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Want to know how to get into a top league BPO?

BPOs have done a remarkably fantastic job when it comes to the employment generation factor in India. The field is known to hire people on the sheer basis of their skills and nothing more. Individuals who are not even graduates can get into good BPOs just on the basis of their communication skills. Even some of the school pass outs choose to start their career through a BPO industry, and the industry is always open to welcome them. Though, there are a huge number of BPOs in the country, but the main aim of every individual is to get into one of the best BPOs in India. Everybody wants to be a part of a fantastic company.

Here are some of the tips to get you into one of the top International BPOs in India:

  • Choose the right job portal

Whenever you start your job hunt which is aimed to get you into one of the top BPOs in the country, always start by choosing the right job portal. Among some of the best job sites in India, Career Marshal stands tall as one of the top job portals in India. It is not only a trusted jobsite, but people also prefer it because it offers them a host of opportunities. So, start by posting your resume on Career Marshal and applying for the relevant jobs. Soon, you will start receiving calls from the recruiters, and very soon you will get the best job that you want. And, in case you require any resume writing service, then Career Marshal offers that too!

  • Enhance your communication skills

In order to get into a top league BPO you will be required to have world-class communication skills. Therefore, before applying for jobs in some of the best BPOs in India, firstly, try to polish your communication skills. This will not only help you to get through the interview, but will also help you to succeed and grow in the industry. Now a days, many agencies have started offering communication skills training as well. So, you may choose to opt for the most reliable one as well, if you wish too!

  • Stay focused

Finding a job in one of the top international BPOs in India is not a cakewalk. Always remember that you will have to face a lot of competition to get into one of the best BPOs. Therefore, be prepared to face rejections also. But, the most important thing is to stay focused. No matter how many rejections you are facing, just learn to get up after every defeat to try again. Also, keep refining your skills to enhance your chances of getting your dream job. And, sooner or later, you will certainly get the offer letter that you have been dreaming of!

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How to best your opponents in a BPO interview?

BPO industry has been on a rise since quite a few years now. It is one of those industries which is generating a myriad of job opportunities. The industry is very vibrant, and attracts many youngsters who wish to kick start their corporate journey. If you are also planning to appear for a BPO interview anytime sooner than here are some tips to perform well:

  • Master your Communications skills

Strong communication skills are the requirement of almost every BPO. Therefore, before applying for the vacancies and going for those interviews make sure that you have superb communication skills. Brush up your communication skills through different means. Now a days, there are a plenty of courses that can help you to enhance your communication skills as well. So, just make sure you are on top of your communication skills when you appear for the interview. If you will do so, you will certainly have maximum chances of getting through.

  • Condition your mind to be proactive

One of the other major demands of the BPO industry is being proactive. As major part of job will include interacting with different people, who would want to get their queries answered or problems resolved. Therefore, you have to prepare for some sudden inquiries or questions. You should have the caliber to answer them smartly.

  • Carry On that Smile

For any executives whose prime responsibility is to interact with the customers, it is extremely important to be very humble. You have to keep smiling, and answer everything very positively and humbly even if the customer is not really in a great mood. You will come across instances where customers will be highly agitated, but you will have to be highly patient and calm to deal with them with ease.

Listed above are a few of the top tips to crack a BPO interview. You should certainly work on these tips while going for an interview. However, just remember that the secret of cracking any interview, be it a BPO, a teacher or anything, is that you have to be ultra-confident. Your confident and smart personality will fetch you those extra brown points which might turn out to be the game changer. Hence, before going for any interview, make sure you are prepared well, because preparation will make you more confident. And, always remember, that no matter what, you have to keep going!

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The Power Of Social Media In Recruitment!

Digital Media has completely overpowered other channels of marketing as in this era, almost every company has started using the power of digital marketing tools. And, Social Media is one of the key aspects of Digital Marketing. When it comes to Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, almost all have them have a great pool of database. And, recruitment is all about reaching the maximum set of people. Therefore, recruiters now a days have started using the social media channels to attract maximum candidates. Here’s how social media is helping recruiters all around the globe:

  • More Reach

Posting a job vacancy on a social media channel implies that the vacancy is sure to get more reach. Simply, because almost all the top social media channels have a great number of users. Hence, recruiters these days are using the database of the social channels to expand their reach.

