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How Job Hopping Affects Your Career

Popular among the millennials, Job Hopping is a phenomenon that has become a trend followed by many professionals today. This term refers to a certain pattern of switching companies every one or two years and it is swiftly replacing the concept of climbing the corporate ladder.

For every concept, there is always a mix of both positive and negative opinions. While job hopping can make your potential employers think that you could be a liability to them; you can prevent this from happening by making sure that you are job hopping for the right targets, convey those rational reasons when interviewing for the next job. Identify what you want to achieve and set your goals, never job hop out of mere excitement. Switching your company with the right intentions can give you advantages that will help boost your career, below are some of those benefits listed out by Career Marshal.

1. Strengthens your professional network & skill sets
Job hopping with the desire to learn and grow will help you broaden your perspective. It will enable you to work and interact with more people that will help you in establishing better contacts and you will get a broader knowledge of how work cultures differ across different companies, hence finding your cultural fit. Good networking outweighs the power of a good resume and candidates with experiences across different job profiles are considered to be more eligible by many employers.

2. Prevents you from getting bored
Job hopping can be a very healthy challenge because the new job at the new company will require you to bring your “A Game” forward. You will have to challenge yourself to perform better than the last time you did at your previous company, this state of being proactive will leave you with no time to get bored. With that being said, employers must be able to see that you’re constantly engaged and interested in the growth of your career as well as that of the company.

3. It gets you a higher pay
When you have a relevant experience in a certain field and are looking for a job change, then the employer who hires you has to pay you an amount that is more than the last salary you were receiving, simple as that. This is an attractive benefit, but make sure that you don’t job hop just for the sake of the money, look at how this new job will make you grow as a professional, always look for mutual benefits.

Keeping the above advantages in mind, ask yourself a few questions that will help you decide if job hopping will be the right choice for you to make. What exactly do you want out of your career and have you shown your full potential at your current job? Have you accomplished the career goals you initially started out with? Will the new job give you more chances of career growth that your current company doesn’t provide you with? – these are a few questions you must first find answers to, before opting for the switch.

Job hopping done right will bring you more satisfaction and will open up more opportunities for you wherein you can get better at doing what you love. On the other hand, job hopping done wrong can land you into deep trouble which might leave you with a lifelong regret. Therefore, think well and take wise decisions.

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Tips to get hired in one of the best BPOs

BPOs around the globe have revolutionized the employment industry. The sector is known to empower individualsjust on the basis of their key skills required for the job. The sector hires purely basis on the talent regardless of the qualitativeeducational backgrounds or experience. And, this is one of the reasons why people are so attracted towards the BPO sector. However, many people have a perceive BPO jobs to be pretty easy and cool. Though, it is absolutely right that the working environment of most of the BPOs is pretty easy going. But that doesn’t mean that they are not focused on their work and deadlines. Working in a BPO is as stressful as any other job, but yes, it has its own set of advantages as well. So, if you are also planning to get a job in one of the top BPOs of India, then here are the tips to crack the interview:

  • Focus on your communication skills

Landing a job is a good BPO requires one to have exceptional communication skills. As a BPO executive you would have to communicate with strangers whole day long, and that to even from different countries. Hence, you should certainly have mind-blowing communication skills in order to get a job in a top BPO. So, if you are anywhere a little doubtful about your communication skills, then you do not have to be disheartened at all. Just remember, practice makes a man perfect, so keep reading, listening speaking and even writing to improve your communication skills.

  • Fantastic aptitude & learning skills

A job in a BPO also requires quick learning. As, different processes and companies have diversified demands. And, to fulfil the demands one needs to be a quick learner. Therefore, at the time of interview, you will be judged on your aptitude and learning skills as well. So, be prepared for some aptitude level question- answer rounds!

  • Say yes for odd shifts

Most of the best BPOs in India have 24 by 7 kind of a working environment. And, the recruiter will also ask you whether you are comfortable for the rotational shifts or not. Even if you already know that the process for which you have applied has some fixed shifts, but still when the recruiter asks you, always say yes for odd shifts in order to get the job!

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Tips to prepare for a recruiter’s job!

