December 2017

Top 10 Popular Job Portal Sites in India

Digitization has not left any sector untouched, and the recruitment sector is not left behind as well. At present, myriad job portals are available, making it extremely convenient for candidates to find the best job. Getting a perfect job is no longer confined to the cage of opportunities. If you have the right skill set, and the abilities, the correct and apt job portal will certainly help you find the best career opportunity, and that too way more conveniently then before.

Here is the list of 10 popular job sites in India:

  1. Naukri was one of the initial online job portals that was incepted in the country, and it certainly bought a revolution in the online recruitment industry. Naukri is widely used by both, people with experience as well as it is extremely usefully for job seekers who do not have experience too, as it opens a wide range of possibilities. One can easily get vacancies from a varied range of domains. Hence, the candidate’s expectations can reach a new high, as a person gets an opportunity to apply for various jobs.

  1. LinkedIn

Linkedin is unquestionably one of the world’s extensive professional network. It has 400+ million members, and to the members are spread across the world, in around 200 countries and territories. Once a professional signs up on LinkedIn, he/she get direct access to a lot of people whom he/she can connect to. Plus, a plenty of jobs, news, feeds and insights that enable the candidates reach closer to more fantastic career opportunities. Plus, it is really become popular as a brilliant network enhancing site!

  1. Career Marshal

Incepted in the year 2012, Career Marshal has been stepping up the success curve 2-folds every quarter. Their main objective is to transfigure the present, rather unsettled recruitment industry with efficient consulting as well as recruitment services. Acting as a spur in inciting innovation in the recruitment industry, their core focus area is matching the apt candidate with the apt job. Career Marshal is aimed to resolve recruitment issues and open the door of immense opportunities for brilliant individuals. And, at the moment, they are serving various industries including IT, HR, Sales, Marketing, BPO sectors etc.

  1. Shine

Shine, as we know is a part of Hindustan Times group and was set up in the year 2008. Statistically, the site has done a brilliant job is less time, and has rapidly become one of the best job site in the country. It has got more than 3 million jobs plus, the site is linked with more than 14,000 topnotch companies. However, the interface is not as impressive as that of some of the other top-class job sites. Though, it does provide decent job relevance search results viaa gigantic database of candidates.

  1. Monster India

Monster India is magnificent job site for getting wonderful jobs according to your experience as well as abilities. The Avant-grade technology at Monster India offers a great number of profiles to companies around the country. Plus, it offers many jobs to the job seekers too, as a plenty of companies prefer to list the vacancies on Monster. Approximately more than 200 million candidates are registered on the site, globally and hence, recruiters get a good pool to scout the best talent too. Plus, it offers the functionality to browse through various different career opportunities on the basis of responsibility areas, location, skill set, and domain

  1. Times Jobs

Times Jobs is one of the most rapidly flourishing job sites in the country. Plus, it is pretty innovative as well. A wide range of jobs can be applied at Times Jobs. The site offers vacancies from various different sectors like BPO, IT, retail, advertisement, marketing and in fact government as well. Plus, a plenty of jobs based in the Gulf nations can also be found here. The best part about this site is that almost 20,000 new resumes are uploaded-almost every day on Times job, and hence, it boasts of a huge database.

  1. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is pretty famous for the company reviews section, but honesty, that site has done pretty well in terms of the job vacancies too. The review feature had made it popular and hence, a lot of companies are cashing on the section, to spread their vacancies as well.

  1. Freshers World

Freshers world is undoubtedly one of the most favorite online job portals. And, it has a huge database of more than 1 crore resumes. The name already attracts freshers from different fields, who are looking for great opportunities in various diverse domains. More than 60,000 recruiters from around 100 cities offer exceptional fresher recruitment solutions here. Some of the recruiters also provide training essentials as well as some of the placement papers, as per the job requisites.

  1. Placement India

Placement India was set up in the year 1997, hence, it undoubtedly holds a lot of experience as it is one of the eldest sites in the country. A plenty of candidates gets a variety of valuable free-services. It is one of the most trusted sites also. Plus, it helps the consultancies find the best fit too.

  1. Career Jet

Career Jet is more like a job search engine, than an online job portal. And, it is widely known for mapping the huge selection of vacancies available across the net in one wide database by referencing job listings starting from job boards as well as a plenty of recruitment agency websites. The site has an efficient and easy to use interface, where all the users of the site can search the database as well as choose to visit every site individually. Basically, Carrerjet works as a traffic driver and its search engine network incorporates more than 90 countries.

