November 2017

Tips to overcome Job Rejections

Job search is never an easy process at it involves a lot of things. From thinking about changing your current job or just planning to start your career after college whatever may your reason for job search is, finding the right job is not a cakewalk. As we all learn from experiences, hence, we know that when we actually start searching for the job, then only we realize, and learn several new things. Experiences are the best teachers, and while experiences the challenging job search scenarios a candidate surely gets a lot of useful learning.

One of the best learning experience is offered by a job rejection. No matter how disappointing the rejection word might sound here, but honestly it actually makes a candidate better than before. Of course rejections brings along its own set of sadness, but only people who can strongly overcome such situations, can actually gain something bigger in life!

Some tips to handle rejections with ease:

  1. Stay positive

The most important thing- Never let rejections make you negative. Rejections never imply that you are not worthy, instead, they just drive you to become better at whatever you are doing. So, stay away from those negative thoughts after a job rejection, and keep looking for the right job, with full confidence.

  1. Learn from the rejection

A lot of times rejections teach us much more valuable things, then we can even think of! If rejections are based out of something genuine and concrete, then always try to figure out the actual reasons. And, as soon as you get to know the reasons, start working out to rectify the faults.

  1. Don’t carry it

A job rejection might make you a bit sad. But do not carry over that sadness or disappointment to the next interview. Be prepared for such disappointing situations. And, never let these hamper your future interviews. No matter how bad you are feeling for one interview, you have to handle the other one with a smile on your face.

Selections and rejections are a part of everyone’s life. So, don’t let these rejections hamper your self-confidence. Always remember that self-belief can actually take you to places even you cannot think of! However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to learn from the rejections. Always make sure that you gain something positive from every rejection in order to become a better induvial.

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Why is cover letter important?

Sometimes, we get confused whether to include a cover letter in every job application or not. At times, companies do not even ask for a cover letter, and hence, we simply think that they would not require it, and we don’t include a cover letter while applying. Is a cover letter really important? Should we actually include it in all types of job applications? Even when the company is not asking about it? The answer to this question is yes!

Cover letters play a significant role in the job search process. They serve a lot of purposes, more than you even you can think! Cover letters not just give a brief about your profile, but good cover letters also adds a bit of more weightage to the profile. How? Simply, by letting the recruiter know that you have actually seriously taken some time out to prepare a cover letter specifically for a particular job!

Here are the important elements of a cover letter:

  1. Why are you fit for this job

Yes, this is a very important point, and this should surely be answered in the cover letter. A recruiter would love to know why you think you deserve this job. And, your answer will give him/her more clarity on your profile. Plus, you would also be able to clearly state your qualities, which are perfect for this job.

  1. Your experiences

Apart from the generic summary of your basic profile, your cover letter should crisply demonstrate your experiences as well. As we all learn a lot from the experiences, hence, a recruiter also be impressed to know your learnings through the experiences.

  1. Needed clarifications

Well, if you have any gap years, or anything that you wish to justify, you can mention that crisply in the cover letter. While looking at your resume, the recruiter might get a few questions in his/her head. And, if you could already perceive those questions, then nothing wrong in pre-answering them positively through the cover letter.

These are just some key elements that are needed to create a professionally sound cover letter. However, ensure that you prepare a crisp, yet interesting cover letter to catch the fancy of the recruiters. Plus, a personalized cover letter is always better than the generic ones. So, try and spend some time on the letters, for different job applications. And, do not forget to read, edit and make them better again and again!


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Fantastic Ways to Prepare Your Cover Letter

Have you been staring at a particular job description from hours, with the hope of really cracking that interview? If yes, then don’t stop yourself from applying for that position. If you really want to crack an interview, and if you really really wish to come out victorious from the interview room, then make sure you strategize your interview preparation properly. From the beginning to the end, you have to literally shine through the interview process to just break all the shackles, and get that much wanted offer letter!

What creates a first impression on the recruiter? Is it the way you walk into the interview room or the way you introduce yourself? Well, these things do create an impact on the recruiter as well, but cover letter, yes your cover letter creates the very first impression on the recruiter. Needless to say that ‘first impression’ has immense importance in the interview process. Even before reading through your resume, or calling you for your rounds, the recruiter, will get a fair bit of idea about your candidature through your cover letter, so make sure that you prepare in a fantastic manner.

