April 2018

How to walk away from office politics?

Corporate world has its own set of challenges, and one of them is ‘Politics’. Though, for people who are good at it, might love to make the most of their ‘political capabilities’ to grow in the corporate world, but others have to really spend a lot of time figuring out how to get over it. People who are the masters of ‘office politics’ are generally the one who are  people pleasers. They are the ones who know how to make the most of their ‘PR’ skills, and how to manipulate people for their own gains. Just as wrong as it sounds, office politics is something that should be avoided absolutely. However if you are the one who is getting effected by the politics in office then here are some stays to stay away from it:

  1. Know your circle

Now, this is very important. See, if you are somebody who simply hates office politics, and the whole manipulation kind of a thing, then it is kind of obvious that your circle of people, your friends in office, must have the similar personality as yours. It is important to nurture a bond in office very carefully, hence, only nurture with people whose’ thinking match with yours.

  1. Stay away from the political minds

In every organization, no matter how good the culture is, you will always find some or the other people who are just too much into politics. Their main focus is to manipulate people, and they generally use inappropriate means to win their battles. Hence, it is important to maintain a good distance from people who are the masters of office politics. It’s better to stay away from such people as you never know, when they use you for their own good.

  1. Do not indulge in political gossips

Gossips are like a routine in every office. No matter how much you try to stay away from the gossips, at the end of the day you get involved in the conversations some way or the other. It is not possible to completely avoid listening to the people gossiping. However, it is important to know where to mark that line. Do not participate in any political gossips, and conspiracies etc. Always know how much to listen, and how much to speak.

  1. Stay Positive

Positivity has the power to help you overcome almost anything. So, even you are hit by the office politics someday, just try to stay positive, calm and always dedicated to win over any battle!

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Tips to prepare an outstanding resume.

Resume, aptly known as ‘your profile’ to the corporate world speaks volumes about you. It is not only just a document which you use in order to apply for jobs, but it is evidently one of the most important part of your professional life. Without a good resume, there are less chances of getting a good job. Therefore, resume is inevitably one of the most important thing needed to get your dream job. Now, that we have realized the importance of resume, only you can think of preparing it in the most mind-blowing manner? It should have all the elements to make you stand out of the crowd. Here are some superb tips to help you prepare a magical resume:

  • Bang On overview

Overview is the most important part of any resume, but it is mostly ignored by the people. Sometimes, we just create a common overview, by taking reference from the internet or from our friend’s resume. Always remember that overview speaks a lot about your overall profile. Therefore, make sure that you prepare a brief, personalized overview, which has a spark in it. It should entice the recruiter to read further or to directly call you up for the interview.

  • Go for Listicles

Listicles are a good way to describe your experience. Therefore, in order to exhibit your whole experience in an eye catchy manner, it is suggested to choose the listicles format. This will help you to explain about your profile in a step by step and precise manner. Plus, it will make it easier for the recruiter to give a glance, and get an idea of your past experiences.

  • Don’t ignore the ‘hobbies’ portion

Sometimes, we tend to copy a common format of a resume from internet, and we also copy the hobbies portion from there. Well, there is nothing wrong in mentioning about your hobbies. But, just be careful of what you write in the column. Do not ignore this particular portion.

Now, that you know how important your resume is going to be for you, and if you don’t know how to prepare a fantastic resume for yourself, then we are here to help you. Career Marshal offers fabulous resume writing services, and we have a talented team of experts who can help you curate your bets ever resume, and that too in no time!!

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Have you ever heard of Robo-recruiters?

Artificial Intelligence is spreading its wings quite rapidly and is touching different sectors of the industry. The technology is developed with the intention of transforming the efficiency and productivity levels of the businesses. However, AI soon seems to be replacing many human jobs as well. Has AI impacted the recruitment sector as well?

Recruiting is considered as one of those jobs which require human interactions and intelligence. However, AI is quickly being integrated in various functions of recruitment to amplify the efficacy of the activities. Like, now, it is so easy to scan millions of resumes, without any biasness by using AI-based programs.

Inception of Robo Recruiters!

AI seems to be empowering the recruitment industry. However, the future is not far enough where we may see robo recruiters taking over the roles of the human recruiters.

A big food and beverage MNC has already started investing in the AI technology, for its recruitment functions. They have selected an AI company who have created robo recruiters to manage all the recruitment activities. The AI powered robots are programmed to make calls and take interviews as well. In fact, the AI robots are even functioned to reply to the queries of the candidates.

Plus, they are highly efficient and they have the capability to interview around 1500 recruiters in only 9 hours. The AI based robot recruiter has the capability to send emails to the candidates and inform the candidates about the right vacancies as well.

This is just one recent example where a big company has invested in AI based robo recruiters to handle their hiring operations. However, in future we might come across many such examples where businesses will shift their interest towards AI based programs and technology to increase the efficiency and productivity.

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Scared to Switch your field of work?

Job switching is a common practice in the corporate world. People keep switching jobs due to various reasons. Some may not like the company they presently work for, some may not like the compensation. There are tons of reasons that force people to switch jobs. But, have you ever thought of switching your field of work? Have you ever wished to be a part of the marketing team who keeps strategizing or have you ever wished to be a part of the social media team who can open their FB accounts without worrying about their managers or anything? Honestly, it is absolutely normal to swap the field of work just like we swap jobs!

You might have also encountered this feeling of wanting to do something else,always get uneasy when they read ‘Love what you do’ type of quotes. And, it is absolutely normal!

So if you are scared to switch your field of work then here are some tips to boost your confidence:

  • Focus on your happiness

It is imperative to be happy in what you are doing. Therefore, if you are not happy with your current domain or job, there is no point sticking on to it just for the sake of that paycheck. Always remember that if you will put your energies on something you really like, then you would automatically be able to perform way better! So, don’t get nervous, instead, focus on your happiness, and take steps towards switching your field of work!

