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Want to know how to get into a top league BPO?

BPOs have done a remarkably fantastic job when it comes to the employment generation factor in India. The field is known to hire people on the sheer basis of their skills and nothing more. Individuals who are not even graduates can get into good BPOs just on the basis of their communication skills. Even some of the school pass outs choose to start their career through a BPO industry, and the industry is always open to welcome them. Though, there are a huge number of BPOs in the country, but the main aim of every individual is to get into one of the best BPOs in India. Everybody wants to be a part of a fantastic company.

Here are some of the tips to get you into one of the top International BPOs in India:

  • Choose the right job portal

Whenever you start your job hunt which is aimed to get you into one of the top BPOs in the country, always start by choosing the right job portal. Among some of the best job sites in India, Career Marshal stands tall as one of the top job portals in India. It is not only a trusted jobsite, but people also prefer it because it offers them a host of opportunities. So, start by posting your resume on Career Marshal and applying for the relevant jobs. Soon, you will start receiving calls from the recruiters, and very soon you will get the best job that you want. And, in case you require any resume writing service, then Career Marshal offers that too!

  • Enhance your communication skills

In order to get into a top league BPO you will be required to have world-class communication skills. Therefore, before applying for jobs in some of the best BPOs in India, firstly, try to polish your communication skills. This will not only help you to get through the interview, but will also help you to succeed and grow in the industry. Now a days, many agencies have started offering communication skills training as well. So, you may choose to opt for the most reliable one as well, if you wish too!

  • Stay focused

Finding a job in one of the top international BPOs in India is not a cakewalk. Always remember that you will have to face a lot of competition to get into one of the best BPOs. Therefore, be prepared to face rejections also. But, the most important thing is to stay focused. No matter how many rejections you are facing, just learn to get up after every defeat to try again. Also, keep refining your skills to enhance your chances of getting your dream job. And, sooner or later, you will certainly get the offer letter that you have been dreaming of!

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How to best your opponents in a BPO interview?

BPO industry has been on a rise since quite a few years now. It is one of those industries which is generating a myriad of job opportunities. The industry is very vibrant, and attracts many youngsters who wish to kick start their corporate journey. If you are also planning to appear for a BPO interview anytime sooner than here are some tips to perform well:

  • Master your Communications skills

Strong communication skills are the requirement of almost every BPO. Therefore, before applying for the vacancies and going for those interviews make sure that you have superb communication skills. Brush up your communication skills through different means. Now a days, there are a plenty of courses that can help you to enhance your communication skills as well. So, just make sure you are on top of your communication skills when you appear for the interview. If you will do so, you will certainly have maximum chances of getting through.

  • Condition your mind to be proactive

One of the other major demands of the BPO industry is being proactive. As major part of job will include interacting with different people, who would want to get their queries answered or problems resolved. Therefore, you have to prepare for some sudden inquiries or questions. You should have the caliber to answer them smartly.

  • Carry On that Smile

For any executives whose prime responsibility is to interact with the customers, it is extremely important to be very humble. You have to keep smiling, and answer everything very positively and humbly even if the customer is not really in a great mood. You will come across instances where customers will be highly agitated, but you will have to be highly patient and calm to deal with them with ease.

Listed above are a few of the top tips to crack a BPO interview. You should certainly work on these tips while going for an interview. However, just remember that the secret of cracking any interview, be it a BPO, a teacher or anything, is that you have to be ultra-confident. Your confident and smart personality will fetch you those extra brown points which might turn out to be the game changer. Hence, before going for any interview, make sure you are prepared well, because preparation will make you more confident. And, always remember, that no matter what, you have to keep going!

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Difference Between Domestic and International BPO & Its Career Effects

Getting a job is not as easy as it sounds and particularly in the present competitive world young graduates need to be extremely cautious and attentive while facing an interview. Even after getting a fine placement it consumes quality time to feel satisfied or comfortable in the new environment. To become successful, it is a must that one should never give up learning new techniques and sharpen their skills. Before you get a better position in a BPO which is also known as Business Process Outsourcing it is a must to understand the difference between the domestic and an international BPO. There are different types of organizations that work to satisfy various requirements of customers throughout the world and getting a job in such organization is nothing but handling the queries of the clients depending on the need and help them to overcome the trouble with a professional solution.

