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Tips Listed to Help You While Preparing for Panel Interviews: Face & Ace             

Happy to hear that your resume has been selected for the panel interview but you are scared to face that since you can imagine the bunch of the strangers sitting across the table and bombarding you with plenty of questions that are so random and sometimes even out of the way. Since all these things might scare you like a nightmare but not to worry about when we are here for your rescue, we will help you with a few tips to prepare for the panel interviews.

Research about the organization and the people on the panel:-

The foremost and the most eminent tip that one needs to keep in his/her mind before appearing for the interview is to research properly about the organization in which they are going for an interview because one needs to be aware of the working structure of the organization and the job profile for which they have been selected for the interview. Since the interviewer is going to ask the question which will revolve around the same. The additional bonus that you can add on is to do a research about the people who will be there in the panel and will take your interview because then you will be able to decide their pattern of question and can prepare for it before appearing for the interview.

Crisp self introduction:-

The moment you enter into the interview room and take your seat, interviewers are curious to know about you and crisp intro plays the major part of your introduction if it goes well means you have successfully created your good first impression on the interviewers present in the panel. Make sure that your introduction should be crisp enough and your personality should reflect from the way you introduce yourself.

Focus on body language:-

The easiest way to judge a person is his/her body language, make sure that your body language should speak about the bold side of your personality and for that you need to focus upon your body posture:- the way you sit, the way you talk and your movement of your hands and eye contact. Make sure that you maintain good eye contact with the person who is asking you the questions and answer all of them gracefully with confidence and without fumbling with your words because fumbling does not leave a good impression on the interviewer since this can depict that you are nervous and that’s why you cannot answer properly.

Focus on your dressing sense:-

Always make sure when you go for an interview you never overdress or underdress you need to be perfectly dressed because that plays the major role in creating the first impression over the interviewers sitting in the panel. Try to pair up a simple formal shirt with a trouser or a pencil skirt for females, a simple and elegant dress always leaves a mark of your personality over the interviewers. Make sure you do not opt for too much sheer or deep necks and short length always go with some decent clothes not too fancy not too simple just in the middle and the perfect attire.

Pleasing everyone is not possible and it’s ok:-

When you go for the panel interview session you will face a common problem that you always cannot please everyone by saying yes to every opinion they say, so the best advice, in this case, would just stick to your opinion and take your own stand because at times you cannot agree with everyone’s opinion present over there which is completely ok. You do not need to worry about this just always remember that you stick to your words and opinion. They notice that the people who take stand for themselves depict a strong personality and they get attracted towards them.

Key to give the answers:-

All of the interviews depends upon the answers that you give and the way you deliver them to the panelists, always remember the key to the job is the interview and the best way to create your mark on the panelists is to answer the questions with confidence and maintain the eye contact. Always be prepared for some out of the box questions and remember that you no matter if you do not know the answer stay calm do not debate with them over the wrong answer which you are not aware of.

Thanks note:-

Now this is like an additional bonus to your performance in interview because most of the people do not have a habit of thanking the panelists later but it does play an important role in creating your image in the eyes of the panelists, all you need to do is that just say them thanks in person or else you can also drop the mail saying them thanks that will make them feel that you are a responsible person, that you understand the importance of the time given to you by the panelists.



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How to Keep a Bad Reference from Ruining Your Career

We all are aware of the fact that one bad reference can ruin your whole bright future so make sure when you land up in a soup you always have a way out of that. Many applicants face through this problem because the majority of them do not know that they have been remarked by the bad reference from their former boss which will affect when they will search for a new job.
So, what to do when you find out that your boss is one among those who are less complimenting and more of complaining kind of people, it is obvious that you cannot stop the former employees from communicating with the previous boss and employees but we can have the control through which you can at least make a move to maintain a good image that will help to balance the bad reference that your Ex-boss conveyed regarding you.
Stay tuned with the blog to know the tips and tricks on how to escape from this situation and you can successfully build your bright future.

1) Talk to your former boss:-
The best possible way out is to straight up go and have a word with your former boss regarding the situation, this will help you to get more clarity towards what’s exactly going on. It is very important to know exactly what your previous boss is trying to plot against you and then all you need to do is just calmly sit down and hear about the situation and think how you can get out of this trap laid down by your Ex-boss.

