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Ways to increase employee engagement:-

We all know that employees are the main element of an organization because they are the one who works together efficiently to achieve the desired goals so it is important to look after them and provide an environment where they can work efficiently and most importantly they can work happily in an organization. The reason behind a successful organization is a team of hardworking employees that are so dedicated that they can give their blood and sweat to achieve the desired goals. It is quite obvious that the working environment really matters to the outcome that employees will give so in order to maintain good outcomes an organization needs to implement a few tips and tricks to increase the employee engagement. If an organization looks after the needs of the employees and also work on different ways in which they can increase the employee engagement then they will surely get best outcomes from each employee which will result in a bright future of the organization. So stay tuned with the blog to know a few tips and tricks to increase the employee engagement.

  • Increase flexibility:-

One of the major elements of a good working environment is flexibility. A flexible approach of working makes a great difference it will help in boosting the confidence of employees to make certain decisions and it will also create a happy environment to work in. Dominating environment is not a good option because it restricts the potential and talent of the employees so it is very important for a successful organization to have a flexible approach of working so that the employees can feel free to use their talent in the best way possible for the bright future of the organization.

  • Provide breaks:-

Working for long hours without a break is not a good idea. There should be a few small breaks in between the working hours because that is really important for the employees as they feel refreshed when they take a break. A small tea break in between of the work is really helpful because no one can work for the entire day while sitting at just one place without any break.

  • Feedback is must:-

It always a good idea to have an organization where employees can give their valuable feedback since we all know that two-way communication is must no matter whatsoever the field be. Employee feedback plays a major role in getting them involved in assignments as well as in the decision-making process. Feedback gives employees the feeling of empowerment as their decision matters and the organization also values them. So it is very important to take feedback from the employees and do value it.

  • Promote social gatherings:-

Apart from the office work, there should be some social gatherings for the employees because it will help them to interact properly with each other and will also work as a stress buster. Since working for 5 days in a week without any leave the employees do get tired so they do need some sort of party or get together to refresh themselves again, so organizing social gatherings is a good option to increase the interaction between each other and it also improves the employee engagement.

  • Clarify the goals:-

It is very important to give a clear brief to the employees so that they know what actions they need to take in order to achieve the desired goal. A clear and crisp brief that serves the purpose is very important. If the employees will know the exact goal it will be easy for them to plan the strategy to achieve them.

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9 Ways to turn your start up into a big hit.

Starting up a new business requires lot’s of financial support and manpower because the base of any organization depends purely on the hard work and the money which is invested at the initial stage. So if you’re thinking to open a new startup or have just stepped into the industry as a budding startup then we can help you to grow your business in a faster way which will eventually turn your startup into a big hit. Just stay tuned to get to know about some important tips and tricks for a bright future.

1) Do market research:-

One of the major initial steps is to do the market research properly because then you will get to know about the actual statistics of the current setups in the market. Make sure you properly do detailed research so as to you will get know about the actual profit and loss statement of the particular business that you want to set up.

2) Approach the right people:-

The basic key to a successful startup is the links, try and build the links with the successful entrepreneurs so that you can pitch them and try to have them as your client so that you can boost up your startup if you have the right clients in your list. You need to approach them via social sites or you can directly approach them if you have good contacts.

3) Make an attractive website:-

Always remember one proverb “first impression is the last” and bring it to use when you sit to frame your website make sure that you should make an eye catchy website so that you can attract all those who visit your website, since you’re a startup so it becomes really important for you to create a website which has entirely fresh and attractive content in it.

4) Promotion:-

Believe it or not, the potential of an advertisement is way more than the traditional ways of generating traffic, the most important thing is that you need to identify the platform on which you want to advertise about your startup. You need to identify the target audience of your start-up by doing so you can easily address them via the platforms they use and it will prove as a great way to boost up your business.

