological revolution has taken everything up in a storm. The world of employees is facing the after effects as well. From the way they choose a company to work for, the way they train themselves, the way that they absorb loads of information around them and how they make sense of such a deluge.

Employees are the first ones who have the insider’s edge in terms of your brand, your products and/or services and your dealings. They form an important influencer to their peers, friends, acquaintances, family and the world at large. So, it becomes kind of important to keep tabs on them and empower them to use technology for the greater good of your brand during and after leaving. Steer them in the right direction to talk about the company.

Brace for it, because the change is coming, whether you like it or not. We, at Careermarshal – one of India’s top job site, bring to you how tech is altering the way employees interact and exist at the workplace.

 Communication is the key

A majority of employees use their smartphones to interact on Social Media, getting notifications under their fingers and checking them out at times of convenience. You should consolidate on this behavior into letting your employees share company insight and news onto their social media following. Decree open policies and encourage new and former employees to share their experiences at your company using creative hashtags. They are going to discuss about the company on social media no matter what but now you can provide them a safe outlet which might end up benefiting your company itself.

Go for expansion

An average employee has a limited sphere of influence which doesn’t compare to a new age YouTube celebrity but their word of mouth has more influence on the said circle. What if you could scale up the reach? Imagine the possibilities. One way of doing that is providing a platform to your employees. It could be anything ― from the brand’s Facebook page to an app and everything in between. This can pay a truckload of dividends and work wonders for your marketing strategies.

Enable employees to seize the initiative

This can help in creating employee engagement to ensure better rates of retention. Employees can create leadership content that helps them develop their own careers and drives reach for your brand.

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7 Ways to Foster a Positive Work Environment!!

The Work environment is highly crucial to the proceedings at a company. They can make or break your company’s credential. Hence, fostering the right work environment is pretty high on the to-do list of all companies. You don’t want too rigid and authoritative style of management at the workplace as it gives rise to negativity and stifling of creativity which are the essential pillars for the growth of an organization. And you neither want too much laid back and unprofessional attitude among the workers towards company policies as that can lead to chaos and total breakdown of leadership.Hence, what you should aspire for is the ‘middle’ line. Not too much leniency and neither too much strictness.

Here are some tips to get that balance right.

  1. Everyone is inherently flawed – in one way or another.

When undertaking responsibilities of varied form, even the best of us are prone to one mistake or the other. Have the oversight to accept these overheads as part of the job or risk feeling frustrated all the time. Even when they’re trying their best, the output may or may not be to your liking. Allow your employees to have a stable work/life balance otherwise they might start feeling frustrated at their work and may not even try their best to do a task. If you implement such measures, you’ll notice that you would have won their respect and admiration. Such mutual respect is a very powerful motivator to best carry out a job.

  1. Reward and appreciate achievements

People would be more likely to work hard and achieve their goals if they are appreciated for the hard work they put in. They might feel ignored if you don’t acknowledge their work. By doing it publicly, you’ll foster positive competition as all your employees would want to be applauded in front of the whole office. This will put in motion a fruitful cycle that benefits one and all. If possible, include perks like ― a few extra days off, a bonus ― to those who do commendable work. This is an example of positive reinforcement that has been proven to make a general workforce more productive and happy.

  1. Give them some breathing space

You don’t want to micromanage stuff. This makes your employees feel not trusted. They also think that they are not wise enough to do their work without proper ‘guidance’. Give them a bit of freedom to decide on some issues. This has a two pronged benefit – it saves your time and it enables them to be more creative. In this way, they’ll eventually become more efficient, self-reliant and tend to work hard and smart.

  1. Inculcating fear is not the best of ideas

If you think fear is a powerful motivator, you might be taking a few dialogues from Hollywood movies a bit out of context. Joker was not talking about the workplace when he uttered his disturbing musings on the ability of fear. An environment of fear will do no good to the prospects of your company. Mistakes are a learning curve and risk-taking shouldn’t be totally abhorrent. The ability to try and fail without fear will undoubtedly result in some surprising and innovative successes.

