May 2018

How to best your opponents in a BPO interview?

BPO industry has been on a rise since quite a few years now. It is one of those industries which is generating a myriad of job opportunities. The industry is very vibrant, and attracts many youngsters who wish to kick start their corporate journey. If you are also planning to appear for a BPO interview anytime sooner than here are some tips to perform well:

  • Master your Communications skills

Strong communication skills are the requirement of almost every BPO. Therefore, before applying for the vacancies and going for those interviews make sure that you have superb communication skills. Brush up your communication skills through different means. Now a days, there are a plenty of courses that can help you to enhance your communication skills as well. So, just make sure you are on top of your communication skills when you appear for the interview. If you will do so, you will certainly have maximum chances of getting through.

  • Condition your mind to be proactive

One of the other major demands of the BPO industry is being proactive. As major part of job will include interacting with different people, who would want to get their queries answered or problems resolved. Therefore, you have to prepare for some sudden inquiries or questions. You should have the caliber to answer them smartly.

  • Carry On that Smile

For any executives whose prime responsibility is to interact with the customers, it is extremely important to be very humble. You have to keep smiling, and answer everything very positively and humbly even if the customer is not really in a great mood. You will come across instances where customers will be highly agitated, but you will have to be highly patient and calm to deal with them with ease.

Listed above are a few of the top tips to crack a BPO interview. You should certainly work on these tips while going for an interview. However, just remember that the secret of cracking any interview, be it a BPO, a teacher or anything, is that you have to be ultra-confident. Your confident and smart personality will fetch you those extra brown points which might turn out to be the game changer. Hence, before going for any interview, make sure you are prepared well, because preparation will make you more confident. And, always remember, that no matter what, you have to keep going!

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Disappointed with ABD’s retirement? What if your most valuable employee also decides to leave the company instantly?

The world is in shock literally after hearing the retirement news about one of the world’s most loved and respected cricket players, ABD Villiers. The news came out as pretty upsetting not only to the cricketing world but also to the fans around the world.

Now, this sudden retirement reminds us of a situation wherein our best employee also decides to leave the company just in a tick. This happens with many companies and teams, that sometimes you really want a person to stick around and the person decides to leave the company immediately.

Well, here, in this case, this might be a little disappointing and upsetting for the team leader, teammates or even for the company, but at the end of the day you have to respect a person’s decision.

Many a times, a top performer, no matter how superbly talented or gifted can feel a little tired or may be just bored of the regular routine. Also, a person can have some individual dreams and goals, which are not really known to the world or a person can simply decide to go for a more challenging opportunity as well. You never really know!

But, it is important for the company to understand the employee’s decision and to respect it. Of course, if a top performer is deciding to leave the company, even after doing a brilliant performance, there has to be a solid reason behind it.

Therefore, companies and especially the team has to respect, value and understand the decision. You should never ever try to put on pressure on the individual to stay for longer. Because, even if they will, they will not really be able to give it their 100% as they will be only doing it out of compulsion.

Also, it is necessary for companies to enhance good bonds with the employees or even with the ex-employees because they can certainly be the indirect ambassadors of the company.

Having said that, there is also no doubt about the fact that it is important for companies to have solid and very effective retention policies. The companies should certainly try everything possible to make sure that their employees stick to them through their thick and thins as well. However, it is equally important to value and understand an individual’s personal decision about working for or leaving the company as well.



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Can’t take a vacation? No Worries, here’s how you can still recharge!

There are times when everyone needs a break from the dreary 9 to 5 cycle to revivify yourself. And, this is quite normal. Same office timings, same office work, same lifestyle sometimes lead to unhappiness. If that is the case with you to, then this is the right time to take a break! But, what does a break mean? Is it only about going for a vacation? But, what if, you don’t get leaves, or you are short of funds, or there is nobody to accompany you?

Well, there are other ways to rejuvenate yourself apart from going on a vacation as well, and here are a few of them:

  • An evening Spa and Meditation

It is absolutely okay if you can’t spend the time glaring at the sunset from the Himalayas, you can choose to instead go for a shooting spa retreat in the city. This will not take that much of time, as generally you will find a good spa center nearby. You can even choose to learn and practice meditation as well. Meditation is indeed a great way of letting go of the negative energies, and calming down your mind.

