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Experience & Abilities count more than a sparkling degree!

A good graduation or a post-graduation degree adds a special value to the resume, and this fact can never be denied, however, presently, educations not the main factor, which decides the professional position. Experience has surpassed education in becoming the chief deciding factor. Not just that, problem-solving skills, which enable an individual tackle real-life situations, are mostly gained by experience. In this technology driven era, even a kid can understand the basic nuances of the modern technological progresses.

Good graduation degree matters, but not more than the abilities and qualities of an individual. The abilities define the capabilities of a candidate. Plus, now a days, a lot of tests are being organized as a part of the interview process, to review the skills of the candidates. And these test results are given more importance than just a good degree. Also, not just the tests, even interviews these days are organized to analyze the abilities of a candidate simply because there is a lot of competition, and recruiters want to be sure of their choice.

Not only the abilities, but the temperament matters too. A company might find a candidate with exceptional educational background, however, somebody with more confidence and a never say die attitude will always be preferred over just an educational degree. Because the environment has become very aggressive, and only people with immense dedication, and the strength to beat the odds can surpass the competition.

Presently, degrees are losing the sheen. Employers are more focused on hiring a problem solver, a go getter, than just a professional graduate. And, one of the major driving forces of this change is the booming start up culture. Startups not just pave the way for young graduates, or even dropouts to become entrepreneurs, but also offers numerous challenging opportunities to anyone who wants to that extra mile, but doesn’t have a degree to prove his abilities. Passion and self-motivation are the drivers of a successful startup journey.

And, yes, Experience is one such think that proves to more fruitful than any degree. It teaches the basics of job functionality, and helps an individual gain the real sense of a professional life!

So, do not get bogged down if you could not get any good degree, just focus on polishing your skills, and experience, and nobody can stop from going big in life, and this what our Career Marshal experts teach the candidates!

Rinky DuggalExperience & Abilities count more than a sparkling degree!

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