Trends in HR Jobs

With extremely tough competition in global talent in decades, human resources trends and the HR job market can make a difference between effective recruiting practices or just simply a game of catch-up and second place.

At Career Marshal, we know that HR positions that manage compensation and other employee benefits are key in helping employers hire candidates to fill up their open positions.

Our experts feel that now there’s a strong need for Human Resources professionals more than ever, with skills and experience with compensation and benefits to support employers’ recruiting and also retention programs.

With the growing adoption of employee engagement programs, the retention of top talent in today’s candidate-driven market requires strong HR focus.

The world of people and work is changing. This means that HR jobs are changing. Here are some general trends in HR noted by our experts:

  • Less generalists and more specialists are required
  • Marketing and HR are becoming closer than ever
  • 90% of the HR jobs will be focusing in HR Operations
  • Traditional HR jobs such as advisors and counsellors are gradually disappearing
  • HR operations can learn a great deal from the hospitality business
  • The background of people willing to work in HR is becoming more and more diverse
  • Machine learning/ AI will help to increase impact the of HR globally

Additionally, some of the latest trends in the workforce also include the likes of an increasing participation of women in HR jobs that have historically been male dominant, increase in telecommuting, and aging of the workforce.

Employers today are looking for all candidates that are skilled and experienced in analytics, and human resources is certainly no exception to this rule. Employers need people who can understand and use their business data for their success. People analytics and business data analytics are currently very hot skills because of the rise in big data in today’s times.

The HR mantra for today: work space is not merely a building, but it is a part of the HR agenda to extend the company’s culture and to ensure engagement all employees.

At Career Marshal, we have thousand of jobs in HR that are just waiting for the right candidate. We understand what it takes to build a career in this competitive industry. With our nationwide, diverse network, we are truly a one-of-a-kind job search experience in a sea of job portals. Getting you the HR job of your dreams is our true motto. We make sure that you make a move best fit for your career; with this in mind we offer recruitment opportunities as well as job consultancy all under one roof. At Career Marshal, we utilize our expertise to match talented human resources professionals like you , with recruiters to fulfil the best roles in companies throughout multiple industries. We are your end-to-end solution to finding the best job for your skills and expertise at all levels and at very attractive salary packages.

 Do sign up at Career Marshal for the best opportunities in the field of HR. We are in the people business so let’s get acquainted!

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Accelerate your Job Search with these Tips

Whether you are a complete fresher or even if you are looking for a job change, you have probably realized by now that searching for a job is no less than a full time job. In the present difficult economic times, it takes an immense amount of time, effort and planning in order to land the job of your dreams. But, with the right mindset and by working smarter and not harder, you can definitely make your job search much less of a pain.

Our consultants at Career Marshal suggest the following steps that can instantly accelerate your job search:

  • Choose a job portal: A good job portal like Career Marshal offers you tons of job opportunities in all fields. We are one of the leading recruitment companies today having something for just about everyone. We strive to land the best possible opportunities for you so that you have an amazing career.
  • Apply to a LOT of jobs: While it can be quite intimidating to apply for 20 jobs in one single day, but we find that it’s much better to throw as many fishing lines into the water as possible as you have more chances of catching something rather than nothing at all. The worst-case scenario is that you’ll have multiple job offers to choose from and who doesn’t want options these days. Although, if you wait a few days to apply to an open job, your resume and application might end up being lost under a pile of other potential applicants. When this happens, the recruiter may get enamoured with another applicant and may never even see your resume.You can increase your chances of landing an interview and a job offer by simply applying first, and submitting a flawless resume, and becoming the recruiter’s early favourite.
  • Check the details carefully: When applying for a job, check the job description very carefully and also check the company. Then try to tailor your resume including keywords from the job description. This highly increases your chances of getting that interview call.
  • Be consistent: You may be searching for a while now without any luck but just because you didn’t get that interview call doesn’t mean that you should give up. Continue your search and continue applying to opportunities that suit you best, you never know the best one could just be your next one. You may have to give up some of your precious time, but it will surely pay off and save you time somewhere down the road.
  • Take advantage of Social networking: While you are at it, our Recruitment experts suggest creating social media profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn. These sites are now proving to be an essential tool in job search with the rise of the social media. A lot of recruiters now want to look at your LinkedIn profile to see your work experiences and credibility. Also, try to include their links in your resume so that the recruiters can see for themselves.

Also, a lot of job portals such as Career Marshal very frequently post jobs on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Thus, giving you a chance to be up-to-date with the latest job openings in your field.  Who knew that connecting with your friends on Facebook could also land you a job!

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How Social Media can land you a Job

Social media has emerged as a key player in the job search process today.

