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How to deal with becoming the Boss to your friend

You have been friends since college. You joined the same organization. But fate has it that you end up becoming the boss to your friend. You have a sense of jubilation for being promoted at work but you also feel uneasy at giving orders to your friend. That really is a tricky situation to find yourself in.

It is a known fact that we all need friends at work. From taking advice on some project, celebrating a major breakthrough, to just venting out how sinfully ignorant, demanding, unreasonable and stupid the boss is. Friends really do matter.

And there is research to backup such claims. Research indicated that people who have best friends at work are more engaged and that their organizations show higher profitability and customer loyalty than those in which close friendships between colleagues are less common. Hence it won’t be wrong to say that friends are important in both personal and professional life.

But you being the boss now has drastically changed the equations. Now you’re the boss your friends are gossiping about with their colleagues. Other colleagues are worried about favouritism and your friends expect some slack all of the time. Your friends might not take you seriously at all jeopardizing your hold on your subordinates.

First-time managers feel the brunt of shifting workplace dynamics more than their experienced and higher-up counterparts. The latter have bigger fish to fry.

We, at Careermarshal – one of the best job sites in India try to illuminate the path for rookie managers.


Be clear.

You need to set your priorities very straight from the word go. You can be friends with your subordinates but with conditions attached. Your work relationship with them has changed. Set clear expectations and boundaries. Talk to your friends about your new role. Explain to them that you are now accountable to the organization and their other coworkers. Hence the time you spend with them at the workplace has to change.

 Be fair.

You need to keep your personal biases at bay when it comes to bonuses, raises, promotions, support, and resources. Only shower your friends with such accolades if they deserve them and their contribution is well documented. Otherwise, the other workers will resort to gossiping, politics and whatnots and lose trust in your managerial skills.

Be aware.

Ask your own boss or mentor on what they feel of the time, preference and resources you allocate to your friends and act on the feedback. It is important to monitor the kind of signals you’re generating through your interactions.

Be prepared.

Sometimes such changes sound the death knell of friendship as you know it. Talk to your friend about it and respect their decision. Be cordial to them and let the relationship take its own course.



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Tips to Grow Your Employee Engagement!!

You’ve managed to assemble a very efficient and promising workforce full of competitive and mostly hard-working employees. A job done to perfection, right? Well almost, we say. A big task after successful recruitment includes methods you undertake to ensure employee retention. One of the first is employee engagement. Strangely, many organizations do not sufficiently invest their time and money into such activities. With an increasingly competitive market for skilled workers, companies need to pull up their socks and think about more such strategies.

Level of strategies and policies that might work depend upon how dedicated an employee is towards their organization. Engaged employees are those who are completely dedicated to the cause of the company and take responsibility of their work. They also are quite loyal to a company. They tend to stay at a company for long and usually become the leaders at the company.

Not engaged employees are those who are content with their job but only do what their job profile dictates. They don’t go above their station to effect changes in work ethic, structure or quality. They are not much concerned about the mission, goals, and values of the company. But armed with the right approach you can convert them to engaged employee.

Disengaged employees are the bad eggs of the company rooster. Not only are they not satisfied with their own job but they also try to propagate this negativity to anyone else in the company who cares to listen. They are not happy with the work and office culture. And they are stubborn in their ways as it is very difficult to convert a disengaged employee into an engaged one.

This calls for a growing need to engage your employees at a high level to ensure more productivity and better results. Here is how HR managers can improve their employee engagement:

  1. Give them proper resources to do their job

A company’s infrastructure plays a huge role in job satisfaction. You need to provide them with cutting-edge tech and tools to help them effectively carry out their job. Develop processes that are faster and easier so that employees can save both their time and yours. Do away with unnecessary and repeated paperwork because, honestly it is not doing good to anyone. All this can boost morale and end up increasing the productivity factor of your workforce.

  1. Provide tools through which they can continuously grow

A company with a work culture that offers growth in every sphere is an attractive bet to most employees. They want to work in an organization where they can see a rising graph in their career. Training that provides skills to the employees are highly sought after by employees. Organize training session on skills that are sought after – Data Analysis, SEO, Deep Learning, Marketing and such. Companies can tie-up with MOOCS like Coursera, Udemy, and edX to help foster transfer of employable skills to employees. All this will make them feel a sense of belonging to the company and they’ll develop a sense of loyalty as well.

  1. Recognition

Another way to ensure employee retention is by appreciating employees for good work. Try introducing a reward system in form of gift coupons and monetary benefits. Appreciate employees monthly who are doing a good job. This brings in a sense of competitiveness among employees that can drive growth as well.

  1. Open Communication should be encouraged

To connect better with the psyche and pulse of your employees, better communication should be sought. Surveys, team meetings and using suggestion boxes are some traditional yet effective ways to encourage open dialogue and airing of grievances which can be solved in a more nuanced way.  Encourage employees – old as well as new to put forth their ideas to take the company forward in a positive direction using new techniques and strategies. More communication can also foster a closer bond among colleagues.

  1. Disclose what’s going on

Make your employees feel a part of the whole process and enlighten them on what’s going on. Keep them on the know-how of the numbers on the company. Share every significant news – whether good or bad with your employees to make them aware that they are a part of the journey.