5) Digital Marketing:-

We live in a world where everything around us has become digital to an extent then why not to use digital marketing to promote the content of your startup so that it can reach to the maximum number of people around the globe and you can easily build your contacts with everyone around the globe. In today’s world digital marketing is the great weapon for each and every organization to generate organic traffic.

6) Focus on your service:-

Always make sure that you provide with the best service because this is one of the major key to win the love and trust of the consumers/clients. Once you’ve won the customer satisfaction then no one can stop your start-up from being a big hit because when you will focus on your service and will provide your best then it is obvious that consumers will prefer you over others.

7) Respect the feedbacks:-

Two way communication is always successful because when you will get to know that what actually the consumers thinks about your organization and when they will give you the feedbacks they will state their needs and expectations from your organization and once you will address them you can successfully run the organization and become the most appreciated one among the industry. One needs to keenly work on the feedbacks given by the target audience because it is the direct key which can eventually help in creating a bright future of the organization and will automatically affect the revenue generation process of the organization.

8) A team of talented minds:-

The output of the organization depends upon the members of the organization. If an organization has talented minds that can effectively work together to meet the desired goal. Members of an organization are the backbone of the organization because they are the main revenue generators if we have the right people in our team we have won half of the battle. Everyone expects to intake the best and talented people into their organization because if we know that we have a team of professionals who are appointed exclusively for a particular task then they can create wonders. All we need to do is to find the right person for the right task.

9) Maintain a good relationship with the internal public:-

Now, this is very important because good relations with the employees of an organization makes a great difference since if you care for the employees they will also revert you with the best performance and would help for the bright future of the organization. A healthy environment at the workplace makes a huge difference in the performance and the revenue generated. We need to make sure that we are addressing the problems faced by the employees as soon as possible and we also need to give them enough space so that they can have the authority of decision making for certain small works. There should be small functions organized inside the organization at the time of festivals so that employees do enjoy it and feel better.

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How important is website auditing?

You might have been making various plans to build a powerful website, but you are unable to get the success that you had admired? Whenever you start building a website, the first aim is to make sure that the website gets enough traffic. At the same time, you always want your visitors to stay and enjoy the experience. This is important when it comes to reviewing the performance of your website.

What is a ‘website audit’?

An audit simply means the act of performing various tests in order to make sure that the website is curated in the best possible way. It is something like checking of the accounting books at the end of the financial year. But, website audits have to be quite regular. A website audit is a layered process which involves various phases. Starting from the analysis of the content to design to SEO practices, everything is required to audit the website.

The key components of website auditing involve things like:

  • Content Audit

Content is the major part of every website. Thus, it is extremely important to make sure that the content is not just apt for the website, the product, but apt. Make sure that the content nicely explains the product or services that you are offering. Also, it is important that the content is readable and understandable.

  • SEO Audit

One of the important elements of a website audit is SEO auditing. Search Engine Optimization is required to help the website show up on the search engine ranking pages. Thus, one has to make sure that SEO optimization is proper. Every company prepares SEO optimization plans, to ensure that the best of SEO practices are implemented. But, it is always recommended to keep analyzing those plans. Also, it would be great for the site to keep upgrading the SEO practices.

  • Design Audit

Most of your visitors will only stick to your site for long or will explore if they will like the user experience. Thus, make sure that the design of your site is appealing. At the same time, the user experience that you are trying to offer is decent as well. As, otherwise, the competition is huge and the visitors won’t mind moving to another site if they don’t like the experience of your website.

A website is important for every business. Thus, it is important to run proper website audits to check and boost the performance.


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3 tips to make sure your Social Media Accounts are always buzzing

Social Media is used heavily by firms these days for various marketing activities. However, as the competition is rising, and almost all the companies are using social media platforms, therefore, you really have to be unique and smart in order to drive traffic. Otherwise, users will get plenty of options to switch. Listed below are a few of the top tips to make sure that your social media platforms are always buzzing:

  • Add a personal touch to every communication

One of the key elements of a successful social media marketing strategy is your communication. The way you communicate with your audience says a lot about your firm. In order to ensure that your communication stands out, it is recommended to add a personal touch. Every brand has some unique ideologies or USPs. Thus, if possible, include the unique properties in your communication. You may also choose to keep the style of communication similar across different platforms and campaigns.