Social Media Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ allow employers to get a glimpse of who you are outside the traditional confines of a resume, or even an interview. Social media sites offer job seekers the opportunity to learn about companies they’re interested to work in; connect with their former and current employees; and know about current job openings instantly, among other things.

This is the reason why more and more job seekers are becoming highly active on social networking sites on a daily basis, and most employers now utilize these sites in their hiring process.

So how can you as a job seeker tap into the power of social media to make searching for jobs easier? Our experts at Career Marshal have gathered all the tips you need to use every platform out there to your advantage:

  1. What accounts to have:

Our experts think that every job seeker should at least have a LinkedIn account, and a Facebook or Twitter to show that you’re a real person. Beyond that, you should consider social networking sites that are really important for your industry.

  1. Always use your real name:

It can be quite trendy to pick a catchy nickname or handle when making your profile on a site but, as much as possible, try using your real name. This looks more professional and also implies that people will be able to find and scan your profiles when they search for your name. If your name is a rather common one or if you often go by a nickname, in that case, choose a consistent name and use the same across all platforms, and try to include your real name somewhere on each account.

  1. Include your profiles in your resume:

Your social media profiles are a great representation of you and you’re personality, so make sure they’re out there! Try to include your Twitter handle on your resume, also mention your industry-specific network, and tell your recruiter where to find you on your business card or your email signature. If you’ve done the work to make your social media profiles look good and professional, don’t be shy about sharing them!

  1. Like Pages like Career Marshal on Facebook

Today is an era of social networking. Everybody and everything is available online. That’s why at Career Marshal we post jobs on social media our social media platforms. We advertise our job postings on social media websites to expand your search horizons. Like us on our Facebook page and get regular updates about the best job opportunities for you.

At Career marshal, we boast a diverse recruiting network that spreads all over India, this makes us extremely experienced and efficient in breaking all boundaries and bridging the gap between recruiters and jobseekers. That’s how Career Marshal is one-of-a-kind job seeking portal in the country today, providing the ultimate job search experience.
Our aim is to become the leading end-to-end job portal in the country, providing a range of premium and career enhancing services for all jobseekers.

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Do’s and Don’ts for applying a Job Online

Online Job portals like Career Marshal make it very easy for you to apply for a job online. We have a system to keep your resume in tow, so that it is easy to submit. But your online job seeker profile plays a very important role in getting you noticed by the recruiter’s eye. That’s why our resume experts at Career Marshal are offering some Do’s and Don’ts to effectively guide you through the process of applying for jobs online:

  1. Check out the company’s website before you apply.

Recruiters like to see that you have a special interest in their company. They’re likely to pursue a candidate who has a history with a similar industry and also they know why they’re applying now. Take the time to learn the company’s mission and values. Then, try incorporate these into your job history and your resume. This will make sure that you stand out among other applicants who applied without doing their homework.

  1. Tailor your resume for every job you apply online

We cannot stress enough on the importance of including key words from the job description on the posting in your resume. Most recruiters receive hundreds of resumes for every job posted. They simply don’t have the time to go through each and every detail of all resumes, therefore, they just look for keywords that match their job requirements, in your resume. Having included keywords, instantly makes you stand out from the rest of the candidates.

Also, if there is anything that needs to be manually filled in, make sure you don’t miss them out. It is very unprofessional to leave out any blank unfilled sections in your online job application and there are chances that the recruiter will totally rule you out.

  1. Add your updated LinkedIn profile:

With growing age of the use of social media, LinkedIn is quickly becoming one of the prerequisites of any job profile or resume. It is essential to have a LinkedIn profile, this makes sure that you look seriously professional to the recruiter. But before you like it, make sure that your profile is job search worthy and well updated. Your profile picture should also look professional, rather than the one taken during vacation.

  1. Get Professional resume services:

With a fast-paced life writing a well updated resume in accordance with your career goals could be a very challenging task. We therefore recommend hiring professional resume writing services from Career Marshal to make sure your resume is top notch. We make sure that your resume is professional that lands you a job instantly.

  1. Resume Highlighting and Broadcasting Services:

At Career Marshal, we also offer resume highlighting and resume broadcasting services that makes you stand apart from the vast pool of potential candidates.  With our resume broadcasting services we make sure that you are on the top of the list of every prospective recruiter. With just Rs 500 for 90 days this services is definitely worth to make you land the job of your dreams.

With our resume highlighting services, we give you the ‘flaunt it cos you have it’ edge. We highlight your resume so that your profile stands out to our database of nationwide recruiters to surpass any possible competition.