  1. Promote Company Culture

Every company has a set of customs that form a wide part of what constitutes their culture. Inculcate in your employees the goals, mission, and values which forms the crux of what is expected of them. Encourage them to fit into the system by listing down the benefits.

  1. Be engaging

Nothing works better than human interaction to make a job look easier than it is. Instead of drowning the newbies at work under paperwork, assign a senior who can help them in the day-to-day functions of their jobs. This can result in a spike in the productivity level of your company and happiness level of your employees.

  1. Regular feedback

Make it a part of your office culture to give feedback to employees every month instead of a year. In this way you can keep track of who is performing well and who is in need of some help. The employees too will feel encouraged to improve their performance and stand out.Timely review of their performance helps them in updating their skills and performing as per the company’s expectations. Feedback can be both formal and informal as well.

  1. Give them time to De stress

Making them work for long hours under constant pressure and deadlines is a sure shot way to build resentment towards work and you among employees. It is your responsibility to not let them stress so much that they buckle under pressure. Organize fun activities which are both fun to play and useful to learn. Take them out for outings or organize parties as an annual reward.

  1. Work-life balance is the key

Offer flexibility in terms of working hours ― if possible, do away with the traditional 9 to 5 timeline and instead encourage them to clock same number of hours at their own convenience at home. This could lead to higher productivity and contentment among the employees.

You can’t increase employee engagement overnight. It can be done by employing above measures or something else that you came up within a definite period of time. You can easily promote a happy work culture by using some of the above-mentioned strategies. After all, employee engagement is the first step towards building a happy workforce.


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How to handle a boss who treat you like their personal assistant?

Do you have a boss who treats you below your assigned position? Does he/she unloads all their personal errands upon you which were not even mentioned in your job description? Do they treat you like their personal chauffeur? Statistically, women are more likely to be treated like that at their workplace. But you can’t openly chide your superior, can you? Oh, what a perfect world would that be!

We bring you some tips that you can employ to subtly discourage your boss from meting out such treatment to you.

Option 1: Don’t make yourself available all the time

If your boss summons you to his/her office all the time for mostly trivial tasks like – Getting files copied, how to book a cab (if they are technically challenged), booking a restaurant for meetings or the very cliché and equally dreaded – getting them a cup of coffee,  try not to be on their Beck and call all the time. Try this :

For example, the boss asks you to fetch some beverage, usually coffee, retort back with a “ I would love to but can I do it after this super important and urgent briefing from the client?” The boss will be forced to make a tough choice between making you do some trivial errand or making you do something which is actually a part of your job description. If your boss is rational, they will certainly choose the latter. If they find you not there once or twice, they’ll certainly find some alternative.

Option 2: A no might be the way

If they message you with some boring and inconsequential job, try a “Sorry, a bit tied up right now”. Although you risk their wrath, but it’s worth a shot. In the best case scenario, they’ll understand your dilemma and not think that you’re available all the time at their whim. In the worst case, you might be reprimanded. But for what? Placing more importance to tasks at hand that are actually of some consequence and not bringing refreshments for your boss. It still could be risky and requires diplomacy at your part.

Option 3: Bring in some middleman

Next time your boss asks you to get something copied, you should, in turn ask the office peon to do the task. It is their job anyway. Your boss might realize that too.

Option 4: Have a heart-to-heart chat with your superior

Explain to them in a polite and restrained tone how you lose precious work hours which could have been spent doing something productive doing something that you were not employed for in the first place. If they are a considerate person, they’ll surely understand. As a bonus, you might end up forming a bond with your boss. That surely can’t hurt.



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Nurture a fruitful bond with your boss!

While working in a corporate set up, one of the major challenges that we face is managing the relationship with our bosses. Sometimes, the bosses are very open, and high on leadership skills, and hence, it is quite easy to maintain a good bond with them. We just have to do our work nicely and perform well, and the boss stays happy. But that is certainly not the scene in all the cases. Sometimes, you may have work under bosses who are a little demanding or not easy to deal with. What can you do in that case? Well, in this case also, you have to try your level best to maintain a good bond with your boss, and the reasons are many:

  • Your boss will be less ‘bossy’

If you do share a nice friendly bond with your boss then he ought to be less bossy and demanding at least with you.  The bond will act as a shield to protect you from the bossiness. In fact, a good relationship with the boss ensures that you share good conversation with him, and therefore the relationship will certainly ease out a bit.

  • He will give you more freedom

Every employee needs certain amount of freedom to try out new things. However, the tough part is to convince your boss to let you do certain things that are a little out of the box. However, if he trusts you enough and he understands your motive behind implementing new strategies then he will certainly allow you to try out something fresh and new!

  • A good bond means more learning

A good relationship with the boss means that you will be working more closely with him. Therefore, you will have more scope to understand and learn new things. In fact, he might even involve you in some things that are not in your kitty, but can turn out to be beneficial for you in the long run.

  • It will help you to move up the ladder

One of the most obvious outcomes of maintaining a good bond with the boss is the fact that you will get that the necessary attention during the promotions and appraisal time. Sometimes, people who actually deserve a promotion or a hike do not get it because of their sour relation with the boss. Therefore, make sure that you cherish a good bond with him, so that you can get your share of promotions and appraisals easily.


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