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How to add that little extra zing to your CV?

Now that you’re out of the school grind and having fun in college, a question that presents itself pertinently is how to improve your CV. You need to understand that there is no ‘set of rules’ to follow to add weight to those two papers of CV. What we, at Careermarshal, can do is provide a broad guideline on how to tackle the bull by its horn and get a respectable CV.

What you do in your free time is what defines who you are and defines your individuality and interests. Interestingly, it can also demonstrate to a hiring manager the plethora of skills that you possess in your arsenal.

Here are some activities that you can list in your CV that can brighten up your prospects:


A person who is active in sports gives a good account of themselves in terms of team work and dedication. It could also be a great addition to the CV. Whether you are plying your trade for the school’s cricket team, the college’s volleyball or you are the winger in the football team – make sure to highlight your skills, interests and achievements.

One thing to be very cautious about is to link this all with the role you are applying for, otherwise you might be defeating the whole purpose of adding a sport in your CV in the first place.

Skills it demonstrates: team work, dedication, fitness, competitiveness, reliability.

How to get in in the first place: Most universities, schools and colleges have teams for various sports. And you don’t have to be Ronaldo-like (football) or have a stance like Kohli to get in. Just persevere and practice hard regularly to maintain your place.


Music, drama & theatre

A lot of people are genuinely scared of speaking in front of the crowd and that’s why they really appreciate others who can hold their own on stage. Even recruiters love that confidence, especially when the profile requires interactions with a large number of people (e.g. leadership, sales, or customer service roles).

There is plenty to choose from in music, drama and theatre. Anything from being a singer, showcasing your acting chops to direction, instrument could be your thing. The key is to find something and persevere in that

Skills it demonstrates: confidence, self-presentation, collaboration, attention to detail, creativity.

How to get in: These particular sets of activities require natural talent, skill and hard work in equal measure. Want to form a band, learn how to play an instrument like guitar, drums or keyboard. You could try out for various societies in your college who will teach you the nuances of dramatics, dancing and whatnot if you’re selected.


Foreign languages

Being fluent in a foreign language can open you up to jobs in teaching, translating, tourism, and more. It can also be a big boost for your CV.

The dedication and time you invest in learning a foreign language really makes you attractive to a lot of recruited as potential part of operations. Most MNCs are looking for people who not only know their primary skillset well but also have a grasp in a foreign languages for operations in other countries.

Skills it demonstrates: lateral thinking, dedication, willingness to learn, problem solving, patience.

How to get in: If you are really lucky your university could be offering courses in foreign languages (DU does). But if not, you could look for private tutors, free apps, audiobooks and online courses.


Volunteering & fundraising

Most recruiters want earnest citizens who are making a difference at whatever small level they are capable of. Devote your time to teaching underprivileged students at a nearby NGO, organize book donation drives, cleanliness drives and other charitable endeavours. It displays your resourcefulness and willingness to work for things that really matter.

Skills it demonstrates: leadership, ingenuity, commitment, entrepreneurship, proactivity.

How to get in: Most NGOs have a contact option on their homepage through which you directly offer your services. Take time to research about such organizations in your neighbourhood. You could also participate in various societal wings like NSS, Enactus etc in your college.


Job-specific activities

Your hobbies could pave your way to a career although it might be hard to visualize it right now. Keep developing such industry specific hobbies to get ahead in the race. This is because hobbies that relate to a certain industry (e.g. media, IT, copywriting) often teach you the practical skills and experience you need to be considered for a job. So whether you write articles for a website, are a food blogger, photograph your way through college or something else; you are showcasing how industry-wide you already are and you willingness to explore.

Skills it demonstrates: writing, creativity, ability to take criticism, IT & other technical skills.

Getting in these activities is purely initiative centric. The more you go out there in search of your first break, the more likely you are to get it. Go out there, face some rejections but don’t give up.

We repeat, DON’T GIVE UP!





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The resume is your first introduction to the company of your dreams (notwithstanding the bot that’ll read it first). So, you have to try unusual tricks to get noticed in the swarm of resumes that are going to be flocked to the company.

We, at Career marshal, one of the best job sites in India, take pleasure in jotting down some unique pointers to give your resume an ‘edge’.


  1. The infamous “one-page” limit is now a thing of past. If your career or circumstances make it deem fit, you can stray beyond the “one page” limit. Career Marshal provides some guidelines to help you determine whether you need one, two or three pages. No matter what the length of your resume, one thing that you shouldn’t compromise on is making it brief ― not using overtly fancy language and double checking for any typos or grammatical errors.