  • Do something you Love doing

Pick up that guitar, and play some musical notes or get indulge in activities or pottery making or show your cooking skills again! Just spend some time doing what you really love to do, no matter how stuffed you are with work. Indulging in activities that you like powers up the brain and the body in a very magical way!

  • Dinner Date

Plan a nice dinner date with your family or loved one. This is a nice way to break the monotony of going back, eating dinner, and going back to sleep in the same manner every day. Sometimes it is necessary to break through the regularities and do something different to feel good, and dinner date is a superb idea. Plus, it will make your loved one happy, and that’s a perk!

  • Weekend getaway

If you cannot plan a vacation, you can look for a weekend gateway somewhere nearby. Weekend getaways are a good way to nourish the wanderlust souls. And, at the same time, the timeout in a different place will certainly give you that kick which you need. Also, planning a weekend getaway has become very easily now a days with so many online options available!





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Tips to become the favorite of your team!

A corporate set up is known to be a competitive space with employees trying day in and day out to get the better of their colleagues. However, competition is not everything. In order to grow career wise, and personally also, one needs to have a good bond with the people he/she is associated with. In a corporate set up it’s the teammates. It is very significant to maintain a healthy relationship with your teammates, and here are a few tips to do so:

  • It all starts with you

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’, we all have heard this phrase a million times but it is important to follow it in order to become a better individual. Simple because, if you will be a good person, a good colleague and a good individual, then people will automatically like you.

  • Be as helpful as you can

Even in a workplace, people need each other’s help and assistance at regular intervals to accomplish their tasks. Therefore, just make sure to step up every time someone needs your help.  This will not only compel more people to come to you when they need some help, but will also help create a positive image. Also, people who are genuinely helpful are loved by everyone, and nobody really wants to mess up with them!

  • Sharing & Caring

A team is a group of people who are aliened to achieve a same goal. However, everyone has got their individual goals as well. So, if by any chance you have the potential to share your knowledge and experience to help someone achieve his/her own goals than nothing like it. Never miss an opportunity to share your learning with the teammates; this will certainly help you get the confidence and liking of more colleagues.

  • Keep motivating them

This is very important. Everyone needs some bit of inspiration and encouragement to perform better. So, how about being the source of encouragement for your teammates? Follow the mantra of motivating every member of your team in various ways. By accomplishing your goals in timely and most efficient manners is also undoubtedly one of the best ways to motivate others. Otherwise, just keep pushing people to do well, appreciate them when they do well, and also give them feedback whenever necessary. Also, just try and stay by them through the tough times as well, and tell them they can sail through!


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Aren’t really happy with your current job or career?

Your friends are moving up the ladder quite quickly and you are stuck at the same place? You don’t have a plan, you do not know what you want? You don’t have a goal? And clearly, you don’t have a path to follow? Is that true?

Well, even if the answers to most of the questions is yes, then don’t freak out! There are millions like you out there. No matter whether you are just a fresher or a highly experienced professional, you can feel stuck. It is normal! Many instances of life will make you realize that probably you need a goal, you need something to look up to. If you are stuck and your path is unclear at the moment, then follow these tips to get some sanity:

  • Take a deep breath

Yes, you read it right. This is the top tip. Just take a long deep breath and relax for a bit. Calm down, let your mind be fine. Don’t get hesitant or furious to quickly find the answers. Or don’t be disappointed with your current situation. In fact, prepare yourself to find your career goals.

  • Note what you love to do

This is a fantastic way to kick start your journey of finding your career goal. Just jot down everything that you love to do, but priority wise. Now, just ponder over each one of things that you had written down, and see what all are you currently working on. Is your current work or education anywhere related to what you like? If not, then you need to quickly shift your gears. Start finding out ways get into a job that you love. It all begins with giving it an initial push, and that is what you need to do. Just kick start your process of either enhancing your skills related to the things you like to do, or start searching for new career opportunities in the field of work that you like.

  • Keep your chin up

Now, shifting your gears to a more likable career opportunity might take some time. It is not an easy thing to do. You might have to wait for a lot of opportunities. You might have to keep trying even after falling. But only one thing can keep you going, believe in yourself! So, keep trying, and keep your positive energies high to get into a more likable career opportunity.




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Reasons why you’re still unemployed or stuck in a wrong job!