  • Keep the audience engaged and active

Many brands just focus on posting about their features, offers, coupons etc. only on their social media accounts. It is important to post about your company and the offers as well, but at the same time, it is very important to keep the audience engaged as well. You might want to interact with the audience using quizzers or trivia as well. But, it is always recommended to think of some fresh ways of interacting with the audience. You might want to run competitions on the portals as well.

  • Graphics are important

Social Media is a very vibrant place. Also, all the portals are always buzzing with feeds. Thus, the importance of graphics can never be ignored. Therefore, pay special attention to the graphics that you use on your social media platforms. As graphics are the best way to catch the fancy of the audience. Also, make sure you use different types of graphics, like videos, GIFs etc. as well.

Social Media Marketing is on a rise, and it is only going to increase in the near future. Therefore, every company is trying to be as active as possible on various social media platforms. As, it helps them to not only increase their visibility, but it also helps the firms to get more traffic on their sites. Also, more social media engagement definitely increases the chance of lead conversion.

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3 tips to focus on employee experience and not just engagement

Employee engagement is indeed one of the most important aspects that companies are focusing on these days. After all, employees are the most important part of a company, and thus, they have to be kept satisfied and happy. However, we are living in an era where employees are expecting a lot more than mere employee engagement programs from the firms. They want the firm to consider ‘employee experience’. And, the human resource department has certainly realized that. Here are the top tips to focus on employee experience:

  • Keep a check on their journey

In order to make sure that employee experience is taken care of, the company has to keep an eye on the journey of the employee. Also, they have to keep intervening and checking that employees are happy and not facing any issues. This is done by continuously interacting with the employees. Also, personalized communications are a great way to make sure that the employees are doing well, and they are happy.

  • Do continuous surveys

One of the other fantastic ways to make sure that employees are offered a good experience is by constantly asking for feedback. The HR teams have to make sure that they keep organizing surveys to take important feedbacks from the employees. This information will surely help the firms to design their policies and plans in such a way that enrich the employee experience. Although, it is preferred to keep the surveys anonymous as then only mostly employees give honest feedback without any scare.

  • Focus on long term plans

Though employee engagement programs are important, companies should focus on devising long term employee experience strategies. Companies should aim to build programs that help the employees to grow and do better. At the same time, the plans should focus on the wellbeing of the employees as well. With this, not only the company would be able to offer a better experience to the employees, but indirectly, this will also help to boost the happiness and thus, the productivity of the employees as well.

Employee experience is important. Thus, make sure that you are designing strategies that are not merely engaging the workers for some hours. But, there should be concrete plans that should be aimed to enhance the complete experience of the employees while working in the firm. As we all know; ‘Happy employees are the best employees’.

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How you can make interviews less stressful for the candidates?

As an employer, you keep organizing interviews to close various vacancies. But, have you ever thought about how important it is to care for the candidates who appear for the interview? Interviews are quite stressful for the candidates, therefore, it is always better to make the complete process a lot friendlier, and this can be done by avoiding the situation where the candidates have to wait for long hours without purpose. Mostly, the recruiters never deliberately create a situation where the candidate has to wait for long, but at times, automatically, just because there are so many candidates or any other genuine situation, the candidates might be asked to wait. But, there are a few instances, where candidates are meant to wait for some invalid reasons as well, and this is where the recruiters have to work!

Here’s how you can make interviews less stressful for the candidates:

  • Lessen the wait time

More waiting time automatically stresses the candidates more. As, they are waiting for long, and a thousand types of thoughts are running through their mind. They also keep seeing the other candidates who are constantly coming out of the interview room, and then their level of nervousness automatically increases. Hence, it is better to manage the interviews in such a way that doesn’t allow the candidate to wait for too long.  Sometimes, if the candidate is asked to wait for long, without any genuine reason that this will surely create a negative image of the company. The candidate will think that the recruiters or rather the company does not value the candidates or even their future probable employees. It is surely pretty harmful to your company’s reputation. As a candidate might spread his or her disappointment or bad experience will others as well.

