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Goals for 2019: A focus on employee wellness and happiness

No matter how cliché this statement becomes; (employees are the assets of the company) the message that it conveys stays strong. So, if you also consider employees as the assets of your company, then you should definitely care about the wellbeing of your employees. At the same time, you should surely focus on how your employees are feeling in the office, how happy or satisfied they are. As, at the end of the day, your employees are the face of your company to the world.

Here’s why you should surely focus on the happiness and wellbeing of your employees:

  • Healthy and happy employees are more productive

With this statement that healthy employees are the more productive ones, we don’t want to sound like we only care about the company. But, to an extent, it is true that the company would like their employees to be more productive. Therefore, it is important to take care of the health and happiness of your employees. As, employees who like to do their work, and are happy working with your firm, will surely perform better. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that you are considering the happiness level of your employees as an important stat.

  • Healthy and happy employees become your indirect ambassadors

Every company knows how much money they need to spend in order to perform marketing actives. What better than someone marketing your brand for free? This is what your happy employees will do for you! They will intentionally or unintentionally heap praises on your firm in front of others or even on social media platforms. This will not only help you at the time of recruitment, but it can have considerably good benefits on your marketing strategies as well.

  • Employees’ happiness boosts retention rate

Satisfied employees will think twice before leaving your firm. One of the reasons is that they like working with you, so why they won’t want to continue. And, the second key reason is that if your employees are happy that means you are definitely doing something for them, and employees will find it difficult to expect the same kind of treatment from any other firm. Hence, they would not really like to move without any solid reason. So, eventually, this will lead to a high rate of retention.

Employees are an important part of your business. They are the ones who are working hard so that the company can grow. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every good employer to take good care of their employees. And, one of the key elements to consider while planning your ‘employee benefit’ strategies is focusing on the health and happiness of your employees.

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4 Things Your HR Department Needs to Start Doing.

We’re all aware about the role and importance of the Human Resource Department for any company. Given that their main function is to provide a strategic management of employees and the office environment, is your HR department really fulfilling the requirement of the job? Join us in looking at the 4 things that your HR Department should start doing, if they haven’t done it already!

  1. Be well versed with technology

There was a time when every record of the company was on paper in files. Times have changed and the HR Department should be very adaptive to that change. It is advisable for the HR team to transform every detail about the company into a digital record; this includes details from the minute ones to the bigger ones. This will enable keeping a hassle free track on various aspects for example, the salary structure for each profile and the attendance & holidays taken by employees.

  1. Be approachable and inspire the employees

The HR Department is your apt destination when you have any problem in the office, so the HR team should always be considerate to hear the employees out and look for a solution to those problems. But also, the HR person should know where to draw the lines – things should not get personal to the extent of physically trying to help in solving the personal problems of the staff. The HR Team must make sure that the problems they are dealing with are strictly in relation to office matters, the employees should be able to trust the HR Team with immense faith.

The HR Department should also be exemplary in their transparency and punctuality to report for work. This department should be one that every other employee looks up to, be it pertaining to work habits or code of conduct.

  1. Promote and encourage team spirit

In an office environment, there are always different teams across various departments. A lot of times when you are not in the same team with a colleague in the office, you hardly even talk or greet each other. This should not be the case, the HR Department should promote the culture of greeting one another, even across different departments – a mandatory “good morning” would be a nice way to start. The HR Department should also hold group meetings with all the employees, conduct a poll and find out the common interests that the employees share. This interest could be towards donation or an outing, the HR Team can act on the results of the poll and organize something that everyone can be a part of – this will promote a sense of unity among the employees.

  1. Pay close attention to cleanliness

The importance of a clean office is essential for a better working environment. The HR Department should always prioritize a consistency in cleanliness of the entire office – a cleaner environment will result in fresher minds that will in turn generate more productivity.


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7 Ways to Foster a Positive Work Environment!!

The Work environment is highly crucial to the proceedings at a company. They can make or break your company’s credential. Hence, fostering the right work environment is pretty high on the to-do list of all companies. You don’t want too rigid and authoritative style of management at the workplace as it gives rise to negativity and stifling of creativity which are the essential pillars for the growth of an organization. And you neither want too much laid back and unprofessional attitude among the workers towards company policies as that can lead to chaos and total breakdown of leadership.Hence, what you should aspire for is the ‘middle’ line. Not too much leniency and neither too much strictness.

Here are some tips to get that balance right.