Want to know the nitty-gritty details of making a resume, careermarshal – top job sites in India to the rescue.


  1. Make modifications in your resume according to each position and company you are applying to; don’t use the exact same resume for every company. Keep in mind to use words and phrases from the job description in each resume. This is because large companies use software to eliminate unworthy resumes.


  1. Be sure to mention the URL of your LinkedIn profile and any relevant, employer-friendly social media accounts. Since you are going to be looked into anyway, might as well turn the tide in your favor by keeping your online accounts up-to-date. If you have any other relevant social media account or blog, mention them too. By the way, if your LinkedIn URL looks something like this:, create a custom URL for your public profile (e.g., by updating your public profile settings.


  1. Instead of an objective (which has fallen out of favor in most corporate circles), include a summary or “personal branding statement” Here are some examples picked up randomly from the internet:


“corporate troubleshooter regularly assigned to the most challenging initiatives” (source)

“cost-conscious benefits manager who has creatively tailored plans to employee needs at below average employer cost” (source)

“online ad sales director with 12 years of experience leading sales teams in start-up, rapidly growing, and established companies”


  1. Unless you are a recent graduate (it has been more than 2 years since your graduation), refrain from mentioning your college activities on the resume. You might have been the best first-down in your college cricket team, but it’s time to get over it. Same goes for mentioning your graduation year on the resume. Don’t do it unless you’re a fresh graduate. Only mention jobs from the past five years (don’t go off on a tangent by mentioning jobs that you did 20 odd years ago!)


  1. To ensure that the formatting between what you send and what the hiring manager is able to see aligns perfectly in tandem, save and send/upload your resume as a PDF. Pro Tip from our experts at Career Marshal: Send your resume in both word and pdf format. For the bots that will look for keywords word is the best format and for the hiring manager, pdf is the key (for formatting purposes).

Another brilliant tip is to focus more on the achievement and strengths part of the resume rather than worrying about small details.

Now, that you know how important your resume is going to be for you, and if you don’t know how to prepare a fantastic resume for yourself, then we are here to help you. Career Marshal offers fabulous resume writing services, and we have a talented team of experts who can help you curate your bets ever resume, and that too in no time!!






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Tips to prepare an outstanding resume.

Resume, aptly known as ‘your profile’ to the corporate world speaks volumes about you. It is not only just a document which you use in order to apply for jobs, but it is evidently one of the most important part of your professional life. Without a good resume, there are less chances of getting a good job. Therefore, resume is inevitably one of the most important thing needed to get your dream job. Now, that we have realized the importance of resume, only you can think of preparing it in the most mind-blowing manner? It should have all the elements to make you stand out of the crowd. Here are some superb tips to help you prepare a magical resume:

  • Bang On overview

Overview is the most important part of any resume, but it is mostly ignored by the people. Sometimes, we just create a common overview, by taking reference from the internet or from our friend’s resume. Always remember that overview speaks a lot about your overall profile. Therefore, make sure that you prepare a brief, personalized overview, which has a spark in it. It should entice the recruiter to read further or to directly call you up for the interview.

  • Go for Listicles

Listicles are a good way to describe your experience. Therefore, in order to exhibit your whole experience in an eye catchy manner, it is suggested to choose the listicles format. This will help you to explain about your profile in a step by step and precise manner. Plus, it will make it easier for the recruiter to give a glance, and get an idea of your past experiences.

  • Don’t ignore the ‘hobbies’ portion

Sometimes, we tend to copy a common format of a resume from internet, and we also copy the hobbies portion from there. Well, there is nothing wrong in mentioning about your hobbies. But, just be careful of what you write in the column. Do not ignore this particular portion.

Now, that you know how important your resume is going to be for you, and if you don’t know how to prepare a fantastic resume for yourself, then we are here to help you. Career Marshal offers fabulous resume writing services, and we have a talented team of experts who can help you curate your bets ever resume, and that too in no time!!

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Tips to get hired in one of the best BPOs

BPOs around the globe have revolutionized the employment industry. The sector is known to empower individualsjust on the basis of their key skills required for the job. The sector hires purely basis on the talent regardless of the qualitativeeducational backgrounds or experience. And, this is one of the reasons why people are so attracted towards the BPO sector. However, many people have a perceive BPO jobs to be pretty easy and cool. Though, it is absolutely right that the working environment of most of the BPOs is pretty easy going. But that doesn’t mean that they are not focused on their work and deadlines. Working in a BPO is as stressful as any other job, but yes, it has its own set of advantages as well. So, if you are also planning to get a job in one of the top BPOs of India, then here are the tips to crack the interview:

  • Focus on your communication skills

Landing a job is a good BPO requires one to have exceptional communication skills. As a BPO executive you would have to communicate with strangers whole day long, and that to even from different countries. Hence, you should certainly have mind-blowing communication skills in order to get a job in a top BPO. So, if you are anywhere a little doubtful about your communication skills, then you do not have to be disheartened at all. Just remember, practice makes a man perfect, so keep reading, listening speaking and even writing to improve your communication skills.

