Career Gaps on Resume: Myths Busted

No matter for how many years you are working, any break between jobs or any career gap on the resume does seem a little scary. Even if your reason for the gap was justified, still when it comes to explaining it, you are always doubtful whether the recruiter would believe or not. Though, it is also true that the world of recruitment is transforming and the recruiters are becoming more flexible, smart and understanding. However, there are a few myths related to career gaps on a resume which are still prevailing. In this article, we are busting a few of them:

  • Career Gap signifies lack of continuity

Career Gap may signify a little break, but that break may not signify lack of continuity. This is valid for cases where a person has taken a break to refine their knowledge. When the break is taken to enroll in a certain course or to study something to gain more understand, then that career gap is not regarded as a break. Rather it should be referred as a period specifically taken to enhance the knowledge, and it should be considered positive.

  • Career Gap signifies carelessness or lack of interest

Earlier, a very few bunch of recruiters used to consider career gap as a sign of lack of interest in working. Also, some even related it to the carless attitude of the candidate towards jobs. However, that is not at all true. Career breaks can happen because of any legitimate reasons. Therefore, a recruiter should carefully listed to the candidate and understand the reason of gap without any preconceived notions.

  • Career Gap signifies lack of skills

Some people might consider career gaps as the lack of abilities. They may think that probably the candidate was finding it difficult to get a new job for a long period. This can be because the candidate’s capabilities were not par with the industry requirements. However, this is absolutely wrong. Judging a candidate based on the gap is not at all a great way to conduct a job interview. Instead, the focus should be more on assessing the skills of the candidate.

Career gaps may not look nice on a resume, but they can be justified, if the reasons are genuine. Therefore, if you have any gap on your resumes then don’t worry about it. Just make sure that you convey the reason of the gap appropriately to the recruiter.







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How to add that little extra zing to your CV?

Now that you’re out of the school grind and having fun in college, a question that presents itself pertinently is how to improve your CV. You need to understand that there is no ‘set of rules’ to follow to add weight to those two papers of CV. What we, at Careermarshal, can do is provide a broad guideline on how to tackle the bull by its horn and get a respectable CV.

What you do in your free time is what defines who you are and defines your individuality and interests. Interestingly, it can also demonstrate to a hiring manager the plethora of skills that you possess in your arsenal.

Here are some activities that you can list in your CV that can brighten up your prospects:


A person who is active in sports gives a good account of themselves in terms of team work and dedication. It could also be a great addition to the CV. Whether you are plying your trade for the school’s cricket team, the college’s volleyball or you are the winger in the football team – make sure to highlight your skills, interests and achievements.

One thing to be very cautious about is to link this all with the role you are applying for, otherwise you might be defeating the whole purpose of adding a sport in your CV in the first place.

Skills it demonstrates: team work, dedication, fitness, competitiveness, reliability.

How to get in in the first place: Most universities, schools and colleges have teams for various sports. And you don’t have to be Ronaldo-like (football) or have a stance like Kohli to get in. Just persevere and practice hard regularly to maintain your place.


Music, drama & theatre

A lot of people are genuinely scared of speaking in front of the crowd and that’s why they really appreciate others who can hold their own on stage. Even recruiters love that confidence, especially when the profile requires interactions with a large number of people (e.g. leadership, sales, or customer service roles).

There is plenty to choose from in music, drama and theatre. Anything from being a singer, showcasing your acting chops to direction, instrument could be your thing. The key is to find something and persevere in that

Skills it demonstrates: confidence, self-presentation, collaboration, attention to detail, creativity.

How to get in: These particular sets of activities require natural talent, skill and hard work in equal measure. Want to form a band, learn how to play an instrument like guitar, drums or keyboard. You could try out for various societies in your college who will teach you the nuances of dramatics, dancing and whatnot if you’re selected.


Foreign languages

Being fluent in a foreign language can open you up to jobs in teaching, translating, tourism, and more. It can also be a big boost for your CV.

The dedication and time you invest in learning a foreign language really makes you attractive to a lot of recruited as potential part of operations. Most MNCs are looking for people who not only know their primary skillset well but also have a grasp in a foreign languages for operations in other countries.

Skills it demonstrates: lateral thinking, dedication, willingness to learn, problem solving, patience.

How to get in: If you are really lucky your university could be offering courses in foreign languages (DU does). But if not, you could look for private tutors, free apps, audiobooks and online courses.