  • Easy to convey the message

With the advancement of technology, and the usage of social media channels, it has become very convenient to convey a message to a large audience together. So, if a recruiter wishes to inform something more about a job posted then it is very easy for him/her to spread the message through the channels.

  • More Transparency

As, almost all the companies now days are active on of or the other social media channels therefore, it becomes easy for the candidates to explore the company. Plus, the profile of the company on social media also offers a lot of insights about the company that any probable candidate wouldlike to know.

  • Easy to verify details

One of the most amazing features of social media is that it has made it very easy to verify some set of information about anybody. Recruiters may even choose to verify the details provided by candidate through his/her social media profile. Earlier, it was not that easy to authenticate the candidates’ details but now, just a few clicks can help a recruiter match the details.

Career Marshal also understands and values the power of social media. Therefore, we try to stay connected with the candidates and clients through our social media channels. Plus, we even share the job posts on our social media channels so that they get great visibility. And, we are sure that social media is going to get bigger and better!

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Tips to get hired in one of the best BPOs

BPOs around the globe have revolutionized the employment industry. The sector is known to empower individualsjust on the basis of their key skills required for the job. The sector hires purely basis on the talent regardless of the qualitativeeducational backgrounds or experience. And, this is one of the reasons why people are so attracted towards the BPO sector. However, many people have a perceive BPO jobs to be pretty easy and cool. Though, it is absolutely right that the working environment of most of the BPOs is pretty easy going. But that doesn’t mean that they are not focused on their work and deadlines. Working in a BPO is as stressful as any other job, but yes, it has its own set of advantages as well. So, if you are also planning to get a job in one of the top BPOs of India, then here are the tips to crack the interview:

  • Focus on your communication skills

Landing a job is a good BPO requires one to have exceptional communication skills. As a BPO executive you would have to communicate with strangers whole day long, and that to even from different countries. Hence, you should certainly have mind-blowing communication skills in order to get a job in a top BPO. So, if you are anywhere a little doubtful about your communication skills, then you do not have to be disheartened at all. Just remember, practice makes a man perfect, so keep reading, listening speaking and even writing to improve your communication skills.

  • Fantastic aptitude & learning skills

A job in a BPO also requires quick learning. As, different processes and companies have diversified demands. And, to fulfil the demands one needs to be a quick learner. Therefore, at the time of interview, you will be judged on your aptitude and learning skills as well. So, be prepared for some aptitude level question- answer rounds!

  • Say yes for odd shifts

Most of the best BPOs in India have 24 by 7 kind of a working environment. And, the recruiter will also ask you whether you are comfortable for the rotational shifts or not. Even if you already know that the process for which you have applied has some fixed shifts, but still when the recruiter asks you, always say yes for odd shifts in order to get the job!

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Interview Preparation Part 10: Are you willing to work in shifts?

In a corporate set up, an employee or a set of employees may be asked to work during night or odd working hours also. And, it basically depends on the requirements of the company. Mostly, companies who deal with foreign clients or companies which offer 24 by 7 customer support are the ones who demand work during odd hours. Hence, before applying for the interview, a candidate should be aware of the work, and the timings of the job. And, if you already know that company where you have for interview works for foreign clients or works 24 by 7, then you should be prepared for night shifts.

Therefore, it is important to understand the company’s expectation beforehand. Most of the job descriptions already mention the requirement of working in shifts. And, if you have applied for such jobs, then don’t be shocked if the recruiter asks you this question.

Now, when it comes to answering this question, here are some tips to follow in order to give the most apt reply:

  • Don’t say no

The most important of all the things to keep in mind while relying to this question is, that if you were already aware of the requirement then there is no need of saying no. If the recruiter has already mentioned the requirements of working in shifts, then it makes no sense to say no for working in shifts. However, if you were not aware of this condition before, and you do not wish to work in shifts at all, then it is better to say no beforehand.

  • Answer positively

It is always advisable to convert even the toughest of answers into something positive. Well, if you wish to work in any shift then it’s great. However, if you face any challenges in working in shifts then, it is important to discuss that with the recruiter beforehand only. By doing so, he/she will get a better position to decide on your candidature. Also, this will help in avoiding any conflicts in the future.

