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Are employers experiencing more or less pressure to find skilled talent in 2018?

The employers across the globe today are incurring talent shortage, especially after the recession. As per Economic Times, 42000 employers were surveyed globally and out of that 40% have reported difficulty in trying to fill roles in the job market. In the Indian economy, due to lack of talent 48% of Indian employers have a problem in filling up roles.

So why is the Indian Economy facing these problems? Where is the lack? Does the gap exist in the employer requirements and the skills that are available in the applicants?

As per CEO, Tech Mahindra- C P Gurnani, “94 percent of graduates are not fit for hiring.”

A research by AICTE further emphasizes this problem. About 60% of graduating engineers from technical institutions are left unemployed. The high unemployment rate in India will continue until this gap is not filled.

Though the education system, along with the Indian society, and the Indian Government need to take more definite measures and need to play a more proactive role to help the job demands be fulfilled by the youth.

Wider vision, along with security and safety of citizens and work ethics in industries, an education system that is more industry driven from the school days while allowing the students to be creative would help them to meet the requirements naturally.

However individual applicants can become more aware, proactive and take a few measures to bring themselves to the demands of the job requirements of the date.

  1. Learn advanced skills for job requirement
  2. Doing relevant projects that enhance your position as a competitive applicant


The practical experience goes a long way as it not only gives the job seeker a hands-on-experience but also exposure and a wider vision to what set of skills need to be added next. Doing internships, or working part-time with relevant industry will help the job seeker gain an insight into job requirements, work ethics, developing professional and positive relations. Also, last but not the least learning to teamwork are qualities that go a long way. An experienced applicant is always preferred to other applicants in the job market. Also, these days companies many times offer Pre Placement Offers (PPOs) along with internships which give a head-start to the resume or CV of the job seeker.

Getting Experienced by the Experienced

Attending Job fairs, participating in relevant competitions, learning new techniques, attending workshops and seminars hosted by professionals or government organizations, taking on short relevant certified programs are all means to add value to yourself as a job seeker. You not only gain the relevant experience, but also knowledge in your professional field of interest.

Learning about New Trends and adding those skills

With ever-evolving job market which is also getting computerized in most professional fields, it is essential to update yourself. There are techniques and technology that needs to be learned. If the courses are available to you then take them, else join professional groups online and seek knowledge. So say abreast with the trending technologies and help yourself to stay at the top of the demand list of companies.

The humungous gap between the skill of the job-seeker and the demand of the job requirement can be bridged by taking these proactive steps by the job seeker.

While we wait for the education system to update to the evolving market trends, we can ourselves take some steps to bridge these gaps.

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Hiring Your First Employee? Pointers one should keep in mind.

Your start-up is finally gathering steam and you are on cloud 9 because of it! After the ecstasy of this achievement wears off, you are left to take some important decisions on the future course of action. One of them is the act of hiring your first employee. As of right now, all the people involved in your start-up are close friends and/or family. So you share a certain dynamic and camaraderie with them. But the person you are going to hire now is a complete stranger and therefore you need to look out for the best interests of both the parties involved.

You are going to be ‘the boss’.

Let that sink in. Don’t be nervous.

You need not wrack your brains out and just follow the below mentioned guidelines. Keep these pointers in the subtext and hire the best person for the job!

  1. Cost

Deciding on the salary is a matter of keen observation of logistics, what the new entrant brings on board and some of those entrepreneurial chops that led you to this important milestone. If you just keep in account the salary offered and forget the myriad of other expenses, such as the cost of training, taxes, employee benefits and perks then you might be heading into choppy waters. Account for all of the above and make an informed decision. Ensure that economically you are getting more out of hiring the person than not hiring anyone. In short, make sure that it makes economic and accounting sense.

  1. Legal requirements

You need to be aware of your obligations as an employer and act in the purview of what you can and cannot do. Some things to think about include employment laws, employment contracts, tax obligations (as previously discussed), the implications of firing the employee, minimum hour and wage requirements, overtime stipulations and more.

  1. Finding applicants

One headache that you’re going to face is the obstacle of skimming through the large volume of applicants and zeroing in on the best hire among the given candidate pool. Design an application form that tests the potential hires on every spectrum you deem fit. This will eliminate out all the candidates that are not up to the mark. You may think that the hiring process is a cakewalk, but trust us, it is not! Hence you need to put your best foot forward to get the best candidate in return.