  1. Everyone is inherently flawed – in one way or another.

When undertaking responsibilities of varied form, even the best of us are prone to one mistake or the other. Have the oversight to accept these overheads as part of the job or risk feeling frustrated all the time. Even when they’re trying their best, the output may or may not be to your liking. Allow your employees to have a stable work/life balance otherwise they might start feeling frustrated at their work and may not even try their best to do a task. If you implement such measures, you’ll notice that you would have won their respect and admiration. Such mutual respect is a very powerful motivator to best carry out a job.

  1. Reward and appreciate achievements

People would be more likely to work hard and achieve their goals if they are appreciated for the hard work they put in. They might feel ignored if you don’t acknowledge their work. By doing it publicly, you’ll foster positive competition as all your employees would want to be applauded in front of the whole office. This will put in motion a fruitful cycle that benefits one and all. If possible, include perks like ― a few extra days off, a bonus ― to those who do commendable work. This is an example of positive reinforcement that has been proven to make a general workforce more productive and happy.

  1. Give them some breathing space

You don’t want to micromanage stuff. This makes your employees feel not trusted. They also think that they are not wise enough to do their work without proper ‘guidance’. Give them a bit of freedom to decide on some issues. This has a two pronged benefit – it saves your time and it enables them to be more creative. In this way, they’ll eventually become more efficient, self-reliant and tend to work hard and smart.

  1. Inculcating fear is not the best of ideas

If you think fear is a powerful motivator, you might be taking a few dialogues from Hollywood movies a bit out of context. Joker was not talking about the workplace when he uttered his disturbing musings on the ability of fear. An environment of fear will do no good to the prospects of your company. Mistakes are a learning curve and risk-taking shouldn’t be totally abhorrent. The ability to try and fail without fear will undoubtedly result in some surprising and innovative successes.

  1. Guide them whenever necessary

Since you’re not micromanaging, you’ve ample time on your hands which can be utilized in mentoring your employees. Devise new ideas and coach your employees to turn them into reality. Make yourself available for giving advice without stifling them and make a confident team out of your workplace.

  1. Train them

For skill improvement at an individual level, training in necessary skills is the best foot forward. Invest more towards it. Your workplace success hinges on this as well. Be ready with hands on training material as and when required.

  1. Have weekly rendezvous with employees

Still not sure if your workers see happy with things as the way they are? Just ask them! Review their opinions and incorporate them if necessary. Having an outlet at work where they can put up their grievances is the best way to make a more amiable and happy work environment. This will make them feel more valued. Ensure them that their grievances will be taken in to account and acted upon. All of this is a key to a happy work environment.



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Employee Wellness Initiatives

Employee wellness initiatives are much more than only health insurance policies or some health insurance schemes that can help employees at the time of need. Employee Wellness is a broader term and it encapsulated everything that relates to the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of an employee at workplace.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while formulating your employee wellness initiates:

  1. Mental Wellness should not be ignored

Mental wellbeing of a person is very important to perform well in life. In this era, when there’s so much of stress in the environment, employee wellness initiatives should be strategized to help the employees curb stress as well. As a deteriorated mental wellbeing leads to low spirit, and hence, lessens the productivity and interest of the employee as well.

  1. Create an environment of wellbeing

Create a motivating culture in the company, a culture that promotes overall wellbeing, and not just physical wellbeing. An encouraging environment and initiatives will surely inspire the employees to make necessary lifestyle changes; for their betterment!

  1. Adopt cutting-edge employee wellness technology

Now a days, there are tons of software and apps in the market that help an employer to manage their employee wellness programs. However, up-to-the-minute technology serves a larger prospective, than just helping the employee apply for a reimbursement. There are a few apps that motivate the employees to take necessary steps in order to improve their wellness quotient.

  1. Engage the employees

Engaged employees are happy employees! Employee wellness programs should be designed in such a way that they engage the employee also. They should have that interest factor that will inspire the employees to adopt them. A free and positive environment, like here in Career Marshal, always encourages the employees to work happily, and we all know that happy employees always perform better!

  1. Keep a track on the performance

Adopting an efficient employee wellness technology is not enough. Employers should regularly screen the performance, to keep updated about the status of the programs. And, the best way to do so is by taking feedback from the end users- The Employees!

Employee wellness initiatives not only help the employee, but indirectly help the employers as well. In this era, a plenty of companies are adopting cutting-edge employee wellness programs to not only let the employees know that the company cares about them, but also, to enhance the productivity of the employees!

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