2) Go to HR:-
Now another way to find out exactly what is going behind your back and what are the true intentions of your Ex-boss and what information he/she is disseminating against you to the former boss and employees as well. HR will let you know the exact viewpoint of the former employees as well as the boss regarding you. The benefit of approaching HR is that you can convince him/her so that the myth regarding your bad reference is clear and HR can be a helping hand for you to maintain your image before the employees as well as the boss. Even a cease the desist can also put a full stop to the bad mouthing and you can regain your peace as well as good image in your current office.

3) Check your own references:-
The best weapon is your own reference and if we have a deep look on it we can realize that own reference can sometimes do magic in maintaining your image and reduce the effect of the bad reference given by the Ex-boss. A personal reference can be a great source to polish the image and help in solving the mess that your Ex-boss has created.

4) Ask them to stop:-
The best possible thing one can do is to straight up go and approach those employees who are talking behind your back and spreading the wrong word against you. So it’s better to become straight forward and just clarify the things with the former employees and boss as well so that you can stop this slow poison of bad reference. This can help you improve your image and secure your bright future so that you can successfully work in the organization without any hurdles in the path.

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Sending Your Resume to HR for Your Dream Job but Don’t Know What to Write – Know It Here 

Searching for your dream job from quite a while on the search engine and now when you have finally got it you might be nervous and confused what content you should serve to the HR of the organization. It is quite obvious that HR receives hundreds of emails in a day but very few become successful in impressing them. Your resume is wholesome dependent upon the content you have indulged into it and the way you present the same via the form of an email. Since we all are aware of the fact that emails are the backbone of the industry it is the formal way to communicate with each other and the way you frame your email is really important and it also helps in creating an impression over the HR of the organization. You must be stressed that what if the HR doesn’t even bother to open your email or if he/she takes your email too casually or if they do not get the clarity for which job position you have applied for, no need to worry about this just stay tuned with the blog we will help you to frame your perfect mail for sending your resume to the HR of the organization.

1) Address the subject:-
Whenever someone opens the email the first thing that they have a glance on is the subject line if they find it interesting and worth reading the rest of the mail then they will go ahead and read it or else they will simply press the delete button and all your efforts will get wasted. The key to nailing the first impression is to have a proper subject line. All you need to do is just state the main purpose of sending the mail in a few words, always remember about just one rule that is “lesser is better” because industry believes that quality matters, not the quantity so try to write a short but crisp subject line so that you can create a good impression before the HR in the first go.

2) Greet them well:-
Always remember to greet the HR well in your email because that is really important it depicts your personality that you value the time of the HR who is reading the mail to provide you the job in the organization. The golden rule to ace this is to never use the first name of the person always mention the surname of the person.

3) Short and crisp body:-
Now comes the chance of formation of the main content of the email that is the body of the mail. This part can change the whole game if you know the key how to write it then half of the battle is already won. Always keep in mind that no one has time in their life and you need to respect that so try to form the mail with less and crisp content so that the reader also loves it. Include the short and meaningful sentences that add value and grace to your email as well as the resume.

4) Attachments:-
Now here comes the stage which can just change your game this can help you ace the interview. We are talking about attaching the resume. Now one can get a job based on his/her resume if your resume is good and crisp that can attract the HR you have great chances of getting selected for the job. Ditch the traditional way of forming resume in Microsoft word try and search for some good templates on Google and use them to form your new and modern resume, you can also opt for digital resume which helps you to form your resume into the format of a video that includes all the work that you have done in your past.

5) Check for the mistakes:-

The best thing you can do is to check for your mistakes in the last moment because that can definitely save you from some minute mistakes and always remember that the key to a presentable email is the errors free content which is served to the HR. We all know that some small errors be it a spelling mistake or grammatical mistake it can easily leave a bad impression in the eyes of the HR of the organization.

All these steps mentioned above can really be useful when you decide to apply for your dream job just keep one thing in mind that “simplicity is the best” and it can definitely win the hearts. Just in case you feel like you are stuck somewhere or you don’t know from where to start forming the email for resume just simply calm  down and go through each and every step and try to practice them by forming one rough mail which will have the content inside it and just figure out all the errors and try to fix them once you feel like you are done with fixing your errors just finalize it by drafting the final mail and send it to HR, then just sit back and wait for the positive news to knock at your door.