Finding a job is a strenuous task. Simply because it includes a lot of steps and phases. Firstly, you need to make sure that you have a world-class resume to ensure that you get calls. Plus, you have to register at the right places, and keep applying for the relevant jobs to increase your chances of getting more calls. Just like these couple of steps, there are a myriad more things involved when it comes to finding a right job. Now, what if you have tried everything and still you aren’t able to get the right job? Or what if you have tried everything but still you are unable to switch your job?

Here are some possible reasons behind this:

  • Your energies are not going in the right directions

It is extremely important to start a job search process with a fresh mindset. You would not want to kick start your job search process with under confidence, or with the feeling that you cannot get a good job. Also, you need to find out the best places to find the jobs that you want. And, register to some of the best job portals like Career Marshal to get more visibility. Registering everywhere will not make a difference. It is important to register your profile at the right portal, and it is also significant to keep a track of the relevant jobs very regularly.

  • Your resume needs a complete makeover

Now, one of the other major reasons why you are not getting a job since long is the fact that probably your resume is not up to the mark. With so much intense competition in the market, you really have to spice up your resume to make it look different. Only when the recruiter will get to your resume, you will have a chance of getting the job or even a first call. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that your resume is correctly drafted, has everything appropriate, doesn’t have grammatical errors, and meets the current trends. Also, you can always opt for the resume writing services from Career Marshal to get your resume drafted by resume writing experts!

  • You need to step up your game

This is very important. See, failure is a part of life and you have to accept it. No matter how long you have been trying and are still unable to get a job, you still need to get up and fight for it. It is very important to keep improving and learning from the failures to make sure that you shine bright, and you have more chances to come out triumphant the very next time!



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Failures are not that bad after all!

‘Failure’ when you read this term all sorts of negative thoughts start popping up in our minds. Sometimes we even get a flashback of some of our life instances where we failed. Now, coming to the exact definition of failure, it is nothing more than simply not being able to achieve something. That ‘something’ can be anything related to set marks in school or college or cracking a job interview. It depends on person to person, and on time to time. But what is one thing that is common in every instance that is described as a failure? It is the ‘disappointment’.

Failure is not something that we like to experience, or we expect, and hence, we always get disappointed when we fail to achieve something. And, that disappointment further leads to a lot of stress, sadness, feeling of hopelessness, worthlessness etc. It leads to a negative mindset, and we start feeling low instantly after we fail to get something. And, sometimes this negative feeling is so high that we even stop performing certain activities, just because we are unable to move on. But, here, we need to understand that failure is a part of life, and we have to accept it.

In fact, failure is not that bad! You know why? Because it makes you stronger. Want to know how? Let’s read this story to understand it better:

Once upon a time, (Yes, that’s a cliché, but it will always remain a good way to start a story) there was a very hardworking writer, who wanted to make a big name in the writing world but wasn’t really aware of the right way to reach her goal. She began writing her story though, with full confidence. However, in the midst the story writing process she had to witness a plenty of intense family troubles, including many financial issues. Though, she never gave up, and after sending a good time on her book (by proofreading multiple times) she finally managed to write down all the hundreds of sheets (manually, as she could not afford a computer) and submit it to the publisher.

She was very happy as she was finally able to showcase her work to the publishers after years of struggle. However, her first draft was badly rejected by more than one publisher. She did not give up though, and again modified her story (without playing with the essence), and shared it with more publishers.

Now, again, she got rejected, and she kept getting rejected around a dozen times. That would have been a disaster for her! However, she took it in a positive manner, and kept improving her story and reaching out to more publishers.

Today, she is one of the most famous writers of the world, and is making tons of millions every year!

Well, she is not the only one, there are many like her who take lessons from the failures, and become better version of themselves to achieve whatever they want in life!


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Smart Ways To Kick Off Monday Blues!

The dreary cycle of Mondays keeps haunting us even over the weekends. Mondays are generally a little gloomy, as we don’t really like to let go of the weekend feel that easily, especially after a ‘good’ weekend. However, the truth is that Mondays are a part of our lives and we have to expect them! Now, you must be thinking is there a way to make your Mondays happy? Well, yes, there is! Here are some tips to energize your Mondays:

  • Wake up with a smile

Now, this is very important. No matter how easy and simple it seems, but it is extremely important to get up every Monday with a smile on the face. Waking up with a positive mindset will set up your day nicely. This is the best way to overcome the blues of Monday. With a positive mind you will be in a better position to manage the day’s activities.

