November 2018

Scared of getting stuck on an interview question? Here’s how to cover up

Interviews are not one of the most stress-free of the activities. Even the term ‘interview’ is enough to make us nervous. Though, we always try our best to prepare for the interviews but there can be certain situation or interview questions which can be spooky. Also, it is quite normal to get stuck on any of the interview questions as long as you are able to handle the situation afterwards. So, whenever you get stuck on any of the interview questions, here is how you can quickly get over it, and turn it back into your favor:

  • Quickly assess and accept the situation

First of all, try to quickly accept and understand that situation, but make sure you do it quickly. Once, you have realized that you cannot answer it, just accept the fact. But, that doesn’t mean that you should keep quite. Rather, avoid from panicking or getting nervous. At least, don’t show it on your face. Later, quickly try to handle the situation.

  • Speak at least something

It is okay if you don’t know the exact answer. However, you should try and answer anything that is relevant and related to the question. This is a lot better than keeping quite. Thus, it is extremely important to sue your presence of mind to handle such a situation.

  • Say that you don’t know

Telling the interviewer that you don’t know may sound a little daunting but it does work at times. If you look at the positive side, then saying no will showcase your honesty levels. Also, after you say no, the recruiter might change his question or twist it in a way that you are able to answer. Therefore, do not hesitate to say no, but always cover it up.

Interviews are tough and nerve-wracking but if you prepare for an interview well, then you might not have to worry too much about hearing a Yes at the end. After all, that is what everyone’s motive is! We all want to get an offer letter from the company. However, at the same time, it is important to make sure that you don’t get way too pressurized. It is also important to maintain your compose, and even if you don’t know any specific answer, use your presence of mind to win over the situation. Just remember, listening carefully, and paying attention will always work!



RinkyScared of getting stuck on an interview question? Here’s how to cover up
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Why should you let your employees do their tasks their way?

Running a business is not a cakewalk. You need a solid team to work together and achieve you get your goals. However, when it comes to motivating the employees to work with the same energy and passion as you do, you might have to try different techniques. Nonetheless, it is extremely important to value your employees and to understand their worth. Continuous appreciation and constant motivation are a few things which are needed to encourage the employees perform better. But, one of the other major things that you need in order to motivate your employees work better is giving them complete freedom.

Here’s why you should let your employees do their tasks their way?

  • To enhance their confidence level

When you tell an employee that they are able to do their work in their own way, and they won’t be micromanaged, then there is a certain sense of confidence that you automatically impart to them. Employees are not only more confident about performing their tasks, but they are also quite stress free. As, they know that their leads or the company is trusting their abilities. This will motivate them to perform with extra surety.

  • To help them devise newer ways of doing work

Once you give the employees the complete freedom to perform their tasks, it is quite certain that they will definitely devise better and smarter ways of doing work. This is not only good for them but also for the company and your team in many ways. You might even end up knowing faster or more efficient ways of accomplishing a task.

  • To motivate them

Whenever you either appreciate an employee or you give them the absolute freedom to do their work, you automatically inspire them to work better. They seem to be more passionate and more dedicated. Also, they will even be a lot more careful of their as no employee would like to misuse the flexibility.

  • They will be inspired to take more initiatives

 Once, the employees will realize that the company, and specifically their manager is confident about their skills, the employees will automatically get a boost. They will take more interest in the work and even in new initiatives. Also, they will enjoy their work a lot more.

All set to find a new job which gives you enough freedom to ‘your work your way’?



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How to spot a difficult boss at the time of interview?

When it comes to a long and healthy professional life, it is extremely important to have a positive relationship with your immediate manager. No matter how good you are with your work, at the end of the day, it all drills down to your positive relation with your team including your boss. Though, when we start working with a manager, slowly and steadily things do fall in place and we all understand the psyche of our manager. And, most of the times, we are also able to flex ourselves as per the expectations and the behavior of the boss. However, no one likes to work with a difficult boss. And, it is always better to spot a difficult boss at the time of the interview only. Here’s how you can do that:

  • The vibes

This may sound a little fictional but vibes do play a major role when it comes to interviewing. Sometimes you do get good and pos]itive vibes from your recruiter or your manager. However, there are times when you don’t really get a lot of positivity when you talk to your recruiting manager. So, if you don’t ‘feel’ good while talking to a recruiting manager, or you don’t get positive vibes, it is extremely important to rethink about your decision about joining the firm (if you get selected).