Here are some tips to create a world-class cover letter:

  1. Let it be unique

Here, we are not trying to say that the cover letter should not be professional, but it should have some sense of individuality as well. Uniqueness always attracts, therefore, make sure your cover letter stands out of the crowd. It should have that special touch, and flavors to impress the recruiters. Do your research while writing the cover letter, but don’t ever just copy and paste the regular ones. Try to make it uniquely interesting!

  1. Let it Shine

Yes, you got it right! Your cover letter should have that spark, which you have for that particular job! It should very nicely inculcate that passion and interest which you have for that particular job. The recruiter, while reading the cover letter, should get an impression that you want this job. However, refrain yourself from exhibiting desperation.

  1. Let it speak about your qualities

Your cover letter should beautifully summarize your qualities, capabilities and experiences. It should somehow tell the recruiter that why you are just perfect for this job. You have to make it personalized. So, make sure you add your touch to the cover letter!

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Hacks to get hired without any relevant experience

Sometimes, when you do not have any relevant experience for a particular job, but you want to enter a new field, and change your career, you might get a little negative about your selection chances. And, yes the truth is that if you have rich experience in any field than your chances of getting that particular job automatically increase. As, we all know that experience is considered as the best teaches, and recruiters are also very much aware of the fact that people with good experience tend to be more knowledgeable.

However, what is experience? Is it just the number of years spend in the corporate set-up? Not exactly. Experience encompasses everything, be it a college project or even some volunteering work which helps you learn and explore newer things.

So, if you don’t have relevant experience in the field which you wish to opt as your career, then these are the hacks which will help you crack the interview:

  1. Connect the experiences

Whatever experience you have related to the field which you wish to enter, be it a volunteering work or any such project; just connect it to the job that you have applied to. If you are interested in a particular field, then you should certainly have tried to explore the field earlier as well, during your assignments etc. So, make sure you tell the recruiter about your experience while undertaking the tasks and activities related to the field.

  1. Convey your connection with the field

If you are eager to enter a new field, and that to without any experience, then you must be pretty much interested in that particular field. Therefore, try your best to convey your eagerness to enter the specific field, in a positive manner. Inform the recruiter about how you tried to explore the field, may be through internet, or people working in this field.

  1. Don’t show your desperation

No matter how badly you want the job, or how madly you would like to enter a new field, but it is always better to hide your desperation. Show the zeal for work in that field, but don’t go over the board. Plus, if you have ever worked in any other field, and even if you did not like it, but don’t ever present it or be negative about any other field.

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Tips to combat some common ‘Interview Weaknesses’

Interviews undoubtedly call for several nervous and anxious moments. But, the best part is that if we are able to overcome such moments, the joy that we get afterwards is simply incomparable with anything in this world. One day or the other we have to face interviews at some point of time or other. Whether we are attending an interview for a job, or we are sitting in a VC’s office for funding, some way or the other we have to be prepared to answer questions, in order to achieve something in life. And, no matter how talented or qualified we are, all of us have certain weaknesses. And, thinking about those weaknesses makes them all the more nervous. But, do not worry, we have got these superb hacks to help you win over some common weaknesses:

  1. Nervousness

Trembling legs, trembling fingers, a stomach ache, or even stammering, nervousness can hit a candidate in any way. It’s a fact that we all get nervous when we have to go for an interview, but it is advisable to keep the nervousness levels a little lower. If you already know yourself well, and you know that you will get extremely nervous at the time of interview, then start trying out different therapies and methods to handle the nerves. Mediation, soulful music, a fantastic interview preparations, and even tasty food are some of the mantras to curb those nerves.

  1. Communication skills

Whether we are going for an interview where good communication skills are a must or not, still communication skills play a major role in finalizing the candidates. However, not everyone is good when it comes to communication skills, and there’s nothing to be shy about. Though, it is always suggested to polish your communication skills, and there are plenty of ways to do it. Good interaction skills help you at every point of time, hence, there’s nothing wrong in improving communication skills.

  1. Too much of straightforwardness

Yes, extreme straightforwardness can be counted as one of the weaknesses. As, some of the answers need you to be a little more intelligent than just upfront. No, we are not trying to say that you should lie, but smartness, and answering the questions in a positive way are always better than just saying anything that comes to the mind. Sometimes, you might even have to turn negative states into positive with a little bit of smartness.

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3 hacks to handle a nerve-wracking interview situation

While we are in an interview room, the overall setting is already quite panicky. However, a lot of times a candidate can get stuck in an interview question as well, and this situation certainly becomes the most nerve-wrenching one. Though, not all the interview questions necessarily have a right or a wrong answer but at times, we get so nervous that we end up getting blank.