  • Indulge them in discussions

One of the best ways to destress the candidates is by asking them to indulge in some kind of conversations. Also, you may want to give them some magazines to read or show them your company videos while they are waiting. Some recruiters who are not that busy on that day might come and spend some time with the candidate as well. This will not only distress them, but this will also create a great impression about the culture of your company.

Interviews are nerve-wracking, but with various techniques, we can definitely make the whole process less stressful for the candidates.





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Goals for 2019: A focus on employee wellness and happiness

No matter how cliché this statement becomes; (employees are the assets of the company) the message that it conveys stays strong. So, if you also consider employees as the assets of your company, then you should definitely care about the wellbeing of your employees. At the same time, you should surely focus on how your employees are feeling in the office, how happy or satisfied they are. As, at the end of the day, your employees are the face of your company to the world.

Here’s why you should surely focus on the happiness and wellbeing of your employees:

  • Healthy and happy employees are more productive

With this statement that healthy employees are the more productive ones, we don’t want to sound like we only care about the company. But, to an extent, it is true that the company would like their employees to be more productive. Therefore, it is important to take care of the health and happiness of your employees. As, employees who like to do their work, and are happy working with your firm, will surely perform better. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that you are considering the happiness level of your employees as an important stat.

  • Healthy and happy employees become your indirect ambassadors

Every company knows how much money they need to spend in order to perform marketing actives. What better than someone marketing your brand for free? This is what your happy employees will do for you! They will intentionally or unintentionally heap praises on your firm in front of others or even on social media platforms. This will not only help you at the time of recruitment, but it can have considerably good benefits on your marketing strategies as well.

  • Employees’ happiness boosts retention rate

Satisfied employees will think twice before leaving your firm. One of the reasons is that they like working with you, so why they won’t want to continue. And, the second key reason is that if your employees are happy that means you are definitely doing something for them, and employees will find it difficult to expect the same kind of treatment from any other firm. Hence, they would not really like to move without any solid reason. So, eventually, this will lead to a high rate of retention.

Employees are an important part of your business. They are the ones who are working hard so that the company can grow. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every good employer to take good care of their employees. And, one of the key elements to consider while planning your ‘employee benefit’ strategies is focusing on the health and happiness of your employees.

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What to do when you don’t hear back after an interview?

Interviews are kind of a regular part of all of our lives, and the complete process is quite tiring. But, at the end of the day, the results are worth all the hard work and time invested. However, the outcome of an interview is not always on the positive side, which is also fine because we are kind of prepared for it. But, the worst situation is when the recruiter asks you to wait for the response. This is when you become anxious and confused. If you are also awaiting a reply from a recruiter, here are some tips to follow:

  • Don’t keep asking desperately

One of the things that you would definitely want to do while waiting for a reply after the interview is following up with the recruiter. To an extent it is fine, and it is kind of your right to know the answer, but if you keep asking again and again then you might look like a little desperate. So, it is better to give some time to the recruiter, however, if you have asked after a considerable amount of time, and if still you did not get any response, then forget it and move on.

  • Don’t let negative thoughts creep into your mind

When we don’t hear a yes from the recruiter, we mostly become upset, and this reaction is quite normal. However, in this situation, you are still not sure whether you have got the job or not. So, there are chances of hearing both yes and no. Thus, it is suggested to stay as positive as you can and avoid thinking negative about the interview result or anything in general.

  • Be prepared for anything

Now, this is very important. In this situation, you should be prepared for both yes or now. This means, that you should surely not stop considering other options that will come your way. It would be great if you hear a yes, but you might hear a no as well, so it is good to be ready for anything.

