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Why should you let your employees do their tasks their way?

Running a business is not a cakewalk. You need a solid team to work together and achieve you get your goals. However, when it comes to motivating the employees to work with the same energy and passion as you do, you might have to try different techniques. Nonetheless, it is extremely important to value your employees and to understand their worth. Continuous appreciation and constant motivation are a few things which are needed to encourage the employees perform better. But, one of the other major things that you need in order to motivate your employees work better is giving them complete freedom.

Here’s why you should let your employees do their tasks their way?

  • To enhance their confidence level

When you tell an employee that they are able to do their work in their own way, and they won’t be micromanaged, then there is a certain sense of confidence that you automatically impart to them. Employees are not only more confident about performing their tasks, but they are also quite stress free. As, they know that their leads or the company is trusting their abilities. This will motivate them to perform with extra surety.

  • To help them devise newer ways of doing work

Once you give the employees the complete freedom to perform their tasks, it is quite certain that they will definitely devise better and smarter ways of doing work. This is not only good for them but also for the company and your team in many ways. You might even end up knowing faster or more efficient ways of accomplishing a task.

  • To motivate them

Whenever you either appreciate an employee or you give them the absolute freedom to do their work, you automatically inspire them to work better. They seem to be more passionate and more dedicated. Also, they will even be a lot more careful of their as no employee would like to misuse the flexibility.

  • They will be inspired to take more initiatives

 Once, the employees will realize that the company, and specifically their manager is confident about their skills, the employees will automatically get a boost. They will take more interest in the work and even in new initiatives. Also, they will enjoy their work a lot more.

All set to find a new job which gives you enough freedom to ‘your work your way’?



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How to Keep Your Star Employee Motivated When You Can’t Offer a Raise or Promotion

The task of being a manager or an employer is not an easy one. There are times when you know the true worth of an employee and you want to generate further productivity yet you can’t offer him/her a raise or a promotion due to lack of the right resources. What do you do then? Just sitting back and feeling helpless is absolutely not an option, there are a number of ways to make up for it.  In this article, Career Marshal brings to you a few suggestions that you might want to consider if you’re a manager looking for ways to keep and motivate your star player without offering a promotion.

  1. The power of a one on one conversation

Words are powerful! Get your star employee to sit and have a serious talk with you, take your time out and show that you care. Try to make the employee understand that while you know how deserving the employee is, there are certain restrictions that bind you; try and get honest opinions from your employee to know where they stand emotionally about this “no raise/promotion” issue. Be the comforter and the encourager your favorite employee needs.

  1. Acknowledge that your employee is worthy

Let your employee know that he/she is truly an asset to your company – offer a monthly bonus and give special credits to this employee on projects. Also advisable is making your star employee choose the projects he/she wants to work on and deliver what has been asked for, another way to provide a special treatment would be the act of granting a scheduled and consistent work from home days or even paid vacations.

  1. Convey that there are opportunities for growth in the same position/ profile

Identify the talents in your star employee and discuss how these talents can be projected differently in a unique way, make innovative suggestions that will challenge the employee to perform better and get more work satisfaction. If this isn’t satisfactory enough, then shifting the employee to another position along the same rank is a great idea, a new job title would definitely be a welcome change.

  1. Remember that cash isn’t everything

For some employees, what works better than a cash bonus is the sweet gesture of giving gifts, taking your star employee for a lunch treat could be a great start. Gifting doesn’t have to be necessarily expensive; it could be a small but essential stationery item like a diary or a notebook. If you wish to take it a notch higher, then you can opt for designer pens that come in different price ranges. Also remember that it’s always the feelings and thoughts you put behind your gifts that makes gifting super special!



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Employee motivation in a nutshell.

A motivated man is like a man possessed, willing to go the extra mile, willing to give it his/her all. That kind of attitude is a boon at the workplace. So you need more employees of this kind. Sadly, this kind is rare and hard to manufacture.

We, at Careermarshal – one of the best job sites in India, bring to you some ways to push more employees to the brink of motivation and usher in productivity and efficiency at the workplace.One of the biggest reasons for less motivation among employees is dissatisfaction with a superior at work. So, being the boss, it is your duty to keep your employees primed up and ready for the job.

  1. Keep a nice demeanour.

It is no secret that appreciation brings the best out of us. When an employee is appreciated, they see more likely to do a better job and show better results. Hence, do not shy away from cordial greetings in the corridor, as they are very easy to do and have a large impact on the psyche of the employees, which in turn leads to more productivity.

A win-win for all!

When someone from the upper echelons of the office don’t properly greet a subordinate, it rings alarm bells in the minds of the juniors. They start having thoughts of being fired or demoted, which is not a good sign at all.

