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How Job Hopping Affects Your Career

Popular among the millennials, Job Hopping is a phenomenon that has become a trend followed by many professionals today. This term refers to a certain pattern of switching companies every one or two years and it is swiftly replacing the concept of climbing the corporate ladder.

For every concept, there is always a mix of both positive and negative opinions. While job hopping can make your potential employers think that you could be a liability to them; you can prevent this from happening by making sure that you are job hopping for the right targets, convey those rational reasons when interviewing for the next job. Identify what you want to achieve and set your goals, never job hop out of mere excitement. Switching your company with the right intentions can give you advantages that will help boost your career, below are some of those benefits listed out by Career Marshal.

1. Strengthens your professional network & skill sets
Job hopping with the desire to learn and grow will help you broaden your perspective. It will enable you to work and interact with more people that will help you in establishing better contacts and you will get a broader knowledge of how work cultures differ across different companies, hence finding your cultural fit. Good networking outweighs the power of a good resume and candidates with experiences across different job profiles are considered to be more eligible by many employers.

2. Prevents you from getting bored
Job hopping can be a very healthy challenge because the new job at the new company will require you to bring your “A Game” forward. You will have to challenge yourself to perform better than the last time you did at your previous company, this state of being proactive will leave you with no time to get bored. With that being said, employers must be able to see that you’re constantly engaged and interested in the growth of your career as well as that of the company.

3. It gets you a higher pay
When you have a relevant experience in a certain field and are looking for a job change, then the employer who hires you has to pay you an amount that is more than the last salary you were receiving, simple as that. This is an attractive benefit, but make sure that you don’t job hop just for the sake of the money, look at how this new job will make you grow as a professional, always look for mutual benefits.

Keeping the above advantages in mind, ask yourself a few questions that will help you decide if job hopping will be the right choice for you to make. What exactly do you want out of your career and have you shown your full potential at your current job? Have you accomplished the career goals you initially started out with? Will the new job give you more chances of career growth that your current company doesn’t provide you with? – these are a few questions you must first find answers to, before opting for the switch.

Job hopping done right will bring you more satisfaction and will open up more opportunities for you wherein you can get better at doing what you love. On the other hand, job hopping done wrong can land you into deep trouble which might leave you with a lifelong regret. Therefore, think well and take wise decisions.

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6 High-Paying Jobs That Are Great for Career Changers

Professionals today have the benefit of a more liberal culture and mindset where it is deemed normal to consider a change in career at any point in life. A career change is clearly not the same as job hopping; in fact it can be referred to as a stairway towards career growth. This desire for a change could be due to many reasons – lack of passion, financial instability, no job satisfaction, among others. In this era, a lot of people are opting to explore and experiment with different career lines in one lifetime; if that is the same case with you, read through these 6 high-paying jobs listed out by Career Marshal that are apt for your career change.

  1. Social media specialist

Social media is a strong platform that most of us cannot live without. By being an expert in handling it and understanding its way of working, you can end up getting a very heavy pay cheque. There are so many top-notch corporate brands and companies that use social media as one of their means for marketing and communication. With a deep understanding of the platform and a creative mind, you can always try your luck at being a social media specialist/manager and possibly earn upto ₹ 25 lakhs per annum.

  1. Wellness coach

We live in a world where every person has started to be very health conscious. When we say wellness, it usually encompasses a vast variety of activities such as yoga, healthy diet, hitting the gym, swimming, aerobics, etc. So if you are a fitness freak and have been perfecting your wellness skills as a part of your daily life, you can transform this passion into a career. The income as a wellness coach can go as high as ₹ 30 lakhs per annum; depending on how good you are at it.

  1. Photographer

Getting your pictures clicked is a fun experience for a lot of us, but some like it better when they are the ones clicking those pictures. Photographers are people who are one of the highest in demand across different industries; this is the right career choice for you if are perfectly versed with the right angles for all living and non-living things. Skilled and professional photographers receive an average pay cheque of ₹ 30 to 35 lakhs per annum.

  1. Interior Designer

If you love transforming your surroundings into a thing of beauty and you would love to do the same for other people, then this might just be the right pick for you. A great interior design can always stem out of interest and talent, the average pay for a good interior designer would roughly be around ₹ 25 lakhs per annum.

  1. Prospect researcher

A lot of us mention our researching skills as one of our strengths in our resumes. If you are one of those then put your researching skills to the best use and pursue a career with it. You can become a prospect researcher especially for non profits who want to raise funds – you identify how they can reach more people and get more donors for their projects.  With great researching and communication abilities, you are bound to get a great income of approximately ₹ 25 lakhs per annum.

  1. Tourism professionals

For a friendly and outgoing person with great multitasking and communication skills, becoming a tourism professional is a career you can consider. A job in the tourism industry is highly exciting and thrilling, it will require you to be proactive at all times. The pay one gets as a tourism professional usually comes upto an impressive amount of roughly ₹ 23 lakhs per annum.

For all the jobs that have been listed above or for any job in focus, there is always a possibility of a need for a certain degree, yet that can be taken care of with short diploma courses offered by so many institutes. The actual pay you generate out of these professions also depends largely on your skills, creativity, talent, abilities and the hardwork you put into it, therefore make sure that you rightly identify what you excel at.