One common problem with prospective appliers is that majority of them won’t even put in the effort of reading about the job profile offered. Or they just might not have the aptitude for the job applied. A prime example is a case where around 1 lakh U. P. citizens applied for 10,000 odd jobs as Junior and Senior Engineers in the Railways. Although you might not be hiring on such a big scale, even after scaling down the numbers you can expect a deluge of candidates. Have a proper screening method on board for weeding out such candidates. You could field questions from the job application form itself and screen out the non-serious candidates. That will save a lot of your time.

  1. Interviewing

Don’t fall for the common mistakes that every employer makes and carefully assess the talent pool available to you to choose the most suitable person. Many new hires may be technically competent but fail to integrate themselves into the culture of your workplace. That accounts for the reason why the majority of new employees are fired or resign themselves. So keep a keen eye out for compatible styles in terms of communication, pace, constructive criticism and work-hour commitments in candidates’ responses.

Since your company is taking baby steps in the corporate jungle and hence may not have much of a workplace culture, the first few employees that you hire will determine the kind of workplace it will be. So choose wisely. You’re setting the tone for your business and want to make sure everything from the skill set to personality aligns with your goals.

  1. Training and Onboarding

Congratulations! You have finally hired the most suitable candidate. The hiring process doesn’t end here though. What comes next is the onboarding and training exercise. What your company needs out of its employee is unique to it. Such uniqueness requires hands-on training as well.  So, picture your new hire like a lump of clay. He or she is raw and has potential but still has to be shaped into the kind of employee you want.

Don’t miss any detail whole undergoing such exercise. When in doubt, over-train rather than under-train. The last thing you want is for your employee — who is costing you money — to be more of a nuisance than a help.

Take hiring seriously.

A bad hiring has repercussions for you as well as the new employee itself. A botch-up by you can have the negative effect on the future of your company as well as the future of the new entrant itself. Hence, don’t take the entire process for granted and devote ample time, money, resources and manpower to it.





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How to Keep Your Star Employee Motivated When You Can’t Offer a Raise or Promotion

The task of being a manager or an employer is not an easy one. There are times when you know the true worth of an employee and you want to generate further productivity yet you can’t offer him/her a raise or a promotion due to lack of the right resources. What do you do then? Just sitting back and feeling helpless is absolutely not an option, there are a number of ways to make up for it.  In this article, Career Marshal brings to you a few suggestions that you might want to consider if you’re a manager looking for ways to keep and motivate your star player without offering a promotion.

  1. The power of a one on one conversation

Words are powerful! Get your star employee to sit and have a serious talk with you, take your time out and show that you care. Try to make the employee understand that while you know how deserving the employee is, there are certain restrictions that bind you; try and get honest opinions from your employee to know where they stand emotionally about this “no raise/promotion” issue. Be the comforter and the encourager your favorite employee needs.

  1. Acknowledge that your employee is worthy

Let your employee know that he/she is truly an asset to your company – offer a monthly bonus and give special credits to this employee on projects. Also advisable is making your star employee choose the projects he/she wants to work on and deliver what has been asked for, another way to provide a special treatment would be the act of granting a scheduled and consistent work from home days or even paid vacations.

  1. Convey that there are opportunities for growth in the same position/ profile

Identify the talents in your star employee and discuss how these talents can be projected differently in a unique way, make innovative suggestions that will challenge the employee to perform better and get more work satisfaction. If this isn’t satisfactory enough, then shifting the employee to another position along the same rank is a great idea, a new job title would definitely be a welcome change.

  1. Remember that cash isn’t everything

For some employees, what works better than a cash bonus is the sweet gesture of giving gifts, taking your star employee for a lunch treat could be a great start. Gifting doesn’t have to be necessarily expensive; it could be a small but essential stationery item like a diary or a notebook. If you wish to take it a notch higher, then you can opt for designer pens that come in different price ranges. Also remember that it’s always the feelings and thoughts you put behind your gifts that makes gifting super special!



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4 Things Your HR Department Needs to Start Doing.

We’re all aware about the role and importance of the Human Resource Department for any company. Given that their main function is to provide a strategic management of employees and the office environment, is your HR department really fulfilling the requirement of the job? Join us in looking at the 4 things that your HR Department should start doing, if they haven’t done it already!

  1. Be well versed with technology

There was a time when every record of the company was on paper in files. Times have changed and the HR Department should be very adaptive to that change. It is advisable for the HR team to transform every detail about the company into a digital record; this includes details from the minute ones to the bigger ones. This will enable keeping a hassle free track on various aspects for example, the salary structure for each profile and the attendance & holidays taken by employees.

