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3 Unmistakable signs it’s time to start looking for a new job.

It’s quite normal to feel restive at work sometimes. Everything from your dream job to the job you just stumbled into is prone to an occasional bout of restlessness. The real reason to worry would be if this restlessness is prolonged to months. So when to know it’s time to pack up?

The first reaction of someone who to their utter horror realizes that they have lost interest in their job is panic mode. They either assume that they are in the wrong field or that they have reached a saturation point in their job. And unfortunately, they might be right too. Then, it is better to just move on. However, your instincts can be wrong too sometimes. Before you plan your resignation letter, we, at Careermarshal, would like to dwell on some common signs that you might have reached the end of the rope. We will also decipher what your next strategy must be if you really are going to quit your job.

Look out for these signs:

1. You don’t want the weekend to end.

Getting all nervous and panicked whenever Monday rears its ugly head? Don’t leave in a jiffy and try to analyse what’s really causing this rut. Some people hand in their resignation just because they are dissatisfied with a certain aspect of it, only to later realize that grass was greener on their side. If you keep getting the Monday blues; start by making a list of pros and cons list of your job. What do you still find likeable about this company? Is it the environment? Your colleagues? Salary or the perks involved? See what outnumbers what. You might still get the pros outweighing the cons, with the exception of that niggling department. This tangible piece of information is something you can act upon. Get your boss or colleagues involved to find some solutions.

Another thing that could happen is that the negatives start to blur out the positives. This is your cue to start job-hunting. This transition period between the two jobs is very crucial. Make sure that you still give the output that is expected out of you. Don’t shirk your responsibilities at this job. Complete your pending tasks before leaving and offer support to your boss and colleagues in helping your replacement get up to pace if they find one. The value of good working relationships will open up a plethora of opportunities and avenues in the future.

2. You’ve outgrown your environment.

Life is a stage and phases of life – birth, infancy, youth etc are mere acts in the play. You will get accustomed to playing different roles throughout with adept and skill. You just need to find something that makes you tick, that makes you want to be associated with for the rest of life. It could be education, sports philanthropy etc. If you are a teacher at a school/college and start feeling restless in this role; it doesn’t mean that you have to abandon education altogether, it just means that you need to move on to the next phase of your career. It might be researched in education, opening up a school or something else. You just need a new environment to thrive in.

When such a situation arises, take into aspect your current circumstances. What is the best part of your job? Can you take that aspect and run with it do something tangible and rewarding? If you manage to find the answer to this question, you are ready for the next phase of your life.

3. You don’t love the mission.

Monotony is the biggest killer of passion. Routine can make your life very dull. You may not be able to perceive your contribution to the workplace. Think about why you got in the current career of your, it could reignite the passion that you had in the first place all those years ago. Do you really not identify with the purpose of your job or is it just a fleeting moment of indecisiveness? Try to get more involved by volunteering for other department work that is associated with your profile to feel that lost sense of connection. Maybe a change in role at your current company is in order. Start working to make that happen. Get involved in the bigger picture.

If you know for sure that the spark is really honed for your career, then it is time for Introspection. Consult your family, friends, close colleagues and mentors about what your next move should be. This period of indecision should propel you to do something special with your life. Work towards finding your true calling.

Never abandon your current and immediate responsibility

Even when you’re working towards your goal of finding the new passion, never side-line your immediate concerns. You might end up hurting your professional relationship that is hard to replace. Use this time to excel at your current job too and leave on a high point. Don’t leave room for any doubt. Don’t leave room for ‘What if?’ Make every opportunity count so that you can depart without regrets and lingering doubts.



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Interview Preparation Part 4: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Now, the next interview question to prepare is one of the most confusing of all, ‘Where do you see yourself five years from now?’. The answer of this question varies from person to person, and also from profile to profile. A fresher might want to learn and explore in the initial years, and may want to reach the mid senior level. However, a person who is already at the senior most position might want have different things in mind for the nest 5 years. However, everybody has to be pretty careful while answering this question. Here are some generic tips to answer this question in the most effective manner:

  • Think before you speak

In order to answer this question in the most fantastic manner, you should think about, and maybe write down (before going for the interview) your aspirations and goals for the next 5 years. Your goals and aspirations will give you a clear picture of what you actually want to achieve in 5 years from now. Spend some time with yourself before the interview, and find out the real answer of this question. If you answer is genuine, then it will surely impress the recruiter.