This politeness also applies in terms of talking to someone. Being on the phone or not making eye contact at all are not the best foot forward for you. Take care to make appropriate eye-contact with your subordinates while conversing. Research also points out that hiring managers judge potential candidates not only on their skills and achievements but also their mannerisms and behaviour. So, you need to up your ante in terms of behaviour department.

  1. You need a good credit-giving system.

The employees spend a large chunk of their day working for you – even more than their family. So it is only fair that they get their fair share of appreciation when it’s due. There will be instances when a certain employee will go beyond his/her call of duty to pull a rabbit out of a hat. That is when they should be sought out individually and appreciated amongst all. It will set a great example for others to follow. Appreciation is not only shown through mere words but can also be material. If the achievement warrants it, you can also give away bonuses, holidays, extra benefits or coupons. In this way, more people will be motivated to punch above their weights.

  1. Have fun and let others have it?

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

This saying perfectly captures the essence of the message that is to be conveyed. Organize fun events where employees can let their hair down and just have a relaxing time. Weekend parties, trekking trips, fun games and team-bonding exercises can do a world of good for your employees. All this gives a sense of belonging to your employees amidst the hustle-bustle of daily mundane life. They start admiring you and are more likely to concentrate better during actual work hours.

  1. Robust communication is the key.

It is essential to have proper channels of communication in the company – be it through weekly meetings, emails, calls or through an informal chat in the hallways. In an ideal world, your employees will be well aware of their responsibilities and duties, receive appropriate feedback on their performance from time to time and are well-informed and clear about the company’s vision. If you identify someone who is having a hard time keeping track of the information juggernaut, then you should intervene and help them with whatever the problem is. Keep transcripts of all the communication happening in a digital form that can be used when required. All of this is crucial for effective workings of a company.

  1. Benefits can seal the deal in your favour.

An important key to employee satisfaction and retention are the perks offered other than the salary, not to say that the salary isn’t important. Parking, health benefits (maternal leave and pay), free lunches, vacation days and retirement funds, generous tax rebates all form a very important part of the policies employees look forward to. They form the difference between good and bad job performance.





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Increase productivity and retention rate by making your workplace a happy place!

For every organization productivity of the employees is important. Every firm wants their employees to work dedicatedly for the company in order to enhance the revenue. Though, there are a plenty of individualistic parameters that decide the productivity level of every employee, but it won’t be wrong if we say that certain changes in the environment can lead to a more productive workplace. So, if you also want to enhance the productivity of the employees, and become one of the best places to work in India, then here are some changes to adopt:

  • Inculcate the need of easing off stress

Companies now a days flood their workers with more work then what they are capable of doing. Plus, the high demands, and increasing pressure leads to stressful work environments. Hence, it is important to integrate certain programs or organize certain activities which help the employees to ease off their stress. The employer should motivate the employees to stay stress-free at work. And, inclusion of such schemes are the key to making your organization one of the best places to work in India.

  • Organize regular employee engagement programs

Sometimes, it seems like the employee engagement programs are nothing more than a formality that companies have to do. However, it should never be like that. Employee engagement activities should be an important part of the company. They should be organized regularly in order to engage the employees, and help them to beat their stress. Plus, these initiatives also help to bridge the gap between different teams, and tend to bring the employees of a company together.

  • Employee benefit schemes should not be ignored

When we talk about employee benefit schemes, it sounds like we are talking about employee healthcare related policies in office. However, it is not like that. Employee benefit schemes should include things related to the mental health of the employee as well. Organizations should adopt certain methods to enhance the mental wellbeing of the employees as well.

Workplaces that are happy and more motivating are preferred by the employees. Hence, happy employees tend to work more dedicatedly which leads to greater results for the company. Therefore, firms should take all the necessary steps to uplift the culture and environment of their workplaces. More focus should be on the emotional and mental wellness of the employees as well. And, the firms should plan some fun and engaging activities almost regularly.

Do you think your workplace is a happy place to work? If not, then how about searching a new job on one of the India’s best jobsite, Career Marshal!

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Failures are not that bad after all!

‘Failure’ when you read this term all sorts of negative thoughts start popping up in our minds. Sometimes we even get a flashback of some of our life instances where we failed. Now, coming to the exact definition of failure, it is nothing more than simply not being able to achieve something. That ‘something’ can be anything related to set marks in school or college or cracking a job interview. It depends on person to person, and on time to time. But what is one thing that is common in every instance that is described as a failure? It is the ‘disappointment’.

Failure is not something that we like to experience, or we expect, and hence, we always get disappointed when we fail to achieve something. And, that disappointment further leads to a lot of stress, sadness, feeling of hopelessness, worthlessness etc. It leads to a negative mindset, and we start feeling low instantly after we fail to get something. And, sometimes this negative feeling is so high that we even stop performing certain activities, just because we are unable to move on. But, here, we need to understand that failure is a part of life, and we have to accept it.

