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How to Keep a Bad Reference from Ruining Your Career

We all are aware of the fact that one bad reference can ruin your whole bright future so make sure when you land up in a soup you always have a way out of that. Many applicants face through this problem because the majority of them do not know that they have been remarked by the bad reference from their former boss which will affect when they will search for a new job.
So, what to do when you find out that your boss is one among those who are less complimenting and more of complaining kind of people, it is obvious that you cannot stop the former employees from communicating with the previous boss and employees but we can have the control through which you can at least make a move to maintain a good image that will help to balance the bad reference that your Ex-boss conveyed regarding you.
Stay tuned with the blog to know the tips and tricks on how to escape from this situation and you can successfully build your bright future.

1) Talk to your former boss:-
The best possible way out is to straight up go and have a word with your former boss regarding the situation, this will help you to get more clarity towards what’s exactly going on. It is very important to know exactly what your previous boss is trying to plot against you and then all you need to do is just calmly sit down and hear about the situation and think how you can get out of this trap laid down by your Ex-boss.

2) Go to HR:-
Now another way to find out exactly what is going behind your back and what are the true intentions of your Ex-boss and what information he/she is disseminating against you to the former boss and employees as well. HR will let you know the exact viewpoint of the former employees as well as the boss regarding you. The benefit of approaching HR is that you can convince him/her so that the myth regarding your bad reference is clear and HR can be a helping hand for you to maintain your image before the employees as well as the boss. Even a cease the desist can also put a full stop to the bad mouthing and you can regain your peace as well as good image in your current office.

3) Check your own references:-
The best weapon is your own reference and if we have a deep look on it we can realize that own reference can sometimes do magic in maintaining your image and reduce the effect of the bad reference given by the Ex-boss. A personal reference can be a great source to polish the image and help in solving the mess that your Ex-boss has created.

4) Ask them to stop:-
The best possible thing one can do is to straight up go and approach those employees who are talking behind your back and spreading the wrong word against you. So it’s better to become straight forward and just clarify the things with the former employees and boss as well so that you can stop this slow poison of bad reference. This can help you improve your image and secure your bright future so that you can successfully work in the organization without any hurdles in the path.

RinkyHow to Keep a Bad Reference from Ruining Your Career

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