  • Be careful

Though, it is important to be honest with the recruiter, but don’t forget that you are here to get selected for a job in the company. You answer should align with the goals of the job role, and the company. The answer should be linked to the job you have applied for, and it will leave a great impact on the recruiter.

  • Don’t go over the board

It’s good to dream big, however, it is also important to be practical. Especially, when you are sitting in front of the interviewer, it is advised to share only realistic and approachable 5 year goals. Your answer to this question should be very genuine, and at the same time, should be practically possible as well.

  • Don’t copy

Though, it is suggested to prepare for the interview nicely, and to look for references as well. But, refrain yourself from copying somebody else’s answer. Always remember that recruiters are very smart people and they deal with a lot people daily. Therefore, it is very easy for them to understand whether you answer is personalized and original or not. And, originality and simplicity always leave a good impact!


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Kick start the New Year with a Fantastic New Job!

As we know, the festive season is here, and a fresh new year is approaching. And, almost all of us have some special expectations for the New Year. Somewhere down the line, no matter how good the previous year was, we all want a better New Year. Though, the parameters of a ‘Better’ New Year might differ from person to person. But, if you are someone who is looking for a job change, or if you are looking to kick start your career this coming year, then your first wish, will always be a fantastic job!

Now, here’s the guide to get a fantabulous job this New Year:

  • Be Better

The first step to getting a better job is to become more and more apt and worthy for a new job at a better place. And, here, a lot of things can contribute to make your profile stronger. Of course, your key responsibility areas do matter, but apart from that, a better interview preparation, better resume, better cover letter, and a better personality will also contribute to make your profile way stronger than the previous year! So, find our ways to improve your present profile to make yourself worthy for a great job.

  • Search Better

Finding the best job is not a cake walk, and we all know that. Now, when it comes to finding the topnotch recruiters, it is also important to know about the present day premium job search portals. Job Search websites which offer several new opportunities listed by the good league of recruiters. A platform like Career Marshal offers a myriad job vacancies listed by the finest companies!
Plus, it is also advisable to research nicely about the company before going for the interview.

  • Think Better

Positive approach can actually get you so many things, which you can’t even think about. So, condition your mind in a very positive way. Make sure that you are absolutely dedicated, and motivated to get the best job this coming year. And, your positive outlook will surely do wonders!

All geared up to find the best job? Start your search now!

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Tips for freshers to settle-in quickly in the corporate set-up

Have you just freshly graduated from college, and are all geared-up for your first day at job? No matter how desperately you wanted the job that you have got, and no matter how much prepared you thought you were, as soon as you will hear the term ‘First Day at work’, you are sure to get goosebumps. Being a fresher, you certainly do not have any experience of managing in the corporate set-up. And, a plenty of things will cross your mind, regarding the corporate set-up, and these thoughts will make you more nervous. But, let’s take it this way- ‘You have got what you wanted, now you just have to prove your mettle!’ Exactly! Since, you have already crossed one of the biggest hurdles, of finding an absolutely amazing job, all you need to do is, focus all your energies in giving your best.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to positively settle-in in the corporate environment:

  1. Self-Belief

Self-belief has got a lot of powers. You are here, because you deserved it! You just need to keep reminding yourself that you have got a job, because you truly wanted it, and you worked hard to get it. Plus, you have got the best potential to rock the workplace. Never underestimate yourself, and keep your spirits up!

  1. Don’t get intimidated by the experienced

A lot of times we often think that people who are seniors, or who have got way more experience than you can even think of, are a little strict. However, that is absolutely not the case with most of them. People with more experience have a great amount of knowledge of handling freshers like you well. They know how to understand you, and make you feel better. So, instead of being scared, just interact with them, and start learning from them, starting from your first day!

  1. Stay Positive, Keep Smiling!

Everyone will surely understand that you are a little nervous, but try to smile often, to let people know that you’re feeling good, and trying to settle-in. A positive body language, and a smile on your face will not just create a better impression, but will also fetch you some good friends pretty soon. Remember, if you are finding it a bit difficult to interact with people, the others might be feeling the same too. So, with your smiles, and positivity, create a positive, and cool aura, to indulge in more conversations!

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