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4 Ways Technology Is Changing Recruiting.

Workplaces are in the midst of seismic shift due to the ever expanding horizons of technology. Manual HR practises like CV shortlisting, calling up candidates for interviews is en-route to automation and streamlining to make it all more efficient, cost-effective, and high performing.

We, at CAREERMARSHAL – one of the top job sites in India, have jotted down 4 major ways the application of technology is helping de-clutter the process of recruiting and hiring.

AI for recruiting

Almost three-quarter of resumes that an average company received are screened out of contention. Imagine the waste of hundred of hours that a recruiter could have employed somewhere else rather than checking out substandard CVs.

Being the first step towards bringing in fresh workforce into the fold, resume screening is up for a major overhaul to reduce epic wastage of time and resources. This is where AI for recruiting comes into picture. Why AI and recruiting are a natural fit is because AI requires a lot of data to learn and large companies often have millions of resumes in their ATS. After learning about the experience, skills, and qualifications required for the job, the AI software then shortlists, ranks and grade new candidates who are worthy of the job on offer. If the databases such as Indeed and CareerBuilder are used by your company to store information about candidates, even then AI recruiting software can be used to extract relevant information. Owing to all this automation of the processes of resume screening and candidate matching, companies are able to cut down their expenses by 75%.

Automation for candidate scheduling and outreach

Your chances of picking out the best candidates out of a pool of candidates rest on the quality of recruitment automation that your company has undertaken. A human recruiter’s abilities are amplified by the application of Recruitment automation. The ways in which you can improve your candidate outreach is by sending out auto-email and auto-text interview requests to candidates that are identified as good matches by the screening tool that you employ. Time is judiciously used as time to fill is reduced by integrating with major email and calendar providers  and automatically figuring out the time slots when the candidate and interviewer are all free to meet.

VR for job testing and training

Virtual Reality (VR) is another technology that has been making a lot of waves on the HR recruitment industry. VR is a realistic simulation of a three-dimensional environment that you control with your body movements. A survey by Universum states that even though only 3% of people are currently using VR, almost one-third of people surveyed said that they expect VR to make a lot of inroads into their workplace in the next 10 years. Candidate testing and reviewing are the most promising application of VR in the workplace. VR technology can be used to make more realistic job tests to evaluate a candidate’s skills and personality. For example: A hypothetical VR induced scenario testing the real-time and actual world skills of a candidate dealing with an unhappy customer.

A survey by Korn Ferry found that 39% of employers found that new hires leave within their first year because the role was not what they expected. VR could help reduce the ratio of people leaving due to unrealistic expectations by providing the candidate with a more realistic preview of what an average day at the job would entail and what is expected out of them.  New here onboarding and training process can also be streamlined by the use of VR.

Wearable tech for engagement and productivity

Employee Engagement is a recurring theme in the corporate world and finds a lot of debate centred around ways to improve it, according to Deloitte. Employees are now being encouraged to use wearable tech that tracks their behaviour to get a deeper insight about how they communicate and interact at work. Microsoft and Boston Consulting Group are pioneers in using wearable tech such as digital employee badges to keep track of employees’ physical exertion during office hours, how they interact with each other, and how much time is spent in such interactions. Optimization of physical office spaces, understanding employees’ communication styles, and management of team dynamics are some of the many benefits of using wearable tech. All this can translate into better management of team by managers. Wearable tech may also be used to pre-empt a candidate’s emotions and personality during a pre-screen interview.







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What to Know When Hiring Recent College Graduates

The graduation season is on and so is the hiring process for another class of young professionals. Recruiters will have the arduous task of skimming through the resumes of these graduates and recruit them for entry-level jobs and career success.

One stark difference that you’re going to encounter is the generation gap between you and the Millennials and Generation Z. Their behavioral and economic tendencies and sensibilities differ from the older professionals in your workplace. You may have first-hand experience in this matter while working with 20-something interns. Apart from the obvious generational differences, how you approach hiring someone with no work experience should be quite different from how you’re used to doing this process i.e., hiring seasoned professional with loads of work experience. We bring you some pointers on how to better hire among the pool of fresher to accommodate your workplace needs.

