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Top 10 Popular Job Portal Sites in India

Digitization has not left any sector untouched, and the recruitment sector is not left behind as well. At present, myriad job portals are available, making it extremely convenient for candidates to find the best job. Getting a perfect job is no longer confined to the cage of opportunities. If you have the right skill set, and the abilities, the correct and apt job portal will certainly help you find the best career opportunity, and that too way more conveniently then before.

Here is the list of 10 popular job sites in India:

  1. Naukri was one of the initial online job portals that was incepted in the country, and it certainly bought a revolution in the online recruitment industry. Naukri is widely used by both, people with experience as well as it is extremely usefully for job seekers who do not have experience too, as it opens a wide range of possibilities. One can easily get vacancies from a varied range of domains. Hence, the candidate’s expectations can reach a new high, as a person gets an opportunity to apply for various jobs.

  1. LinkedIn

Linkedin is unquestionably one of the world’s extensive professional network. It has 400+ million members, and to the members are spread across the world, in around 200 countries and territories. Once a professional signs up on LinkedIn, he/she get direct access to a lot of people whom he/she can connect to. Plus, a plenty of jobs, news, feeds and insights that enable the candidates reach closer to more fantastic career opportunities. Plus, it is really become popular as a brilliant network enhancing site!

  1. Career Marshal

Incepted in the year 2012, Career Marshal has been stepping up the success curve 2-folds every quarter. Their main objective is to transfigure the present, rather unsettled recruitment industry with efficient consulting as well as recruitment services. Acting as a spur in inciting innovation in the recruitment industry, their core focus area is matching the apt candidate with the apt job. Career Marshal is aimed to resolve recruitment issues and open the door of immense opportunities for brilliant individuals. And, at the moment, they are serving various industries including IT, HR, Sales, Marketing, BPO sectors etc.

  1. Shine

Shine, as we know is a part of Hindustan Times group and was set up in the year 2008. Statistically, the site has done a brilliant job is less time, and has rapidly become one of the best job site in the country. It has got more than 3 million jobs plus, the site is linked with more than 14,000 topnotch companies. However, the interface is not as impressive as that of some of the other top-class job sites. Though, it does provide decent job relevance search results viaa gigantic database of candidates.

  1. Monster India

Monster India is magnificent job site for getting wonderful jobs according to your experience as well as abilities. The Avant-grade technology at Monster India offers a great number of profiles to companies around the country. Plus, it offers many jobs to the job seekers too, as a plenty of companies prefer to list the vacancies on Monster. Approximately more than 200 million candidates are registered on the site, globally and hence, recruiters get a good pool to scout the best talent too. Plus, it offers the functionality to browse through various different career opportunities on the basis of responsibility areas, location, skill set, and domain

  1. Times Jobs

Times Jobs is one of the most rapidly flourishing job sites in the country. Plus, it is pretty innovative as well. A wide range of jobs can be applied at Times Jobs. The site offers vacancies from various different sectors like BPO, IT, retail, advertisement, marketing and in fact government as well. Plus, a plenty of jobs based in the Gulf nations can also be found here. The best part about this site is that almost 20,000 new resumes are uploaded-almost every day on Times job, and hence, it boasts of a huge database.

  1. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is pretty famous for the company reviews section, but honesty, that site has done pretty well in terms of the job vacancies too. The review feature had made it popular and hence, a lot of companies are cashing on the section, to spread their vacancies as well.

  1. Freshers World

Freshers world is undoubtedly one of the most favorite online job portals. And, it has a huge database of more than 1 crore resumes. The name already attracts freshers from different fields, who are looking for great opportunities in various diverse domains. More than 60,000 recruiters from around 100 cities offer exceptional fresher recruitment solutions here. Some of the recruiters also provide training essentials as well as some of the placement papers, as per the job requisites.

  1. Placement India

Placement India was set up in the year 1997, hence, it undoubtedly holds a lot of experience as it is one of the eldest sites in the country. A plenty of candidates gets a variety of valuable free-services. It is one of the most trusted sites also. Plus, it helps the consultancies find the best fit too.

  1. Career Jet

Career Jet is more like a job search engine, than an online job portal. And, it is widely known for mapping the huge selection of vacancies available across the net in one wide database by referencing job listings starting from job boards as well as a plenty of recruitment agency websites. The site has an efficient and easy to use interface, where all the users of the site can search the database as well as choose to visit every site individually. Basically, Carrerjet works as a traffic driver and its search engine network incorporates more than 90 countries.