Volunteering & fundraising

Most recruiters want earnest citizens who are making a difference at whatever small level they are capable of. Devote your time to teaching underprivileged students at a nearby NGO, organize book donation drives, cleanliness drives and other charitable endeavours. It displays your resourcefulness and willingness to work for things that really matter.

Skills it demonstrates: leadership, ingenuity, commitment, entrepreneurship, proactivity.

How to get in: Most NGOs have a contact option on their homepage through which you directly offer your services. Take time to research about such organizations in your neighbourhood. You could also participate in various societal wings like NSS, Enactus etc in your college.


Job-specific activities

Your hobbies could pave your way to a career although it might be hard to visualize it right now. Keep developing such industry specific hobbies to get ahead in the race. This is because hobbies that relate to a certain industry (e.g. media, IT, copywriting) often teach you the practical skills and experience you need to be considered for a job. So whether you write articles for a website, are a food blogger, photograph your way through college or something else; you are showcasing how industry-wide you already are and you willingness to explore.

Skills it demonstrates: writing, creativity, ability to take criticism, IT & other technical skills.

Getting in these activities is purely initiative centric. The more you go out there in search of your first break, the more likely you are to get it. Go out there, face some rejections but don’t give up.

We repeat, DON’T GIVE UP!





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How to Dodge Automated Resume Screening

Job postings receive an approximate 250 applications, and the recruiter often takes the help of automated resume screening to look for the desired candidate without having to read each and every resume.  Our resume experts believe that 60% of companies use some kind if automated screening process, which means that your resume needs to work twice as hard to make it through.  This one way to streamline application processes to make it easier for the hiring manager.

Here’s how to dodge this automated screening so that your resume makes it through:

  • Get professional resume writing services:

At Career Marshal, we believe that your resume is your ultimate key to get a job and it is always suggested to have the best one so that you stand out from the pool of candidates.  With each and every resume that we write, our resume experts pour in their years’ of experience and knowledge to make sure that you shine through your resume. Use our services to pry open doors to new opportunities and jobs.          `

When you get professional resume services, your resume is tailored to your specific field of expertise and we include all relevant keywords that pertain to your domain. This way your resume is never skipped during an automated screening process.

  • Match Keywords:

It is very important that when you apply for a job online on a portal, that one reads the complete job posting. The next essential step is to identify the important keywords and then to include them in your resume. Our resume experts believe that if you include these keywords, the chances of your resume getting selected increase by 10 folds.

  • Apply early:

Companies that use applicant tracking systems for automated resume scanning often discard any late applicants as they sometimes keep an upper limit to how many applications they will scan and consider for a particular position.

  • Formatting of resume:

Our experts at Career Marshal, suggest that when writing a resume it is better to stick to common fonts such as Times New Roman, Calibri, verdana, Tahoma, etc. these fonts are boring but are considered the safest. It is also better to use only one font throughout the resume. The use of colour, graphics or images is best avoided to keep it professional.

Also, avoid using any special characters in the resume or keep them to a minimum. Also, do not use tables or columns.

The above mentioned points could be a little difficult to follow, especially if you have never made a resume or if you are a fresher. It is always advisable to go for professional resume writing services to get the best out of your limited work experience.  As an entry-level applicant, you could be at a disadvantage because of your lack of experience, but our experts can help you capitalize on whatever experience you possess, using the best from the information you provide from your qualification, and other relevant skills developed from any internship or volunteer work. Our writers are competent enough to make a resume that presents you as a candidate with the most potential. So what are waiting for, take charge of your career today by signing up with us here.


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What to highlight on your resume

Creating a perfect resume needs effort and takes a lot of time. Even though there are a lot of templates on the internet which are available to download for free, the resumes those stand apart are the ones on which the skills and accomplishments are highlighted and makes the job seeker’s profile look interesting. Here’s the tricky part, what do you need to highlight on your resume? You don’t want to sound like you are bragging, yet you want to clearly demonstrate that you are the right fit for the company. How do you know what skills to highlight? How do you do it effectively? We are here to help.

Identify the skills needed for the job you are applying:

The best way to decide what to highlight on your resume is to understand what the employer needs, how will you be able to fulfill them. Everything you need to know is generally available in the job description mentioned in the information about the job. If you read the job description carefully, you will have insights to what the employer is looking for in candidates. You will also be able to identify the keywords you can put on your resume. This method will assure you pass the initial computer screening of the resumes. Even a short description of the job has all the keywords.

For example consider the following job announcement:

Job description

The ideal candidate will expand the company’s brand presence by finding the target audience to distribute marketing content to. You will create and implement the marketing strategy using online methods to gain new customers. The ideal candidate is both a self-motivated individual and a positive team player.