We all keep reading and listening, that we need it to stay calm and composed during an interview. However some situations may trigger the anxiousness, and one of them is getting stuck at a question.

  1. Relax, Breath In, Take your time

It’s absolutely alright to get stuck in any question, as generally when we are nervous it’s quite normal to experience some strange things. However, when you get stuck in a question, no matter how nervous you become, just remind yourself that you are also human, and it is absolutely alright to get blanket out at certain point.  Just take a few seconds, think about the question again with a new perspective.

  1. Ask Again

It is very much possible that you are unable to answer because you did not listen the question properly, or you did not understand it. If this is the case, then you should just ask for a bit of clarification from the recruiter. No recruiter would have mark you down for asking the question or a bit of clarification again.

  1. Move On

If you are totally thrown off by a particular question and find yourself unquestionably incapable of answering it, you can also ask the recruiter to move on with the other question if possible.  You might even get some time to think about the old one, and sometimes it happens that when you not actually thinking about the old question, an answer or an idea to answer that question might just pop up in your head. Even you don’t get the answer of that particular question, at least you can cover up the situation by answering other important questions.

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How to ace a group interview/discussion?

Group interviews and discussions are mandate parts of certain job interviews. However, some people find group interactions a little more challenging than one on ones. The main reason for that is you need to interact with multiple people at the same time, plus you would have to respond to the words, and thoughts of several people together. This also becomes a bit more challenging as you have to prove your statements, and yourself in front a group, and not just a single person, so the perspective of everyone matters, and you need to care of that.

Here are some super hacks to crack group interviews/discussions like a pro:

  1. Listen to everyone

Now, when it comes to group conversations, listening plays a major role. No matter how chaotic the setting becomes (sometimes in the case of group discussions), you still have try to hear everyone properly. This will help you to respond to every individual in an apt manner. And, when it comes to group interviews, you as it is have to answer to the questions put by several people together. Hence, make sure you give equal importance to every interviewer, in order to answer every question in a decent manner.

  1. Keep calm

Patience is one the virtues which is a mandate when it comes to getting triumphant at group discussions. Group discussions involves people of different mindsets and personalities discussions the same topics, hence, disagreements are a definite part of the session. And, the disagreements can give rise to heated arguments, therefore, it’s always better to distant yourself from any sort of aggressive arguments. Stay cool, and answer everyone sophisticatedly.

  1. Try to look at every one

While answering the questions during a group interview, it is suggested to look at every person sitting in front of you while talking. This will let them understand that you are addressing to one and all. Plus, this will also keep them engaged, which will definitely turn out to be a plus point for you.

  1. Try and understand everyone

Group interviews/discussions involve a lot of people, and not just one, and naturally, all the people will have different way of thinking. Thus, while answering it is better to understand every individual if possible, as it will help you give better answers. Though, you should never miss out on being yourself, being honest, but at the same time, it is also important to impress the interviews, in order to get the results in your favor.

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5 Powerful Skype Interview Tips

In this era of digitalization, interview processes have gone digital as well. Now a days a plenty of companies go for skype interviews too. The reason for a skype interview can be many. Say, for cross country interviews, or even cross state interviews skype has made it very easy to interview a candidate online. Plus, the benefit of skype is that the interviewer can even gauge the facial expressions, and facial expressions do play an important role at the time of interview.

Here are 5 super cool tips to help you rock your skype interview

  • Choose a decent location

A lot of times the candidate will be managing the skype conversation from his/her home. In this case, it is very important to choose a perfect location. As the interviewer would be able to see the background, hence, make sure the backdrop is neat, and apt for a professional conversation.

  • Avoid background noise

Background can surely spoil the mood of the interview. If the background is noisy, then the recruiter will certainly be distracted, and you might end up getting some minus points even if you perform well. Well, basically the background noise spoils the setting, and hinders the professionalism.

  • Dress appropriately

No matter whether you are sitting at home, or in a cyber café, you need to dress appropriately while attending the interview call. Don’t forget that you are very much visible to the recruiter, and awful dressing can get minus points.

  • Keep smiling

Just to ensure that you are very active, and positive, keep smiling. You facial expressions should be up to the mark. As skype interviews can be a bit awkward at times, so to clear the air, keep smiling, and keep nodding whenever necessary.

