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Scared of getting stuck on an interview question? Here’s how to cover up

Interviews are not one of the most stress-free of the activities. Even the term ‘interview’ is enough to make us nervous. Though, we always try our best to prepare for the interviews but there can be certain situation or interview questions which can be spooky. Also, it is quite normal to get stuck on any of the interview questions as long as you are able to handle the situation afterwards. So, whenever you get stuck on any of the interview questions, here is how you can quickly get over it, and turn it back into your favor:

  • Quickly assess and accept the situation

First of all, try to quickly accept and understand that situation, but make sure you do it quickly. Once, you have realized that you cannot answer it, just accept the fact. But, that doesn’t mean that you should keep quite. Rather, avoid from panicking or getting nervous. At least, don’t show it on your face. Later, quickly try to handle the situation.

  • Speak at least something

It is okay if you don’t know the exact answer. However, you should try and answer anything that is relevant and related to the question. This is a lot better than keeping quite. Thus, it is extremely important to sue your presence of mind to handle such a situation.

  • Say that you don’t know

Telling the interviewer that you don’t know may sound a little daunting but it does work at times. If you look at the positive side, then saying no will showcase your honesty levels. Also, after you say no, the recruiter might change his question or twist it in a way that you are able to answer. Therefore, do not hesitate to say no, but always cover it up.

Interviews are tough and nerve-wracking but if you prepare for an interview well, then you might not have to worry too much about hearing a Yes at the end. After all, that is what everyone’s motive is! We all want to get an offer letter from the company. However, at the same time, it is important to make sure that you don’t get way too pressurized. It is also important to maintain your compose, and even if you don’t know any specific answer, use your presence of mind to win over the situation. Just remember, listening carefully, and paying attention will always work!



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7 Top tips on turning your internship into a job offer

Traditionally, major and majority of companies fill up their entry level positions by hiring fresh graduates from various universities and colleges. This has been the most common form of hiring for most companies. But the latest trend that has picked upwind is the ‘intern’ culture. Many companies hire interns for a short duration, say a month or two. These interns by virtue of getting in early prove their mettle and the best of them are then hired by the company on a permanent basis. The best simulation you can run to test whether a candidate is suitable for your business is make them work for you for a brief period of time.  This is what an internship is all about. Some leading corporates have altogether abandoned the conventional graduate hiring route in favour of hiring the best interns who have impressed them over the summer. So, it becomes imperative that you make the most out of a good internship to get the best possible out of it.

To give you the basic template on how to convert this internship into a credible job offer, we, at Careermarshal have curated a list of tips that you should follow:

Set your priorities straight

The primary question you should be asking yourself is: What is your end objective from this internship? Depending upon the career path that you have chosen and the stage at which you are: You might be on a commercial law vacation scheme, on an Investment Banking spring week then you might want a training contract with the firm in the former case and might want a graduate role with the bank in the latter case.

However, if getting a job with the company is not your end goal, be clear what the goal is; do you want to diversify your contacts, improve upon your skill set or just want exposure to a new experience? Work along those lines from the day one at your internship.

Take initiative and be proactive from the word go

An employee who takes initiatives is an employee who is desired at the workplace. Be that employee. To achieve the target of being proactive, ask your manager for more work if your allotted work is finished before time (it also displays that you’re faster than average and a team player), give more suggestions, new ideas for different company procedures or helping in the rearrangement of office space.

Interns have the added advantage of a fresh perspective to old problems, so bring it to the fore and contribute wisely.

Temperament is the key

Most interns are students who are just not ready for the grind of corporate life. This makes the company wary of hiring and trusting interns in the first place. You have to work against these prejudices. You are being evaluated at every stage of an internship for ‘work readiness’, so make sure you excel on all parameters. This makes for a strong case for you to be kept as a full time employee. Respect the time that is allowed for you to do something, dress according to the office culture, be enthusiastic about the company and always keep yourself organized in terms of tasks you have to do. Display how integral you can be to the operation of the team so that they will want you back.