Recruitment as we know is a fantastically growing industry. The industry is becoming bigger and bigger every day, simply because all the other industries are some where or the other touched by this sector. Recruitment is also evolving with time, and the evolvement is resulting in cutting edge recruitment trends. Plus, the industry is one of the best industries to be a part of. So, if you want to try your luck as a recruiter, then here are some tips to help you get through the interview:

  • Don’t take it easy

Simply because you have been come over for an interview for a recruiter’s profile doesn’t mean the interview has to be as you expected it to be. As an aspiring recruiter, you might have done a lot of research, and you might be thinking that the interview will go as per your expectations. But, always remember that all recruiters are different. Plus, for an interview as a recruiter, you will have to be ready for some of the most unconventional answers.

  • Keep yourself abreast with the latest trends

Recruitment is evolving like anything. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep yourself updated with the avant-garde technology and trends. Plus, it is also pretty important to do a lot of timely research before appearing for the interview. Your interviewer will certainly be interesting in knowing about your knowledge and understanding about the latest trends.

  • Develop a good network

Network building is an important aspect of recruitment. Therefore, ensure that you have developed a good digital network, especially on the social media sights related to recruitment, in order to leave a good impact.

  • Keep that smile on

As a recruiter, you are required to be positive and calm. And, as a candidate also the recruiter would certainly analyze your confidence and positivity levels. For a recruiter it is very important to be a good listeneralso. Therefore, your listening skills might be up for a test to at the interview!

These are just a few tips to help you groom well for an interview for a recruiter’s profile. Other than these specific tips, the common interview tips shared earlier, should also be read in order to crack the interview. Plus, always remember that your resume pays a major role while applying for interviews as well. Therefore, make sure that you have a professionally built resume, and if not then click here to get a professionally crafted resume developed soon.

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Tips to crack an interview for a graphic designer’s profile.

Graphic designing is becoming a popular career option for creative people. Graphics are not used required for online activities but are also used for offline activities. Therefore, the domain has a lot of scope. Plus, with the advancement of the digital landscape, the requirement of graphic designers has reached a new high. Graphic designing is not just about creativity, but it also requires a lot of intelligence. So, if you are looking to get through an interview as a graphic designer then here are some tips for you:

  • Prepare a fantastic portfolio

One of the best ways to show you superb skills is via your portfolio. Make sure you prepare a magnificent, attractive and up to the date portfolio for the interviewer. Your portfolio will already give a good idea about your skills to the recruiter. Hence, ensure that you spend good time preparing a fabulous portfolio.

  • Gain good knowledge about the important software and applications

No matter how stunning your design skills are, as long as you are not able to display them, they are of no use to the companies. Therefore, companies would expect you to be well versed with the latest software and applications required to prepare graphics. Hands on experience of the latest graphic designing software and applications will help you to smoothly prepare spectaculargraphics as well.

  • Know about the dimensions and sizes

Social media posts, banners etc. are some of the most common creatives that are required by companies on a regular basis. Therefore, it is important to know, and memorize some of the most common sizes. This will not just give you an extra edge, but will also help you to save time while designs such creatives in the future.

  • Writing skills are an added advantage

Some of the creatives need attractive copies as well. Therefore good writing and communication skills will certainly add value to your profile. Hence, if possible, improve your writing and communication skills to add some more value to your resume and profile.

Well, listed above are a couple of useful tips which will help you to prepare well for the interview. Apart from these, one quality that can always get you the job for sure is your extraordinary creative skills. Therefore, keep improvising your creative designing skills to even crack the highest level interviews!

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Tips to crack an interview for a SEO Analyst

The era of digitalization has boosted the demand for people indulged in digit media activities. Form website and app developers to designers, from digital content writers to social media executives, digitalization has given rise to a lot of job prospects. In this era, when every company is trying to build and grow their online presence, one of the best ways to increase the visibility is through effective ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It is basically a process of changing the position of a web page or website, regularly, in search engine results with the help of relevantkeywords. On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization are the two types of SEOs.

SEO as we know is a sought-after, and highly recommendable employment option. So, if you are already working as a SEO analyst, or you are planning to apply for a job as a SEO analyst then here are some tips to brace through the interview:

  • Study about the current trends

Digital Marketing is evolving like anything. Hence, for everybody involved in Digital Marketing, it is very much necessary to stay updated with the current trends and techniques. And, when it comes to SEO then we know that every company wants to get the highest ranking possible through effective SEO. Therefore, it will be very important for you to be abreast with the latest trends in order to help your company achieve the required goals. And, at the time of interview, you will surely be asked about the latest trends in SEO or even some in Digital Marketing, just to get an idea of your knowledge about the latest trends.

