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9 Ways to turn your start up into a big hit.

Starting up a new business requires lot’s of financial support and manpower because the base of any organization depends purely on the hard work and the money which is invested at the initial stage. So if you’re thinking to open a new startup or have just stepped into the industry as a budding startup then we can help you to grow your business in a faster way which will eventually turn your startup into a big hit. Just stay tuned to get to know about some important tips and tricks for a bright future.

1) Do market research:-

One of the major initial steps is to do the market research properly because then you will get to know about the actual statistics of the current setups in the market. Make sure you properly do detailed research so as to you will get know about the actual profit and loss statement of the particular business that you want to set up.

2) Approach the right people:-

The basic key to a successful startup is the links, try and build the links with the successful entrepreneurs so that you can pitch them and try to have them as your client so that you can boost up your startup if you have the right clients in your list. You need to approach them via social sites or you can directly approach them if you have good contacts.

3) Make an attractive website:-

Always remember one proverb “first impression is the last” and bring it to use when you sit to frame your website make sure that you should make an eye catchy website so that you can attract all those who visit your website, since you’re a startup so it becomes really important for you to create a website which has entirely fresh and attractive content in it.

4) Promotion:-

Believe it or not, the potential of an advertisement is way more than the traditional ways of generating traffic, the most important thing is that you need to identify the platform on which you want to advertise about your startup. You need to identify the target audience of your start-up by doing so you can easily address them via the platforms they use and it will prove as a great way to boost up your business.

5) Digital Marketing:-

We live in a world where everything around us has become digital to an extent then why not to use digital marketing to promote the content of your startup so that it can reach to the maximum number of people around the globe and you can easily build your contacts with everyone around the globe. In today’s world digital marketing is the great weapon for each and every organization to generate organic traffic.

6) Focus on your service:-

Always make sure that you provide with the best service because this is one of the major key to win the love and trust of the consumers/clients. Once you’ve won the customer satisfaction then no one can stop your start-up from being a big hit because when you will focus on your service and will provide your best then it is obvious that consumers will prefer you over others.

7) Respect the feedbacks:-

Two way communication is always successful because when you will get to know that what actually the consumers thinks about your organization and when they will give you the feedbacks they will state their needs and expectations from your organization and once you will address them you can successfully run the organization and become the most appreciated one among the industry. One needs to keenly work on the feedbacks given by the target audience because it is the direct key which can eventually help in creating a bright future of the organization and will automatically affect the revenue generation process of the organization.

8) A team of talented minds:-

The output of the organization depends upon the members of the organization. If an organization has talented minds that can effectively work together to meet the desired goal. Members of an organization are the backbone of the organization because they are the main revenue generators if we have the right people in our team we have won half of the battle. Everyone expects to intake the best and talented people into their organization because if we know that we have a team of professionals who are appointed exclusively for a particular task then they can create wonders. All we need to do is to find the right person for the right task.

9) Maintain a good relationship with the internal public:-

Now, this is very important because good relations with the employees of an organization makes a great difference since if you care for the employees they will also revert you with the best performance and would help for the bright future of the organization. A healthy environment at the workplace makes a huge difference in the performance and the revenue generated. We need to make sure that we are addressing the problems faced by the employees as soon as possible and we also need to give them enough space so that they can have the authority of decision making for certain small works. There should be small functions organized inside the organization at the time of festivals so that employees do enjoy it and feel better.

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3 Trends to watch out to become a top-notch Mobile App Developer.

Mobile technology is growing tremendously and there isn’t seems to be anything stopping the growth. Whether it is the rampant use of smartphones or the increasing demand for mobile apps, in every way possible, the mobile industry is blooming. Thus, if you want to build your career in the mobile app development field, then you are on the right track. However, as the competition is pretty high, thus, you will have to stay updated with the latest trends and techniques.

In this article, we will talk about a few trends to watch out in the world of mobile app development in 2019.

Rampant use of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are no longer restricted to sci-fi movies. Augmented Reality based apps are becoming very popular and the demand for such apps is only going to increase. Thus, if you want to build cutting-edge apps, then it is advisable to learn how to implement AR/VR in the new apps. You will get plenty of tools in the market that will make it easy for you to add AR/VR features in the apps. All you have to do is understand the technology and the tools better to implement it in the apps.