  1. Be approachable and inspire the employees

The HR Department is your apt destination when you have any problem in the office, so the HR team should always be considerate to hear the employees out and look for a solution to those problems. But also, the HR person should know where to draw the lines – things should not get personal to the extent of physically trying to help in solving the personal problems of the staff. The HR Team must make sure that the problems they are dealing with are strictly in relation to office matters, the employees should be able to trust the HR Team with immense faith.

The HR Department should also be exemplary in their transparency and punctuality to report for work. This department should be one that every other employee looks up to, be it pertaining to work habits or code of conduct.

  1. Promote and encourage team spirit

In an office environment, there are always different teams across various departments. A lot of times when you are not in the same team with a colleague in the office, you hardly even talk or greet each other. This should not be the case, the HR Department should promote the culture of greeting one another, even across different departments – a mandatory “good morning” would be a nice way to start. The HR Department should also hold group meetings with all the employees, conduct a poll and find out the common interests that the employees share. This interest could be towards donation or an outing, the HR Team can act on the results of the poll and organize something that everyone can be a part of – this will promote a sense of unity among the employees.

  1. Pay close attention to cleanliness

The importance of a clean office is essential for a better working environment. The HR Department should always prioritize a consistency in cleanliness of the entire office – a cleaner environment will result in fresher minds that will in turn generate more productivity.


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5 Strategic measures through which HR can reduce costs.

Human Resource is considered as one of the most eminent part of a company that helps the business reach its goal. Regularly, investments in HR tech are increasing just because companies have started trusting the investments, and they are sure of the ROI. And, indeed, investment in latest HR tools which enhance the quality of HR operations can reap huge benefits. But, at the same time, every company intends to balance out the expenditure as well. They have to make sure that the excitement of enjoying more advanced HR tech should not lead to out-of-the-budget spending.

In order to make sure that you integrate world-class HR technology and resources, without hampering the set budget standards, here are some tips to follow:

  • Relook at the employee engagement plans

In this era, where companies are focused on improving employee experiences, it is important to uplift the quality of employee engagement plans. Therefore, it is a great idea to look around for better, and yet lesser expensive engagement plans which are curated to offer a fantastic experience to the employees. With everything going digital now, you will certainly find out latest digitalized employee engagement plans which are more impactful and economical.

  • Bring in some innovation

Innovation is considered as the best way to transform the operations of any sector. In the HR domain also, you may want to bring in some transformative measures that can help to reduce the costs heavily. For example, you should focus on using the power of social media more often. Social Media platforms will not only allow you to spread across your job vacancies to a wide array of audience, but at the same time, you would be able to boost your visibility. This means, that the candidates will be interested in your social pages in the anticipation of getting more vacancy news.

  • Uplift your referral scheme

The good old employee referral programs should be upgraded with some exciting incentives in order to motivate the existing employees to refer more people. It is a fantastic way to not only reduce costs but it also extends the reach and lessens the time to hire. By involving rewards you have a greater chance of encouraging employees to become your indirect ambassadors.

  • Adopt cutting-edge HR technology

One of the best ways to increase the productivity, and speed up the HR functions is by introducing HR technology. The new HR tools save the employees from managing various mundane activities that generally disrupt the productivity. With the help of new tools, the speed of operations will increase, also, the same resources can be utilized somewhere else, where human intervention is required. Plus, tech tools are capable of performing tasks more quickly and efficiently. For example, many companies have already adopted resume scanning tools which not only save time, but make the whole process a lot speedier.

  • Predictive Analytics

Workforce planning is a great way to alert the leaders about the workers who might be at risk of leaving the firm. This is a proven way to lessen the cost associated with turnover. At the same time, it can even streamline the recruitment method by lessening the per-hire time and cost.

Human resource investment is certainly a must, and very important for all the companies, but at the same time, the costs have to be controlled to maintain the budgetary requirements. One of the best ways to do so is by regularly upgrading the HR processes.

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Rejection is a daunting feeling, but have you ever thought how does it feel to reject someone? Granted, that one gets used to it over time, but it is an awkward situation to find yourself in. The number of candidates you reject is going to outnumber the amount you eventually hire. So, it is imperative to do it right.

What you need to ensure while showing someone the exit door during the hiring process is that there is the least possible amount of bad blood, otherwise it reflects on your company and its culture. A bad reputation in this department can seriously jeopardize the prospects of your company. No one wants to work at a place with such infamous hiring process.