Cut some slack for experience requirements

Young graduates cannot have extensive resumes and it is unreasonable on your part if you expect them to have one. Even if a student spends the better part of their 3 or 4 year college experience preparing for a particular career, they still have a lot to learn about your industry and the position. They might not be aware of the nit-picks, the lingo, tools and best practices that the job entails. It is also somewhat unreasonable to expect them to have hands-on experience of the job they are applying for. Try instead to look for candidates who are intelligent, driven and can be moulded into doing the job as per your requirement. Shortlist the ones who have good GPAs and extra-curricular background(debating, social work, internships etc.). If someone has struck the perfect balance between marks, extra-curricular activities and a social life, you just might have struck gold in terms of hiring. Bingo!

Orientation and training is the key

Remember that the person you just hired was until recently living in the closed and protective environment of their college. Hence, you need to buckle up to provide them with some hands-on training and orientation. However, if you find your resources and time stretched thin by the idea of such exercises, you might be better off hiring an experienced person. Let’s just admit one fact straight out. A majority – if not all – companies that hire recent graduates do it to cut costs. One more advantage that you derive out of hiring someone fresh out of school is that they can be thought of as a ball of clay that  can be moulded into an ideal team member. An experienced professional might try to shake things up and do stuff the way they already know best but a fresher is more receptive to learning the exact processes your company requires employees to follow. A subordinate in every sense of the word.

It’s also important to teach a young employee how to conduct themselves at the workplace and deal with the challenges a career present. In addition to a comprehensive training program, a formal mentorship program will help them grow professionally. Consider pairing any recent graduate you hire with a senior employee who can provide guidance and feedback.

A meticulous interview is a must

An interview process forms the backbone of the hiring process. However, when you are placing your bets on a newcomer who has a total blank sheet in terms of past records, the interview process becomes all the more crucial. Try and get to know the pulse of the candidate from the word go. Get them to disclose their professional ambitions and how they perceive your company in the bigger scheme of things. Does the person looks trustworthy or will they jump ship in search of greener pastures as and when the opportunity arises? Gauge their maturity level and try to ascertain whether they are ready for the transition from college life into the cutthroat competitive world of adulthood.

Don’t go too much into the skills and experience domains for reasons already made clear above. Point blank ask them why they applied for the job and how are they planning to tackle it on a day-to-day basis if get hired. Get an idea of their interest in the role and your company since many people with no experience apply to multiple entry-level jobs and hope for the best.

Be fair and legally compliant when hiring interns

A fairly common practice for a company is to hire someone from college as an intern before hiring them as a full-time employee once they graduate. The young professional has the opportunity to get their foot in the door and the company has the chance to train and get to know them before making an employment commitment. Internships are generally mutually beneficial in nature. Most employers make the intern sign an agreement before bringing them on board. Although the internship scenario in India is mostly unregulated, there are safeguards that employers can put in place to ensure workplace harmony, no incidents of harassment or worse and a general protection of self-interest of both the parties involved. The young person should receive training that benefits them as their career starts in exchange for working for free.

Some guidelines that can be put in place:

The intern fully understands they will not be compensated (if they fall under unpaid category) or understands the compensation they will be receiving (for providing enterprise or labour) clearly.

The intern receives training that relates to their field of study.

The internship schedule accommodates the student’s class schedule.

The internship concludes when the intern has completed their company-provided training.

The intern does not replace a full-time, paid employee.

The intern does expect a paid job at the end of their internship.

Never take the intern you hire for granted and as someone who can do your company’s tedious work for free. Instead, create a formal internship program that provides the participants with valuable training and helps get their careers off to the right start.


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Have you ever heard of Robo-recruiters?

Artificial Intelligence is spreading its wings quite rapidly and is touching different sectors of the industry. The technology is developed with the intention of transforming the efficiency and productivity levels of the businesses. However, AI soon seems to be replacing many human jobs as well. Has AI impacted the recruitment sector as well?

Recruiting is considered as one of those jobs which require human interactions and intelligence. However, AI is quickly being integrated in various functions of recruitment to amplify the efficacy of the activities. Like, now, it is so easy to scan millions of resumes, without any biasness by using AI-based programs.

Inception of Robo Recruiters!