More focus on user experience

Whether it is a website or a mobile app, user experience has started becoming one of the top priorities of the makers. As the site or the app is basically created for the customers. Thus, mobile apps should be easy to use. Also, the design should be less complicated, and more impact should be given on the experience that it offers to the users. Needless to say, the apps have to be appealing, but, at the same time, they have to be pretty engaging as well.

Cross development platforms will be preferred

When it comes to building an app for a firm, the companies mostly need both Android and iOS apps. Thus, cross mobile application development platforms would be more preferred by the firms as these platforms will allow the developers to make both Android and iOS apps using a single main code. Thus, if you want to become a topnotch app developer, it is important to learn to use the latest cross-app development platforms.

Mobile app development is a superb career option. So, keep upgrading your skills to get hired by your dream company.


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What to do when your boss is not happy with your work at all?

Everyone who is a part of a corporate environment wants to perform well so that he or she is able to get promotions and appraisals at the right time. Also, for an individual’s professional growth, it is utmost important to keep learning, growing and performing better. However, there are times when we give our 100%, but we are still unable to fulfill the expectations of the company or our boss. This is a stressful situation for any employee, but many us have faced it, and people who have overcome, have grown even beyond their own expectations. Here are a few things to consider if your boss is not happy with your performance:

  • Get some clarity

First of all, it is utmost important to get clarity about what is he or she disappointed with. If you are putting all your efforts, but still your boss is not happy with your performance, then first, get to the main problem area. This will only happen when you will interact with your boss. So, take the first step, and ask your manager what is that that you are doing incorrect and how can you improve your performance. If you are sincere and really want to improve then no boss will ever shy away from pointing out the problem areas. As at the end of the day, your manager will also like it if you will improve and grow.

  • Start learning and improving

If you get some inputs from your boss, then it is wonderful as you can straightaway start working on your skills. However, if you are awaiting your boss’s inputs, then, instead of wasting time, start preparing improvement plans for yourself. Your improvement plans can be related to your field of work or something else as well. Say, for example, if you want to switch your field, then it would be better to improve your skills with respect to the new field. Always remember that any type of learning will only help you to eventually grow and become better.

  • Stay as positive as you can

No matter how much you are disappointed with the constant feedback, it is extremely important to stay positive. As, only if you will stay positive, you will be able to learn and grow. Therefore, try to take every feedback in a positive way.

We all like to get praises from our bosses, but if we are getting feedbacks, then probably it is the right time to prepare strategies to improve our performance.

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What to do if an employee is confused between leaving the firm or staying a little longer?

Human Resource team of various companies comes across this situation where employees leave the company for various reasons. No HR really likes to see their employees leaving, but it is definitely a generic process that happens in every firm. However, this situation only becomes difficult if the employee who wants to leave is actually ‘wanted’ in the company. As in, the company or the HR doesn’t want the employee to leave as they consider him or her as an asset! This is the situation where the HR executives really have to put up their best show. This is not the only difficult situation; in fact, the HR team face such kind of situations every now and then. And, one of the other tough situations is where even the employee is confused between leaving and staying in the company. If you come across any such situation then, this is what you would be doing to guide the employee to the right path:

  • How badly do you want to retain this employee?

Firstly, you would have to figure out from the respective team, how badly they want this employee to stay. Sometimes, employees can face the dilemma of whether they should continue with their firm or whether they should hop on the new opportunity. This is where the role of the managers and the human resource experts come into play. They have to first figure out whether it is worthy to find out ways to retain the employee or not. As, if the employee is even thinking about staying in the firm, this means that half the battle is already won.

  • Open and transparent discussions

There is simply nothing better than understanding the mindset of the employee by sitting and discussing. The employee may come up with challenges that are easily solvable. Thus, the conversations may pave way for a better employee and company relationship. Therefore, whenever you sense that your employee is facing a dilemma, straightaway plan a conversational session with him or her.

