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Why do you think teamwork is good for your professional life?

‘Teamwork’ and ‘Team Player’ are definitely two of the most clichéd terms used by the recruiters and candidates across the world. Though, as the title suggests, teamwork is nothing but maintaining a good equation with the people you are working with. Team players are the ones who know how to manage good relations with every member of the team. At the same time, they are also always keen to help their teammate whenever the need arises. This is basically a quality which is not only useful for the team but for also for a company as a whole. Simply, because if a company works together to achieve a bigger goal, they have more chances in turning the goal into reality. But, have you ever thought of teamwork being one of the important qualities for a successful career? No? Listed below are a few reasons that prove teamwork to be good for your career:

  • Teamwork increases the chances of growth

A team consists of a group of people who have different KRAs but at the end of the day, they are all working together to achieve a single goal. For example, if we talk about a digital marketing team, the main aim of the team is to get more leads for the company through digital mediums. However, different members of the team play different roles. Like someone handles social media, someone takes care of the graphics while someone makes sure that the content is correct. But, if the team works together, in sync then only it can achieve success. And, when it comes to individual success that is also very much dependent on the teamwork. For example, a social media campaign can only be successful if all the members of the team work together, be it the designers, the writers and the social media experts. Also, the biggest advantage of being a team player is that you actually get to learn a lot, so the scope of growth and learning is definitely amplified.

  • Teamwork enriches your repo

One of the other benefits of being a team player is the fact that your repo, both in front of your manager and the teammates is enriched. Your manager will definitely consider you as an asset, if he or she will feel that you play for the team because at the end of the day every manager wants his or her team to be together. Also, your teammates will also trust you more and will have more confidence in you. All this will eventually lead to better performance and professional growth.

Being a team player is always beneficial. Therefore, it is very important to think of your team as a family, and stand by the members just like you would do for yourself.





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How to make workplace a funplace to reduce employee turnover?

Employees whose interest align with the goals of the organizations are truly the assets of a company. A lot of time as well as money goes into recruiting the finest people in a company, therefore organizations also try their best to retain the talent they have spotted.

Now, when it comes to retaining the top talent, attrition rate is something that cannot be ignored. Attrition rate varies from company to company and also from time to time. But, high attrition rates always remains a matter of concern for all the organizations.

Have you ever wondered what efforts should be taken to reduce the employee turnover in a company?

Most importantly, the company needs to create a healthy work environment. There are a lot of things that contribute to a healthy work environment, including things like opportunities to grow, higher transparency, freedom of thought etc. Though, one of the major forces that can drive down the employee turnover is by making a workplace a fun place to be. Here are some steps to make your workplace more engaging and interactive:

  • Encourage employees to enjoy more

The work culture these days has become very pressuring. Hence, employees mostly ignore to enjoy the work, and the workplace. Companies should understand that employees who enjoy their work and the workplace tend to perform better. Therefore, implement various strategies to encourage people to enjoy and have fun while working as well.

  • Organize fun activities

Now, when it comes to making a workplace more enjoyable, the first thing which comes to our mind is engaging activities. Fun activities organized by the people and culture team in a company play a major role in making a workplace more likable. These activities also encourage employees to enjoy the company of their colleagues. Hence, such activities should be organized on a constant basis to make the workplace more interesting.

  • Organize weekly games over email

The people and culture team of an organization may even look at organization weekly fun games over the emails. Something like a Tuesday Trivia etc. can happen weekly. The employees can be given small rewards for winning. This can be a good way of encouraging them to think beyond work.

  • Appreciate more

One of the best ways to make a workplace more fun is by rewarding and appreciating the employees regularly. Apart from only promoting them ones in a while or increasing their pay, try to appreciate and reward employees on a regular basis as well. This will not only make them happy, but will also encourage them to work better!

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5 ways to attract the best talent to your company!

Employees of any organization are the assets of the company, and there is no doubt about this fact. Efficient employees make the workplace environment better, and enhance the quality of the work in any organization as well. Also, dedicated set of people bring in a lot of commitment, and inspire people to do good for the company. There might be thousands of ways available to hire the workforce, however, it is not easy to find out the best people that will actually benefit the company in the long run. It is tough, but not impossible. But, now the question arises, how to actually attract the right talent to your company?