  • Amplify your learning

If you actually like certain field say Digital Marketing or finance, then start understanding the field and the type of work. Well, it does take time be an expert, but at least you can start your journey of learning something new. Your learning can be manifested into experience or degrees which can fetch you a good job in the field you desire to work for!


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Phone-Work balance is important!

Phones are certainly the new oxygen of this generation. The handsets have made a special place for themselves in the life of every individual. Be it at home, a get together or even at work, now it is extremely difficult to stay away from the buzzing handhelds. Though, if we think about the time 10-15 years back, people were extremely functional even without a mobile in their hand. We are from the generation who used to go the neighbors house for an important call. But now, leaving the phone even for a minute seems impossible.

Phones certainly have social and emotional impacts on the individuals however, mobiles have also proven to lower down the performance of an individual at work. Yes, that’s sad but true. Due to the continuous buzzing and chirping of the handset, with a hundred of notifications, it becomes almost imperative to use the handset every minute. Even when you are working on an important report, creating a presentation or writing an important article, the blinking mobiles find out various reasons to compel you to pick them up. So, here are some ways to restrict your phone time at work:

  • Auto Responses are magical.

Auto responses are created to save out times. But, we often ignore making use of such a wonderful feature in our phone. At least while working in office, make sure you have your auto responses activated to save on time sending out some common messages. You can set the auto responses as per your requirements. The feature will helps to lower down the time you spent on writing long messages. And, when you are taking a break or are back home, you may choose to send out full-fledged replies to the ones auto responses were being sent.

  • Often use the Silence mode

Needless to say, you have to put your phones on silent mode while attending meetings or conferences. However, it is also important to put your phone on silent mode while working on very important tasks as well. This will help you immensely to deviate all your energies on your important work only. In fact, it is not a bad idea to put your phone on flight mode if necessary.






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3 Secrets of magnetizing the candidates towards those dreading vacancies!

Attracting a candidate for the jobs is one of the toughest part of a recruiter’s KRAs. Posting the job on portals is not enough to get people to apply for the job. Therefore, newer recruitment marketing strategies are needed to fill the vacancies in less time. The digital space has grown beyond expectations, hence, online is the place to not just attract maximum candidates but also build a brand name.

The recruitment market is a crowded space with so many new and old players competing with each other to win the race. However, it is extremely important to stand out of the crowd in order to establish a special name for yourself in the recruitment industry.

The best way to find out the brightest of minds, and that too in large numbers and less time, is through effective recruitment marketing strategies. Plus, with the online space growing so rapidly, one cannot imagine to get maximum traction without using the digital space to the full power.

Listed below are 3 Secrets of quickly filling up those dreading vacancies:

–      Share your core USPs with the probable candidates

Like it is mentioned earlier also, it is very important to stand out of the crowd in order to become the best in the game. And, one of the great ways of showing your uniqueness is by displaying your core USPs in every job post. It is very important for the job seeker to know what makes you amazing. And, this message will give them more reasons to apply for the job vacancy.

–      Share the future prospects

Every job seeker looks for a good growth opportunities in every new job. Therefore, it is a fantastic thing to mention some key benefits and growth opportunities that an employee might get in the future. It is advisable to add some future success prospects, long-term career development plans etc. with every job seeker to encourage them to apply for the job.

–      Share your expectations

In every job post, it is also important to share all your expectations from the candidate as an employer. Firstly, this will give a great idea to the candidate that what he/she can expect from this particular job. Plus, this will also ensure that candidates who actually want to take up the things mentioned in the job requirements will surely apply for that particular job.

Recruitment is not as easy as it seems to be. Good recruitment strategies play a vital role in hiring the best candidates for companies. Hence, keep evolving your recruitment practices to shine bright as a recruiter!


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How to make workplace a funplace to reduce employee turnover?

Employees whose interest align with the goals of the organizations are truly the assets of a company. A lot of time as well as money goes into recruiting the finest people in a company, therefore organizations also try their best to retain the talent they have spotted.

Now, when it comes to retaining the top talent, attrition rate is something that cannot be ignored. Attrition rate varies from company to company and also from time to time. But, high attrition rates always remains a matter of concern for all the organizations.

Have you ever wondered what efforts should be taken to reduce the employee turnover in a company?

Most importantly, the company needs to create a healthy work environment. There are a lot of things that contribute to a healthy work environment, including things like opportunities to grow, higher transparency, freedom of thought etc. Though, one of the major forces that can drive down the employee turnover is by making a workplace a fun place to be. Here are some steps to make your workplace more engaging and interactive:

  • Encourage employees to enjoy more

The work culture these days has become very pressuring. Hence, employees mostly ignore to enjoy the work, and the workplace. Companies should understand that employees who enjoy their work and the workplace tend to perform better. Therefore, implement various strategies to encourage people to enjoy and have fun while working as well.

  • Organize fun activities

Now, when it comes to making a workplace more enjoyable, the first thing which comes to our mind is engaging activities. Fun activities organized by the people and culture team in a company play a major role in making a workplace more likable. These activities also encourage employees to enjoy the company of their colleagues. Hence, such activities should be organized on a constant basis to make the workplace more interesting.

  • Organize weekly games over email

The people and culture team of an organization may even look at organization weekly fun games over the emails. Something like a Tuesday Trivia etc. can happen weekly. The employees can be given small rewards for winning. This can be a good way of encouraging them to think beyond work.

  • Appreciate more

One of the best ways to make a workplace more fun is by rewarding and appreciating the employees regularly. Apart from only promoting them ones in a while or increasing their pay, try to appreciate and reward employees on a regular basis as well. This will not only make them happy, but will also encourage them to work better!

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