These are just 10 of the top job sites. In the comings year a lot more are sure to come, but it will more interesting to see which one of these shines the most in the coming year!

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Mistakes you should avoid during your job search

Searching a job is a kind of expedition in itself. One wrong step and the adventure may turn into a life threat. In job search the threat is on your career. One wrong word during interview, poorly written resume, unprofessional outfit etc. can spoil your career. Job search is an art you need to master without leaving any margin for any flaws. One wrong step may cost you your dream job. It’s all about acting wise at the right time. Sometimes even the smallest mistake may leave you regretting for years. Our experts of Career Marshal are offering their thoughts on the mistakes that you should avoid during job search.

Don’t stuff your cover letter with too much information

Do not over clutter your cover letter with unnecessary information. Cover letter is a summary of your overall career, experience and a justification of what makes you competent candidate for the applied job. Tell the employer why you are a perfect fit for the profile, how you are a good deal for the company and which skills of yours relate to the profile.

A cluttered resume

Same rule applies for the resume also. There are many things that really don’t belong to your resume. Statements in your objective, long paragraphs without bullets, irrelevant experiences from the distant past, hobbies, reasons for leaving your previous job, references etc. are a few things that make your resume look cluttered. Before starting your job search, always take an expert advice or go for a professional resume writing services. They will alter your resume according to the related industry trends.

Not making a match between your qualification and the job.

Before you apply for a job just make sure that you have all the related qualifications required for that profile. Randomly applying for job search just for the sake of good salary package will take you nowhere. Read the full description and pay attention to the qualifications they are looking for. If you really find yourself compatible to their requirements, then apply for it otherwise move on to find a better match for you.

Saying the wrong thing at a job interview

There are a few things you should keep to yourself during a job interview. Expressing everything may cost you the job. For example –

I really hate my job,

I am planning a vacation in coming weeks,

My current employer is awful,

The working hours are too long.

I don’t have any questions.

Can I work from home?

Interviews make me feel nervous

No taking follow-ups

Employers really appreciate the candidates who take follow-up. It shows that you are not among those who give interviews to just get more salaries. Taking follow-up leaves a good impression on the employer. Besides, it also gives you a chance to say which you wanted to say in the interview but couldn’t.

Job search is like a fragile stuff that needs to be handled extremely carefully. So next time you search for a job or give any interview be careful and be professional.


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Accelerate your Job Search with these Tips

Whether you are a complete fresher or even if you are looking for a job change, you have probably realized by now that searching for a job is no less than a full time job. In the present difficult economic times, it takes an immense amount of time, effort and planning in order to land the job of your dreams. But, with the right mindset and by working smarter and not harder, you can definitely make your job search much less of a pain.

Our consultants at Career Marshal suggest the following steps that can instantly accelerate your job search:

  • Choose a job portal: A good job portal like Career Marshal offers you tons of job opportunities in all fields. We are one of the leading recruitment companies today having something for just about everyone. We strive to land the best possible opportunities for you so that you have an amazing career.
  • Apply to a LOT of jobs: While it can be quite intimidating to apply for 20 jobs in one single day, but we find that it’s much better to throw as many fishing lines into the water as possible as you have more chances of catching something rather than nothing at all. The worst-case scenario is that you’ll have multiple job offers to choose from and who doesn’t want options these days. Although, if you wait a few days to apply to an open job, your resume and application might end up being lost under a pile of other potential applicants. When this happens, the recruiter may get enamoured with another applicant and may never even see your resume.You can increase your chances of landing an interview and a job offer by simply applying first, and submitting a flawless resume, and becoming the recruiter’s early favourite.
  • Check the details carefully: When applying for a job, check the job description very carefully and also check the company. Then try to tailor your resume including keywords from the job description. This highly increases your chances of getting that interview call.
  • Be consistent: You may be searching for a while now without any luck but just because you didn’t get that interview call doesn’t mean that you should give up. Continue your search and continue applying to opportunities that suit you best, you never know the best one could just be your next one. You may have to give up some of your precious time, but it will surely pay off and save you time somewhere down the road.
  • Take advantage of Social networking: While you are at it, our Recruitment experts suggest creating social media profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn. These sites are now proving to be an essential tool in job search with the rise of the social media. A lot of recruiters now want to look at your LinkedIn profile to see your work experiences and credibility. Also, try to include their links in your resume so that the recruiters can see for themselves.