Many companies, and various types of functions demand work in odd timings. And, the companies mostly provide cab services to the employees who work during odd shifts as well. So, there is no problem in working for odd shifts, if you are comfortable in doing so, and if the company is ready to provide the transportation.

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Interview Preparation Part 9: Are you a Hard Worker or a Smart Worker?

We have been growing up listening to the fact that hard work brings us closer to our goal. Without hard work, it is not possible to achieve what we want to in our lives. And, during the interview also, you will be judged based on your capacity to work hard. We all know what is hard work, but do you know the importance of smart work? Mostly, we think that smart work involves cheating, and one needs to work hard in order to achieve things in life. But, honestly, smart work is not that bad at all to. Now, here, it doesn’t mean that we all should adopt the smarter way of doing things, which are easy, and should not do hard work. But, while answering this question, you need to understand the importance of both. Here are some tips to prepare wonderful answers to this question:

  • Don’t underestimate the power of smart work

There is simply no doubt about the fact that we can never reach the stars without working hard. However, the smart work, and smartness are equally important to help us get closer to our dream also. You know why? Because, there are certain things which can be accomplished faster by working smartly. Smart work refers to finding efficient and quicker ways of completing tasks. Smart work involves creativity also.

  • Add both the elements

Make your answer impactful and effective by adding both the elements. Create an amalgamation of both the qualities in your answer. You need to make the recruiter understand that you have the capability to both work harder and smarter! Though, give more importance to working hard, because hard is the base of success. However, don’t undervalue the power of smart work.

  • Give relevant examples

The best way to answer any question is to give relevantexamples. Share some of the experiences from your previous works. You can easily make the recruiter understand that you have the caliber of working hard and smart by providing good, and effective experiences from the past. This will further impact the belief of the recruiter on your capabilities.

Interviews are challenging, therefore, it is significantly necessary to prepare well for the round of interviews. One should always be prepared to answer any type of questionin a confident manner. Plus, adding your touch to the answer leaves a great impact on the recruiter!

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Interview Preparation Part 8 -Are you a Team Player or Individual Contributor?

Now, this question ‘Are you a team player or you like to work alone’, is pretty tricky. The answer to this question may seem easy, but you really have to think through before answering this particular question. Simply because:

  • If you say yes you are a team player

If you would say yes, that you are a team player, then it might give an impression that you can’t work alone, or you can’t complete projects completely on your own. It is good to be a team player. However, it is very important to curate your answer properly. You need to make sure that you deliver the right message, and in an appropriate way. Make the recruiter understand that you like to work in team, and you work nicely with the people, but if the situation arises, you can surely work alone as well.

  • If you say that you like to work alone

Well, most of the candidate generally say that they are team players, but there’s nothing wrong in twisting the answer, and saying that you like to work alone. This may have a negative impact but you can very well turn it into positive as well. Just let the recruiter know, that you can handle projects, tasks and even pressure alone as well. And, you may add onto this by saying that you are you can work with the team and alone too!

Though, the answer to this question looks pretty smooth. But, adding variations to the answers is always better. Plus, one should always be prepared for the cross questioning as well. Because, the recruiter also understands that these answers are pretty easy, and therefore, it is difficult for them to assess your candidature.

The world has become extremely competitive, therefore, it is extremely significant to prepare well for the interviews in order to get the job. Though, loads of information is available online to prepare nicely for the interviews but it is also very important to personalize the answers. Recruiters meet several candidate daily, and they hear a lot of similar answers from the candidates. Therefore, if you add variations to your answer, then it will certainly catch the fancy of the recruiter. However, be prepared for the cross questions as well.

And, if you are looking for jobs then click here to find the best job for you.

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Interview Preparation Part 6: How do you handle stress and pressure?

‘How do you handle stress and pressure?’ is one of the other key questions asked in an interview. This question may seem pretty easy to answer, but it has its own set of complications as well. We know that work environment these days is full of stress. And, the recruiters ask this question to understand the stress management capabilities of an individual. Therefore, it is very important to answer this question in the most impressive manner, and here are some tips to do so:

  • Keep a check on your heartbeat

The question is about ‘stress’ and ‘pressure’, therefore, it is extremely necessary to calmly answer this question. The whole purpose of answering this question is to understand how good your pressure handling skills are, and interview time is also considered as a little stressful time. Therefore, if you are able to rock it with your answer here, then you would 100% be able to convince the recruiter about your fabulous pressure handling skills.