In fact, failure is not that bad! You know why? Because it makes you stronger. Want to know how? Let’s read this story to understand it better:

Once upon a time, (Yes, that’s a cliché, but it will always remain a good way to start a story) there was a very hardworking writer, who wanted to make a big name in the writing world but wasn’t really aware of the right way to reach her goal. She began writing her story though, with full confidence. However, in the midst the story writing process she had to witness a plenty of intense family troubles, including many financial issues. Though, she never gave up, and after sending a good time on her book (by proofreading multiple times) she finally managed to write down all the hundreds of sheets (manually, as she could not afford a computer) and submit it to the publisher.

She was very happy as she was finally able to showcase her work to the publishers after years of struggle. However, her first draft was badly rejected by more than one publisher. She did not give up though, and again modified her story (without playing with the essence), and shared it with more publishers.

Now, again, she got rejected, and she kept getting rejected around a dozen times. That would have been a disaster for her! However, she took it in a positive manner, and kept improving her story and reaching out to more publishers.

Today, she is one of the most famous writers of the world, and is making tons of millions every year!

Well, she is not the only one, there are many like her who take lessons from the failures, and become better version of themselves to achieve whatever they want in life!


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Smart Ways To Kick Off Monday Blues!

The dreary cycle of Mondays keeps haunting us even over the weekends. Mondays are generally a little gloomy, as we don’t really like to let go of the weekend feel that easily, especially after a ‘good’ weekend. However, the truth is that Mondays are a part of our lives and we have to expect them! Now, you must be thinking is there a way to make your Mondays happy? Well, yes, there is! Here are some tips to energize your Mondays:

  • Wake up with a smile

Now, this is very important. No matter how easy and simple it seems, but it is extremely important to get up every Monday with a smile on the face. Waking up with a positive mindset will set up your day nicely. This is the best way to overcome the blues of Monday. With a positive mind you will be in a better position to manage the day’s activities.

  • Preplan your Monday

If possible plan your Monday every Friday. This will help you to save sometime early morning Monday that you might waste on just slowly planning the day’s activities. If you will have the plan right in front of you, then you would be just focused on achieving your day’s goals.

  • Listen to some good music

While going to the office or while getting ready for work, you may listen to some musical notes early morning. Music has a lot of power to change the mood. So, in case, you are not in the good mood, then just put on some lovely music, and the music will automatically do its magic!

  • Read motivational quotes

You will find a lot of #MotivationalMonday quotes floating all around the social media. Just spend a few seconds to read those quotes. Not only will you get some useful life lessons, but you will also get a bit of energy just through the quotes.



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Finding values in negative experiences

‘Negativity’; a powerful word with a lot of impact on the normal functionality of an individual. Negativity is considered as an evil to a healthy mind as it forces the mind to think, and sometimes even act unhealthily. Negativity can arise due to plenty of things including, loss, a fight, or a bad experience. And, most of the times negativity created by a bad experience or the impact of a ‘negative experience’; on an individual can change the behavior of a person. Now, coming to the corporate world, we all face some or the other bad experiences, every now and then. However, it is important to not let the bad experience hamper your behavior, productivity or relation at work. Instead you should always try to get over the bad experience as early as possible. It is not recommended to keep thinking about a bad event regularly, as over thinking is going to adversely impact the mental well being.

Here are some ways to turn your bad experiences into valuable lessons:

  • Get over it asap

Firstly, it is very important to leave beside a bad experience and move forward. Lingering on to a bad experience will only hamper your happiness. Therefore, no matter what happened, or how bad it made you feel, just leave it behind and move forward as soon as possible.

  • Focus on the learning

Every experience, be it good or bad teaches you something or the other. You just have to be prepared to accept the learning the bad experience has to offer. Instead of lingering on to the ills related to the bad experience, you should rather focus on ‘what you learnt’ from the experience. Focus your energies on how could have you made that experience better, and how to avoid such instances in future. This isn’t that easy as it reads, but it is a wonderful way of turning your bad experiences into valuable lessons for life.

  • Don’t let it affect your mood

One of the worst repercussions of a bad experience is bad mood. A negative experience automatically hampers the mood. However, you need to understand that life is full of both positives and negatives. Hence, negative experiences have to be accepted whole-heartedly as well. Don’t let anything adversely affect your mood. Instead try and focus on other things, just to deviate your mind from the negative experiences.

However, always remember that negative or bad experiences teach you a lot of important things for life. Therefore, it is important to learn whatever you can from the experience, and move on, without letting it impact your mental or physical well being.

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