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5 Job Interview Secrets that Employers Won’t Tell You

When it comes to giving an interview a lot goes into its preparation. And then many candidates wonder why even after a series of interviews, they are not getting selected for the job. In this article our experts will let out some secrets that recruiters will never tell you.

When an employer schedules an interview with you, they already think that you’re qualified for the job. Your resume or online profile have already told them that you have the skillset, qualification and experience that they are looking for. If they schedule a phone interview, it is done as a pre-screen for these core skills before they meet you in person. So what do you think could go wrong?

  1. You might lose out on the job: Because they need someone with your abilities, and the interview process is already taking up their valuable time. Hiring managers usually call for face-to-face interviews wanting to give you the job. Here your challenge is to not change their minds. Try not to be overly pushy with knowledge and expertise, your job in the interview is to make sure that they see you as the right candidate for the job.
  2. Employers want to like you as a person: since they are already well-versed with your skills, education and experience (courtesy your resume), frankly, they just call for an interview just to know if they are going to like you as a person, and if you will fit in with the team. Be yourself, friendly and in a conversational manner rather than simply repeating rehearsed clichéd answers. Try building a rapport with the manager.
  3. Your looks matter: if you are dressed too casually or unprofessionally, you may not look serious enough for the role. In a professional role, you may not be hired because your dressing sense could look as a red flag. We suggest wearing clothes that are touch more formal than your daily wear. And try arriving early, so that you are calm and confident.
  4. You could look too desperate for the job: employers prefer enthusiasm among candidates but being enthusiastic does not mean being desperate. Being overly needy looks extremely bad and lowers your value as a potential recruit. Also, it is a nice idea to send a thank you note after the interview, but calling multiple times will scream desperation. Check out our guide on how following up could land you the job.
  5. The timing isn’t fair: the timing rules are not the same for the employers and the employees. The employer could take a long time to call you back after the interview, so don’t think that will call on the exact day as they said. But if they ask you for any other information to be given the next day. Send it the next day. Don’t delay any requests. If, however, you are waiting to hear from another potential recruiter or using an offer to renegotiate at your current job, this can be rescinded. Employers are hiring because they have a talent gap and they want to fill it fast.


Rinky Duggal5 Job Interview Secrets that Employers Won’t Tell You

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