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5 Steps to choose the right career :-

One right step can lead you to the path of a bright future, all you need to do is sit and think properly what is your passion once you’ve discovered it half of the battle is won. Choosing the right career is the key to success. All of our life depends on our one decision when we choose our career because our professional life is as important as personal. We need to choose a career where we can easily manage our personal life as well. In case you feel that you’re stuck while selecting the right career because we understand that one needs to be guided properly while selecting the right career, we will help you to discover your true potential and pursue your desired career just make sure you stay tuned with this blog.

1) Brainstorm session:-
The initial step to choose your desired career is to have a brainstorming session because it will really help you to explore various other options in the list. Just sit down with a notebook and pen start noting down what you’re good at. The best thing is to write and grasp as one can become more knowledgeable once they develop the habit of writing their understanding level do increase.

2) Do your research:-
Once you’ve noted down all the works that you love to do then pick up your phone or laptop and start scrolling down for more details about that on Google. You will get proper detailed information about all the options you’ve considered and will be easy for you to analyze which is the best for you. Research as much as you can because the more knowledge is grasped the more fruitful result it will give in the end and when it comes to selecting your career one needs to research in depth.

3) SWOT analysis:-
Once you’re done with your research work then do the most eminent function that is doing the SWOT analysis of all the options you’ve selected because this will give you the clear and precise information about all the facts related to your research. Get to know about the weakness and strength of the career which you want to pursue. The only way to select the best career is to make sure that we know about the merits and demerits as well. Knowing about demerits is very essential because then only we will get to know whether he/she fits well into that particular career which they wish for.

4) Finalize one:-
When you know all the strengths and weaknesses of particular fields which you wish to pursue finalize one option from them. Once you’ve finalized one option then you’re good to go because now you’ve given a direction to your career. When you’ve analyzed yourself that you are capable of pursuing your desired career then just start mentioning down the steps through which you can achieve them just start with the basic simple steps like looking out for an institution for the same.

5) Reach out to a professional:-
You must reach out to a professional for achieving more clarity about the profession you want to pursue because they can guide you the steps through which you can move ahead towards forming your career. Since the professional people have good experience they can also aware you about the do’s and dont’s regarding the same field as well as they can also help you in searching a good internship in the same field once you’ve joined the institute as the internship gives you the good experience of working in the industry as a fresher and then slowly you start exploring your potential of work.

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Top Tips to get a job as a Magento developer

Magento is undoubted, one of the most used e-commerce platforms in the world. The platform is used by thousands of varied types of e-commerce firms across the globe. The fact that Magento is a hot favorite has led the evolvement of the solution. Thus, now, the latest version of Magento is conceptualized perfectly for the existing set of site owners.

Thus, if you want to land a job as a Magento developer, here’re some tips to follow:

  • Know the importance of ‘user experience’

First of all, every website developer, app developer or Magento developer should understand the significance of ‘user experience’. These days, the success of an online product is dependent on the ‘user experience’ that it offers. Thus, Magento developers should stay abreast with the latest trends of the e-commerce world related to offering a better user experience. Also, they should definitely know about the best extensions that can be used.

  • Know how to make ‘Progressive Web Apps’

We are living in an era, where people are increasingly using mobile devices for shopping. Thus, every e-commerce site has to be mobile friendly. Therefore, the first thing is that you should understand the need for making the site responsive. Secondly, mobile apps are also doing pretty well. Thus, if an e-commerce firm cannot build a native app, then you would definitely want to make Progressive Web Apps. This is a fantastic feature offered by Magento 2. Hence, make sure you master the art of making PWAs as they will be high in demand.

  • Know the importance of optimization

Magento 2 even allows optimization and personalization. Thus, every e-commerce site would be expected to be both personalized and optimized. As optimization plays a major role in improving the performance of the site. Only when the site is properly optimized, the site owners can expect good traffic ration. Also, personalizing the site is a great way to make it interesting and unique! Thus, make sure you know the value and techniques related to optimization and personalization.