  • You are not feeling comfortable

When it comes to working with a manager, you need to share some level of comfort. So, if you don’t feel comfortable at all while talking to your recruiting manager probably it is a sign that you should not ignore. First of all, you need to find out that what the reasons that you are feeling uncomfortable.  And, slowly, when you will drill down to the reasons of feeling uncomfortable, you might end up getting some reasons of not choosing that manager.

  • Is he sounding too dominating

A few of the managers have a habit of making their subordinates feel that they are reporting to him or her. And, it is always difficult to work with such managers. Therefore, you would be very lucky if you immediately spot the recruiting manager if he or she is too dominating. And, if you do so, then think a lot of times before deciding to work with him or her. However, there are some people who might look a little dominating in the beginning but are actually very nice leaders. So, make sure you do your assessments right.

All set to look for a new job? Checkout some jobs for you now:


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Take a Break! Nobody’s complaining!

Almost all of us who are working in the corporate sectors keep complaining about our monotonous lives. Though, there is no doubt about the fact that working in a corporate sector has its own perks as well. But, at the end of the day, it is also true that the 9-5 jobs do become a little monotonous at times. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing wrong in taking a break. Well, you may choose to go on a vacation on a break, enroll yourself in any course or simply relax at home. The choice is yours, but it is absolutely fine to take a mini break to rejuvenate yourself.

Listed below are a few reasons to take a mini break immediately:

  • Holidays are always rejuvenating

One of the top reasons to take a break is to enjoy a revitalizing vacation with your friends or family. Plan a holiday and enjoy some moments of fun at a peaceful location. Roam around the hills all day long or sprawl on the beach-bed. Just do anything that you like on a break from work. You may even choose to enjoy calm spa sessions in a beautiful place. And, once you are back to work after a wonderful vacation, you will surely be more motivated and zealous.

  • For your family

We often forget to give time to our families because most of the times our work keeps us busy. But we forget that family time is equally important as well. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in taking a mini break from your work to spend some time with your family.  Also, family time with you will not only delight your family members but it also make you happy. So don’t think twice before taking time-off just to enjoy some memorable moments with your friends and family.

  • To boost your productivity

Can a mini break from work improve your productivity? Yes. It can. Mini breaks are necessary to free up the mind from stress. A few days away from the busy work life and the chaos is a great idea to refresh the mind. And, in turn it helps you to invigorate yourself so that you come back with full force. So whenever you feel extremely bored or stressed, it is always advisable to break free for a few days!

All geared up for a mini break? If yes, then start exploring your favorite places to see now!



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Is communication a key to a successful professional life?

‘Good communication skills’, this is indeed one of the most common qualities listed on everyone’s resume. Also, it is even listed on various job posts. When it comes to people specifically in communications department or people dealing roles, this quality does seem to be important. But, do you think it is ‘Good communication skills’ play a role in other field of work as well? Well, yes it does. Here’s how:

  • Communication is the key for a successful boss-employee relationship

Communication is the backbone of every professional relation, even the one that you share with your immediate manager. Therefore, it is utmost important to make sure that you interact well, and on a constant basis with your boss. This will not only make the process of work a lot smoother, but will eventually help you in performing better as well. Simply, because you will be able to understand your boss’s expectations better.

  • Communication helps develop a stronger bond with the team

Ultimately, you don’t just have to work with your boss only, in fact, you also have to work with your team. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of communicating well with your teammates. This will not only strengthen your relationship with your team, but will also help you to understand everyone’s role better. This will even improve the sync between you and your teammates.

  • Good communicators are always up for presentations

Presentations and meetings have become an important part of a professional life. Hence, if you are a master communicator, you would love to take over the charge of any presentation or a project meet as well. This will not only help you to get brownie points from your manager, but will also help you to get more confident.

Communication is indeed a key quality that every professional should try and possess. It is not that you have to well verse with your English language only. In fact, being a good communicator means, you are able to put across your view point without hassle. Also, you are able to build stronger relations at work. Therefore, never ever underestimate the power of communication and if you aren’t a good communicator, try to be one with continuous practice. Always remember, practice is important when it comes to improving your communication skills. Also, never hesitate to seek help from the experts to improve your communication skills.


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How to stay focused in a buzzing office environment?

