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What to do if an employee is confused between leaving the firm or staying a little longer?

Human Resource team of various companies comes across this situation where employees leave the company for various reasons. No HR really likes to see their employees leaving, but it is definitely a generic process that happens in every firm. However, this situation only becomes difficult if the employee who wants to leave is actually ‘wanted’ in the company. As in, the company or the HR doesn’t want the employee to leave as they consider him or her as an asset! This is the situation where the HR executives really have to put up their best show. This is not the only difficult situation; in fact, the HR team face such kind of situations every now and then. And, one of the other tough situations is where even the employee is confused between leaving and staying in the company. If you come across any such situation then, this is what you would be doing to guide the employee to the right path:

  • How badly do you want to retain this employee?

Firstly, you would have to figure out from the respective team, how badly they want this employee to stay. Sometimes, employees can face the dilemma of whether they should continue with their firm or whether they should hop on the new opportunity. This is where the role of the managers and the human resource experts come into play. They have to first figure out whether it is worthy to find out ways to retain the employee or not. As, if the employee is even thinking about staying in the firm, this means that half the battle is already won.

  • Open and transparent discussions

There is simply nothing better than understanding the mindset of the employee by sitting and discussing. The employee may come up with challenges that are easily solvable. Thus, the conversations may pave way for a better employee and company relationship. Therefore, whenever you sense that your employee is facing a dilemma, straightaway plan a conversational session with him or her.

  • Solve the problems

If the employee is thinking of leaving the firm, then he or she must be facing some issue or he or she mustn’t be happy with at least something. This is where you have to figure out the actual problem. Once, you know what the issue is, it will be easy to offer a possible solution to the problem.

Though leaving a company and joining another is a normal process, but at times, employees are confused as to what they are doing is actually right or not. This situation may even arise when the employee is serving notice. Therefore, it is always advised to handle such situations with the utmost care.



RinkyWhat to do if an employee is confused between leaving the firm or staying a little longer?
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Ways to Attract the Best Talent to Your Startup.

One of the key ingredients for a start-up to become successful is a passionate, dedicated and skilled workforce in which everyone is willing to contribute their 100%. But most start-ups are not really very famous or established enough that they can attract the best in business on just there name. Hence the dilemma that most start-ups face is attracting the right kind of crowd for hiring. Well, that’s where Careermarshal swoops in. We, at Careermarshal have curated a list of suggestions on how to attract the best when you are a start-up only.

With the new wave of AI coming through, attracting and retaining a talented workforce becomes imperative. To hire the best, some companies offer huge packages while others have a fun and relaxed work environment up their arsenal. Candidates with skill and potential for growth are the basic requirements of every company. Given below are some tips to get the best in business.


  1. Modern Work Environment is a must

Companies which offer a relaxed and fun work environment combined with challenging work for entry-level jobs are the cynosure of all eyes. You have heard of them as being described as ‘the place to be’. Employers have to be highly flexible when hiring freshers. A new hire brings along with them fresh perspective, high energy and a zeal to prove themselves.

A workplace that is more accepting of new ideas necessitates a quick flow of information. By collaboration with others, newcomers are able to effectively percolate ideas throughout the organization and into the right ears. All of this creates a sense of acceptance in the newcomers’ mind owing to which they area able to work more freely.


  1. Take the time to cultivate relationships

For an employee to feel a sense of belonging and loyalty to the cause of a company, he/she should be treated with respect and instead of simply being delegated work they should be made to feel like they are being given an opportunity that they should do. Care should be taken to give them a patient set of ear during difficult time, to celebrate with them in happier times and do thoughtful things for them. This also works as the best employee retention strategy. When salary and perks offered are largely the same, cultivating a personal relationships with employees is the greatest differentiator. Trust and creativity are upheld. The whole company benefits from such cathartic relationships and innovation is promoted.


  1. Don’t let Feedback be just one way

Giving constructive feedback is the best way to improve the performance of a new employee. They immediately benefit from such interactions. But the real key to getting and retaining the top talent is to give them space to offer a feedback to the company as well. This makes them feel that their opinion is heard and is very valuable. This also is a good way to improve your start-up as the best advice can be given by someone from the inside. To consistently up your game as a start-up, encourage your employees to give feedback every month or quarter. In this way a benchmark is set for both employees and the company which they both are motivated to top.