Always take feedback from your reporting manager

Be sure to remain in touch with the manager about your workload and responsibilities. Be upfront to them if you feel that you are working too much for long hours or any other qualms you have regarding work. Communicate how you are dealing with it all and whether you are ready for more.

Even if you’re lagging behind, still talk to the manager about it. Although frame your grievances not in a complaining tone but rather talk about how you’re trying your best and how you need a bit more tips and/or time to sort it all out.

Feedback is a very important thing but it becomes crucial in internships.

Many companies have pre-decided avenues to give timely and correct feedback to their employees. Even if your company doesn’t have it, just straightaway ask for it when the time comes. Talk with your manager on 2 or 3 month cycle about how you fared and what more you could have done. Ask for constructive on how you could improve further. The manager will perceive you as someone who wants to develop and is also much grounded.

Make friends but be professional too

Most companies want to display to their interns how they are a fun place to work by organizing various events especially curated for interns. Interns, hence, have ample avenues to socialize. What you should take utmost care of is not being that person who got a bit too friendly and tipsy at the party for interns. Maintain the balancing act between being fun and not being over the top clown. Remember that these are not the parties where you get drunk and talk in embarrassing details about your non-existent love life.

Up your networking game

One of the best things about an internship is the ease with which you can build your professional network. Build healthy camaraderie with your colleagues and learn from them to grow more. Invite your senior to a coffee rendezvous so that you can communicate with them about their experiences and careers. Have good questions at your disposal to make the most of both of your time. Take cues from them on their own career and journey. Also try to interact with people who are not in your team. This gives you a fresh perspective on the company. Also try to stay in touch through mails, LinkedIn or any other medium after your internship ends. Never underestimate the ability of a person to be useful to you in the future!







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How to Tackle New Job Nerves

Be it a new job, a job switch with a new profile or a promotion within the same firm, congratulations on the new position you’ve earned! We all are aware of the fact that with new jobs come new responsibilities that very often lead to those heart-in-throat kind of situation. But worry no more, for this article is here to help you ease your nervousness. We at Career Marshal have listed out 5 things that you must remember to overcome those butterflies in your stomach at your new job.

  1. Make sure that you wake up early on your first day

Let us start with the beginning of the day. You always have an option to be either just on time or be early to report at your new job on your first day, we highly recommend the latter. In order to report early, you should get up earlier than you should. By reaching early, you get time to absorb more positive vibes and your mind will feel prepared.

  1. Dress for the job

It’s not a secret that some recruiters have been known to complain about people not being dressed right for the job, even after they have hired those employees. So avoid attracting such comments, be at your best, be prim and proper. In short, dress to impress!

  1. Remind yourself of your worth

The idea of “new” is certainly scary and makes you anxious, but a new job means you are moving forward and that you are worthy of that progress in your life. Here is where the importance of self talk comes in, you need to constantly tell yourself that you are there reporting for that position because you fit the requirements of the job. You have been hired because you are worth it, you can do this.

  1. Do not be afraid to ask questions

It is extremely important to remember that it is okay to not know everything in the beginning. You will learn with time but in order to learn, you will have to ask at the right time. From the tiniest little things to more important questions at work, do not hold yourself back from asking questions. Never forget that your boss and your colleagues are people too, so they’ll understand when you want to clear your doubts. That being said, make sure you’re being respectful while asking your questions.

  1. Be friendly and helpful

Nobody likes a snobbish newcomer, that’s just how it is everywhere. Go ahead and do yourself a favour by blending in, be polite and friendly – start becoming a part of the team by initiating an interaction and start making your connections. You should keep in mind that there will be days in the future when you will need your colleagues to help you out in some way or the other, try and get the team to like you.

All these points and the belief that you have in yourself is what will take you a long way, good luck!


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Catch the fancy of recruiters!

One of the most important steps while searching for a job is to catch the attention of the recruiters. No matter how good you are, or how solid your profile looks, as long as you will not be able to get the attention of the recruiter, the chances of getting a fantastic job are nowhere even near. Therefore, firstly, you should concentrate on getting the attention of the hiring person. However, recruiters daily see through numerous resumes and profiles every day on different job sites in India. So, you undoubtedly have to do something extraordinary to make them see, and view your profile also. Here are some of the steps to get the attention of the recruiter:

  • Your resume should speak about you!