AI seems to be empowering the recruitment industry. However, the future is not far enough where we may see robo recruiters taking over the roles of the human recruiters.

A big food and beverage MNC has already started investing in the AI technology, for its recruitment functions. They have selected an AI company who have created robo recruiters to manage all the recruitment activities. The AI powered robots are programmed to make calls and take interviews as well. In fact, the AI robots are even functioned to reply to the queries of the candidates.

Plus, they are highly efficient and they have the capability to interview around 1500 recruiters in only 9 hours. The AI based robot recruiter has the capability to send emails to the candidates and inform the candidates about the right vacancies as well.

This is just one recent example where a big company has invested in AI based robo recruiters to handle their hiring operations. However, in future we might come across many such examples where businesses will shift their interest towards AI based programs and technology to increase the efficiency and productivity.

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The Power Of Social Media In Recruitment!

Digital Media has completely overpowered other channels of marketing as in this era, almost every company has started using the power of digital marketing tools. And, Social Media is one of the key aspects of Digital Marketing. When it comes to Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, almost all have them have a great pool of database. And, recruitment is all about reaching the maximum set of people. Therefore, recruiters now a days have started using the social media channels to attract maximum candidates. Here’s how social media is helping recruiters all around the globe:

  • More Reach

Posting a job vacancy on a social media channel implies that the vacancy is sure to get more reach. Simply, because almost all the top social media channels have a great number of users. Hence, recruiters these days are using the database of the social channels to expand their reach.

  • Easy to convey the message

With the advancement of technology, and the usage of social media channels, it has become very convenient to convey a message to a large audience together. So, if a recruiter wishes to inform something more about a job posted then it is very easy for him/her to spread the message through the channels.

  • More Transparency

As, almost all the companies now days are active on of or the other social media channels therefore, it becomes easy for the candidates to explore the company. Plus, the profile of the company on social media also offers a lot of insights about the company that any probable candidate wouldlike to know.

  • Easy to verify details

One of the most amazing features of social media is that it has made it very easy to verify some set of information about anybody. Recruiters may even choose to verify the details provided by candidate through his/her social media profile. Earlier, it was not that easy to authenticate the candidates’ details but now, just a few clicks can help a recruiter match the details.

Career Marshal also understands and values the power of social media. Therefore, we try to stay connected with the candidates and clients through our social media channels. Plus, we even share the job posts on our social media channels so that they get great visibility. And, we are sure that social media is going to get bigger and better!

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Qualities that make you the best recruiter!

Recruitment is an effort taking job as recruiters are always driven by targets and deadlines. Their job of hiring candidates may look simpler, but they have to put in a lot of hard work to attract the right candidates, and select the best one for the companies. But, in your journey of being one of the best recruiters in the country, you may across a lot of challenges. Sometimes, you may not be able to attract the best candidates that easily or you may even miss out on meeting the targets.But always remember, zeal to surpass the obstacles should never be lessened by any obstacle. Listed below are some tips to help you shine at your job:

  • Communication skills

The main function of the recruiter is to communicate with a plenty of people almost on a daily basis. Plus, as a recruiter, you will have to interact with people working in different teams and domains in your company as well. And, you are supposed to interview candidates regularly as well, therefore, good communication skills are a must to have.

  • Approachable demeanor

As you have to stay connected, and communicate with new people daily, therefore, it is very important to have an approachable demeanor. Also, because as a recruiter, you are responsible for onboarding people to the new company. So, they should feel free to ask you about anything. You have to be humble and grounded so that no candidate hesitates to ask you anything related the job or company.

  • Target Driven

As mentioned earlier also, a job of recruiters involves loads of targets and deadlines. Hence, you need to be prepared to handle them with ease. Firstly,you should be a good planner as you would need to plan your activities nicely to meet the targets. Secondly, you should also be able to handle pressure because target driven environment is bound to be stressful also.

  • Patience

Patience is one of the most underrated but eminent quality that will make you the best recruiter. Patience is an attribute that will help you at every stage. Be it while dealing with the candidate or while meeting the deadlines. If you practice patience then you should surely be able to sail through even the toughest of situations with ease! A recruiter who masters the art of patience can easily achieve any target without any hassles!