Also, a lot of job portals such as Career Marshal very frequently post jobs on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Thus, giving you a chance to be up-to-date with the latest job openings in your field.  Who knew that connecting with your friends on Facebook could also land you a job!

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How Social Media can land you a Job

Social media has emerged as a key player in the job search process today.

Social Media Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ allow employers to get a glimpse of who you are outside the traditional confines of a resume, or even an interview. Social media sites offer job seekers the opportunity to learn about companies they’re interested to work in; connect with their former and current employees; and know about current job openings instantly, among other things.

This is the reason why more and more job seekers are becoming highly active on social networking sites on a daily basis, and most employers now utilize these sites in their hiring process.

So how can you as a job seeker tap into the power of social media to make searching for jobs easier? Our experts at Career Marshal have gathered all the tips you need to use every platform out there to your advantage:

  1. What accounts to have:

Our experts think that every job seeker should at least have a LinkedIn account, and a Facebook or Twitter to show that you’re a real person. Beyond that, you should consider social networking sites that are really important for your industry.

  1. Always use your real name:

It can be quite trendy to pick a catchy nickname or handle when making your profile on a site but, as much as possible, try using your real name. This looks more professional and also implies that people will be able to find and scan your profiles when they search for your name. If your name is a rather common one or if you often go by a nickname, in that case, choose a consistent name and use the same across all platforms, and try to include your real name somewhere on each account.

  1. Include your profiles in your resume:

Your social media profiles are a great representation of you and you’re personality, so make sure they’re out there! Try to include your Twitter handle on your resume, also mention your industry-specific network, and tell your recruiter where to find you on your business card or your email signature. If you’ve done the work to make your social media profiles look good and professional, don’t be shy about sharing them!

  1. Like Pages like Career Marshal on Facebook

Today is an era of social networking. Everybody and everything is available online. That’s why at Career Marshal we post jobs on social media our social media platforms. We advertise our job postings on social media websites to expand your search horizons. Like us on our Facebook page and get regular updates about the best job opportunities for you.

At Career marshal, we boast a diverse recruiting network that spreads all over India, this makes us extremely experienced and efficient in breaking all boundaries and bridging the gap between recruiters and jobseekers. That’s how Career Marshal is one-of-a-kind job seeking portal in the country today, providing the ultimate job search experience.
Our aim is to become the leading end-to-end job portal in the country, providing a range of premium and career enhancing services for all jobseekers.

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Looking for a Job? Here are 5 tips for an effective Job Search

Finding a job can take months of time and effort. But you can speed up the process by using specific methods to find the best job opportunities for you. Career Marshal suggests these tips to reduce your job searching time:

  1. Restrict your job search: Your time is very important and you don’t want to definitely save it by applying only for suitable jobs. We recommend evaluating your skills before applying and enhancing the required skills for the job applied. Some organizations are interested in hiring those who are capable of managing things without even getting trained. Therefore, try to focus your time on creating great applications for jobs that you are well-qualified for.
  2. Know what you want: It is important to narrow down your job search and ask yourself: what is the kind of job best suited for my skills? What am I really after? Now make a list of your skills and try to look for it while searching. You should create your own personal brand based on your skills. And then you’ll become a sought after employee by employers who will be eager to hire you for your skills.
  3. Use a competent Job portal: Using a competent job portal such as Career marshal saves you time and effort. You can apply for jobs that match your skills and expertise. These jobs are posted by some of the Top companies in India. At Career Marshal we don’t just provide you with a job but we make you a career.
  4. Set Goals for yourself: Try to set long term career goals for yourself when looking for a job. Having long term goals for yourself will help you grow continuously. Enhance networking skills by often meeting people of professional organizations to boost your self esteem and motivate yourself with new ideas and information.
  5. Market yourself through your resume: It is very important to market yourself through your resume so that the employer is impressed with your skills even before they meet you in person. But not everyone is a pro at resume writing. Save yourself time and hire the Career Marshal Professional resume writing services. We make sure your resume is shortlisted, for that we make you nothing short of magic. We present your resume in an organized way, making sure that we give attention to all of your qualifications, work experiences and achievements.

At Career Marshal we make sure that you are the highlight to your prospective recruiter. We also have resume critique services for your resumes, in which you can get your resume reviewed by our resume experts. Our experts are highly qualified and experience in evaluating your resume on various parameters and can suggest you the areas for improvement in your resume.

In today’s economy, finding a job can be very tough, but there are always opportunities if you know where to look. All you need are the right tools like Career Marshal which can enhance your search, widen your networking opportunities and get you a career to match your skills.

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