Resume, your profile for the corporate world is something that tells the world about you! Therefore, you should do all the possible efforts to make the resume as interesting as possible. It should be very unique and should have a personal touch. If you resume will stand out from the millions other, then only you will stand a chance to get that interview call. In order to get a fantastically drafted professional resume built, you can choose to opt for Career Marshal’s resume writing service as well!  We hold the experience of creating hundreds of resumes for different profiles. Hence, no matter whether you are a digital marketing manager or a team leader in a BPO, we have the right resources to prepare every type of resume!

  • Create a bang on cover letter

Your cover letter should be as persuasive as possible. It should have the power to compel the recruiter to get to your complete profile or to download your resume. Don’t just write down a common type of a cover letter with the information available on net. Try and add your personal flavors to it, to make it more interesting. Career Marshal’s resume writing team also helps you with a stunning cover letter, so if you want to get one scintillating cover letter written for you, then opt for the service!

  • Hunt for jobs on the right portal

Now, this is pretty interesting! No matter how impressive your resume is, but as long as it will not reach a plenty of recruiters, it is of simply no use. Therefore, register your profile in some of the best job sites in India like Career Marshal. And, start searching for jobs there. There are a host of recruiters listed on some of the best job portals; hence, you get more chances of showcasing your abilities.

Hope the above listed steps will help you get the attention of the recruiter more quickly. However, getting the attention is not enough, but it is certainly the first step towards getting your dream job. You also have to keep improving your communication skills and professional skills in order to leave a greater impact on the recruiter. So, if you are all set to kick start your job search process then click here to look for some jobs:


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The Power Of Social Media In Recruitment!

Digital Media has completely overpowered other channels of marketing as in this era, almost every company has started using the power of digital marketing tools. And, Social Media is one of the key aspects of Digital Marketing. When it comes to Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, almost all have them have a great pool of database. And, recruitment is all about reaching the maximum set of people. Therefore, recruiters now a days have started using the social media channels to attract maximum candidates. Here’s how social media is helping recruiters all around the globe:

  • More Reach

Posting a job vacancy on a social media channel implies that the vacancy is sure to get more reach. Simply, because almost all the top social media channels have a great number of users. Hence, recruiters these days are using the database of the social channels to expand their reach.

  • Easy to convey the message

With the advancement of technology, and the usage of social media channels, it has become very convenient to convey a message to a large audience together. So, if a recruiter wishes to inform something more about a job posted then it is very easy for him/her to spread the message through the channels.

  • More Transparency

As, almost all the companies now days are active on of or the other social media channels therefore, it becomes easy for the candidates to explore the company. Plus, the profile of the company on social media also offers a lot of insights about the company that any probable candidate wouldlike to know.

  • Easy to verify details

One of the most amazing features of social media is that it has made it very easy to verify some set of information about anybody. Recruiters may even choose to verify the details provided by candidate through his/her social media profile. Earlier, it was not that easy to authenticate the candidates’ details but now, just a few clicks can help a recruiter match the details.

Career Marshal also understands and values the power of social media. Therefore, we try to stay connected with the candidates and clients through our social media channels. Plus, we even share the job posts on our social media channels so that they get great visibility. And, we are sure that social media is going to get bigger and better!

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Qualities that make you the best recruiter!

Recruitment is an effort taking job as recruiters are always driven by targets and deadlines. Their job of hiring candidates may look simpler, but they have to put in a lot of hard work to attract the right candidates, and select the best one for the companies. But, in your journey of being one of the best recruiters in the country, you may across a lot of challenges. Sometimes, you may not be able to attract the best candidates that easily or you may even miss out on meeting the targets.But always remember, zeal to surpass the obstacles should never be lessened by any obstacle. Listed below are some tips to help you shine at your job:

  • Communication skills

The main function of the recruiter is to communicate with a plenty of people almost on a daily basis. Plus, as a recruiter, you will have to interact with people working in different teams and domains in your company as well. And, you are supposed to interview candidates regularly as well, therefore, good communication skills are a must to have.