These are just 10 of the top job sites. In the comings year a lot more are sure to come, but it will more interesting to see which one of these shines the most in the coming year!

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Difference Between Domestic and International BPO & Its Career Effects

Getting a job is not as easy as it sounds and particularly in the present competitive world young graduates need to be extremely cautious and attentive while facing an interview. Even after getting a fine placement it consumes quality time to feel satisfied or comfortable in the new environment. To become successful, it is a must that one should never give up learning new techniques and sharpen their skills. Before you get a better position in a BPO which is also known as Business Process Outsourcing it is a must to understand the difference between the domestic and an international BPO. There are different types of organizations that work to satisfy various requirements of customers throughout the world and getting a job in such organization is nothing but handling the queries of the clients depending on the need and help them to overcome the trouble with a professional solution.

A Domestic BPO

A domestic BPO is nothing but a company that deals with the clients or people within the country and here people need to know the local languages as the customers explains their issues in any language. A domestic business entrepreneur can gain better profits through these domestic BPO’s as people here start understanding the queries or complaints of the customers and give them a solution. With some quality knowledge in English and a good hold over the national language of the country along with good communication skills helps one to have a successful career in the domestic BPO. A domestic BPO offers limited services as they can only deal with the issues of the particular region or mostly throughout the country whereas an international BPO can support people worldwide.

An international BPO

A person or a graduate interested in starting their career in the domestic BPO should owe a great command of the languages along with English. An international BPO is a place that helps people throughout the world in handling their business issues efficiently. People from various corners of the globe call to get a better solution to their trouble and people communicate in English.

Handle the Issues Professionally

Both domestic and international BPO supports business people to get an effective solution through phone calls. Irrespective of the field the BPO offers exceptional services and a few include healthcare, pharmacy, insurance, banking sector and a few more. Due to this people who are interested in getting a better placement in a reputed BPO need to handle the functions and queries of people much professionally.

Manage the Complaints of the Clients

In order to maintain the resources and support the clients in extraordinary way every employee is given training according to the terms of the company after clearing the interview in every BPO. The international BPO ensures that all its employees are comfortable in understanding and replying in the same accent of the people or the clients in which they get a complaint. Even they need to have some idea regarding the regional languages along with a better knowledge in English as it is much essential to convince the international customers with the quality of the language and accent.

Owe a Smooth Career

Whether you choose a domestic BPO comforts you as the industry offers an excellent career growth for a hard worker.

Face the Interview and Work to Gain Identity

Facing an interview with complete confidence and better communication skills allows one to clear majority of the rounds and with the further training a graduate can easily start their professional career in a BPO. Getting a better pay along with a good identity becomes easy for an individual after starting their career in a BPO and particularly in the companies that provide a certified training. As the companies first comforts a fresher by training them perfectly and later allow them to take calls of the customers.

Improve Your Skills by Completing Essential Courses

Even the BPO’s ensure that the employee is comfortable working in the particular area and change them to the place they feel good and offer a chance to improve their skills. Owing good communication skills is one major advantage for people who prefer to have a wonderful career in the BPO sector as such people are mostly demanded in the corporate world. Also by completing a few certification courses and by handling the queries of the customers perfectly one can easily reach a better height in their professional career and can save a few bucks within no time. So it is extremely essential to have a great quality of learning things at every instance and even one should work hard with a desire to attain good heights in their own professional career.

Working in BPO always comforts people with various advantages and one need to overcome the obstacles to enjoy a smooth and a bright future by building up the communication and managerial skills which are extremely essential.

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Kick start the New Year with a Fantastic New Job!

As we know, the festive season is here, and a fresh new year is approaching. And, almost all of us have some special expectations for the New Year. Somewhere down the line, no matter how good the previous year was, we all want a better New Year. Though, the parameters of a ‘Better’ New Year might differ from person to person. But, if you are someone who is looking for a job change, or if you are looking to kick start your career this coming year, then your first wish, will always be a fantastic job!

Now, here’s the guide to get a fantabulous job this New Year:

  • Be Better

The first step to getting a better job is to become more and more apt and worthy for a new job at a better place. And, here, a lot of things can contribute to make your profile stronger. Of course, your key responsibility areas do matter, but apart from that, a better interview preparation, better resume, better cover letter, and a better personality will also contribute to make your profile way stronger than the previous year! So, find our ways to improve your present profile to make yourself worthy for a great job.