  • Fantastic aptitude & learning skills

A job in a BPO also requires quick learning. As, different processes and companies have diversified demands. And, to fulfil the demands one needs to be a quick learner. Therefore, at the time of interview, you will be judged on your aptitude and learning skills as well. So, be prepared for some aptitude level question- answer rounds!

  • Say yes for odd shifts

Most of the best BPOs in India have 24 by 7 kind of a working environment. And, the recruiter will also ask you whether you are comfortable for the rotational shifts or not. Even if you already know that the process for which you have applied has some fixed shifts, but still when the recruiter asks you, always say yes for odd shifts in order to get the job!

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Tips to Find the Right Job Portal.

With the evolution of the online recruitment industry, day by day many new companies are being incepted. Though, the core mantra of all the recruitment agencies is the same, which is to match help companies find the candidates for required vacancies. However, not all the companies focus on matching the right candidate with the right job! Now, right candidate here means, the best ‘fit’that particular opportunity. A candidate has to be fully mentally ready, and happy while accepting that particular job offer. And, some companies like Career Marshal do focus on only matching the apt candidate with the apt opening, and not just on filling the vacancies!

Here are some top tips to find the best job portal for search:

  • Unlimited options

A good job portals should have a plenty of vacancies listed. Which means, a lot of companies should be associated with the portal, and should truest the portal to post their jobs. Because more jobs means more options, and every candidate would love to explore more and more options, before finding out the best one!

  • It should have more than just vacancies

Most of the job portals these days are only focused on filling the vacancies for various companies, as quickly as possible. But, it is also important to provide candidates with several fabulous services, which help in their growth, rather than just focusing on filling the vacancies.

Career Marshal is one such job portal which offers various services to candidates, which can help them in their overall growth. Some of these services include, Resume writing services, resume broadcasting services etc.

  • Should provide good support

A few job portals also offer decent amount of support to the candidates. Some recruitment agencies have got expert recruiters, which help the candidate in every step of the process. This not just enhances the confidence of the candidate, but also increases his/her chance of getting the job!

Listed above are some of the features which make a job portal better than any other portal. And, if you are looking for a job, it is extremely important to find the job through a reliable and fantastic job portal.Because, a good job portal will not just enable you to apply at multiple places, but also helps you to get the job pretty easily and quickly. And, with the additional services, you would be able to improve your profile as well!

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Fantastic Ways to Prepare Your Cover Letter

Have you been staring at a particular job description from hours, with the hope of really cracking that interview? If yes, then don’t stop yourself from applying for that position. If you really want to crack an interview, and if you really really wish to come out victorious from the interview room, then make sure you strategize your interview preparation properly. From the beginning to the end, you have to literally shine through the interview process to just break all the shackles, and get that much wanted offer letter!

What creates a first impression on the recruiter? Is it the way you walk into the interview room or the way you introduce yourself? Well, these things do create an impact on the recruiter as well, but cover letter, yes your cover letter creates the very first impression on the recruiter. Needless to say that ‘first impression’ has immense importance in the interview process. Even before reading through your resume, or calling you for your rounds, the recruiter, will get a fair bit of idea about your candidature through your cover letter, so make sure that you prepare in a fantastic manner.

Here are some tips to create a world-class cover letter:

  1. Let it be unique

Here, we are not trying to say that the cover letter should not be professional, but it should have some sense of individuality as well. Uniqueness always attracts, therefore, make sure your cover letter stands out of the crowd. It should have that special touch, and flavors to impress the recruiters. Do your research while writing the cover letter, but don’t ever just copy and paste the regular ones. Try to make it uniquely interesting!

  1. Let it Shine

Yes, you got it right! Your cover letter should have that spark, which you have for that particular job! It should very nicely inculcate that passion and interest which you have for that particular job. The recruiter, while reading the cover letter, should get an impression that you want this job. However, refrain yourself from exhibiting desperation.

  1. Let it speak about your qualities

Your cover letter should beautifully summarize your qualities, capabilities and experiences. It should somehow tell the recruiter that why you are just perfect for this job. You have to make it personalized. So, make sure you add your touch to the cover letter!