  • Approachable demeanor

As you have to stay connected, and communicate with new people daily, therefore, it is very important to have an approachable demeanor. Also, because as a recruiter, you are responsible for onboarding people to the new company. So, they should feel free to ask you about anything. You have to be humble and grounded so that no candidate hesitates to ask you anything related the job or company.

  • Target Driven

As mentioned earlier also, a job of recruiters involves loads of targets and deadlines. Hence, you need to be prepared to handle them with ease. Firstly,you should be a good planner as you would need to plan your activities nicely to meet the targets. Secondly, you should also be able to handle pressure because target driven environment is bound to be stressful also.

  • Patience

Patience is one of the most underrated but eminent quality that will make you the best recruiter. Patience is an attribute that will help you at every stage. Be it while dealing with the candidate or while meeting the deadlines. If you practice patience then you should surely be able to sail through even the toughest of situations with ease! A recruiter who masters the art of patience can easily achieve any target without any hassles!

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Tips to get hired in one of the best BPOs

BPOs around the globe have revolutionized the employment industry. The sector is known to empower individualsjust on the basis of their key skills required for the job. The sector hires purely basis on the talent regardless of the qualitativeeducational backgrounds or experience. And, this is one of the reasons why people are so attracted towards the BPO sector. However, many people have a perceive BPO jobs to be pretty easy and cool. Though, it is absolutely right that the working environment of most of the BPOs is pretty easy going. But that doesn’t mean that they are not focused on their work and deadlines. Working in a BPO is as stressful as any other job, but yes, it has its own set of advantages as well. So, if you are also planning to get a job in one of the top BPOs of India, then here are the tips to crack the interview:

  • Focus on your communication skills

Landing a job is a good BPO requires one to have exceptional communication skills. As a BPO executive you would have to communicate with strangers whole day long, and that to even from different countries. Hence, you should certainly have mind-blowing communication skills in order to get a job in a top BPO. So, if you are anywhere a little doubtful about your communication skills, then you do not have to be disheartened at all. Just remember, practice makes a man perfect, so keep reading, listening speaking and even writing to improve your communication skills.

  • Fantastic aptitude & learning skills

A job in a BPO also requires quick learning. As, different processes and companies have diversified demands. And, to fulfil the demands one needs to be a quick learner. Therefore, at the time of interview, you will be judged on your aptitude and learning skills as well. So, be prepared for some aptitude level question- answer rounds!

  • Say yes for odd shifts

Most of the best BPOs in India have 24 by 7 kind of a working environment. And, the recruiter will also ask you whether you are comfortable for the rotational shifts or not. Even if you already know that the process for which you have applied has some fixed shifts, but still when the recruiter asks you, always say yes for odd shifts in order to get the job!

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Tips to prepare for a recruiter’s job!

Recruitment as we know is a fantastically growing industry. The industry is becoming bigger and bigger every day, simply because all the other industries are some where or the other touched by this sector. Recruitment is also evolving with time, and the evolvement is resulting in cutting edge recruitment trends. Plus, the industry is one of the best industries to be a part of. So, if you want to try your luck as a recruiter, then here are some tips to help you get through the interview:

  • Don’t take it easy

Simply because you have been come over for an interview for a recruiter’s profile doesn’t mean the interview has to be as you expected it to be. As an aspiring recruiter, you might have done a lot of research, and you might be thinking that the interview will go as per your expectations. But, always remember that all recruiters are different. Plus, for an interview as a recruiter, you will have to be ready for some of the most unconventional answers.

  • Keep yourself abreast with the latest trends

Recruitment is evolving like anything. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep yourself updated with the avant-garde technology and trends. Plus, it is also pretty important to do a lot of timely research before appearing for the interview. Your interviewer will certainly be interesting in knowing about your knowledge and understanding about the latest trends.

  • Develop a good network

Network building is an important aspect of recruitment. Therefore, ensure that you have developed a good digital network, especially on the social media sights related to recruitment, in order to leave a good impact.