  • Plan and execute digital marketing campaigns
  • Monitor and analyze effectiveness of campaigns
  • Find and target audiences
  • Client servicing
  • Managing client expectations
  • Managing a team
  • Will be expected to work in the following digital marketing verticals: SEO, SEM & SMM

If you read it carefully, the employer needs someone who’s a team player and a person who is good at planning and monitoring. It’s always a good idea to mark those keywords and present them in your resume.

How to highlight your skills effectively

The best way to highlight your skills effectively is to imagine yourself doing the job. Then look at your past work experiences. Think of specific duties you performed and the benefits you provided.

Choosing keywords showing you in action

Give life to the actions you performed on the job. Express your skills in a manner that is impactful, forceful and persuasive – whatever your job may have been – by using action-oriented verbs, such as:

reduced | pioneered | targeted | designed | managed | streamlined | secured | expedited collaborated | authored | coached |increased |monitored | systemized | conceptualized

Show your benefit:

Your resume is your marketing document, and like any other good marketing document it should list out the benefits. People love numbers. Quantify the benefits your work provided to your previous employer. Things like, “Increased profits by 10%,” or “Reduced customer churning by 10%” demonstrate that your skills will benefit your future employer as well.

As you develop your list of skills, share them in a way that demonstrates that you have become more responsible and valuable as time has progressed. If at all possible, make sure the most valuable skills are highlighted under the most recent employment.

Avoid Keyword Overuse:

You are enthusiastic to prove your worth, but make sure not to overuse keyword phrases. “Track record of success” and “Introduced new products” are pretty cliché. “Team player” is even more abused. You can express the same idea, using different words.

Your goal is to showcase the right skills to win over your employer.   Make sure your efforts are also to please the computer. Don’t end up creating wording that mangles the English language. You can even take the help of a professional resume writer or a resume highlight service to increase your chances of getting the attention of employers here

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6 Benefits of hiring professional resume writing services

Job searching sure isn’t an easy thing, and if you are hunting for jobs in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, you should stand out among thousands of other applicants. What’s the first thing you do? You broadcast your resume on the best job portals in India. Then, you wait for the placement consultancies or the companies you have applied to call you. But, have you ever thought whether you have a professional looking resume which grabs the attention of employers? Everyday hundreds if not thousands of people apply for jobs on job portals, how to ensure your resume gets you hired? If you have been job searching for some time without luck, consider writing a better resume. Here’s where a resume writer comes in.  Resume writers are professional writers, who are experts in making your resume unique from the rest of the applicant pool. Here are the benefits of hiring a resume writer, and why it’s such a good investment.

Professional Look:

Resume is your very first impression you give to your employer. An expertly created resume looks clean, polished and professional. In addition to looks, the resume should be error free and have correct grammar. Nothing turns off an employer than a poorly written resume. We at Career Marshal ensure you have a resume that stands out and catches the eye of the employer earning you an interview.

Objective View

For most candidates, it is difficult to have an objective view of their education and career. Applicants often get confused on what to include, what to leave out and what to emphasize. An experienced resume writer can help you add what are the most important details and trim the excess information.

Highlighting essentials

Let’s face it – your resume is not your life story, therefore it shouldn’t include every single thing you have done during your career. It is important to strategize and emphasize relevant accomplishments and highlights of your career. It helps an employer understand how you are the right fit and benefit the company.

Is in tune with current trends

You want a resume that appeals to ATS(applicant tracking systems) in job portals as well as to employers, it shouldn’t be outdated. Are you still using career objectives? They are replaced with summary and core competencies. Mentioning References? Not needed anymore! Resume writers keep in mind of the current trends and design your resume to meet the expectations of the hiring managers.

Save yourself time

We frequently hear about job seekers who spend months in fine tuning and designing the perfect resume. Save yourself from that. You have other important things to do. Polish your skills, keep up with the current trends in the industry, prepare for your interview, and leave the hassle of creating the perfect resume to the pros in reasonable time.

Save yourself money

This might seem unbelievable right? How can you spend money on hiring a professional resume writer and still be saving it? Well, pay heed to this career advice. Compare the salary lost from a prolonged job search with the cost of resume writing service. You’ll actually end up saving money. Investing in an experienced resume writer seems a better option than losing out the money through the job you got with a polished resume.

Now you know why it’s a wise idea to hire a resume writer. Career Marshal provides the best resume writing services in India making sure your resume mirrors your goals and land you up in the job you have always wanted. You can avail our resume writing services here.


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