Are you all set to find a job as a Magento developer? If yes, then explore some jobs here:

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How to surpass the competition in the world which is full of SEO experts?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important elements of digital marketing. Every digital marketing strategy includes SEO in their plans. After all, the ranking on the search engine plays a major role in getting traffic to your site or landing pages. Thus, the role of Search Engine Optimization goes beyond expectations. However, as SEO seems to be one of the most current and high in demand type of a domain, thus, many people are learning new SEO techniques to become an SEO expert.

Listed below are a few tips to make a mark as an SEO expert:

  • Always know what’s trending

One of the most common questions that the SEO expert would be asked in a job interview would be related to the current trends. Thus, it is mandated to stay updated with the current happening in the world of SEO. As digital marketing is one of those fields that are extremely vibrant. There is something new that’s happening every now and then. Also, as the completion keeps soaring, it is very important to make sure that you use the latest trends and techniques to stay on the top. So, if you are preparing for an interview, make sure you spend a lot of time in learning the latest trends.

  • Keep upgrading your skills

One of the ways to keep your SEO skills upgraded is by knowing the new happenings. But, that’s just one part of it. It is also important to gather the right certifications and acquire more knowledge about the latest SEO techniques. Thus, joining courses that will help you know the SEO world more, would be a great way to get a job faster. Education always helps, thus, if you have more certification proving that you know how to handle SEO techniques well, your chances of getting a job would automatically increase.

  • Go beyond text-based content

Though, the main aspect of SEO is linked to content and keywords. But, SEO goes beyond the association with text content. Nowadays, even voice searches are increasing. Thus, it would be great to master the art of optimizing the voice searches as well. Therefore, don’t restrict your understanding to only text-based content optimization. Knowing about more types of content optimization is something that will surely get you extra points in an interview.

Want to look for new jobs? Click here:

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Want to become an email marketing expert? Here’re some tips to follow:

Email marketing is one of the most important elements of any digital marketing plan. Thus, digital marketing leaders know that it is important to hire the best resources for email marketing. Also, companies have to have the latest email marketing platforms to not only plan and execute but to also analyze their marketing campaigns. Thus, both the demand for email marketing tools and talented experts are high. But, the competition in both areas is quite high as well.

If you want to become a champion email marketer, then here’re the top tips to follow:

  • Understanding the target audience is very important

For each and every aspect of the marketing target audience plays a major role. Even in the field of email marketing, marketers first have to know their target audience well. Only when the email marketing experts are able to find out the answers to relevant questions like, what their target audience wants, what is the geographical area they are targeting, what is the age group of the audience etc., then only they can curate campaigns that can connect with the targeted audience. Therefore, if you want to become a world-class email marketing specialist, then first gather all the information about the target audience. And, then, prepare campaigns which are perfect for the targeted people.

  • Know the latest tools and trends

Email marketing keeps evolving. Thus, it is important to know about the latest tools, programs, features as well as the latest trends. All this will help you to stay updated and to conceptualize cutting-edge campaigns using modern technology. Also, the campaigns will be automated and more efficient if the latest technology and techniques are used.

  • Keep analyzing the performance of your email marketing campaigns

In order to make sure that you are on the right path, it is important to analyze the performance of the email marketing campaigns. As the performance metrics of each and every campaigns will give you a lot of information. This information will help you to improve and create far better email marketing campaigns. Thus, make sure you give enough importance to the insights generated by the performance reports.

Digital marketing is a very promising field. And, when it comes to email marketing it is definitely one of the most important parts of digital marketing. And, if you want to find a new job in the field of digital marketing, click here:



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3 Trends to watch out to become a top-notch Mobile App Developer.

Mobile technology is growing tremendously and there isn’t seems to be anything stopping the growth. Whether it is the rampant use of smartphones or the increasing demand for mobile apps, in every way possible, the mobile industry is blooming. Thus, if you want to build your career in the mobile app development field, then you are on the right track. However, as the competition is pretty high, thus, you will have to stay updated with the latest trends and techniques.

In this article, we will talk about a few trends to watch out in the world of mobile app development in 2019.

Rampant use of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are no longer restricted to sci-fi movies. Augmented Reality based apps are becoming very popular and the demand for such apps is only going to increase. Thus, if you want to build cutting-edge apps, then it is advisable to learn how to implement AR/VR in the new apps. You will get plenty of tools in the market that will make it easy for you to add AR/VR features in the apps. All you have to do is understand the technology and the tools better to implement it in the apps.