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Tips to end the quest of onboarding the brightest minds!

Almost all the companies and recruiters out there want to hire the best candidates for their companies. However, the quest of finding the right candidates that too in a specific period of time is no cake walk. Companies can figure out various to hire the talent, but the effort and time that goes into finding the best fit for every vacancy is mostly a lot. Are you also struggling with your tough timelines and tight budgets? If yes, then we have a fantastic solution to this problem! Empanel Career Marshal as your vendor for recruitment services! Want to know how is this going to help you? By opting for vendor empanelment the company gets a lot of benefits, here are some of them:

  • Expert assistance

One of the key things required to hire the top talent is top talent itself! By empaneling an expert service provider like Career Marshal, you are assured to get the services from some of the most proficient specialists. The recruiters have an intensive background that boasts of their rich experience. And, this experience helps them to find the right fit for any company.

  • Experience of hiring for various domains

Every organization has to recruit people in various domains. And, therefore, a vendor that has got experience of recruiting for several diverse domains should be preferred. This helps the company to fulfil all the recruitment needs through one vendor only. So, whether a company needs people in the engineering team or in the marketing team, the recruitment vendors are always ready for every type of hiring!

  • Ease of meeting the budget requisites and timelines

Most of the specialist recruitment service providers have got the right capabilities to fulfill the company’s requirements in a set budget. Plus, they are also very much capable of fulfilling the company’s recruitment deadlines. The vendors prepare proper plans, and execute them nicely in order to fulfil both the budget requisites and the tight deadlines.

  • Vendors are ready for the challenges

As recruitment vendors are the experts in the field of hiring therefore, they are always prepared for the setbacks or challenges as well. They are the ones who can surpass obstacles with ease. And,they are champions when it comes to fulfilling an organization’s recruitment needs as they have good experience and knowledge of the field.

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Tips to easily meet the tight recruitment deadlines!

Recruitment is a tough job. It may seem to be very interesting, and it is interesting, but it has its own set of struggles as well. Recruitment industry is filled with targets and deadlines. Sometimes, recruiters even getan enormous amount of pressure to hire the candidates in short intervals as well. And, it is important for every recruiter to meet the deadlines as at the end of the day, recruiter’s job is somewhere or the other connected with the other domains also. If there is an urgent need say in the engineering team, then hiring on a timely basis becomes very important. And, if you are also given tight deadlines, and you are finding ways to hire good talent for your company, and that too in less time than here is a sure shot formula to achieve all your recruitment targets:

Post unlimited jobs for Free on Career Marshal!

Career Marshal, one of India’s leading job portals has got a huge database of candidates. It allows recruiters to post any number of jobs, and that to without any charges. Posting jobs for free on Career Marshal not just enables the recruiter to attract a plenty of candidates, but it also helps the recruiter to save on the tight budgets.

Plus, Career Marshal tries everything possible to help you in your recruitment journey. The experts are always there to assist you in the job posting process. Plus, if you face any issues regarding job posting or anything else related to recruitment, then also the team is always there to help you!

How will posting jobs on Career Marshal benefit you?

  • You will get access to a huge database of potential candidates

Your job will be seen by a plethora of probable candidates. Therefore, a lot of good people will surely apply for the job.

  • Saves Time

By posting just one job on Career Marshal, you can easily attract a huge number of candidates. Which simply means, that you can attract a lot of people in less time.

  • Social Media presence

Relevant jobs are also shared on the social media platforms by Career Marshal. We all are aware of the superb power of social media these days, so posting jobs on Social Media will enable it to get greater visibility.

All geared up to hire the brightest minds in less time? If yes, then start posting your jobs for free now!

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Features which make Career Marshal the best vendor for empanelment!

Vendor empanelment for recruitment services is quickly becoming a very effective and efficient trend in the recruitment industry. World-class vendor empanelment helps to easily match the ideal candidate with the right job, in less time. The team of the company and the vendors can certainly do a decently good job in finding the best talent for the right organization.