Apart from all the career options that we have suggested, there are other interesting jobs that come with a handsome pay – a professional youtuber/blogger, graphic designer, real estate agent or even a technical writer are some of the other options you can always consider.




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How to explain why you’ve been job hopping

Explaining away three jobs in two years is no mean feat. It takes a lot of self-belief and conviction on your part and a bit of flexibility and belief in you on the employer’s part. Hence, the conversation can’t be easy either. Alleviate your employer’s concerns by showing them how much you have gained from the frequent changes in position.

What explanation can be cited for serial changing of jobs.A resume with numerous change of jobs in a short span of time could really warrant raised eyebrows from the hiring manager even though what you’ve done is not technically wrong. You were just trying to upgrade your career. Or stuff that you can’t control happens. Maybe the company you were working for went under, the start-up you worked for lost funding, you worked for a company with a tough working environment or a thousand different reasons.

Although from the perspective of a recruiter, an employer who doesn’t know the first thing about you may think that you’re a flight risk.  So how do you explain away your limited tenures and convince potential employers that you’ll be loyal? Some suggestions :

Be open

The question about your frequent dalliances with jobs is coming whether you relish it or not. Kind of inevitable. The most difficult yet effective way of dealing with it is to be completely honest about it. Take care to keep it concise and an emotionally-detached reply. Don’t let emotions overpower you and keep the tone as formal as possible. Don’t get defensive, apologetic or insecure about short-lived jobs. Take responsibility and don’t dwell on the explanation. Just as a cliché philosophical blog might tell you, “Don’t be sorry for who you are.”

Highlight what you’ve learnt

Now you need to shift their focus from the previous jobs. After giving sufficient and concise explanation for the change in jobs, dive right into the experience and skills you’ve picked up and how it can be constructively implemented into the new position with ease and gusto.

“Sell your worthiness to the employer in a presentable ways” .Focus on what you bring to the table. For each job, be prepared to describe a key experience, what it taught you and how you’ve put that lesson in action.

 Try something like :

“I learnt how to code in Python at Company X, Company Y prepared me to handle a team on my own as a leader and made some inroads into analytics at Company Z. The sum total of all these experiences have prepared me for the position at your company.”

Say you want to stay for a while, If the company looks like a fit and all circumstances point to it, it doesn’t hurts to say those magical words ; “I am looking for something long-term.” That shows commitment on your part and shows how sincere you are towards the company you want to be hired at. Caution : Like most relationships, don’t say it unless you mean it. That won’t be appreciated if you have to leave for any reason and might result in a poor recommendation letter, if at all. If you sense that they are not convinced, try other ways to ease their concerns. Offer up references who can speak to your strengths and loyalty, or even propose some sort of trial assignment.








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Is the trend of job-hopping quickly catching on?

We, at Career Marshal -one of the top job-sites in India try to decode what the trend means and whether it is sustainable in the long -run.If you think that you are the master of freelancing gig and you go through jobs like clothes, then you may find the contents of this article, curated by Career Marshal, helpful.

Good news! You are not alone in this and most millennials are the harbingers of this trend.

During these tumultuous times, when jobs are running dry and companies are assigning more work to temporary workers, millennials are flocking towards freelancing. They don’t wait around for the ‘perfect’ job and instead make an assortment of jobs their perfect job. Under the pressure of providing for themselves, paying off burgeoning student debts, one has to take the plunge.

Many employers too have become aware of this grim reality and don’t discriminate against candidates who have such credentials. For twenty somethings like us, that is certainly a favorable turn of events. Yet few people would want to be branded as a serial intern or job-hopper. Also it is an open secret that these jobs can be borderline draining with very low pay and non-existent benefits.

Job-hopping has gone mainstream. Companies that frown upon job-hopping are not regarded as the best places to work. Job-hopping is now very much acceptable. Someone with 3 jobs in a span of 4 years might have automatically disqualified the candidate five years ago. Now would be a very different matter altogether. Although it still is not the best thing to have on your resume. Think of it this way :

You don’t want to date someone with a history of short-term relationships, right? Hiring someone new takes just as much effort as dating; you don’t want to hire someone who’ll leave you for someone better in a few months’ time.

It still is becoming more normal as time is progressing. Don’t hesitate to do it if you can’t find any better alternatives.

One thing you should definitely refrain from is talking smack about your previous company in front of an interviewer. They’ll be inclined to think that you will do the same about them behind their backs. Diplomacy is an art you should be very accustomed in. Although that could be hard for the generation that is used to displaying their emotions in the form of a WhatsApp or Instagram story.

Applicants should be prepared to answer questions about why they left each job without ranting. Think about what you were after, not what you left behind. When asked why you left your previous job, you could say you were in search of more responsibility, better skills or more opportunities to grow. Don’t go into any conflicts you might have had with your erstwhile employer or co-workers. That will give you a bad reputation and they might think you are not a “people’s person”.

Most hiring are done with how much of a likable personality the candidate is, doing the above might not work in your favor. Instead, talk about what you accomplished at your previous jobs. Specify what skills you acquired at your previous jobs and how you can utilize them at this workplace. Tell them what new can you bring to the table.





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