  • Keep that smile on

As a recruiter, you are required to be positive and calm. And, as a candidate also the recruiter would certainly analyze your confidence and positivity levels. For a recruiter it is very important to be a good listeneralso. Therefore, your listening skills might be up for a test to at the interview!

These are just a few tips to help you groom well for an interview for a recruiter’s profile. Other than these specific tips, the common interview tips shared earlier, should also be read in order to crack the interview. Plus, always remember that your resume pays a major role while applying for interviews as well. Therefore, make sure that you have a professionally built resume, and if not then click here to get a professionally crafted resume developed soon.

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Tips to crack an interview for a graphic designer’s profile.

Graphic designing is becoming a popular career option for creative people. Graphics are not used required for online activities but are also used for offline activities. Therefore, the domain has a lot of scope. Plus, with the advancement of the digital landscape, the requirement of graphic designers has reached a new high. Graphic designing is not just about creativity, but it also requires a lot of intelligence. So, if you are looking to get through an interview as a graphic designer then here are some tips for you:

  • Prepare a fantastic portfolio

One of the best ways to show you superb skills is via your portfolio. Make sure you prepare a magnificent, attractive and up to the date portfolio for the interviewer. Your portfolio will already give a good idea about your skills to the recruiter. Hence, ensure that you spend good time preparing a fabulous portfolio.

  • Gain good knowledge about the important software and applications

No matter how stunning your design skills are, as long as you are not able to display them, they are of no use to the companies. Therefore, companies would expect you to be well versed with the latest software and applications required to prepare graphics. Hands on experience of the latest graphic designing software and applications will help you to smoothly prepare spectaculargraphics as well.

  • Know about the dimensions and sizes

Social media posts, banners etc. are some of the most common creatives that are required by companies on a regular basis. Therefore, it is important to know, and memorize some of the most common sizes. This will not just give you an extra edge, but will also help you to save time while designs such creatives in the future.

  • Writing skills are an added advantage

Some of the creatives need attractive copies as well. Therefore good writing and communication skills will certainly add value to your profile. Hence, if possible, improve your writing and communication skills to add some more value to your resume and profile.

Well, listed above are a couple of useful tips which will help you to prepare well for the interview. Apart from these, one quality that can always get you the job for sure is your extraordinary creative skills. Therefore, keep improvising your creative designing skills to even crack the highest level interviews!

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Tips to crack an interview for a SEO Analyst

The era of digitalization has boosted the demand for people indulged in digit media activities. Form website and app developers to designers, from digital content writers to social media executives, digitalization has given rise to a lot of job prospects. In this era, when every company is trying to build and grow their online presence, one of the best ways to increase the visibility is through effective ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It is basically a process of changing the position of a web page or website, regularly, in search engine results with the help of relevantkeywords. On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization are the two types of SEOs.

SEO as we know is a sought-after, and highly recommendable employment option. So, if you are already working as a SEO analyst, or you are planning to apply for a job as a SEO analyst then here are some tips to brace through the interview:

  • Study about the current trends

Digital Marketing is evolving like anything. Hence, for everybody involved in Digital Marketing, it is very much necessary to stay updated with the current trends and techniques. And, when it comes to SEO then we know that every company wants to get the highest ranking possible through effective SEO. Therefore, it will be very important for you to be abreast with the latest trends in order to help your company achieve the required goals. And, at the time of interview, you will surely be asked about the latest trends in SEO or even some in Digital Marketing, just to get an idea of your knowledge about the latest trends.

  • Know about all the tools, sites and terms used

SEO involves the usage of a few tools and applications. Therefore, in order to crack the interview, you must be aware of most of the common tools used to implement effective SEO strategies. Plus, you should also be aware of the terminologies uses in SEO. Good knowledge and understanding of the tools and the terms will let the recruiter understand that you have good amount of expertise for the job.

  • Share some experiences/numbers from previous organizations

If you have got some experience of working as a SEO analyst in the past, then it is a good idea to share some numbers with the recruiter. The numbers should highlight the effect of your SEO strategies. It is a decent way of demonstrating your capabilities.

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