  • Search Better

Finding the best job is not a cake walk, and we all know that. Now, when it comes to finding the topnotch recruiters, it is also important to know about the present day premium job search portals. Job Search websites which offer several new opportunities listed by the good league of recruiters. A platform like Career Marshal offers a myriad job vacancies listed by the finest companies!
Plus, it is also advisable to research nicely about the company before going for the interview.

  • Think Better

Positive approach can actually get you so many things, which you can’t even think about. So, condition your mind in a very positive way. Make sure that you are absolutely dedicated, and motivated to get the best job this coming year. And, your positive outlook will surely do wonders!

All geared up to find the best job? Start your search now!

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Tips to maintain professional relation with your immediate boss!

When we start working in a new organization, one thing that bothers us the most is the kind of boss we will have to work with. Thousands of questions related to it start popping in our head, like ‘How will be the temperament of my new boss’, ‘Will he/she like my work’, ‘I hope he/she is not over-demanding’ etc. etc. However, at the end of the day, one this very clear is ‘you cannot change your boss’. So, whatever you’ve got, you have try and deal with it. Well, not always you will get pressurizing or arrogant bosses, but if you get one of the toughest of the lot, then you really have to prepare well enough to manage with him/her, as after all, your paycheck matters!

Here are some tips to maintain a decent relationship with your manager:

  1. Inculcate the habit of listening

If you are not the listener types then start googling about ways to become one. Because one of the most important things to maintaining a decently good rapport with your boss, is by listening and understanding him thoroughly. Being a listener, you will get more understanding of his/her though process, and you will be in a better position to deliver as per the requirements. Plus, this will also give you some brownie points for being extremely professional!

  1. Agree, and Agree to Disagree

Since, your boss has got more experience than you, therefore, he/she will certainly have more understanding and knowledge of the projects, mostly. So, it is better to understand his expectations, and agree with his point of view. However, there can be instances where you might not want to agree to certain things, there, you can positively and humbly try and put across your point too. If your boss is an efficient employee too, then he/she will surely agree with you, if your points are genuine. But, if he/she doesn’t then it’s absolutely alright. Just don’t take it to your heart, and try not to indulge in any argument.

  1. Flaunt your skills

You have to perform well to impress your boss that is obviously important. However, if you have some additional qualities or super skills, then do try out ways to show them. It is always good to have something extra, and some super skills will surely make a good impression on your boss.


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Guaranteed ways of becoming successful in a BPO

BPO industry is an extremely quick-paced sector. The fast-paced operations are the main reasons behind the success of the industry, as well as the people attached to the BPO. Once you start working in a BPO, you get immense amount of opportunities to learn and grow. Both as a professional, and as a human being too. But, at the same time, the environment of a BPO is extraordinarily chilled and friendly too (most of the BPOs).  Whether one joins as a fresher or as a highly experienced individual, both find it easy to adjust to the setting, in less time. But, what is that one thing which we all wish for, when we join any new company? Growth. Isn’t it? Now growth here, not just signify appraisals or bonuses, but a step ahead in terms of the designation, and most importantly, more knowledge to handle responsibilities is what we all seek, when we think of growth.

Here are some tips to grow in a BPO:

  1. Stay Informed

If you wish to move up the ladder soon, then it is very important stay well-informed about the ‘Internal Job Postings’. A plenty of opportunities to grow are being generated in BPOs, but remember there are a plenty of people like who would like to utilize the opportunity too. Hence, it is extremely important to be proactive, and to apply at the right time.

  1. Keep Learning

Become better and better every day, and keep learning on a regular basis. Simply because, if there is any opportunity which comes within your process or area of functionality then the management will surely consider you for the promotions. Not just this, we all know that learning is always good, so even if you do not get any right opportunity soon, then also, the learnings will also help you to grow and achieve more soon.

  1. Networking

As we know that BPO environment is pretty friendly. They value relationships between teammates too. Hence, make sure you are friendly, and manage to create a positive image.


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Tips to get into a top league BPO

BPOs have certainly transformed the employment scenario in India, in a few years. BPO industry is one of those industries which hires purely based on the skillset of the candidate. Though, for certain positions, experience and educational qualifications do play significant roles, but generally, getting into a BPO takes proper preparation, that’s all. With so many BPOs in India, it is not difficult to find out the vacancies, as almost everywhere you will find job openings in BPO. But, the key is to get into a top league BPO, in order to move your career graph to a reputed place.

