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What to do when your boss is not happy with your work at all?

Everyone who is a part of a corporate environment wants to perform well so that he or she is able to get promotions and appraisals at the right time. Also, for an individual’s professional growth, it is utmost important to keep learning, growing and performing better. However, there are times when we give our 100%, but we are still unable to fulfill the expectations of the company or our boss. This is a stressful situation for any employee, but many us have faced it, and people who have overcome, have grown even beyond their own expectations. Here are a few things to consider if your boss is not happy with your performance:

  • Get some clarity

First of all, it is utmost important to get clarity about what is he or she disappointed with. If you are putting all your efforts, but still your boss is not happy with your performance, then first, get to the main problem area. This will only happen when you will interact with your boss. So, take the first step, and ask your manager what is that that you are doing incorrect and how can you improve your performance. If you are sincere and really want to improve then no boss will ever shy away from pointing out the problem areas. As at the end of the day, your manager will also like it if you will improve and grow.

  • Start learning and improving

If you get some inputs from your boss, then it is wonderful as you can straightaway start working on your skills. However, if you are awaiting your boss’s inputs, then, instead of wasting time, start preparing improvement plans for yourself. Your improvement plans can be related to your field of work or something else as well. Say, for example, if you want to switch your field, then it would be better to improve your skills with respect to the new field. Always remember that any type of learning will only help you to eventually grow and become better.

  • Stay as positive as you can

No matter how much you are disappointed with the constant feedback, it is extremely important to stay positive. As, only if you will stay positive, you will be able to learn and grow. Therefore, try to take every feedback in a positive way.

We all like to get praises from our bosses, but if we are getting feedbacks, then probably it is the right time to prepare strategies to improve our performance.

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The office bully – top tips on how to handle tricky colleagues

Things would have been all so perfect if only this senior/colleague at your workplace would stop bullying you. Now bullying can come in various forms; when the topic is raised in the context of an office/corporate environment, we mostly refer to a certain kind of treatment that can have negative impacts on you mentally which will eventually show in your work and attitude.

A lot of times, we all try to avoid confrontations as long as the damage done to you is considered minor. Yet, one needs to know when the line is being crossed. The ability to handle your tricky colleagues with the same mind game is an art in its entirety. Read on to learn more about this art.

Firstly, accept the fact that you are being bullied.

Very often a lot of people tend to ignore the fact that they are victims of office bullying. Let’s take few simple examples; a colleague of yours could be taking all the credits for your ideas and your work. Or when something goes wrong, a colleague could be implying all the blame on you. Also sometimes, a colleague could be gossiping about you beyond a certain point of reality. This undoubtedly is no time to sit back and watch as things unfold, you need to acknowledge the fact that all this is unfair and wrong.

Next, learn to protect yourself

You need to act on what you just acknowledged by coming up with ways that will gain you more supporters, build your support network. If your team mate/colleague is the bully, then you can always copy the boss into the mails that you send within the team; this way, your boss will know who gave which idea. Be friendly and polite with your other team mates; get them on your side.

Try talking it out directly

If a colleague is being unfair to you, then talking to this colleague could be a good idea to put the bullying to halt. You could tell this person that you are aware of the things he/she says and does behind your back and that he/she needs to stop. Be assertive in your tone, show that you are confident about yourself but not full of pride. Most bullies really do listen when confronted face to face because once you stand and speak up for yourself, they don’t feel powerful anymore.  If matters continue to be the same, then your boss and the HR are your go to people.

Keep a record of everything

This is a must! Every work that is being done or is yet to be done, keep a record of all your work files in your desktop. You could show even more alertness by keeping a safe copy of those records in your personal drive. This should be done because you could be needing proofs in case of any unforeseen argument, if such a situation arises, then you have your files and documents ready to be shown to the HR.

Read more and enlighten yourself

Last but nowhere close to the least, get to know all the rules and regulations that your company/your country has against bullying at workplace. Being well read about issues will always help you boost your confidence.









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How to deal with becoming the Boss to your friend

You have been friends since college. You joined the same organization. But fate has it that you end up becoming the boss to your friend. You have a sense of jubilation for being promoted at work but you also feel uneasy at giving orders to your friend. That really is a tricky situation to find yourself in.

It is a known fact that we all need friends at work. From taking advice on some project, celebrating a major breakthrough, to just venting out how sinfully ignorant, demanding, unreasonable and stupid the boss is. Friends really do matter.

And there is research to backup such claims. Research indicated that people who have best friends at work are more engaged and that their organizations show higher profitability and customer loyalty than those in which close friendships between colleagues are less common. Hence it won’t be wrong to say that friends are important in both personal and professional life.