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The Importance of On-The-Job Training

Employees are often trained away from where they work, whether it’s down the office space or on the other side of the country. This traditional approach puts a wall between “what employees learn and what they do”. This is where On-the-job training can step in and break down this wall.

Training presents a big opportunity to expand the knowledge base of the employees; however, many employers find the development opportunities very expensive. Employees also miss out on the time that they can spend working, while they are busy attending training sessions, which in turn delays the project deadlines. Despite all potential setbacks, on the job training provides both the company and the employees with benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment.

Learners and teachers work shoulder to shoulder to develop a feeling of chasing the same goal when training on the job. The training then becomes something not simply given to employees, but something in which they love to participate. The employees can give immediate feedback about what they don’t understand and/or offer suggestions about how to improve certain processes.

At Career Marshal, our experts believe that just recruitment is not enough, employee retention is another challenge faced by recruiters. This is where on-the-job training also improves retention. The in-situation experience helps an employee strengthen recall of information in a way that classroom learning can’t do thus, making the working environment more fun.

When learning and everyday work are combined together, the employee’s mind is processing and associating the office environment with the skills that are being developed while training.

Our experts recommend the following blending classroom work with on-the-job training:

  • Message: On-the-job training is one of the most effective ways of training when employees play an active role. Most offices send this message by asking for participation and, also by listening when employees share their thoughts.
  • Process: One important part of this type of training is also to bring employees together every day to discuss a point that was covered in training. This should be more of a huddle than a meeting, a short conversation like this makes training a part of their routine work.
  • Tools: New technologies can help offices in integrating teaching into their everyday activities. Such tools put training guidance at the employees’ finger tips; and also lets them look up key points when their jobs requires it.

According to a a recent study by our experts, employees who have access to training and development programs in their organisations have the advantage over employees in other companies who are left to look for training opportunities on their own. All investment done by the company in training, shows the employees that they are valued. Training creates a supportive workplace and employees learn things that they wouldn’t have otherwise known about or sought out to learn themselves. They feel appreciated and challenged through training opportunities and in turn this leads to more satisfaction toward their jobs.

Our experts suggest that organizations that deliver a clear message and use good processes and training tools can break the wall between the employees learning process and their everyday tasks at work. When learning and work then come together, the goals of training and that of the organization become the same.


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Make a lasting Impression on your first day at work

First impressions are always very important, especially if it’s your first day at a new job or more importantly if it’s your first job. It is quite natural to feel worried and anxious about new work culture and new colleagues or bosses. The nervousness comes from a fear of being judged. Nobody wants to be thought of as being inferior in any way, particularly on the first day of work.

Starting your day off on the right foot is essential as it sets tone for the next few weeks of interaction and engagement with your peers at work.  Since your first day is more of a make or break kind of a deal, it becomes almost imperative to create a positive first impression.

Our experts at Career Marshal have a few pointers for you to make sure that you make a lasting impression at work:

  • Dress appropriately: Try not to not over-dress, but at the same time do not under-dress either. We recommend checking with your HR beforehand as to what kind of office dress code is followed and try to pick your clothes accordingly.
  • Be on time: Our experts can’t stress enough the importance of punctuality. Time is of great value to everyone and people are often judged by how they respect others’ time. Be sure to reach your office and all meetings on time, if not earlier.
  • Have an optimistic attitude: Everyone likes a person who has a smile, a radiant personality, and a positive attitude. This is exactly what is needed for a lasting impression. Try being enthusiastic, energetic, and charming about the new opportunity and do not forget to reveal the same from your body language.
  • Team building: When at your new job, make quick efforts to know everyone and introduce yourself to them as well. Try to focus on the critical elements of team playing, i.e., loyalty, trust, taking initiatives, and working together. And avoid gossiping at all costs.
  • Take notes: During your first few weeks, you are bound to be overwhelmed with more information than you can process at one time. It is a wonderful idea to pen down everything and keep these notes handy in case of confusion.
  • Work with commitment: Try being proactive and volunteer to do even the smallest of jobs. Performing these odd jobs with utmost commitment will make a good impression on your bosses.
  • Communicate: It is believed that more communication is better than no or little communication. During the first few days of your new job, you are bound to have tons of questions. It’s better to leave your manager’s desk with all queries answered than to keep coming back, which could get a bit annoying.

At Career Marshal, we try to make sure we present you with the best career advice, so that you can shine in your workplace. From finding you the best career move to guiding you through your daily tasks at work, we are here at every step of your career. Do check out our blogs for more tips on managing work stress and beat professional competition.

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How to Deal with job and work place stress

Stress can be both positive and negative. It all depends upon how it is affecting you or is it manageable or not. Some stresses work as a kick to perform better and others tend to make a withdrawing nature.

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