  1. Offer Benefits & Rewards

A strict management system coupled with poor and lethargic working environment can wreak havoc on the employees’ lives. An incentive based system where the high-achievers are rewarded is the best way forward for any start-up worth its salt.

A flexible work schedule is a must have for sure. In an ideal world, a flexible workplace, an employee need not waste their paid leaves for petty reasons. Offer monetary and in-kind incentives like free meals etc.  Entertainment options, free gifts, health and wellness programs including mental health care are some ways employee feel welcomed. Time offs, vacations, childcare leave, parental leave and also services and tuition reimbursements are instrumental to access and retain the best workforces which will eventually earn it all back for you in the long run.


  1. Offer ample scope for advancement in career

To get the benefit of a highly engaged and high-performance workforce, you have to do many manoeuvres and whatnots. Introduce and sustain training and educational programs for your employees to develop their human resources capital. Keep a survey to choose the courses according to what the employees want. If the employee sees a future with your company, they’ll automatically be retained. Make sure they do.





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Four Benefits of Conducting Exit Interviews.

Exit interviews are taken of those employees who are facing the axe or have decided to hang their boots. Since they are of virtually no significance to the departing employee, they are often not taken very seriously by anyone. Granted that hearing disgruntled ex-employees is not high on anyone’s priority list, there is more to it than meets the eye. They can turn out to be valuable to the business if done right. You can use this opportunity to analyse your company through the perspective of an unbiased (if anything they might be negatively biased against you) former colleague. You can get a fair amount of idea about how individuals interact which can hold you in good stead in terms of employee management.

You can either deduce that your company is growing by leaps and bounds and is headed in a favourable direction, which, who are we kidding! Never really happens. What actually happens is you find some problem your company is facing. You can marshal your resources to effectively put an end to the problem.  Being disgruntled really brings out very honest opinions to the surface. It takes time and effort to properly execute an exit interview but you stand to gain a unique perspective of your company from them.

Here are four benefits of exit interviews:

  1. Cost Effective

Holding up surveys, research and advertising end up costing a bomb but exit interviews really hold up a mirror to how your company is faring and are comparatively dirt cheap. “Go interrogate those fired employees!”, says our mentors at  Careermarshal.

  1. More Accurate Point of Views

No matter how many survey forms you ask your employees to fill up on company morale and engagement; it can’t get any more accurate than this. Many employees don’t say the truth due to fear of the backlash in those surveys. But the tables turn during exit interviews and with nothing to lose truth is spoken by those very same employees.

  1. Uncover Real Work

Just because you are not getting any complaints from your employees doesn’t mean that everything is hunky-dory. Scratch the surface and you are able to get honest feedback on the working environment during exit interviews.

  1. Increase Retention

Now that you have compiled a list of most recurring problems in your company according to ex-employees, it is time to weed them out one by one. After working towards achieving that goal, you’ll most certainly have increased employee retention and satisfaction index at your organization.

Exit interviews are vital for an accurate assessment of employee views. This information can be used in many ways to improve your company.




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Increase productivity and retention rate by making your workplace a happy place!

For every organization productivity of the employees is important. Every firm wants their employees to work dedicatedly for the company in order to enhance the revenue. Though, there are a plenty of individualistic parameters that decide the productivity level of every employee, but it won’t be wrong if we say that certain changes in the environment can lead to a more productive workplace. So, if you also want to enhance the productivity of the employees, and become one of the best places to work in India, then here are some changes to adopt:

  • Inculcate the need of easing off stress

Companies now a days flood their workers with more work then what they are capable of doing. Plus, the high demands, and increasing pressure leads to stressful work environments. Hence, it is important to integrate certain programs or organize certain activities which help the employees to ease off their stress. The employer should motivate the employees to stay stress-free at work. And, inclusion of such schemes are the key to making your organization one of the best places to work in India.

  • Organize regular employee engagement programs

Sometimes, it seems like the employee engagement programs are nothing more than a formality that companies have to do. However, it should never be like that. Employee engagement activities should be an important part of the company. They should be organized regularly in order to engage the employees, and help them to beat their stress. Plus, these initiatives also help to bridge the gap between different teams, and tend to bring the employees of a company together.