But you being the boss now has drastically changed the equations. Now you’re the boss your friends are gossiping about with their colleagues. Other colleagues are worried about favouritism and your friends expect some slack all of the time. Your friends might not take you seriously at all jeopardizing your hold on your subordinates.

First-time managers feel the brunt of shifting workplace dynamics more than their experienced and higher-up counterparts. The latter have bigger fish to fry.

We, at Careermarshal – one of the best job sites in India try to illuminate the path for rookie managers.


Be clear.

You need to set your priorities very straight from the word go. You can be friends with your subordinates but with conditions attached. Your work relationship with them has changed. Set clear expectations and boundaries. Talk to your friends about your new role. Explain to them that you are now accountable to the organization and their other coworkers. Hence the time you spend with them at the workplace has to change.

 Be fair.

You need to keep your personal biases at bay when it comes to bonuses, raises, promotions, support, and resources. Only shower your friends with such accolades if they deserve them and their contribution is well documented. Otherwise, the other workers will resort to gossiping, politics and whatnots and lose trust in your managerial skills.

Be aware.

Ask your own boss or mentor on what they feel of the time, preference and resources you allocate to your friends and act on the feedback. It is important to monitor the kind of signals you’re generating through your interactions.

Be prepared.

Sometimes such changes sound the death knell of friendship as you know it. Talk to your friend about it and respect their decision. Be cordial to them and let the relationship take its own course.



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Increase productivity and retention rate by making your workplace a happy place!

For every organization productivity of the employees is important. Every firm wants their employees to work dedicatedly for the company in order to enhance the revenue. Though, there are a plenty of individualistic parameters that decide the productivity level of every employee, but it won’t be wrong if we say that certain changes in the environment can lead to a more productive workplace. So, if you also want to enhance the productivity of the employees, and become one of the best places to work in India, then here are some changes to adopt:

  • Inculcate the need of easing off stress

Companies now a days flood their workers with more work then what they are capable of doing. Plus, the high demands, and increasing pressure leads to stressful work environments. Hence, it is important to integrate certain programs or organize certain activities which help the employees to ease off their stress. The employer should motivate the employees to stay stress-free at work. And, inclusion of such schemes are the key to making your organization one of the best places to work in India.

  • Organize regular employee engagement programs

Sometimes, it seems like the employee engagement programs are nothing more than a formality that companies have to do. However, it should never be like that. Employee engagement activities should be an important part of the company. They should be organized regularly in order to engage the employees, and help them to beat their stress. Plus, these initiatives also help to bridge the gap between different teams, and tend to bring the employees of a company together.

  • Employee benefit schemes should not be ignored

When we talk about employee benefit schemes, it sounds like we are talking about employee healthcare related policies in office. However, it is not like that. Employee benefit schemes should include things related to the mental health of the employee as well. Organizations should adopt certain methods to enhance the mental wellbeing of the employees as well.

Workplaces that are happy and more motivating are preferred by the employees. Hence, happy employees tend to work more dedicatedly which leads to greater results for the company. Therefore, firms should take all the necessary steps to uplift the culture and environment of their workplaces. More focus should be on the emotional and mental wellness of the employees as well. And, the firms should plan some fun and engaging activities almost regularly.

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Tips to become the favorite of your team!

A corporate set up is known to be a competitive space with employees trying day in and day out to get the better of their colleagues. However, competition is not everything. In order to grow career wise, and personally also, one needs to have a good bond with the people he/she is associated with. In a corporate set up it’s the teammates. It is very significant to maintain a healthy relationship with your teammates, and here are a few tips to do so:

  • It all starts with you

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’, we all have heard this phrase a million times but it is important to follow it in order to become a better individual. Simple because, if you will be a good person, a good colleague and a good individual, then people will automatically like you.

  • Be as helpful as you can

Even in a workplace, people need each other’s help and assistance at regular intervals to accomplish their tasks. Therefore, just make sure to step up every time someone needs your help.  This will not only compel more people to come to you when they need some help, but will also help create a positive image. Also, people who are genuinely helpful are loved by everyone, and nobody really wants to mess up with them!

  • Sharing & Caring

A team is a group of people who are aliened to achieve a same goal. However, everyone has got their individual goals as well. So, if by any chance you have the potential to share your knowledge and experience to help someone achieve his/her own goals than nothing like it. Never miss an opportunity to share your learning with the teammates; this will certainly help you get the confidence and liking of more colleagues.

  • Keep motivating them

This is very important. Everyone needs some bit of inspiration and encouragement to perform better. So, how about being the source of encouragement for your teammates? Follow the mantra of motivating every member of your team in various ways. By accomplishing your goals in timely and most efficient manners is also undoubtedly one of the best ways to motivate others. Otherwise, just keep pushing people to do well, appreciate them when they do well, and also give them feedback whenever necessary. Also, just try and stay by them through the tough times as well, and tell them they can sail through!


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