A Domestic BPO

A domestic BPO is nothing but a company that deals with the clients or people within the country and here people need to know the local languages as the customers explains their issues in any language. A domestic business entrepreneur can gain better profits through these domestic BPO’s as people here start understanding the queries or complaints of the customers and give them a solution. With some quality knowledge in English and a good hold over the national language of the country along with good communication skills helps one to have a successful career in the domestic BPO. A domestic BPO offers limited services as they can only deal with the issues of the particular region or mostly throughout the country whereas an international BPO can support people worldwide.

An international BPO

A person or a graduate interested in starting their career in the domestic BPO should owe a great command of the languages along with English. An international BPO is a place that helps people throughout the world in handling their business issues efficiently. People from various corners of the globe call to get a better solution to their trouble and people communicate in English.

Handle the Issues Professionally

Both domestic and international BPO supports business people to get an effective solution through phone calls. Irrespective of the field the BPO offers exceptional services and a few include healthcare, pharmacy, insurance, banking sector and a few more. Due to this people who are interested in getting a better placement in a reputed BPO need to handle the functions and queries of people much professionally.

Manage the Complaints of the Clients

In order to maintain the resources and support the clients in extraordinary way every employee is given training according to the terms of the company after clearing the interview in every BPO. The international BPO ensures that all its employees are comfortable in understanding and replying in the same accent of the people or the clients in which they get a complaint. Even they need to have some idea regarding the regional languages along with a better knowledge in English as it is much essential to convince the international customers with the quality of the language and accent.

Owe a Smooth Career

Whether you choose a domestic BPO comforts you as the industry offers an excellent career growth for a hard worker.

Face the Interview and Work to Gain Identity

Facing an interview with complete confidence and better communication skills allows one to clear majority of the rounds and with the further training a graduate can easily start their professional career in a BPO. Getting a better pay along with a good identity becomes easy for an individual after starting their career in a BPO and particularly in the companies that provide a certified training. As the companies first comforts a fresher by training them perfectly and later allow them to take calls of the customers.

Improve Your Skills by Completing Essential Courses

Even the BPO’s ensure that the employee is comfortable working in the particular area and change them to the place they feel good and offer a chance to improve their skills. Owing good communication skills is one major advantage for people who prefer to have a wonderful career in the BPO sector as such people are mostly demanded in the corporate world. Also by completing a few certification courses and by handling the queries of the customers perfectly one can easily reach a better height in their professional career and can save a few bucks within no time. So it is extremely essential to have a great quality of learning things at every instance and even one should work hard with a desire to attain good heights in their own professional career.

Working in BPO always comforts people with various advantages and one need to overcome the obstacles to enjoy a smooth and a bright future by building up the communication and managerial skills which are extremely essential.

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Guaranteed ways of becoming successful in a BPO

BPO industry is an extremely quick-paced sector. The fast-paced operations are the main reasons behind the success of the industry, as well as the people attached to the BPO. Once you start working in a BPO, you get immense amount of opportunities to learn and grow. Both as a professional, and as a human being too. But, at the same time, the environment of a BPO is extraordinarily chilled and friendly too (most of the BPOs).  Whether one joins as a fresher or as a highly experienced individual, both find it easy to adjust to the setting, in less time. But, what is that one thing which we all wish for, when we join any new company? Growth. Isn’t it? Now growth here, not just signify appraisals or bonuses, but a step ahead in terms of the designation, and most importantly, more knowledge to handle responsibilities is what we all seek, when we think of growth.

Here are some tips to grow in a BPO:

  1. Stay Informed

If you wish to move up the ladder soon, then it is very important stay well-informed about the ‘Internal Job Postings’. A plenty of opportunities to grow are being generated in BPOs, but remember there are a plenty of people like who would like to utilize the opportunity too. Hence, it is extremely important to be proactive, and to apply at the right time.

  1. Keep Learning

Become better and better every day, and keep learning on a regular basis. Simply because, if there is any opportunity which comes within your process or area of functionality then the management will surely consider you for the promotions. Not just this, we all know that learning is always good, so even if you do not get any right opportunity soon, then also, the learnings will also help you to grow and achieve more soon.

  1. Networking

As we know that BPO environment is pretty friendly. They value relationships between teammates too. Hence, make sure you are friendly, and manage to create a positive image.