  • Know about all the tools, sites and terms used

SEO involves the usage of a few tools and applications. Therefore, in order to crack the interview, you must be aware of most of the common tools used to implement effective SEO strategies. Plus, you should also be aware of the terminologies uses in SEO. Good knowledge and understanding of the tools and the terms will let the recruiter understand that you have good amount of expertise for the job.

  • Share some experiences/numbers from previous organizations

If you have got some experience of working as a SEO analyst in the past, then it is a good idea to share some numbers with the recruiter. The numbers should highlight the effect of your SEO strategies. It is a decent way of demonstrating your capabilities.

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Tips to crack an interview for a team leader’s position!

Team leader is a pretty noteworthy, and responsible position in an organization. A team leader is not just responsible for managing a group of people, but is also responsible for churning out the required work from them, along with his own work, and that to in the specified time. The position requires a person to be responsible, but at the same time, the person needs to be quite adaptive as well. So, if you are also planning to go for an interview for a Team Leader’s profile, then here are some tips to help you crack the interview:

  • Showcase your people management skills

Key responsibility areas of a team leader mostly include the proper management of a group of employees. Therefore, the most important quality for this profile is ‘people management skills’. Hence, while preparing for an interview for this profile, make sure you think about several ways of showcasing your stunning people management skills. You may share some previous experiences as well, describing your management skills.

  • Share interesting ways of getting the work done from the team

Team leader is responsible for getting the work done by his team. And, in order to get the teammates complete their works, and meet their targets, the team leader may have to come up with some fantastically innovative ways as well. Like, regular appreciation, motivation etc. are some of the things which help a team leader to inspire the teammates to perform well. Therefore, while preparing for an interview, study about these skills, and make sure that you let the recruiter know about your skills at the time of the interview.

  • Be patient

Managing employees is undoubtedly a tough task. As a team leader, you will have to manage a wide variety of employees. And, in certain cases, your patience will be tested to the best. Now, at the time of the interview, the interviewer will certainly try and ask you about your patience levels, or he/she may also test the level of your patience through questions.

  • Your team is everything for you

An interviewer would be really interested in knowing your commitment levels towards your team. Your answers should put across a message that your team is everything for you. Just let the recruiter to know that you value your team but at the same time, you don’t lower down your individualwork quality as well.

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Interview Tips for Any Digital Marketing Job

Digital Marketing has certainly become one of the highest grossing sector in the corporate world today. And, it is only going to be bigger and bigger every day. Therefore, if you are also planning to start off your career in the digital marketing domain or of you are planning to switch to the sector then here are some fabulous tips to prepare well for an interview:

  • Grasp good knowledge about the online world

Digital Marketing is all about the online world! Therefore, in order to set your feet in the digital marketing space, it is indeed extremely important to get good understanding of the online marketing business. Online marketing is a little vast, and a bit intricate too, therefore, it is suggested to study different elements of the industry pretty deeply before appearing for any interview. As, here, we are taking about ‘digital’ marketing, therefore, you will surely get a great deal of useful information online, which will help you to understand the domain better and better!

  • Keep abreast with the new trends

Digital Marketing is the ‘new thing’, and therefore, it keeps evolving as well. For a good digital marketer, it is very important to stay up to date with the latest trends. On a regular basis, we hear something new in the digital marketing space, therefore, one of the key steps of preparing for an interview should be to be well versed with the modern insights.

  • Know the ‘main’ elements

Digital Marketing has got various elements. Hence, before appearing for an interview, it is better to explore the key areas nicely. Though, it is important to know about the new trends, however, you should have good knowledge and understanding of the main elements related to digital marketing as well.

  • Built solid personal profiles

As, digital is all about online presence, therefore, preparing a good personal social profile will also help you to get some extra points in the interview. You profile speaks volumes about you, therefore, if you have a solid, greatly visible personal profile, then you can surely leave a good impression on the recruiter. The recruiter will get a good glance of your capabilities, and you may end up winning the extra points!