Here are some tips to get into the top BPOs:

  • Know about the company

No doubt there are a plenty of BPOs in India at the moment, and you might have worked, or tried your luck in a few of them already. But, you need to understand that every BPO is different. The company is different, and hence, it is extremely important to read the details about the organization before stepping into the interview room. You need to read the journey of the BPO, and it will help you answer some of the key questions better!

  • Brush up your communication skills

Communication skills are the key ingredients of a world-class BPO employee. Hence, make sure you have the best communication skills. No matter how confident you are, keep trying to become better and better. After all, a good league BPO will only hire the best of the lot!

  • Be Smart

Smartness is another important element that all BPO employees should have. At times, you might get stuck on a query, and you simply don’t know the answer. Now here, your smartness will be tested. You should be able to play around with the query smartly, till the time you have the answer ready. Plus, in a BPO, a new joiner has to learn a plenty of new things, so for that you certainly need a fair bit of intelligence too.

These are just a few of the tips which will help you crack that most important interview. Apart from these, qualities like confidence, patience, endurance, perseverance etc. are some other key elements which a recruiter would try to find in you while interviewing. So, getting into a world-class BPO is not an easy task, but if you prepare well, then nothing can stop you from cracking the toughest of interviews!


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Life in a BPO!

BPOs have very rapidly become one of the most prominent employment generation sectors in the country. The industry is huge, and also pretty popular amongst the youngsters. A plenty of youngsters have a very ‘cool’ perspective about working in BPOs. No doubt, the industry allows one to work freely, and mostly the environment is quite cool as well, however, the intensity of work is at the highest level too.

It teaches you to be Patient!

When an executive enters the workplace, he has to literally let go of his aggression, ego, anger, and a lot of other traits, which are generally also not so good for a human being. So, we won’t be wrong if we say that most of the BPO executives are trained to let go off the negative traits, and this also helps them immensely in their normal life. You know why? Because, working as a BPO executive demands loads of patience! Yes! In our regular lives, now a days, if we get even a little bit upset, we start bad mouthing, or shouting in load voices. However, if a person is attending a customer, then no matter how rusty the customer sounds, a BPO executive is trained perfectly to listen, and answer everything very politely and humbly. Now doesn’t that need a lot of patience?

No Day No Night!

Now, let’s come to the rotational shifts part. We are all aware of the fact that working in a BPO demands working in rotational shifts, so there’s simply no night no day, no Sunday no Saturday for an individual. From our childhood, we are taught to sleep early, and rise early, to maintain a healthy body and mind, but now, since we are employed in a BPO, the whole teaching goes for a toss. So, when the owls are out, BPO executives work, and when the sun is shining, it’s time to go to sleep. And, mind you, for all the new beginners, getting acquainted with this routine is a task in itself.

The Perks of working in a BPO:

Firstly, BPOs hire purely based on the qualities and talent of an individual. So, it simply doesn’t matter if your educational qualifications are not so strong, or you don’t have enough experience. You just have to prepare fantastically to get a job in a BPO.

Plus, the environment in BPOs is quite friendly. They try to make the setting as stress-free as possible. And, this gives a lot of opportunities to the people to be themselves. BPO executives are regularly motivated, and inspired as well and there are huge growth perspectives in the industry too.

This was just a brief introduction of ‘Life in a BPO’. If you want to experience it, then here are the current vacancies,click BPO-jobs here!

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Tips for freshers to settle-in quickly in the corporate set-up

Have you just freshly graduated from college, and are all geared-up for your first day at job? No matter how desperately you wanted the job that you have got, and no matter how much prepared you thought you were, as soon as you will hear the term ‘First Day at work’, you are sure to get goosebumps. Being a fresher, you certainly do not have any experience of managing in the corporate set-up. And, a plenty of things will cross your mind, regarding the corporate set-up, and these thoughts will make you more nervous. But, let’s take it this way- ‘You have got what you wanted, now you just have to prove your mettle!’ Exactly! Since, you have already crossed one of the biggest hurdles, of finding an absolutely amazing job, all you need to do is, focus all your energies in giving your best.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to positively settle-in in the corporate environment:

  1. Self-Belief

Self-belief has got a lot of powers. You are here, because you deserved it! You just need to keep reminding yourself that you have got a job, because you truly wanted it, and you worked hard to get it. Plus, you have got the best potential to rock the workplace. Never underestimate yourself, and keep your spirits up!