  • Bring up the past

One of the most fantastic ways of answering this question is by sharing any of your experiences in the past where you did extremely well by handling the pressure. Sharing some memorable event from your previous work experiences, where you smartly dodged stress to come out victories will surely get you the brownie points.

  • Be Carefully Honest

Honesty holds a lot of value in an interview. And, while answering this question also, you can be truthful. But, always remember that you have to be very carefully truthful. Which means, it is okay to say that yes you get nervous etc., but don’t overdo it. Don’t mention about instances where you failed miserably because of stress or pressure. This will surely not leave a good impact on the recruiter.

  • Change the negatives into positives

While answering this particular question, if possible, then try and change the negative points into positives. Tell a beautiful story (real), and share your experience of changing the negatives into positives.

These are a few tips to answer ‘How do you handle stress and pressure?’ nicely. Keep watching this space for more amazing interview tips!

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Interview Preparation Tips Part 1: Why would you like to work with us?

Interviews involved multiple rounds of questioning, answering, and at times grilling too! However, the secret of cracking an interview is fantastic preparation for the interview rounds. And, interview preparation involves various steps, one of which is preparing answers, or the technique of answering some of the most common questions. And, ‘Why would you like to work with us?’ is undoubtedly one of the most commonly asked interview questions.

Every company who is looking for new employees would only like to hire people who would love to work in the company. One of the most genuine, and common expectation of every employer is that the employee should give his/her 100% while working for the company. And, just to test your desire to work with the company, and also to know whether you have actually read about the company before coming or not, recruiters ask this question: Why would you like to work with us?’

Here is the secret to answering this question in the best possible manner:

  • Talk about the company

It is very important for every job seeker to do a nice research about the company before coming for the interview. The research will really help you to answer this question in the most attractive manner. You can very easily state some of the top stats of features of the company, and make them the reasons for your desire of working for the company.

  • Talk about the positives

While talking about the company, it is a mandate that you only have to talk about the positives of working in the company. Therefore, even if you just read a bad review somewhere etc., don’t even think of mentioning it while answering this question.

  • Talk about your aspiration to be a part of the company

It is important for the recruiter to believe that you actually want to work with the company. Therefore, it is important to subtly depict your desire to work in the company. But, yes, refrain yourself from going overboard!

A good research about the company will not just help you to answer this question, but will also help you to crack the interview quite efficiently. And, same are the benefits of staying positive. Therefore, before going for any interview make sure that you deep dive into the history, present, future etc. of the company, plus, you also have to condition your mind to stay positive and happy!

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Guaranteed ways of becoming successful in a BPO

BPO industry is an extremely quick-paced sector. The fast-paced operations are the main reasons behind the success of the industry, as well as the people attached to the BPO. Once you start working in a BPO, you get immense amount of opportunities to learn and grow. Both as a professional, and as a human being too. But, at the same time, the environment of a BPO is extraordinarily chilled and friendly too (most of the BPOs).  Whether one joins as a fresher or as a highly experienced individual, both find it easy to adjust to the setting, in less time. But, what is that one thing which we all wish for, when we join any new company? Growth. Isn’t it? Now growth here, not just signify appraisals or bonuses, but a step ahead in terms of the designation, and most importantly, more knowledge to handle responsibilities is what we all seek, when we think of growth.

Here are some tips to grow in a BPO:

  1. Stay Informed

If you wish to move up the ladder soon, then it is very important stay well-informed about the ‘Internal Job Postings’. A plenty of opportunities to grow are being generated in BPOs, but remember there are a plenty of people like who would like to utilize the opportunity too. Hence, it is extremely important to be proactive, and to apply at the right time.

  1. Keep Learning

Become better and better every day, and keep learning on a regular basis. Simply because, if there is any opportunity which comes within your process or area of functionality then the management will surely consider you for the promotions. Not just this, we all know that learning is always good, so even if you do not get any right opportunity soon, then also, the learnings will also help you to grow and achieve more soon.

  1. Networking

As we know that BPO environment is pretty friendly. They value relationships between teammates too. Hence, make sure you are friendly, and manage to create a positive image.


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