  • Preplan your Monday

If possible plan your Monday every Friday. This will help you to save sometime early morning Monday that you might waste on just slowly planning the day’s activities. If you will have the plan right in front of you, then you would be just focused on achieving your day’s goals.

  • Listen to some good music

While going to the office or while getting ready for work, you may listen to some musical notes early morning. Music has a lot of power to change the mood. So, in case, you are not in the good mood, then just put on some lovely music, and the music will automatically do its magic!

  • Read motivational quotes

You will find a lot of #MotivationalMonday quotes floating all around the social media. Just spend a few seconds to read those quotes. Not only will you get some useful life lessons, but you will also get a bit of energy just through the quotes.



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Top HR Tech trends that will amp up the HR landscape!

HR Tech is now one amongst the most fresh and vivacious parts of an organization’s IT portfolio. Tax code alterations, the augmentation of artificial intelligence as well as plenty of other transforming, long-standing trends will put the limelight on HR tech landscape.

Organizations now are looking for newer techniques to not just attract more people to the company and hire candidates quickly, but to make the workplace a better place as well. They are trying their best to embrace automation as well the most effective, modern techniques including the agile methods of work to AI. Listed below are the top HR tech trends that have the capability to revamp the HR landscape completely:

  • Stepping up of Cloud Solutions

In the last few years, cloud-based solutions have really come a long way. A great number of highly popular and efficient vendors offer topnotch HRMS, payroll, and several talent management solutions in the cloud. Along with these, they also provide financials as well as other ERP tools. The cloud HR as well as the high-end payroll solutions has become an essential part of every organization.

  • Engagement and Feedback Solutions

The engagement survey industry has now become a vibrant world of real-time analysis solutions, sentiment analysis programs, network analysis programs, and products that really automatically enquire the peers for advices and feedbacks to offer you real-time coaching. And, open feedback solutions are rising again, giving workers a plenty of new places to give feedback about the place of work. The explosion of systems to provide pay transparency is now becoming a rage in the market.

  • Big Data Analytics is going to have a massive impact

Just like almost in every other domain, Big Data analytics will surely have a great impact on the HR landscape as well. The insights from analytics will be used to accelerate the processes. The main aim of the analytics will be to enhance the quality of the HR functions.

The future of HR tech seems very promising. With the integration of new technologies and the integration of machine learning, AI etc., the future holds a lot of interesting stuff for the people working in the HR fields.

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Finding values in negative experiences

‘Negativity’; a powerful word with a lot of impact on the normal functionality of an individual. Negativity is considered as an evil to a healthy mind as it forces the mind to think, and sometimes even act unhealthily. Negativity can arise due to plenty of things including, loss, a fight, or a bad experience. And, most of the times negativity created by a bad experience or the impact of a ‘negative experience’; on an individual can change the behavior of a person. Now, coming to the corporate world, we all face some or the other bad experiences, every now and then. However, it is important to not let the bad experience hamper your behavior, productivity or relation at work. Instead you should always try to get over the bad experience as early as possible. It is not recommended to keep thinking about a bad event regularly, as over thinking is going to adversely impact the mental well being.

Here are some ways to turn your bad experiences into valuable lessons:

  • Get over it asap

Firstly, it is very important to leave beside a bad experience and move forward. Lingering on to a bad experience will only hamper your happiness. Therefore, no matter what happened, or how bad it made you feel, just leave it behind and move forward as soon as possible.

  • Focus on the learning

Every experience, be it good or bad teaches you something or the other. You just have to be prepared to accept the learning the bad experience has to offer. Instead of lingering on to the ills related to the bad experience, you should rather focus on ‘what you learnt’ from the experience. Focus your energies on how could have you made that experience better, and how to avoid such instances in future. This isn’t that easy as it reads, but it is a wonderful way of turning your bad experiences into valuable lessons for life.

  • Don’t let it affect your mood

One of the worst repercussions of a bad experience is bad mood. A negative experience automatically hampers the mood. However, you need to understand that life is full of both positives and negatives. Hence, negative experiences have to be accepted whole-heartedly as well. Don’t let anything adversely affect your mood. Instead try and focus on other things, just to deviate your mind from the negative experiences.

However, always remember that negative or bad experiences teach you a lot of important things for life. Therefore, it is important to learn whatever you can from the experience, and move on, without letting it impact your mental or physical well being.

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