Whenever we hear the term ‘office’, generally an image of a few set of employees dressed in formals, with laptops/computers working seriously pops up in our head. But, are all offices the same? Not really. Every office has its own persona. Some offices are more chirpy and busy than the other ones.  For example, if we talk about the environment of an AD agency or a BPO, the environment is completely different from an IT firm. Though, interactions are important part of a positive work environment, but at times it becomes a little tough to concentrate when the office is very noisy.

Steps to stay focused in a buzzing office environment:

  • Make a To Do List

Making a to-do list is a fantastic habit formation activity. It’s not only good to stay focused in a busy office environment but otherwise as well. However, if we specifically talk about the noisy office environments, making a list is an awesome way to keep an eye on the things that you are supposed to accomplish. The list will not only remind you about your important tasks, but it will also motivate you to work on your tasks on time. It is a great way to stay distracted from the noise.

  • Find your ‘silent space’

When it comes to working on some specific activities which require some bit of calmness, it is important to find a silent space for your work. Any meeting room that’s empty or a corner that is less noisy will be perfect for such kind of work. Because, there are certain activities which require a little more concentration and these spaces allow you to concentrate more.

  • Keep your goals in mind

One of the other fabulous ways of staying focused is by reminding yourselves of your goals. Your goals can be specific to your work or generally career wise as well. If you know what you want to achieve it is easy to attain and no noise can ever distract you. Therefore, make sure you keep reminding yourself of your aims.

Every office has its own environment. But, at times, too much buzz becomes distracting for the employees. Therefore, it is also important to maintain certain decorum to make sure that all the employees feel comfortable. At the same time, if a particular employee is only finding it difficult to focus, then it is advisable to follow the steps listed above.


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Top tips to seamlessly handover your work before going on a holiday

Planning a holiday in the near future? Have a plenty of leaves in the kit, and you are sure that your boss will also approve them, but you are scared of completing your assignments on time? The pressure of completing your work on-time or the threat of facing the burden just when you are back from a vacation is taking a toll on you? If that is the case, then you should certainly request your manager to give the permission to handover some of your work. As it, there is going to someone handling your tasks when you are not around. So, what’s wrong in seamlessly handing over the work to him or her? Listed below are a few steps to flawlessly handover your work before going on a holiday:

  • Keep a record of everything

First of all, it is a really good practice to note down everything. So first make a list of all the tasks or assignments that you want the other person to take the charge. Only once have the list ready, you would be in the position to offer a clear picture to the person who is taking the handover. Also, noting down everything will make it easy for you to keep a track of work, and to even review everything easily once you are back.

  • Your managers should be informed always

Sometimes we blindly start trusting a colleague or a teammate. Though, it is always good to trust your teammates and to be loyal to them, abut at the end of the day, it’s a corporate word and you have to be smart as well. Hence, make sure that you manager is involved in every conversation. You can even send a list of finalized tasks to your manager so that he or she knows what the other person is supposed to do. Also, this will certainly clear a lot of confusions.

  • Make sure you choose the right person

Though, it is majorly not you but your company or the manager who would select the person who will take care of your work. But, at the end of the day, it is your prime responsibility to make sure that the person is interesting, and is also capable of handling the work. In case you are not sure of the person or anything else, then make sure that you inform your manager immediately.

Holidays, leaves, sabbaticals are a part of a corporate life. However, we know that work stops for nothing. Hence, it is best to handover some or all your responsibilities carefully before leaving for a vacation. This will not only help the company but will also help you to ease off your burden as well.


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You didn’t get that job offer certainly not because you’re not perfect!

Whenever we go for any interview, our main aim is always to impress the recruiter and get the job. We prepare ourselves for the interview with the sole motive of getting a job offer. However, not always we are able to impress the recruiter. It is very difficult to expect a job offer from every interview that you attend. One has to be prepared for the setbacks as well, as setbacks lead to new learnings. However, we never anticipate to hear a ‘no’ from the recruiter. But, most of the times, whenever we hear a ‘no’ we immediately judge ourselves and think that probably we are not apt for the role. Though, yes, as humans we should keep improving and learning but at the end of the day we have to never underestimate ourselves as well.

Here’re a few of the reasons behind hearing a ‘no’ from the recruiter:

  • Mismatch of their budget and your salary expectations

Though, most of the times, a recruiter only shortlists you for further screenings after knowing your current salary and your salary expectations. Also, there are some set industry standards for hikes in salary, but at the end of the day it’s all about the fulfillment of a candidate’s expectations. Sometimes, no matter how much a company likes a candidate, they are still not able to match up to the expectations of the candidate. This is one of the most prominent situations that leads to a job rejection. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not expect or demand a good hike, but it simply means that you should only ask for an amount that falls under certain standards.