  1. Guide them whenever necessary

Since you’re not micromanaging, you’ve ample time on your hands which can be utilized in mentoring your employees. Devise new ideas and coach your employees to turn them into reality. Make yourself available for giving advice without stifling them and make a confident team out of your workplace.

  1. Train them

For skill improvement at an individual level, training in necessary skills is the best foot forward. Invest more towards it. Your workplace success hinges on this as well. Be ready with hands on training material as and when required.

  1. Have weekly rendezvous with employees

Still not sure if your workers see happy with things as the way they are? Just ask them! Review their opinions and incorporate them if necessary. Having an outlet at work where they can put up their grievances is the best way to make a more amiable and happy work environment. This will make them feel more valued. Ensure them that their grievances will be taken in to account and acted upon. All of this is a key to a happy work environment.



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How Millennials Are Shaking Up the Workplace

The generation that is going to take forward the world in different spheres – research, technology, health, manufacturing and corporate ― is the current generation, also known as ‘The Millennials’. They have been under the scanner; held to close scrutinizing for their goals, their ambitions, and their overall mindset. Yet, they haven’t been figured out completely and maybe never will be.

How to deal with them? How to recruit the most deserving candidate when they are known to expand their experiences constantly and are prone to instances of job-hopping?

What sort of motivation can be given to a generation that beloved in utopian tasks like fighting off world hunger and poverty, for instance? Another obstacle in our course – and a major one at that – is the nose diving attention span among people of the current generation. Just to put a number on that, attention span decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds since 2000, according to a study by Microsoft.

Conclusion: There is a piece to the jigsaw puzzle that we’re missing. There is a need to understand the psyche of the millennials. And we need to do that on an urgent basis since they are the ones who are going to form a major part of our workforce very soon.

Get over with the ostracising

Just because you don’t understand their ways, their mannerisms and their pulse doesn’t mean that you would start stereotyping them into a narrow spectrum of adjectives. We stereotype people who we think are different from us. Science has evidence that we do this because it’s cognitive efficient – once we have categorized, we no longer need to consider information about each individual member of the group. The biggest problem with such assessment is that we ourselves haven’t been able to totally understand what millennial want and what their long-term goals are (one counter narrative could be that millennials themselves haven’t been able to totally understand what they want) and hence have conflicting viewpoints on millennials.

What really is going on

Let’s try to figure this dilemma out by looking at the bigger picture. Millennials are not driven by traditional incentives that we know of; they have very different ideas of what they want to achieve out of working than the previous generations. This could be attributed to the fact that the world hasn’t been this prosperous since we have known humanity to inhabit this planet. Sure, there is hunger, poverty, terrorism and climate change that we have to deal with, but the human population at a large has never been more peaceful, less hungry, less poor and the death rate has been at an all-time low. All of these points to the fact that the current generation is more invested in looking at the bigger picture than ever before any generation was. They have lived through reasonable prosperity and hence want to solve large problems. For them it’s not only about the money, the company name and/or their job title like it once was for us. It’s about having a sense of purpose and fulfilling it. ‘Being happy’ isn’t an employment perk for them. They want to hold a career that is rewarding for them – in multiple parameters. They place a strong emphasis on finding a job that is truly fulfilling. One that offers them the opportunity to grow, learn and have a future. When that doesn’t happen, they become unhappy, demotivated and start focusing just on making money or getting through their day so that they can get on with outside interests. Everyone is different but one thing’s for sure, stereotyping and/or complaining won’t solve the problem…though nor will searching for the answer on Google!



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Is the office dress code, as we know it, dying?

What people generally wear to the office is a trend that has seen seismic shift since the 90s. The formal plaid shirts and pants and plaid skirts and cardigans have given way to a much less stringent and relaxed office dress code. Less and less managers are opting for the three-piece business attire immortalized on television by Steve Carrell (As Michael Scott on ‘The Office’). They are opting for more casual attires than the previous generations.