Interviews are a part and parcel of life. There is no doubt that interviews are important, but at the same time, you should not take the outcomes to seriously also. You should seek feedback, learn, improve and grow, but don’t be too disheartened if something doesn’t work out. Also, a recruitment process of a company tells a lot about the firm too. So, make sure you also assess them well while they assess you!




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Don’t judge the candidate so early

No matter how much we hear that judging is bad, but when it comes to the process of recruitment, not judging becomes a challenge. Though, ideally, recruiters and the hiring managers are trained to carefully asses the skills of the candidate. And, based on the outcome of the assessments, one has to take a final decision. But, sometimes, it becomes very difficult to get to a solution without judging. Now, ‘judging’ here doesn’t just have negative connotations to it. Judgments during the hiring process can sometimes turn out to be beneficial for the company or even for the candidate as well. But, here’s why you should take some time before making judgments:

  • Initial judgments can be wrong

One of the most prominent reasons for not passing judgments on candidates easily on is the fact that early judgments might lead to unfavorable results. No recruiter or hiring manager would like to hire the undeserving candidate or not hire the best candidate. Therefore, in order to make sure that you are only focusing on hiring the best candidate, you should think through. Take your time, don’t hurry up, and only come to a conclusion when you have carefully reviewed all the important points.

  • Initial Judgements can lead to bias

Well, it is absolutely right that no good recruiter would like to be biased during the interview process. In fact, every hiring expert tries to select the candidate only based on the true abilities of the candidate. But, sometimes, some points in your head might lead to unintentional prejudice during the recruitment process. Therefore, make sure you complete refrain yourself from holding any strong thoughts about a candidate.

  • Initial Judgements can lead to unpleasant behavior

Though, if you will ever judge the candidate very early in the recruitment process, it is certain that you will keep your views only to you. You won’t like to speak about your judgments to the candidate. But at times, if our views about someone are very strong, then unintentionally we may act a little different with the candidate. For example, if you have started disliking the candidate because of how he or she spoke to you, then automatically your attitude towards him or he won’t be good. However, as a recruiter, you have to avoid any instance of being rude to the candidate.

Recruitment is a tough job, therefore make sure you are always on the right track to hire only the best candidates for your firm.



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Career Gaps on Resume: Myths Busted

No matter for how many years you are working, any break between jobs or any career gap on the resume does seem a little scary. Even if your reason for the gap was justified, still when it comes to explaining it, you are always doubtful whether the recruiter would believe or not. Though, it is also true that the world of recruitment is transforming and the recruiters are becoming more flexible, smart and understanding. However, there are a few myths related to career gaps on a resume which are still prevailing. In this article, we are busting a few of them:

  • Career Gap signifies lack of continuity

Career Gap may signify a little break, but that break may not signify lack of continuity. This is valid for cases where a person has taken a break to refine their knowledge. When the break is taken to enroll in a certain course or to study something to gain more understand, then that career gap is not regarded as a break. Rather it should be referred as a period specifically taken to enhance the knowledge, and it should be considered positive.

  • Career Gap signifies carelessness or lack of interest

Earlier, a very few bunch of recruiters used to consider career gap as a sign of lack of interest in working. Also, some even related it to the carless attitude of the candidate towards jobs. However, that is not at all true. Career breaks can happen because of any legitimate reasons. Therefore, a recruiter should carefully listed to the candidate and understand the reason of gap without any preconceived notions.

  • Career Gap signifies lack of skills

Some people might consider career gaps as the lack of abilities. They may think that probably the candidate was finding it difficult to get a new job for a long period. This can be because the candidate’s capabilities were not par with the industry requirements. However, this is absolutely wrong. Judging a candidate based on the gap is not at all a great way to conduct a job interview. Instead, the focus should be more on assessing the skills of the candidate.

Career gaps may not look nice on a resume, but they can be justified, if the reasons are genuine. Therefore, if you have any gap on your resumes then don’t worry about it. Just make sure that you convey the reason of the gap appropriately to the recruiter.







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