More focus on user experience

Whether it is a website or a mobile app, user experience has started becoming one of the top priorities of the makers. As the site or the app is basically created for the customers. Thus, mobile apps should be easy to use. Also, the design should be less complicated, and more impact should be given on the experience that it offers to the users. Needless to say, the apps have to be appealing, but, at the same time, they have to be pretty engaging as well.

Cross development platforms will be preferred

When it comes to building an app for a firm, the companies mostly need both Android and iOS apps. Thus, cross mobile application development platforms would be more preferred by the firms as these platforms will allow the developers to make both Android and iOS apps using a single main code. Thus, if you want to become a topnotch app developer, it is important to learn to use the latest cross-app development platforms.

Mobile app development is a superb career option. So, keep upgrading your skills to get hired by your dream company.


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Marketers; here’s the guide to select the best marketing platform:

Marketing experts of every organization need a useful and powerful marketing solution which makes their work easy. A topnotch marketing program will help marketing specialists to make and execute their marketing plans. Also, in order to make their campaigns a lot more successful, marketing experts require some or the other marketing program. Hence, if you are also looking to get a marketing program for yourself, here’re some tips to make the right choice:

  • Go for an all-encompassing marketing program

Marketing is a very broad term and it consists of plenty of different activities. Thus, a marketing program should be able to help you plan and execute a wide variety of marketing strategies. These days, email marketing and social media marketing are considered two of the top marketing techniques. Thus, make sure that your marketing program is capable of helping you plan and execute email marketing, social media marketing and plenty of other different types of marketing strategies and campaigns.

  • Marketing program should allow performance analysis

One of the prime concern of every marketing specialist is the performance of their campaigns. Every marketing team wants their campaigns to perform nicely. However, at times the marketing campaigns do not perform the way marketing experts would have expected them to perform. Now, here, understanding the performance of the campaigns is important. Thus, the marketing program that you choose should be able to offer you useful performance insights. As such insights help the marketing teams to improve their marketing plans and campaigns.

  • The program should be capable of offering useful insights about the target audience

For every marketing expert, it is utmost important to understand the target audience. As only successful campaigns can be created when the marketing teams know who they are targeting. Thus, the marketing solution that you choose should be able to offer you useful information about the target audience. Starting from their interests, shopping behavior to their complete journey, marketers should be able to gather as many insights as they can. This data surely helps to create better and more powerful marketing campaigns.

For every marketing expert, it is very important to choose the right platform to plan, execute and measure their marketing campaigns. Thus, make sure you choose the platform wisely as the marketing platform which you choose will impact your performance in many ways.


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3 Tips to get a job in banking and finance sector in 2019

Banking and finance sector is definitely one of the most preferred industries to work in. A high volume of candidates are interested in getting a job in this sector. If you are also looking to find a decent job in the banking and finance sector, then here are some tips to follow:

  • Get the best degree

The best way to get a job in any sector you prefer is by getting the right education. If you have the right certifications and degrees, no one can stop you from finding the right opportunity. At the same time, it is also very important to make sure that you choose the right courses if you want to get a job in the banking and finance sector. Especially, because most of the operations performed in the banking and finance sector need a high level of knowledge about the core subjects. Thus, it is a mandate to get the right knowledge, set of certificates to stand a chance.

  • Keep upgrading your skills

Banking and finance sector is constantly growing. There is something or the other that’s happening, whether it is the integration of the latest technology or use of cutting-edge techniques. Hence, it is extremely important to stay updated with the latest methods and tools. You should also learn to use some of the most common tools which are used in the banking and finance sectors. Staying abreast with the latest trends in the sector will definitely increase your chances of finding the best opportunity.

  • Be extremely good with numbers

Though, now we have tons of software and tools which are being used in the banking sector. But, still, being an expert with numbers will always increase your chances of getting the best job. You might even be able to use your skill to impress the recruiters or score well in the examinations. Thus, it is extremely important to keep practicing to be a champ with numbers.

Landing a job in banking and finance sector isn’t as tough as it sounds. If you have the right set of degrees and the right mindset, nothing can stop you from finding the best job!

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