  • The company might have retained their existing employee

Most of the times a company releases a job vacancy when an employee, which is already handling that job is leaving the company. But, if their existing employee is good, they will always look for ways to retain that employee. Retention takes time as both the company and the employee has to deliberate. Therefore, at times, the recruiter might find you suitable for a job, but at the end, they couldn’t finalize you. Not because you are not perfect, but because their employee decides to stay and their business requirements will be fulfilled.

So, next time when you hear a ‘no’ don’t take it to your heart. Do learn from it and improve yourself, but refrain from any negative thoughts.

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Why do you think teamwork is good for your professional life?

‘Teamwork’ and ‘Team Player’ are definitely two of the most clichéd terms used by the recruiters and candidates across the world. Though, as the title suggests, teamwork is nothing but maintaining a good equation with the people you are working with. Team players are the ones who know how to manage good relations with every member of the team. At the same time, they are also always keen to help their teammate whenever the need arises. This is basically a quality which is not only useful for the team but for also for a company as a whole. Simply, because if a company works together to achieve a bigger goal, they have more chances in turning the goal into reality. But, have you ever thought of teamwork being one of the important qualities for a successful career? No? Listed below are a few reasons that prove teamwork to be good for your career:

  • Teamwork increases the chances of growth

A team consists of a group of people who have different KRAs but at the end of the day, they are all working together to achieve a single goal. For example, if we talk about a digital marketing team, the main aim of the team is to get more leads for the company through digital mediums. However, different members of the team play different roles. Like someone handles social media, someone takes care of the graphics while someone makes sure that the content is correct. But, if the team works together, in sync then only it can achieve success. And, when it comes to individual success that is also very much dependent on the teamwork. For example, a social media campaign can only be successful if all the members of the team work together, be it the designers, the writers and the social media experts. Also, the biggest advantage of being a team player is that you actually get to learn a lot, so the scope of growth and learning is definitely amplified.

  • Teamwork enriches your repo

One of the other benefits of being a team player is the fact that your repo, both in front of your manager and the teammates is enriched. Your manager will definitely consider you as an asset, if he or she will feel that you play for the team because at the end of the day every manager wants his or her team to be together. Also, your teammates will also trust you more and will have more confidence in you. All this will eventually lead to better performance and professional growth.

Being a team player is always beneficial. Therefore, it is very important to think of your team as a family, and stand by the members just like you would do for yourself.





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What to do if an employee is confused between leaving the firm or staying a little longer?

Human Resource team of various companies comes across this situation where employees leave the company for various reasons. No HR really likes to see their employees leaving, but it is definitely a generic process that happens in every firm. However, this situation only becomes difficult if the employee who wants to leave is actually ‘wanted’ in the company. As in, the company or the HR doesn’t want the employee to leave as they consider him or her as an asset! This is the situation where the HR executives really have to put up their best show. This is not the only difficult situation; in fact, the HR team face such kind of situations every now and then. And, one of the other tough situations is where even the employee is confused between leaving and staying in the company. If you come across any such situation then, this is what you would be doing to guide the employee to the right path:

  • How badly do you want to retain this employee?

Firstly, you would have to figure out from the respective team, how badly they want this employee to stay. Sometimes, employees can face the dilemma of whether they should continue with their firm or whether they should hop on the new opportunity. This is where the role of the managers and the human resource experts come into play. They have to first figure out whether it is worthy to find out ways to retain the employee or not. As, if the employee is even thinking about staying in the firm, this means that half the battle is already won.

  • Open and transparent discussions

There is simply nothing better than understanding the mindset of the employee by sitting and discussing. The employee may come up with challenges that are easily solvable. Thus, the conversations may pave way for a better employee and company relationship. Therefore, whenever you sense that your employee is facing a dilemma, straightaway plan a conversational session with him or her.

  • Solve the problems

If the employee is thinking of leaving the firm, then he or she must be facing some issue or he or she mustn’t be happy with at least something. This is where you have to figure out the actual problem. Once, you know what the issue is, it will be easy to offer a possible solution to the problem.

Though leaving a company and joining another is a normal process, but at times, employees are confused as to what they are doing is actually right or not. This situation may even arise when the employee is serving notice. Therefore, it is always advised to handle such situations with the utmost care.



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