  • Solve the problems

If the employee is thinking of leaving the firm, then he or she must be facing some issue or he or she mustn’t be happy with at least something. This is where you have to figure out the actual problem. Once, you know what the issue is, it will be easy to offer a possible solution to the problem.

Though leaving a company and joining another is a normal process, but at times, employees are confused as to what they are doing is actually right or not. This situation may even arise when the employee is serving notice. Therefore, it is always advised to handle such situations with the utmost care.



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How to Quit Your Job Gracefully

You’ve had enough of your current job. The reason could be any; you are looking for a meatier role, you have found a job with better pay and/or benefits, you are relocating to a new place or yada yada.

You have updated your resume on LinkedIn; you’ve started cleaning up your desk and so on and forth. But, are you forgetting something? Fret not, that is what Careermarshal is here for. We, at Careermarshal, have curated a list on how to quit your job in the best possible manner with least collateral damage.

Back in the good old days, people on average occupied a position for 2 to 4 years and gave their resignation with a month’s notice period. Progressively that time period has reduced. Now, it is felt that immediately quitting your jobs in a movie style is really okay. This leads to loss of any shred of goodwill that you had earned at your company. That is something you don’t want. Your reputation is a culmination of your career and it is not justified that you tarnish it in such a spectacular manner. Word travels fast and maybe your new company might find a problem with such behaviour.

Follow these rules to better plan your resignation:

Think it Over Carefully: A person’s worth in the corporate world is measured by how much they earn. You are always high on the desirability scale by virtue of your job. Your ‘work’ friends are your ‘work’ friends. If you plan on leaving without a job offer in hand, you essentially don’t have any work. That implies you don’t have any ‘work’ friends. Granted that one or two of them are very close to you, but a network is not made up of two people. You really need to hold on to your contacts during this transition period. To hold onto such contacts, you need to be useful to them in some way. Only then will they be useful to you. Think of ways to be useful to such contacts.

Position Yourself As ‘the Networking guy’: Larger the number of your connections and the bigger your ability to share it with other people, the better ‘Networking Person’ you are. People really need such influencers for various reasons. If you manage to position yourself in such a way, you have a goldmine of receptive contacts with you.

Introduce Your Personal Email Early: You need to balance out the use of work and personal email. A mistake that a lot of people make is never to introduce their personal email to colleagues, clients and boss. And when such people go for job-hunting, they really don’t have many contacts who can contact them on personal email. Using work email after quitting is a strict no-no. Make sure that your network has your personal email way before you are planning to leave your job. List your personal email in your LinkedIn profile. Save a mailing template with your personal email and regularly use that template to send mails.

The Resume needs to be in top-notch condition: Since you are going to quit your job, you may have already done this. Organize your resume, cover-letter and your references properly. You need to convey your long-lived references that you are looking for a new job and whether they still would be your reference. Don’t assume that just because they were your reference then that they will be a reference now too. It will ensure that they don’t cause you embarrassment by not recommending you.

Leave on good terms: You might think that you’re not going to ever encounter your current work colleagues but that is simply turning a blind eye to a major thing. You could always encounter them at an industry event. Also people migrate from one job to another. You also need to weigh in the fact that your current company also gives out a formal or informal recommendation letter. For that letter to be a growing list of your attributes, we suggest leaving on a happy note. Give a standard two week notice, but, if possible give a 3-4 week’s notice. Make sure you offer help to your replacement.

You want to keep relations nice, and furthermore, you want to leave with your reputation intact. Explicitly mention that you are offering help and goodwill to your former colleagues so that they remember you as a helpful person.


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How to make workplace a funplace to reduce employee turnover?

Employees whose interest align with the goals of the organizations are truly the assets of a company. A lot of time as well as money goes into recruiting the finest people in a company, therefore organizations also try their best to retain the talent they have spotted.

Now, when it comes to retaining the top talent, attrition rate is something that cannot be ignored. Attrition rate varies from company to company and also from time to time. But, high attrition rates always remains a matter of concern for all the organizations.

Have you ever wondered what efforts should be taken to reduce the employee turnover in a company?