Want to know some more tips about cover letters and resumes? Click here:

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5 Fantastic Resume Hacks to get more Interview calls

Your resume acts like your profile to the corporate world. Just a few sheets of paper are enough for a recruiter to decide whether you deserve a chance or not. Though, there is no doubt about the fact that resume alone can never describe who you are, however, it does  play a major role in telling the recruiter what you can bring to the table. Therefore, it is suggested to prepare your resume with utmost precession.

Your resume is your first impression on the recruiter. No matter whether you are the most educated amongst all the candidates, or whether you are the most experienced of them all, grammatical errors or sentence formation errors will certainly disappoint the recruiter.

Here are 5 resume hacks to fetch you more interview calls:

  1. Be Unique

No doubt about the fact that internet has got solutions to a lot of our problems. However, referring to internet, for preparing your resume might not be the best thing to do. Copying and pasting the commonly used phrases, and using the most used temples are not the right ways to go about preparing a world-class resume. You are different, and so should be your resume!  Make sure that your resume has that personal touch, something that clearly differentiates you from others.

  1. Numbers

Numbers, facts and figures are always attention-grabbing. If you have something that can be depicting via numbers, than you should surely mention those figures in your resume.  Numbers showcase your achievements. They somehow help to quantify your experience.

  1. Write about going extra mile

We all mention our job roles, and our key responsibility areas in our previous organizations. However, adding some pointers about some more achievements or something that you have done in the past that was more than your daily task, will help the recruiter know that you have got good potential!

  1. Give it a Fantastic Start

Profile summary or the objective statement are important parts of any resume, but they are generally overlooked. Prepare a customized objective statement, which stands out of the crowd. Something that will attract the attention of the hiring manager!

  1. Crips sentences always work better!

The attention span of a recruiter is very small. Hence, try to keep the resume content as crisp and relevant as possible. Avoid writing huge paragraphs. Bullets and numbers help the recruiter understand your previous experience better!

Preparing a resume is not a cake walk. And, hence, we at Career Marshal offer text and visual resume making service. Our expert resume writers stay updated with the latest resume trends, so that they deliver topnotch, and unique resumes every time.


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Resume Guide:Improve your chances of landing into the interview

A book is not judged by its cover, but our profile is very well judged by the kind of resume that we prepare. A resume is basically the brief of all the experience that we have gained over the years, including our education. Our resume should directly put forward the caliber and potential that we have, and what we can bring to the table to help the businesses nurture.

However, according to studies across platform, people hardly spend around 10 seconds to judge whether it is worth a read or not. Just like attractive food-packaging enhances your craving, a good resume certainly strengthens your candidature.

While preparing your resume, you should always keep these things in your mind:

  • Prepare a Draft

Before preparing your finalized resume, it is suggested to prepare initial drafts. The drafts should picture your final resume. Plus, continuous evaluation of the drafts will help you prepare the best resume

  • Keep it Simple!

Yes, simplicity impresses. A simple and concise resume, with to the point details will encourage the recruiter to read your resume, rather than flipping to the next page.

  • Add the relevant information

Keeping your resume simple doesn’t mean that you can ignore significant data. It’s important to add everything that is worth adding, but in brief.

  • Renovate it on a regular basis

Keep yourself abreast with the latest resume trends, and market requisites. Regularly update your resume to keep it fresh and up-to-the-minute.

  • Say No to language errors

Language error can certainly be a big turn off. Hence, make sure that your resume goes through multiple levels of screening before sending it to the recruiter.

But, what’s that one change that can instantly amplify your chances?

 Objective Statement:

Objective statement plays a solid role in getting more interview calls. Its aim should be to engage the people reading it, and also, it should have the selling propositions sufficed sophisticatedly.

A personalized objective statement, which clearly describes your role, and your strengths, always help the recruiter make a better, and positive decision. There’s a reason why objective statement is placed at the top of your resume. It is the first thing that any recruiter would notice. Messing up with the objective statement will clearly mess up your chances of landing into a good job.

How to prepare a perfect objective statement?

Here, you would have to put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes. You have to exactly write, what they would be interested in reading. To the point, crisp, and personalized objective statement is enough to get you a call from the recruiter.

While drafting your Objective Statement, first note down your key abilities, and achievements. Think thoroughly that how can you actually help the organization grow.
As per Career Marshal’s experienced recruiters’ simple and personalized objective statement always works well!

Need some professional assistance in preparing a world-class resume?