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Tips to get into a top league BPO

BPOs have certainly transformed the employment scenario in India, in a few years. BPO industry is one of those industries which hires purely based on the skillset of the candidate. Though, for certain positions, experience and educational qualifications do play significant roles, but generally, getting into a BPO takes proper preparation, that’s all. With so many BPOs in India, it is not difficult to find out the vacancies, as almost everywhere you will find job openings in BPO. But, the key is to get into a top league BPO, in order to move your career graph to a reputed place.

Here are some tips to get into the top BPOs:

  • Know about the company

No doubt there are a plenty of BPOs in India at the moment, and you might have worked, or tried your luck in a few of them already. But, you need to understand that every BPO is different. The company is different, and hence, it is extremely important to read the details about the organization before stepping into the interview room. You need to read the journey of the BPO, and it will help you answer some of the key questions better!

  • Brush up your communication skills

Communication skills are the key ingredients of a world-class BPO employee. Hence, make sure you have the best communication skills. No matter how confident you are, keep trying to become better and better. After all, a good league BPO will only hire the best of the lot!

  • Be Smart

Smartness is another important element that all BPO employees should have. At times, you might get stuck on a query, and you simply don’t know the answer. Now here, your smartness will be tested. You should be able to play around with the query smartly, till the time you have the answer ready. Plus, in a BPO, a new joiner has to learn a plenty of new things, so for that you certainly need a fair bit of intelligence too.

These are just a few of the tips which will help you crack that most important interview. Apart from these, qualities like confidence, patience, endurance, perseverance etc. are some other key elements which a recruiter would try to find in you while interviewing. So, getting into a world-class BPO is not an easy task, but if you prepare well, then nothing can stop you from cracking the toughest of interviews!


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Super effective BPO job interview tips

BPOs have undoubtedly generated immense employment opportunities. From an under-grad, a fresher to even a post grad, BPO is one such sector which offers opportunities to one and all. Specially, when a candidate is perusing his/her degree, or is a fresher wanting to start his/her career, BPO serves as the best go-to-sector for employment.

However, getting a job in a BPO is not as simple as it looks to be. There are a plenty of rounds involved. Plus, the recruiter keeps judging the candidate on inter & intra personal skills too.

Here are a few top tips to prepare for a BPO interview better:

  • Stay Cool

As we know, most of the BPO jobs demand you to be in contact with the clients and customers. Now here, all the clients and customers would be different personalities, and will have a different way of talking to you as well. Hence, no matter how rude or how arrogant the customer gets, a BPO executive needs to stay calm and humble while listening. Hence, be prepared to get your temperament analyzed during the interview!

  • Communication is the key

Landing a job in one of the best BPOs demands you to be extremely good with your communication skills. During the course of the interview, you have to be up to the mark with your communication skills. Even while you are talking to the recruiter casually, then also try to showcase the best of your communication skills!

  • Prove your stability

Stability is one of the key deciding factors for any BPO recruiter. The recruiter makes sure that the candidate stays with the company longer. Therefore, try not to indulge in any conversation related to even your distant goals and aims. You have to show the recruiter that you are here to stay, and you see yourself moving up the ladder while working with their company.

  • A go-getter attitude always works

For a fast paced industry such as a BPO industry, recruiters often end up picking the most dedicated and energetic candidates. A go getter is always preferred over somebody with a little bit of better communication skills as well. Because BPO industry demands a lot of learning, and adaptation of newer things regularly.

  • Study about the industry and the company

Before stepping in the interview premises, do make sure that you read about the BPO industry and also the company. This will not just make you a little more confident, but will also add on to your credibility. As the recruiter would be able to sense your level of dedication, and interest for the job.

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Top International BPO interview questions – answers for fresher’s asked by reputed organizations

Are you a fresher looking for a good job? Do you wish to get a job in an International BPO that has a lot of scope for growth? Would you like some help in clearing your interview at an International BPO? If yes then you should have a look at the following questions and answers that are usually asked in an International BPO.

Introduce yourself..

This question is generally aimed to check your communication skills which are a vital factor to get a job in an International BPO. In order to answer it, you should start with your personal introduction like your city of birth, your education details as well as your family background. You should be confident while answering this question as it would help the interviewer to decide whether you can handle the interview or not.