This shift is in part due to more demand for skilled workers from companies. Such fierce demand for skilled workers leads employers to take a more relaxed approach to the dress code at the office. In conclusion, doling out such intangibles can be a nice way to attract more skilled workers. About one-third of office workers prefer offices with a relaxed business casual attire as the dress code. Companies which can’t compete in terms of salaries often resort to such tactics.

This is at least in part due to the high demand for talent. Competition among companies for skilled workers is fierce, and some employers who can’t afford to compete in terms of salary turned to other intangibles – a more relaxed working environment is a prime example. More companies introducing such measures are evidence of the fact that more employees are leaning towards such casual attires in their workplace.

However, there’s a flip side to all the hullabaloo about dressing up at the workplace. Casual dress isn’t necessarily appropriate for all positions or all occasions.

For individuals who work in representing the company ― to the clients, the public or the media ― have to be a wee bit more careful about what they wear. They cannot strut around in whatever they want to in front of the respective clients, media or someone else.  And besides, sometimes dressing up a bit can increase self-confidence and help workers get in the mindset to get to work. But for the most part, employers should consider giving their staff some leeway in the fashion department. And maybe even enjoy the trend for themselves.





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How to turn around a bad day at work

There are umpteen reasons to have a bad day at work. Maybe you spilled your favorite steaming cup of coffee on your desk effectively ruining your day’s work. Or maybe something a little less tragic. It could be something as trivial as having a scuffle with someone during traffic, or just waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

Whatever the reason might be, we have got ways to turn that frown upside down.

  1. Sing at the top of your voice

There are enough research material to suggest that listening to and crooning along with your favourite song can lift up the blues in a jiffy. Even depression can be alleviated.Make a playlist under the title “Mood uplifter” or whatever works for you and add all the positive songs that race up your heartbeat and rushes adrenaline up your spine. Songs from artists like Avicci works wonder for turbulent moods.

  1. Pamper yourself with a hot shower

Drench yourself with a warm shower works wonder for tired and fatigued body and alleviates stress. It makes you feel relieved and at peace and gives you time to contemplate what went wrong with today. Take an alternate hot and cold shower and rejuvenate circulation in your body.Start with a warm shower and then slowly turn the temperature of the water as cold as you can stand for 20 seconds. Then bring the temperature back up again. Alternate this cycle for 3−5 minutes to start until you can slowly start to tolerate longer durations.

  1. Watch something funny over the internet

Study by University of Western Ontario has shown that people who watched something funny over the Internet were more productive than those who watched something that was depressing.Although your boss might not be convinced to let you watch funny cat videos on YouTube.Tune into something objectively funny and feel your day get better by a long shot.

  1. Interact with Animals

Try Petting a cute litter of puppies and you’ll feel the positive energy flow inside you. Their cuteness will make you go awww J. Although owning a pet is known to improve self-esteem and well-being, you don’t necessarily have to have one to get the benefits. Equine therapy is a scientifically proven way to improve happiness quotient. By animals though, we mean dogs, cats and hamsters and not huge ones like Giraffe or elephants.Chances are that someone in your building has a pet whom you can play with (with the owner’s permission of course!). Or you can go to animal shelters and volunteer. Those animals could do with some benevolent company.

  1. Hug your loved ones

Human touch as a form of therapy is underrated but is catching on among people. They are often employed as therapeutic touch to heal and help patients recover after a surgery in hospitals. Hence, don’t shy away from sharing such intimate moments with your partner, close friend or family members. Just hug it out!

  1. Practice deep breathing.

You might be feeling a rush of stress hormones that are ruining your day. Deep breathing has proven to be stress-reducing activity that can shut out all the negative energy you might be experiencing. Take a few moments to close your eyes. Practice inhaling deeply through your nose for a two-second count, pausing for two seconds, and then exhaling for another two seconds. This will help stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system, thus quieting down your stress response.