Career Marshal Offers resume writing service at a reasonable price. We help you curate a professionally sound, and first-class resume in around 5-7 days (excluding Sundays). We have an in-house team of experts who master the art of resume making! Also, we keep seeking your feedback and review, to ensure that we deliver exactly what you want!

Interested in our resume writing service? Click here to know more

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Cover Letter – Handle the game changer carefully

When it comes to applying for a job, a resume is the first thing we talk about. We try to trim it with perfection. We make it look beautiful with an absorbing professional layout, fill it with all our past and present career details, academic achievements and what not? But we should always remember that a resume carries the totality of our experience and when we apply for a job the employer wants to know our compatibility with that particular profile he is offering. He is more interested to know, how compatible you are with that profile and in such cases, a cover letter can really become a game changer.

It adds weight to your resume and gives clarity about your potential for the profile. That is why you may find many recruiters and employers asking for a cover letter. In fact, in resume writing services by recruitment consultancies, an equal attention is paid to cover letters.  It helps a candidate justify his eligibility to the employer of a candidate for the job.

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a document that highlights key accomplishments of a candidate while explaining his/her competency for the job opening.

How does it help you?

A cover letter can be helpful in many ways. It can explain everything that can’t be explained by your resume. Like –

  • How and why you are a good candidate for the job opening?
  • How can you add value to the company?
  • Large gaps in your career.
  • Reentering the job market.
  • Your desire and reason to change the industry.
  • What kind of role you are seeking.
  • Relocation reasons. etc….

In short, a cover letter is your voice that expresses all your thoughts which sometimes can’t be explained even in an interview. Here you can write everything without hesitation with complete honesty. Employers love honest people and prefer to rely only on trustworthy employees. It even provokes the employer to call you for the interview.

Cover letter myth

Most of the job seekers think they can use the same cover letter for every job application. But to tell you the truth, this will be your biggest mistake. Every job application should be paired with a new cover letter explaining your skills that qualify you for the role you are applying for. There is no such thing like a ‘General Cover Letter’.

Tips to write a good cover letter?

–    A cover letter should be addressed to a named individual. (Whenever possible)

–    Highlight your key skills/accomplishments.

–    Explain how you are fit for the job.

–    Never write anything negative.

–    Avoid autobiographical ramblings.

–    Request for an interview at the end of the letter.

Next time you apply for a job; don’t forget to complement your resume with a well-written cover letter. Visit the website of Career Marshal and give your cover letter a professional touch. Our team of professionals will craft a professionally enhanced cover letter highlighting all your skills, confirming your eligibility for the job opening.

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Infallible career tips for freshers

So, you are the newly blossomed flower with the fragrance of its own desires, ambitions, and aims, right? People call you fresher’s, but do you know, you are the most promising asset of any industry? Your undying energy, unparalleled enthusiasm, and laudable optimism can really bring great positive changes not only in your life but also in the company you will work with. But you need to work in right direction as now you can’t do things off-handedly otherwise you will waste your time as well as efforts. Here are few tips which will help you find your true career path.

Stay connected

Stay in a regular touch with your friends, seniors, relatives, consultants and everyone who can help in your career in any way. You never know which door your destiny will choose to knock your luck. Keep asking them if they know of any related job opportunity. But don’t be selfish because only healthy relations can bring you the opportunities, in fact, if you find something useful for your friend or any known; help them to get the opportunity. After all, relations or career work on mutual efforts. If you help them today, they will honestly invest themselves to find something good for you too.

Be regular on job portals

Your keen and regular presence on job portals will definitely get you the desired job opportunities. But there are certain things you need to do while applying on job portals such as –

–    Apply regularly but not offhandedly – Decide your career priorities and apply for most relative jobs.

–    Don’t do it for money – Initial years are for learning and value addition. Once you will master a skill or become experienced money will follow you automatically.

Career Marshal keep updating new job opportunities for freshers in every field and industry and have succeeded to help unnumbered freshers meet their dream jobs. Visit us and find a myriad of job opportunities in just a few clicks.

Never ever expect overnight success

Dream of getting an overnight success is nothing more than a false hope. There is no alternative to hard-work. Success comes from experience and experience comes from ups and downs. At least, first five years you need to invest yourself unconditionally. Gradually when you will start getting hold on your field, you will see success and money both come to you.

Good resume

This is where most of the freshers do the first and unavoidable mistake of their career. May be as a fresher, your experience quotient is empty but a professionally sound resume will make the employer consider your name seriously. A well written resume can be greatly helpful to get you your first career opportunity. Taking professional resume writing services is what we recommend to our clients. Get in touch with us and we will make your resume look flawlessly professional. After all, an impressive resume is the first step of securing a good job.

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