  • Internet connection

Before starting off with the skype call make sure that your internet connection is running fine. Any hindrance in the call would not create a good impression. Recruiters generally have a very strict schedule so any kind of hindrance might force them to shorten up on your interview time.

Whether it is a face to face interview or a skype interview, interview periods are undoubtedly a little stressful. However, whether you are on call or present physically, you should certainly adapt ways to handle the nerves with ease. Try n stay positive, and prepare yourself nicely for the interview, and that will automatically give you some bit of confidence.


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Super effective BPO job interview tips

BPOs have undoubtedly generated immense employment opportunities. From an under-grad, a fresher to even a post grad, BPO is one such sector which offers opportunities to one and all. Specially, when a candidate is perusing his/her degree, or is a fresher wanting to start his/her career, BPO serves as the best go-to-sector for employment.

However, getting a job in a BPO is not as simple as it looks to be. There are a plenty of rounds involved. Plus, the recruiter keeps judging the candidate on inter & intra personal skills too.

Here are a few top tips to prepare for a BPO interview better:

  • Stay Cool

As we know, most of the BPO jobs demand you to be in contact with the clients and customers. Now here, all the clients and customers would be different personalities, and will have a different way of talking to you as well. Hence, no matter how rude or how arrogant the customer gets, a BPO executive needs to stay calm and humble while listening. Hence, be prepared to get your temperament analyzed during the interview!

  • Communication is the key

Landing a job in one of the best BPOs demands you to be extremely good with your communication skills. During the course of the interview, you have to be up to the mark with your communication skills. Even while you are talking to the recruiter casually, then also try to showcase the best of your communication skills!

  • Prove your stability

Stability is one of the key deciding factors for any BPO recruiter. The recruiter makes sure that the candidate stays with the company longer. Therefore, try not to indulge in any conversation related to even your distant goals and aims. You have to show the recruiter that you are here to stay, and you see yourself moving up the ladder while working with their company.

  • A go-getter attitude always works

For a fast paced industry such as a BPO industry, recruiters often end up picking the most dedicated and energetic candidates. A go getter is always preferred over somebody with a little bit of better communication skills as well. Because BPO industry demands a lot of learning, and adaptation of newer things regularly.

  • Study about the industry and the company

Before stepping in the interview premises, do make sure that you read about the BPO industry and also the company. This will not just make you a little more confident, but will also add on to your credibility. As the recruiter would be able to sense your level of dedication, and interest for the job.

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Prep for generic answers every hiring manager would ask?

Interview preparations are a good flashback college and school examinations. Just that an interview demands more than just answering the right questions. For cracking an interview one not just needs to be prepared to answer all the questions, but should also know how to handle the heat.

Here are the top 5 most commonly asked questions, along with the answering tips:

  1. Introduce Yourself

‘Tell me about yourself’ is the mostly the first question that have to answer as soon the interview process begins. No matter how much we prepare for it, still we all get a little nervous while answering this. Maybe because it’s the first question.

While answering this question, honesty plays a major role. No matter how desperately you want this job, but never go on and lie about yourself or experiences.  Just be yourself, stay calm, and introduce your true self to them. Also, it is suggested to avoid some ‘not so important’ elements while answering something like hobbies etc., unless not specifically asked by the recruiter.

  1. Why would you want to work with us?

Well, as soon as you will hear this question your inner voice will surely say ‘I want this job & that’s why I want to work with your company’ but no no, you cannot answer it with such straightforwardness!

Just tell them things connected to the company which actually inspire you to be a part of the firm. You can even read about the review of the company before entering the interview premises, and just tell them the positive points which you read while reading about the company. However, avoid flattery.

  1. Why this designation?

This question might have different forms, and can be asked I various different ways. So, the recruiter basically wants to know why you consider yourself a fit for this designation. Here, you need to use your education, as well as your experience and based on that you can tell the recruiter what makes you the best suitable for the role.

  1. Why should we hire you?

A plenty of candidates find this question to be the most difficult one. Here, the recruiter wants to see how confident you are about yourself and your capabilities. However, at the same time you have to refrain yourself from being full of yourself.

Plus, you have to establish a solid connection between your capabilities, and the job requirements, to ensure that you are actually the best match.

  1. Your strengths and weaknesses?

Recruiters generally wants to know about your plus points, and your weaknesses from you too. Just to understand your psyche better. Here, you have to consider the fact that you need to be truthful. However, do not need to go over the board.

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