Most importantly, the company needs to create a healthy work environment. There are a lot of things that contribute to a healthy work environment, including things like opportunities to grow, higher transparency, freedom of thought etc. Though, one of the major forces that can drive down the employee turnover is by making a workplace a fun place to be. Here are some steps to make your workplace more engaging and interactive:

  • Encourage employees to enjoy more

The work culture these days has become very pressuring. Hence, employees mostly ignore to enjoy the work, and the workplace. Companies should understand that employees who enjoy their work and the workplace tend to perform better. Therefore, implement various strategies to encourage people to enjoy and have fun while working as well.

  • Organize fun activities

Now, when it comes to making a workplace more enjoyable, the first thing which comes to our mind is engaging activities. Fun activities organized by the people and culture team in a company play a major role in making a workplace more likable. These activities also encourage employees to enjoy the company of their colleagues. Hence, such activities should be organized on a constant basis to make the workplace more interesting.

  • Organize weekly games over email

The people and culture team of an organization may even look at organization weekly fun games over the emails. Something like a Tuesday Trivia etc. can happen weekly. The employees can be given small rewards for winning. This can be a good way of encouraging them to think beyond work.

  • Appreciate more

One of the best ways to make a workplace more fun is by rewarding and appreciating the employees regularly. Apart from only promoting them ones in a while or increasing their pay, try to appreciate and reward employees on a regular basis as well. This will not only make them happy, but will also encourage them to work better!

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Tips to onboard the best candidates!

One of the key objectives of any recruiter is to hire the best of talent. The recruitment process is a pretty vigorous and time-consuming process. Hence, every recruiter wishes to spend the time and energy on hiring the right talent for the company. But, sometimes, you may not be able to hire someone you really want to, and there can be various reasons behind that. Now, listed below are some of the top tips to onboard the best talent in less time:

  • Resume screening plays a vital role

Though, now a days most of the resume screening and filtering is done by AI, but still human intervention can never be neglected. Hence, the initial step of hiring the best talent is by attracting the best talent for the interviews. Therefore, spend good time and energy while scanning the resumes. And, only call the best ones for the interview.

  • Don’t judge them instantly

The job of a recruiter is pretty unique, as you a recruiter has to meet and talk to a number of people almost daily. However, sometimes a recruiter ends up judging candidates way too often, and this may not be a right step to find the best candidates. Therefore, refrain from making early perceptions about any candidate. It is better to read about him, go through his/her resume, and talk to him more before making any judgments about a candidate.

  • Appreciate their qualities and capabilities

One thing that makes any candidate good for a particular job is his/her potential for the job. Hence, if you really find a candidate just perfect for a particular job, then there’s nothing wrong in appreciating the candidate. Ensure that the candidate understands that you value his/her abilities. Though, don’t overdo in appreciating as it might give a bad picture about you as a recruiter.

  • Try your best to save the best ones

At times, no matter how good a candidate performs or how much you want him/her in the team, still the candidate is unable to join the company. Reasons can be many starting from the compensation to personal issues. Here, it is better to give your best to convince the candidate as well as the company to hire the candidate. You may try and increase the package or days extended. It is always to give your best shot to onboard the best people for the company!

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3 hacks of getting a wonderful appraisal!

Appraisal period is one of the most sought after time of all the employees. We all work day in and day for this time of the year, with the hope of really getting a great hike on our salary packages. Whether you joined as a fresher or whether you are working as a VP, the appraisal anxiety, and expectations are similar for all! No matter whether we are 22 or 42, this period of the year reminds us all the significance of grades yet again!

However, different organizations have different type of policies. Performance of employees is analyzed using various different parameters. Some only consider the targets as the only judging criteria, however in some organizations, overall performance matter. Overall performance of an employee includes, work performance, behavior, team spirit, bonding with the associates etc. Also, the time period of calculation differs from one company to another, some generally evaluate once in a year, and some consider the average of the quarterly performance rating as the base for deciding the final ratings. No matter what the criteria or time period is, one is for sure, an employee has to exceptionally well to really get an expected hike!

