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Common email mistakes you should avoid while applying for a job

Writing a smart e-mail is also a required skill to get a good job. Most of the times we apply online and besides attaching a resume, some introductory lines should be written to summaries about yourself to the recruiter. Those few lines play a decisive role in leaving your first impression on the employer/recruiter and a single mistake can snatch your destiny from your hands. Before you do these silly blunders next time while applying for a job, it’s better to read on about the common mistakes and their impact on your candidature.

Using the same email for every job –         

Are you seriously doing this? Oh no, don’t do this. Grow up and be professional. Before applying for a job read about the company and the offered profile and include some related details in your e-mail. This will make the recruiter realize that you have really invested yourself in knowing about the company and you are a responsible person. Remember, the recruiters are smarter than you, they can easily see the laziness behind your stereotypical e-mail language.

Poor Grammar distracts–

Make sure the e-mail you are writing is grammatically sound. Write carefully and read thoroughly before you send the email. You may have a good hold in your field but your grammatically wrong sentences in the e-mail may prevent the recruiter from even opening or downloading your resume. If you are not very sure about your grammar, there are many types of software that do spell check and grammar check for free. Actually, accept it or not, but Indian job market demands people with good English.

Replying emails too late –

A job seeker has to be proactive. They can’t afford any kind of delay. Giving a late reply to e-mails will snatch many opportunities from their hands and sometimes there is no second time. So, check your emails regularly and reply them as soon as you can. You are not the only person whom the email has been sent. There are thousands of job seekers craving for a job and ready to take your place.

Using Emojis? Stop it now –

It is absolutely unprofessional to use Emojis while writing a mail for a job application. Emojis are for friends and family, and not for professional conversations. Recruiters do not take such candidates seriously. It’s like wearing a shirt with cartoon print in your interview.

Wrongly spelled company name? Biggest sin ever –

This is a situation in which even God cannot save you. A little mistake in your name’s spelling suddenly catches your attention and you do everything to rectify it. Isn’t it? Same is with a company name. A company will never recruit a person who doesn’t even know how to spell the company name correctly. While writing the e-mail, check twice or thrice and make sure that you have correctly written the company name.

Above mentioned mistakes are suicidal for your career. Hope the information above will help you write a professional e-mail and get the job you desire. Get in touch with us here, our plethora of job opportunities have much more to offer.

Rinky DuggalCommon email mistakes you should avoid while applying for a job

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