The digital marketing space is growing rapidly around the world, and hence, many new job opportunities are being generated by the sector as well. Hence, it is undoubtedly a great idea to explore the sector deeply, before applying for the jobs in the Digital Marketing sector.

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Interview Preparation Part 12:Tips to prepare for an interview

Interviews are challenging, and therefore a decent amount of qualitative preparation is required in order to surpass the competition. Now, when we talk about interview preparation, mostly interview questions come to our mind. Well, preparation of interview questions is certainly one of the important things to do, but apart from that also, there are a plenty of things that a candidate can do in order to outshine. Here are some key tips to prepare for an interview:

  • Revisit your resume

Resume, your profile to the corporate world must be absolutely stunning. Though, it is very important to prepare a fantastic resume when you start applying for job, but in case you wish to revamp your resume again, for a particular job interview, then you should definitely do that! One of the best ways to give a mindboggling look to your resume is by opting the resume writing services of Career Marshal. We, have a brilliant team of experts, who have a great experience of preparing world-class resumes. So, in case you want to experience our services do visit our resume writing page.

  • Detailed research about the company

A plenty of interview questions are related to the company also. Plus, even you can add special touch to your answering by inserting somethings related to the company, in order to make your answers more appealing. Therefore, do not forget to do a deep research about the company.

  • Dress appropriately

In order to leave a fabulous first impression on the recruiter, it is a mandate to dress decently. Now, here, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy new pair of clothes or get special haircuts for an interview. But, you need to dress up smartly, and attractively. Your appearance tells a lot about your personality. So, do not miss to dress amazingly!


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Are you hiring? We have a free job posting for you!

Hiring is a time consuming process, and it involves a lot of attention. Almost all the recruiters who hire for various positions keep looking for the most reasonable ways for hiring. As, hiring is a continuous process, it goes on and on, therefore, no recruiter likes to spend more money on the hiring process. And, if you also want to accomplish your hiring needs, in the most economical manner then Career Marshal is the place to be!

Career Marshal offers an option to post jobs for Free! Yes, you read it right, you can post any number of jobs free of cost on Career Marshal. Plus, this is not a limited period offer, you can actually post your jobs for free for unlimited period of time! And, no, we are not kidding!

Career Marshal understand the pressure, and the responsibility on the recruiter to hire the best talent, and that too by spending less amount of money. Therefore, in order to make the recruitment process cost-effective, Career Marshal offers the option to post jobs for free!

And, here are the benefits of posting jobs for free on Career Marshal:

  • Career Marshal has got a huge database of job seekers. And, this means that the job which you will post for free will reach to huge number of people. This increases the chance of finding the best fit for the job!
  • There is no limit! Yes, you can post any number of jobs, free of cost, and that to any number of times. Plus, there is no time limit as well.
  • We are here to help you always! Career Marshal’s experts are always there to help you at any point. If you get stuck in the job positing process or you find it a little difficult to understand, do not worry at all! Just reach us, and we will do our best to assist you in the most humble way!

So, what are you waiting for? Start posting your jobs NOW.

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How to apply for jobs at

Finding a job is a strenuous process, and it takes a lot of time as well as effort. However, nowadays, when everything is going digital, the job market has become digital as well. Therefore, now, it is very easy to find the most suitable jobs as well. However, not all the job portals are as easy to use, and efficient asCareer Marshal. Career Marshal is a one of its kind, and one of India’s topmost job portal which is conceptualized and created to enable the job seekers, find, and apply for the best job with minimal ease. Now, when it comes to applying for a job at Career Marshal, here are the steps to do that:

  • Go to
  • Click on the icon which says register
  • Key in your personal details
  • Upload your resume
  • Complete all the details necessary to create a profile
  • Confirm your email, and save your profile

Now, once your profile is created, it will be very easy for you to apply for various jobs. You will get an option to search for jobs, by inputting the keywords, which can be the designation or profile you are looking for along with the location. Then, once you key in both the details, just click on search, and a list of all the present vacancies will pop up on the window.

Now, all you need to do, just click on the relevant jobs, read the details, and hit apply. That is it! Soon, you will start receiving calls and emails from the recruiters (if your profile matches their needs).

Now, finding, and applying a job is pretty easy on Career Marshal. Plus, there are a huge number of companies, and recruiters listed on the platform. And, this ensures that you get a lot of chances and options!

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