Here are a few steps to help you find the best people:

  1. Create a healthy environment

A workplace environment that is beneficial for both the employees and the employer always attract people. Workplace happiness, and wellness is important to hire and also retain the best talent. Efficient people find various opportunities, the only reason they will choose your company instead of the other would be; if your workplace culture is beneficial to the people.

  1. Continuously Inspire people

During the interview process, or even after that you should never miss any opportunity to encourage people to work with you. Tell them your success stories, and how you achieved them. Keep sharing your goals and aims with the people so that they find a good reason to be associated with your company. An organization can choose to put out videos or messages on the social media platforms proving their worth as an employer.

  1. Openness attract

Openness in any organization directly relates to the higher management. If the higher management of the company is frank, and keeps in touch with the employees, it strengthens the belief of the employee in the company. A company where any employee can reach to the upper management for genuine reasons proudly showcases itself to a wonderful and cool place to work. Any decent candidate would be glad to be associated with any such organization.

  1. Employees should be encouraged to perform

An organization that offers whereas incentives or other benefits to employees if they perform well motivates the employees to perform better. Plus, it also gives rise to a healthy competition, and good employees would certainly want to compete and grow in the long run.

  1. Give them the opportunities to learn

All the talented people want to learn and thrive. Therefore, an organization which gives them the right directions to grow will always be the top choice of the best candidates.

Hiring the best talent is very important for any company, and Career Marshal, let’s you find out the best talent, in an easy and efficient manner.

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5 Reasons why Team Building is important in the workplace

At Career Marshal, our experts are constantly on the look out to introduce new thinking in the field of Human resources so that your are always up to date with the latest HR trends. One such trend is Team building.

Team Building  is an essential part of the psychological discipline known as organisational psychology. It is known to  inspire employees to communicate through a series of often planned events that are fun & motivational.

Here are a few reasons why our experts at Career Marshal think that team building is important in the workplace:

  1. It facilitates better communication – Activities that enable a discussion facilitates open communication among the employees, and also bridges the gap between employees and management. This is also proven to improve office relationships and in turn, the quality of all works done.
  2. Motivation for employees – Leadership and team building go hand in hand. The more comfortable your employees feel in expressing their ideas and opinions, the more confident they will become in the working environment. This motivates them to take on new challenges on the work force.
  3. Promotes creativity at work – Taking your team outside of the workplace and exposing them to newer experiences, forces them to think outside of their routine. Working with other team members can ignite their creativity and also allow a flow of fresh ideas, which are great qualities to bring back to office.
  4. Develops problem-solving skills – In the workplace a crisis can strike at any time. Team building activities that encourage workers to work together to solve problems can improve the ability to think strategically. The teams that are able to determine exactly when a problem arises and how to solve it, can take charge when a real crisis happens at work.
  5. Breaking the barrier – Team building also ensures the trust factor within employees. Often in office settings the employees disconnect themselves from the leadership team and think that there is a big gap between the two. Such exercises give the leadership an opportunity to be seen as a fellow colleague rather than a “boss”, which can do wonders for employee morale.

Types of Team Building Exercises

Communication Exercises:

This involves problem-solving activities that are channeled towards improving the communication skills of all employees.

Problem Solving/Decision Making Exercises:
Focuses on employee groups working together to solve difficult problems or situations and make complex decisions.

Planning/Adaptability Exercises:
Focuses on all major aspects of planning & adaptability to change. This is important for teams to be able to do when they are assigned decisions or complex tasks.

Trust Exercises:
Involves the engagement of team members in inducing trust. The degrees of trust can vary from employee to employee, depending on the comfort levels of all participants.

Team Building exercises outside of the normal work setting encourages the improvement of interpersonal Skills among employees such as: leadership, communication, negotiation, and motivation.

Our experts believe that teamwork is extremely crucial to a business’ success be it big or small. In this way Team building is a big responsibility of the human resources team of the office, so that organisation functions effectively and tasks are accomplished with ease.

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