Listed below are a few features that make Career Marshal perfect for Vendor Empanelment for recruitment services:

  • We offer expert services

Recruitment is a very significant process for any company, as workforces are after all the assets of an organization. Hence, while empaneling a superior vendor for your recruitment works, make sure that the vendor has got the best expertise, and experience in recruitment. The amalgamation of the vendor tells a lot about the type of service which can be expected.  Hence, make sure that you do your research work right before choosing the best Vendor.

We, at Career Marshal have a bunch of skilled recruiters, who have the apt aptitude to handpick the perfect talent for any company.

  • For us efficiency& honesty matters the most!

Well, there might be a great number of vendors that may be interested in empanelment services, but it is very imperative for the company to do a wide-ranging research before picking the best one. A few things to consider while finalizing are the authenticity, and efficiency of the vendor. This can be found out from the aforementioned record of the company. Plus, the process that the vendors follow tell a lot about their working pattern.

  • We have an extensive database

Hiring the best of all the candidates is not an easy task for sure. It is very significant to interview and test many candidates before selecting the topnotch ones. Though, the initial step is to invite as many decent candidates as possible for the selection process. Therefore, only if a vendor has a great database of candidates ranging from a fresher to senior managers like that of Career Marshal; will only help the organizations to recruit only the best!

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Tips to select the best vendor for Recruitment Empanelment!

Vendor empanelment has become a growing trend in the recent times. Companies have started empaneling vendors for recruitment, in order to meet their diversified hiring demands in less time. Organizations mostly empanel vendors for recruitment services to streamline and smoothen their hiring process. Now, when it comes to empaneling the best vendor for recruitment, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The vendor should have good experience

One of the key things to consider while finalizing a vendor for empanelment is the experience of the vendor in the recruitment field. The vendor should have decent amount of qualitative experience in the same field. Simply because, experience makes any firm or even an individual better. Therefore, vendors with good qualitative experience will have more streamlined processes.

  • The Vendor should have a team of experts

Well, there might be a great number of vendors that may be interested in empanelment services, but it is very important for the company to do a comprehensive research before picking the best one. The company needs to ensure that the team of the vendor has got good expertise in the same field.
We, at Career Marshal have a bunch of skilled recruiters, who have the apt aptitude to handpick the perfect talent for any company.

  • The vendor should have an extensive database

Hiring the best of all the candidates is not an easy task for sure. It is very significant to interview and test many candidates before selecting the topnotch ones. Though, the initial step is to invite as many apt candidates as possible for the selection process. Therefore, only if a vendor has a great database of candidates ranging from a fresher to senior managers like that of Career Marshal; will only help the organizations to recruit only the best!


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Tips to onboard the best candidates!

One of the key objectives of any recruiter is to hire the best of talent. The recruitment process is a pretty vigorous and time-consuming process. Hence, every recruiter wishes to spend the time and energy on hiring the right talent for the company. But, sometimes, you may not be able to hire someone you really want to, and there can be various reasons behind that. Now, listed below are some of the top tips to onboard the best talent in less time:

  • Resume screening plays a vital role

Though, now a days most of the resume screening and filtering is done by AI, but still human intervention can never be neglected. Hence, the initial step of hiring the best talent is by attracting the best talent for the interviews. Therefore, spend good time and energy while scanning the resumes. And, only call the best ones for the interview.

  • Don’t judge them instantly

The job of a recruiter is pretty unique, as you a recruiter has to meet and talk to a number of people almost daily. However, sometimes a recruiter ends up judging candidates way too often, and this may not be a right step to find the best candidates. Therefore, refrain from making early perceptions about any candidate. It is better to read about him, go through his/her resume, and talk to him more before making any judgments about a candidate.

  • Appreciate their qualities and capabilities

One thing that makes any candidate good for a particular job is his/her potential for the job. Hence, if you really find a candidate just perfect for a particular job, then there’s nothing wrong in appreciating the candidate. Ensure that the candidate understands that you value his/her abilities. Though, don’t overdo in appreciating as it might give a bad picture about you as a recruiter.

  • Try your best to save the best ones

At times, no matter how good a candidate performs or how much you want him/her in the team, still the candidate is unable to join the company. Reasons can be many starting from the compensation to personal issues. Here, it is better to give your best to convince the candidate as well as the company to hire the candidate. You may try and increase the package or days extended. It is always to give your best shot to onboard the best people for the company!

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