What is an International BPO?

First you should know the full form of BPO which is Business Process Outsourcing. An International BPO is a way for companies present in developed countries like UK, USA, etc. to outsource their less efficient tasks to the third world countries.

Why Indians are employed in an International BPO?

Indians are very flexible. They are ready to work in different shifts and are willing to learn different accents to help international clients to deal with their issues. Indian Labor is comparatively cheaper than cost of employment in developed countries and is still sufficient for the Indians. Indians are also quite good at problem solving and exploring many ways to resolve a situation which helps in keeping the customers happy.

Why do you want to join an International BPO?

Do not say for the money. Rather you should emphasize on your core qualities indirectly. For example: You can say that you want to explore your problem solving skills and help the customers happy. You can also say that you are good at communicating and love to chat, so you think you will get good opportunity to communicate with a lot of people in a BPO. Adding in that it is a booming industry will also be wise.

What is a Call Centre?

A call centre is a specific type of BPO that deals with resolving customer queries, selling them products or services by voice process only.

Would you be comfortable in working in shifts?

Yes. I have given it some thought and I am willing to change my lifestyle a bit in lieu of a good job opportunity. I admit that I may face some problems due to the change in my sleep cycle but I am willing to adjust.

How do you rate your communication skills?

Try to be honest and not aim to flatter. Giving yourself 7 or 8 on 10 can be a nice option if you want to impress but not flatter. But remember to justify it by trying not to stammer or sound nervous. You may also be asked to choose between chat and voice process and should be very honest about it.

We hope some of these questions would help you to get a job in an International BPO. Best Wishes!!!

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Busting some Common Myths about BPO Jobs

The BPO sector has been one of the fastest growing industries globally. From its inception, around 20 years ago, this industry has grown to almost a $50 billion industry. Just like any other service sector, BPOs are often not well understood due to the lack of tangible products, this is why BPOS have their fair share of myths and doubts surrounding them.

Whatever may be the reason for the myths and doubts to exist, here are the top myths of BPO jobs in India that Career Marshal would like to bust:

  1. Myth 1: BPO jobs are only about Call centers: According to NASSCOM, the IT/BPM sector is one of the largest employment sectors in India, with over 3.5 million professionals employed at the moment. The BPOs employ 15-20% of specialized professionals such as engineers, scientists, lawyers and even doctors.
  2. Myth 2: BPO jobs are only for college freshers: according to a recent survey, most employers in India prefer employees under the age of 30 years. But they also like hiring experts, more than 70% of all engineers graduating in India are hired by the IT/manufacturing sector.
  3. Myth 3: BPO jobs don’t make good careers: if you don’t have career focus, any sector won’t make a good career for you. The BPO industry however, in the recent years has witnessed a growth boost and requires leaders at all levels.  The BPO industry also invests greatly in the training and development of its recruits to create leaders internally.  They also organize a lot of “Learn while you Earn” programs, along with structured training programs to help fulfil employee career aspirations. For this, BPOs tie up with renowned institutions for specific courses designed especially for their employees.
  4. Myth 4: It’s very easy to get a BPO job: this myth is partially true. After Indian BPOs employ more than 1million people. They often face the challenge of mass hiring, but his is to meet their project requirements. It is “easier to find the job” but not as “easy to get the job”. The hiring process is stringent and quite time-consuming. At the time of recruitment, emphasis is laid on hiring skilled and qualified employees who take on important responsibilities. You could also read our guide on Top 10 BPO interview questions and answers.
  5. Myth 5: Odd working hours are a must in BPO job: it is true that BPOs have a 24×7 working environment but this is not just limited to the BPO industry. If you work in factories, hospitals, hotels, airlines, media and journalism, the armed forces, or the transportation sector like railways, buses or the IT industry, all of these require their employees to work in a 24×7 environment. The BPO industry is therefore no different.

The biggest myth buster according to us is the figures. The BPO sector contributes to around 7-8% to India’s total GDP. Apart from supporting the economy and nation-building, BPOs contribute to individual wealth creation by being one of the most lucrative jobs in present times. An industry that is witnessing tremendous growth, has plenty of opportunities on offer and is also an excellent avenue to start a long-term career. Register with Career Marshal today to start your long term career in the BPO industry.

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