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2019 will be a year of data science

We all know that there are lots of new inventions taking place every now and then, so we can easily depict that even in 2019 some great inventions will take place and we will witness them as well. Now 2019 will witness business from all around the globe, implementing and exploring the physical and the virtual world. This field of data science is currently in the transitioning period where we can easily notice that some inventions are still under process and they can come to surface very soon in 2019. The basic aim of the data science is to make the lives of people easier than what it is right now in terms of the science related to the business. Now if we have a deep look we can realize that business is also a kind of science because it does have many elements involved in it. There are some trends that we can expect in 2019 which will prove as a boon for the business industry due to the advancement in the technologies that have been produced so far.  

Markets will heavily rely on artificial intelligence to follow and understand better about the customer behavior patterns which is extremely important to run a business. As we all know that better understanding of the customer needs will result in better relations between the organization and the customer as well as the customer experience will also enhance.

AR (Augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) will together revolutionize marketing and customer care by providing the facilities of clarifying the queries via live demos, simulations and virtual experience before even the customer make the final call of purchasing the products.  This is again the most eminent part of the business development in terms of technology-related services provided by an organization. This also depicts that the organization is concerned with the customer needs and it does put an effort to understand better about the same.

Again one of the biggest changes that would be introduced in the upcoming time is the introduction of voice-based search queries. Thus it will be the eminent tool that the vendors will prosper in order to collect the queries from the customers using the services provided by an organization. Now if we have a look into the history this has been the part of one of the major changes that have ever taken place because introducing voice queries will require a lot of new techniques and efforts.

While we all are aware of the fact that 2018 promised to deliver many automated business solutions but thankfully now 2019 will try to deliver them all within the short period of time so that everyone can have the access to the new technologies been used in the business industry.

One thing that has been dominating the industry ever since they have been introduced to the digital world is the usage of videos to convey the messages and much more important information to their customers. Now in the upcoming time videos will take the charge and they will dominate the industry while fetching the highest amount of internet traffic. An article in 2015 stated that 2019 videos will dominate the industry by 80% in gaining the traffic on the internet and hence this is proved true over the period of time.




Rinky2019 will be a year of data science

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