Here are a few hacks to get a wonderful appraisal:

  1. Work work work.

Work speaks! Yes, it does. So there is no doubt about the fact that the quality and amount of work delivered by you over the year will be the main deciding factor of your final appraisal rating! Therefore, never compromise on work, make sure that you complete all your tasks on a timely manner. Plus, it is also very important to keep a track of your own work. This activity will help you to easily answer if your work is ever questioned.

  1. Try to stay away from negativity

Corporate environment is a mix of pressure and politics as well. However, it is extremely important to keep away from the negative talks regarding the appraisal process. A lot of times many employees crib about previous appraisals. Try not to indulge in such conversations as this will only create a negative impact of the company in your mind. As every year, and every employee is different hence, it is not justified to compare different years and different employees.

  1. Let your boss know that it matters

It is important for your boss to know that the appraisal is important for you, and you care for it. Let your actions speak for you. Otherwise also, if you get any chances of dropping hints that it matters, then your boss will surely consider. However, this will only work if you have done well in the previous year.

Most of the efficient employees are offered good appraisals by the employers, as the companies would always like to retain their best of talent. However, it is also very important for employees to work for that hike, and that increase. Excellent performance is enough to grant you a good hike, however, good etiquettes, and a team spirit adds more value to the overall performance evaluation!

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How to become better at work

The continued stagnated environment in a lot of workplaces makes it tough for the employees to feel encouraged in order to extend that extra effort. However, employees try their best, at every point of time to become better and better every day.

But, now the question arises, how to become better at the job that we do? We all must have read a plenty of stories with guidance on enhancing job performance.  As per the studies worldwide, and the advices from some of the most influential people in the corporate world, we have collaborated these ways, which will help you to perform better in your workplace.

  1. Get Organized

The onslaught of meetings, email, phone calls, texts etc. can at times literally restrict you to manage your daily tasks, and might make it a bit tough for you to stay on top of your workload.  Here, the art of prioritization plays a major role. You should find an effective way of dealing with the urgent items, handling short requests very swiftly, and yes, removing the junk as well as writing the less pressing tasks on a to-do list. You can even think of imposing some regulation on email interruptions. You might want to check your emails only in an hour or so, to accomplish he tasks which require greater concentration first.

  1. Multi-tasking might not always work

Multi-tasking is not a good thing to do every time. As, at times, you really need to work on a project or a task with full concentration, and here, multi-tasking will only delay the work. It is also observed that how employees who do a lot of multitasking, keeping up a plenty of emails at the same time while messaging, hopping from one site to the other and trying to work on a different things at the same time,  are unable to pay attention to a lot of things. Rather people who streamline are known to work more efficiently.

  1. Think like your Boss

Yeah, this strategy works a lot of times. If you know exactly what your boss wants; and how to fulfil the requirements, you will achieve two things, firstly, you will be able to meet the expectations, secondly, there will be less chances of getting your rejected.  In the corporate world, you might not always meet the people who would have the same mind-set as yours; however, if you would learn how to adjust with different set of people, then it will surely help you to work together.

  1. Interact with people outside your area of responsibility

Try and forge strong connections with colleagues working in different domains as well. It is always good to interact with everyone, greet them while moving around and even learn new things from them, whenever you get.  This will not only help you know more about the different corporate domains, but will also help you learn and grow as an individual too.

  1. Learning should be given more importance

Try to focus on learning more than just achieving the targets. Learning helps in overall development. And, a lot of learning comes from listening to people. Give proper attention to every detail you’re your manager or seniors have given you. This will help you to understand things better, which will intern help you to deliver better.

While working in any corporate environment, most of the times our energies are only dedicated towards accomplishing the set goals. We sometimes forget that the path of reaching the aim is more important, and it can help us tremendously in both growing as an employee and as an individual as well. Plus, with so much of stress, and the pressure of managing soo many things at times restrict us from giving some time to ourselves. However, it is extremely important to freshen up a bit, and spend some time alone to understand our own mind set well.

And, one of the major things which help in becoming successful is being grounded and humble. No matter how much you achieve, or how successful you become, staying grounded always helps to live a better life. So, keep that spirit of being the best in you alive, but at the same time never miss out on learning, and becoming a better person everyday as well.

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