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How to Get Your Motivation Back After a Vacation

Summer vacations have passed us by. It is time to brace yourself as ‘winter is coming’. Keeping aside the Game of Thrones references, winter is not actually upon us but the metaphor is true. You’re not able to gather the motivation to work after a long and fulfilling break. Thankfully, you’re not the only one! We, at Careermarshal – one of the top job sites in the country have put together a list through which you can search for motivation after a long hiatus from work.

Plan your routine:

Let us say you have to get up at 7 in the morning to be able to get to work on time. Why not start practising for it in a few days in advance. This way your body gets the time to get used to your new routine. Examples for other changes in routine are similar and follow from here.

Keep acquiring new skills :

When you are not mentally (or physically, if your profession is physical activity-oriented) stimulated at work, stuff becomes monotonic and quite boring. This hampers your productivity at work. It really helps if you have a to-do list of skills you want to dabble in after the summer vacations. It could be anything you feel you might be lacking in or a new skill that is related to your work profile. This will give you the motivation you so crave at work. If you’re finding it hard to balance between learning and working you can always opt for learning after work hours through various MOOCS (Coursera, Udemy, edX)

Resist the temptation :

To find it in yourself to not elongate that lunch break on your first day back is a matter of superhuman will. What you really need to do is just power through it. We know that Monday blues after a long vacation are simply amplified, says the expert at Careermarshal, but you need to soldier on. If you manage to resist watching memes on Facebook or gossiping with your colleagues, you will have done a lot of work and got your momentum back. Also, time flies if you’re busy.

Dress it up :

If you think that wearing a particular outfit makes you feel confident and in control then do it. It might seem childish but it actually works. Your productivity spikes up and you are able to do a lot of impressive work in crunch situations.

Ask your colleagues:

Talking to others about their experiences to deal with a problem at hand is a really good idea. And it doesn’t cost a single rupee. It is a two-way street and you need to help them with their problems too. Discuss work and share your trials and tribulations with a trusted colleague. Bitching about work together takes a load off of your shoulders and gives you hope for the next time.








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How to make workplace a funplace to reduce employee turnover?

Employees whose interest align with the goals of the organizations are truly the assets of a company. A lot of time as well as money goes into recruiting the finest people in a company, therefore organizations also try their best to retain the talent they have spotted.

Now, when it comes to retaining the top talent, attrition rate is something that cannot be ignored. Attrition rate varies from company to company and also from time to time. But, high attrition rates always remains a matter of concern for all the organizations.

Have you ever wondered what efforts should be taken to reduce the employee turnover in a company?

Most importantly, the company needs to create a healthy work environment. There are a lot of things that contribute to a healthy work environment, including things like opportunities to grow, higher transparency, freedom of thought etc. Though, one of the major forces that can drive down the employee turnover is by making a workplace a fun place to be. Here are some steps to make your workplace more engaging and interactive:

  • Encourage employees to enjoy more

The work culture these days has become very pressuring. Hence, employees mostly ignore to enjoy the work, and the workplace. Companies should understand that employees who enjoy their work and the workplace tend to perform better. Therefore, implement various strategies to encourage people to enjoy and have fun while working as well.

  • Organize fun activities

Now, when it comes to making a workplace more enjoyable, the first thing which comes to our mind is engaging activities. Fun activities organized by the people and culture team in a company play a major role in making a workplace more likable. These activities also encourage employees to enjoy the company of their colleagues. Hence, such activities should be organized on a constant basis to make the workplace more interesting.

  • Organize weekly games over email

The people and culture team of an organization may even look at organization weekly fun games over the emails. Something like a Tuesday Trivia etc. can happen weekly. The employees can be given small rewards for winning. This can be a good way of encouraging them to think beyond work.

  • Appreciate more

One of the best ways to make a workplace more fun is by rewarding and appreciating the employees regularly. Apart from only promoting them ones in a while or increasing their pay, try to appreciate and reward employees on a regular basis as well. This will not only make them happy, but will also encourage them to work better!

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4 Tips to motivate your employees

Employees, the most valuable assets of any organization should be appreciated and encouraged at regular intervals. Employees are the ones who actually built the company, and take the company to new heights. Therefore, no matter how much everyone is busy in their regular tasks, every good manager in your company, should be advised to take out time to appreciate, and inspire the employees.

Here are a few tips to keep your employees happy & motivated:

  • Pat on the back

Never forget to appreciate your subordinates for coming up with innovative ideas, or even for accomplishing their tasks on time. Regular appreciation inspires people to do more, with the expectation of getting appreciated for work more regularly. Plus, this also makes them believe that the company, and their boss actually values their efforts.

  • Organize Stress-busting activities

Work culture of almost all the organizations these days has become very busy as well as monotonous. And, the rush of achieving targets, and being the best gives rise to a lot of stress as well. And, stress has its own set of repercussions, and which may also lead to lower employee happiness, and even lower performance. Therefore, companies should keep organizing some stress bursting activates, or should organize Yoga or meditation classes in the offices. Companies should also encourage employees to take care of their mental wellbeing.

  • Regular rewards

Everybody likes to get rewarded! Therefore, companies should certainly come up with new ways of rewarding their employees, at regular intervals. With this, the employees will be more driven to work, and to achieve their targets. This activity will also boost the workers to perform better, and to work happily, with the expectation of getting rewarded for their hard work and efforts.

  • Career Progression

Almost everyone who is working expects to grow. And, all the driven employees always look for ways to move ahead in their career. Therefore,organizations should also plan career professional strategies for employees, and should share the plans with the employees on a regular basis. This function will establish trust in the employee, and the employees will be more motivated to work to move up the ladder!

These are just a few ways to keep your employees motivated to work. Apart from these, a good working couture is always the first priority of every employee. Therefore, it is important to give the employees that much-needed freedom to experiment, and try new things!!

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Tips to Stay Forever Motivated at Work

Mostly, all of us think that success is equivalent to the years, and number of hours we work. However, Success is not just dependent upon the time given to the work, but, there are various other parameters which conjointly contribute to make someone successful. However, the sweat and dedication that one puts in, to become successful can never be underestimated.

Though, sometimes, just to achieve our goals, we overwork, and we end up giving simply no time to ourselves. And, overload mostly leads to demotivation, which contributes to lower performance. Therefore, it is very important to keep yourself motivated and dedicated in order to achieve big in life.

However,if your energy and commitment levels are dipping, and you are finding it tough to keep them up, then here are some tips to keep your spirit high:

  1. Know your short term and long term goals

In order to keep your enthusiasm levels up all the time, always make sure you known what you want to achieve, both in short duration, and in long duration.  When you are aware of your objectives, you’re your inner voice keeps you driven to accomplish your aims. It is also suggested to jot down your goals, and read them daily, and to make proper strategies to get closer to tour goals.

  1. Seek regular feedback

The drive to improve is enough to keep you driven to work. Hence, one of the best ways to become better every day, is to ask for regular feedback. Constructive feedback will help you realize your weakness, and will also enable you to become stronger and better.

  1. Spend time with driven people

We all know some people, whether at work or home, who are highly spirited and driven. Whenever you feel low, it is advisable to talk to such highly driven people. The inner energy and the zeal of those people will surely inspire you to work happily.

  1. Try something new

Here, we do not mean that you need to switch your job or your job role, but just adding some more variety to your schedule will certainly take your spirits to a new high. New things are always more inspiring and exciting, hence, do try to out some new things all the time, to freshen up your mind.

These are just a few things to keep you pepped up to work more nicely. But, all of us do have some personal pump up tactics also, that always work well to get back the required energy.

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