  1. Don’t get intimidated by the experienced

A lot of times we often think that people who are seniors, or who have got way more experience than you can even think of, are a little strict. However, that is absolutely not the case with most of them. People with more experience have a great amount of knowledge of handling freshers like you well. They know how to understand you, and make you feel better. So, instead of being scared, just interact with them, and start learning from them, starting from your first day!

  1. Stay Positive, Keep Smiling!

Everyone will surely understand that you are a little nervous, but try to smile often, to let people know that you’re feeling good, and trying to settle-in. A positive body language, and a smile on your face will not just create a better impression, but will also fetch you some good friends pretty soon. Remember, if you are finding it a bit difficult to interact with people, the others might be feeling the same too. So, with your smiles, and positivity, create a positive, and cool aura, to indulge in more conversations!

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A New Graduate’s Guide to Get a Fantastic Job

Have you just passed out of your college, and are looking for a wonderful career opportunity? If yes, then just keep in mind that there are a plenty like you. The ones who passed out of the same college as you and a vast number of candidates who passed out from various different universities at the same time. However, every individual’s abilities are genuinely different, and so are their chances of getting a great job.

No matter how quickly you would want to get the job of your dream, there always a decent amount of preparation that would be needed, to get you closer to the most suitable job for you. And, this preparation can start from the college itself. Here are a few tips to prepare for your first job:

  1. Resume says a lot!

Never underestimate the power of a resume. Your resume has a lot of power, and it can certainly take you places, of course you have to be capable, that’s is more important no doubt! However, resume is used attract as many recruiter’s attention as you can. This not just ensures more interview calls, but more chances to get the best job too! Also, regardless to say, resume does create a first impression on the recruiter. So, make sure your first impression is the most epic one! And, if you need any assistance in preparing a world-class resume, then Career Marshal is here to help you.

  1. Amplify your connections!

There can a plenty of world-class opportunities, but not all of them might be visible to you via job portals. Here, your connections play a vital role, as your network will always recommend you, and will also let you know about the prospective job openings. This will not only help you find a fantastic job soon, but will also automatically create a wonderfully nice impression on the recruiter.

  1. Rock the Interview

Getting to the interview room takes a lot of efforts too! So, do not let your efforts go in vain. Prepare yourself wonderfully for the interview. Being a fresher, you will always lack the learnings gained from experiences, but you need make that up with a fantastic interview session! Be it your core responsibility areas, personality or just communication skills, make sure you prepare everything well, to come out winning from the interview venue!

These are a few tips that can help you get a job soon!

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Not getting enough interview calls?

With so many job portals available, the first step of getting closer to your dream job is to start looking for the right options. And, in order to look for the best options we often end up applying to a lot of places. Here, it is not wrong to apply to multiple places, but, applying to multiple places involves more interview expectations as well.

So, in short, if you are applying to say 10 jobs together, you will except calls from minimum 7 at least! And, these expectations can lead to either happiness or disappointment depending upon the circumstances. As, in some cases, we never really get as many number of interview calls as we expect. And, this situation not only disappoints us, but hits our confidence too.

However, to be honest, not getting enough interview calls is one such scenario which is faced by almost everyone, at different intervals of time. And, it is not that bad too! Why? Because it is a sign that you need to do your research work now, to find out where you are lacking behind. At times, 2 friends start applying for jobs together, and one keeps getting calls, and the one receives only disappointment. But, instead of taking it to your heart, you should rather try to solve the mess, which is refraining recruiters from calling you. Here are some ways to deal with this situation:

  • Take it easy

Exactly, don’t stress yourself so much even if you are not getting enough calls. It happens with everyone, and it is a very normal situation. Stress, and disappointment will only lower down your confidence, which will further hamper your mental wellbeing.

  • Try to find out the reasons

This is what exactly you need to do in this situation! If you are not getting calls, then there has to be one or more reasons behind this. Therefore, just take a deep breath and start evaluating the possible reasons of not getting enough calls. Is it your cover letter, your resume, your profile or simply the fact that you are not applying at the right places? Once you reach the crux of the matter, you would be easily able to solve the mystery!

Job search is a time consuming process, and hence, it can take more than expected time to find the best job. Plus, there can be situations where you might feel a little let-down. However, it is always suggested to be positive, as positivity and self-belief has got a lot of power!

Good luck for your job search!

Need some help with your resume or cover letter? If yes, then click here.

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