  1. Maintain a journal to write down what’s bothering you

Journaling helps you to get things off your chest and provide an outlet for all the repressed thoughts in your mind. You reveal your innermost secrets to a safe haven that is immune to trespassing of any other person. Just writing it all down will make you feel a lot better about yourself even if nobody actually reads any of it.  Start by writing whatever is bothering you and how you feel about it. Then write a few positive things that you’re grateful . It will give a positive spin to the troubled state of your mind and soothe all the irritated muscles of your brain to bring a sense of cathartic bliss. You can also ponder on what you did wrong and what you can do to make it right.

  1. Indulge in a light workout session

We understand that moving any fibre of your body is the last thing you want to do. But activities like light jogging, cycling or skipping ropes will help stimulate blood flow and the release of endorphins, the well-known “feel good” hormone.You don’t necessarily have to walk a marathon to feel the benefits; just go for a short walk and observe your surrounding to take the edge off your day. It is especially helpful if you walk in an area with lush green trees.Perform a simple routine of light squats, push-ups, and easy stretches. This not only gets you out of the chair, it also stimulates happy hormone production, increases blood flow, and boosts your mood.

  1. Detoxify yourself by logging out of various social media accounts

Social media has been instrumental in bringing you closer to far-off relatives, acquaintances and friends but it has had some negative repercussions too. Many studies correlate the higher time spent in checking social media accounts with spike in levels of depression among people because they make unhealthy comparisons to others, create a sense of inadequacy and despair and doubt. Categorically limit the time spent on checking Facebook and Instagram. At work, check them only if it is absolutely necessary. Keep in mind that what people choose to show on their social media feed is a shallow and highly inflated high-points of their life. They all have a murky underbelly that they refuse to put on open display for everyone else to see. Don’t obsess over others.

  1. Walk barefoot on the grass

Walking on dew-laden grass can be cathartic experience to say the least. You maybe working a desk job from 9 to 5 and don’t find much exposure to the elements of nature at all, except for staring at the default screensaver of Windows 7. Go to a nearby park and just take in the whole atmosphere. Grounding is the practice of exposing yourself to the ground, usually with your bare feet to help stimulate energy, improve immune function, and boost happiness.The theory states that the earth’s magnetic field can lower stress hormones.


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These workplace practices should be immediately erased from your system!

Like a lot of other things that we do just because it is a routine practice, there are plenty of workplace habits which we also follow just because we are conditioned to follow them. Offices are the places where we usually spend most part of our day. Therefore, it is even more important to focus on adopting newer ways of ‘working’ in the offices. The fresh ways should match up with the current demands of the environment. Here are a list of things that we often do in a workplace, but they should be erased from our systems completely:

  • Be a multi-tasker and a ‘multi-learner’

The startup culture has changed the working environment of the corporates in India to a large extend. Now a days, employees are encouraged to be involved in a lot of other activities and tasks happening around the company apart from just performing their designated KRAs. This means that as a new-age employee you have to be prepared to try your hands at new things. This is not the time when you can only do your work efficiently and return home with a lot of praises. You have to get involved in everything that’s possible in order to shine bright at work.

  • Working late so often

Well, the world is changing quite rapidly and we need to change our habits accordingly as well. Bosses are no longer impressed by employees who just sit in the office even after the office hours and work for long. In fact, the trend is a little different now, and the new age bosses expect you to be as proactive and quick as possible whenever the situation demands. Therefore, fulfilling the commitments on time, no matter whether you work till 9pm or till 6pm matters more to the employers now a days. Therefore, if you thing by sitting on that bench with your eyes on your computer for long even after the bell has rung, in order to get that much needed promotion then you may have to change your strategy.

Listed above are two of the most important steps to be taken in order to get rid of the old age practices of work. The world is changing at a rapid pace, and hence, you should also keep moving with the same pace in order to create your space in the corporate world.

Excited to join a new startup to experience and learn more? Find out some of the best jobs here on one of the best job sites in India, Career Marshal!

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