More than four-fifth of candidates surveyed said that they won’t ply their trade for companies with such a stringent revolving door policy. Hence, you need to take special care of such department. We, at Career Marshal – one of the best job sites in India, list some ways to carefully reject a candidate:

  1. Don’t keep them waiting.

Hiring managers are known to keep the unsuccessful candidates in the unknown until the end of hiring process. Some even cross that line and don’t notify the unsuccessful candidates until the new hire has started working. This is just mean. Refrain from doing this.

You don’t know what the candidate is sacrificing to remain in fray. They might be delaying applying for other jobs or even turning some of them down just to get the position at your company. Once you are sure of whom to keep and whom to turn down, let the respective candidates know. Don’t antagonize them by making them wait endlessly. Respect other people’s time and they are more likely to respect yours.

  1. Don’t avoid their calls

If you’ve conversed on the phone with the candidate and you have some time, call them to let them know that they are not the right fit for the job. Emails give off a cold and impersonal vibe. Make some time out of your packed schedule and call them.Start by appreciating the time and effort they put in their application (even if they didn’t). Tell them that you appreciate their interest. Also send an email for record-keeping purposes.

  1. Make it short

Don’t exceed a sentence or a paragraph to succinctly appreciate their skills and the reason why they didn’t land the job. This will give them ideas on how to improve themselves for other companies. “Although your resume seems quite impressive but we are looking for someone with an in-depth knowledge of coding”. You want to include a few positive points to not make them lose hope. You want to be firm and fair at the same time.

  1. Humanize it a bit.

If you don’t even care enough to mention their name in the phone call, then there’s no point in making the call. Mention things that you talked about in the interview. You are basically crushing their hopes of working at your company, least you can do is be a bit kind and treat them with respect. Remember, the tables can turn in a few years time and they might end up doing something great (think Jack Ma, who was rejected during many interviews), no matter how unlikely. You don’t want to be the cruel corporates company that rejected ‘Future Jack Ma’am very cruelly.

  1. Be honest

No matter how bad you feel about not giving job to the candidate, do not, I repeat, DO NOT MAKE FALSE PROMISES. If you see them working for you at some point of time in the future, connect with them in the right way. Save their details in your database and connect with them on LinkedIn. End your email or call of rejection with an offer to stay in contact about upcoming roles.

However, if they don’t fit the above criteria either, don’t offer false hopes. Wish them luck for the future and end the conversation. Candidates appreciate such honesty.

  1. Take feedback

Now is the time to collect some unbiased opinion on your hiring process. It is the best way to evaluate and improve the whole thing. Hiring is give and take of brutally honest opinions. Now that you’ve given yours, it is time to take it.

Asking the rejected candidates for their feedback shows that you value their opinions and would build up on what they have to say. Don’t limit your pool to just the content, successful ones. Survey all of the candidates. This will help you to continuously improve your hiring process and keep it’s standard sky-high. Because hiring involves humans and you should take utmost care to keep it real.








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Simply running an AdWords campaigns is not enough!

AdWords market has reached a new height in the recent times, and almost all the firms who want to establish a digital footprint are succumbing to the power of AdWords. As technology keeps becoming more and more popular, its usage is going to increase as well, which will eventually lead to more and more competition in the market for the companies. As, most of your competitors would also be using AdWords, hence, it is important to curate unique, intuitive, engaging, and powerful AdWords campaigns to surpass the competition. It is believed that integrated, omni-channel digital campaigns are the new-age’s necessity. Hence, firms have to start implementing omni-channel digital marketing strategies in order to etch an impact on the memory of the target audience.

It is extremely important for the businesses to infuse their uniqueness in every communications channel which they make use of, be steady with pricing guidelines and offers to dodge any misperceptions for the potential leads. Companies are now interested in offering an Omni-channel experience to the customers by integrating the offline with the online.

It is believed that topnotch omni-channel experience establishes a connection with the customer. Through omni-channel AdWords campaigns, brands can deliver a unified and steady experience across different mediums, while factoring in a variety of devices that the target group is using to communicate with the company.

It is very important for the firms to optimize the AdWords, and other campaigns for supreme return from both online as well as the offline conversions. The experts will have to make use of the performance data in order to refine the online investments so that the company can maximize total conversions universally, and not only the online conversions.

The marketing experts have to manage AdWords to best reach the target audience. They have to make it smoother for the customers to visit, take information or transact at one of the company’s locations. And, the best way to reach the target faster is by adopting the omni-channel campaigns planning strategy.

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