  • Employee benefit schemes should not be ignored

When we talk about employee benefit schemes, it sounds like we are talking about employee healthcare related policies in office. However, it is not like that. Employee benefit schemes should include things related to the mental health of the employee as well. Organizations should adopt certain methods to enhance the mental wellbeing of the employees as well.

Workplaces that are happy and more motivating are preferred by the employees. Hence, happy employees tend to work more dedicatedly which leads to greater results for the company. Therefore, firms should take all the necessary steps to uplift the culture and environment of their workplaces. More focus should be on the emotional and mental wellness of the employees as well. And, the firms should plan some fun and engaging activities almost regularly.

Do you think your workplace is a happy place to work? If not, then how about searching a new job on one of the India’s best jobsite, Career Marshal!

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Disappointed with ABD’s retirement? What if your most valuable employee also decides to leave the company instantly?

The world is in shock literally after hearing the retirement news about one of the world’s most loved and respected cricket players, ABD Villiers. The news came out as pretty upsetting not only to the cricketing world but also to the fans around the world.

Now, this sudden retirement reminds us of a situation wherein our best employee also decides to leave the company just in a tick. This happens with many companies and teams, that sometimes you really want a person to stick around and the person decides to leave the company immediately.

Well, here, in this case, this might be a little disappointing and upsetting for the team leader, teammates or even for the company, but at the end of the day you have to respect a person’s decision.

Many a times, a top performer, no matter how superbly talented or gifted can feel a little tired or may be just bored of the regular routine. Also, a person can have some individual dreams and goals, which are not really known to the world or a person can simply decide to go for a more challenging opportunity as well. You never really know!

But, it is important for the company to understand the employee’s decision and to respect it. Of course, if a top performer is deciding to leave the company, even after doing a brilliant performance, there has to be a solid reason behind it.

Therefore, companies and especially the team has to respect, value and understand the decision. You should never ever try to put on pressure on the individual to stay for longer. Because, even if they will, they will not really be able to give it their 100% as they will be only doing it out of compulsion.

Also, it is necessary for companies to enhance good bonds with the employees or even with the ex-employees because they can certainly be the indirect ambassadors of the company.

Having said that, there is also no doubt about the fact that it is important for companies to have solid and very effective retention policies. The companies should certainly try everything possible to make sure that their employees stick to them through their thick and thins as well. However, it is equally important to value and understand an individual’s personal decision about working for or leaving the company as well.



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How to make workplace a funplace to reduce employee turnover?

Employees whose interest align with the goals of the organizations are truly the assets of a company. A lot of time as well as money goes into recruiting the finest people in a company, therefore organizations also try their best to retain the talent they have spotted.

Now, when it comes to retaining the top talent, attrition rate is something that cannot be ignored. Attrition rate varies from company to company and also from time to time. But, high attrition rates always remains a matter of concern for all the organizations.

Have you ever wondered what efforts should be taken to reduce the employee turnover in a company?

Most importantly, the company needs to create a healthy work environment. There are a lot of things that contribute to a healthy work environment, including things like opportunities to grow, higher transparency, freedom of thought etc. Though, one of the major forces that can drive down the employee turnover is by making a workplace a fun place to be. Here are some steps to make your workplace more engaging and interactive:

  • Encourage employees to enjoy more

The work culture these days has become very pressuring. Hence, employees mostly ignore to enjoy the work, and the workplace. Companies should understand that employees who enjoy their work and the workplace tend to perform better. Therefore, implement various strategies to encourage people to enjoy and have fun while working as well.

  • Organize fun activities

Now, when it comes to making a workplace more enjoyable, the first thing which comes to our mind is engaging activities. Fun activities organized by the people and culture team in a company play a major role in making a workplace more likable. These activities also encourage employees to enjoy the company of their colleagues. Hence, such activities should be organized on a constant basis to make the workplace more interesting.

  • Organize weekly games over email

The people and culture team of an organization may even look at organization weekly fun games over the emails. Something like a Tuesday Trivia etc. can happen weekly. The employees can be given small rewards for winning. This can be a good way of encouraging them to think beyond work.

  • Appreciate more

One of the best ways to make a workplace more fun is by rewarding and appreciating the employees regularly. Apart from only promoting them ones in a while or increasing their pay, try to appreciate and reward employees on a regular basis as well. This will not only make them happy, but will also encourage them to work better!

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