October 2017

Steps for empaneling the perfect vendors for Recruitment Services

Vendor empanelment for recruitment services is becoming a growing trend in the recruitment industry. Efficient vendor empanelment helps to smoothly match the right candidate with the right job, in less time. Together a company with the vendors can do pretty well in finding the right talent for the right organization.

Here are a few steps for perfect Vendor Empanelment for recruitment services:

  • Go for an expert service provider

Recruitment is a very important process for any company, as employees are after all the assets of an organization. Therefore, while empaneling the best vendor for your recruitment services, make sure that the vendor has got the right expertise, and experience in recruitment. The team of the vendor tells a lot about the kind of service which can be expected.  Therefore, make sure that you do your research work right before choosing the best Vendor.

We, at Career Marshal have set of expert recruiters, who have the right aptitude to handpick the best talent for any company.

  • Always go for efficient and honest vendors

Well, there might be a large number of vendors that might be interested in empanelment, but it is very important for the organization to do a comprehensive research before finalizing the best one. A few things to consider while selecting are the genuineness, and efficiency of the company. This can be found out from the previous record of the company. Plus, the process that the vendors follow tell a lot about their working pattern.

  • Go for the vendors who have an extensive database

Hiring the brightest of the candidates is not an easy task. It is very important to interview and test many candidates before finalizing the topnotch ones. However, the initial step is to invite as many decent candidates as possible for the selection process. Therefore, only if a vendor has a great database of candidates ranging from a fresher to senior managers like that of Career Marshal; will only help the companies to recruit only the best!

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How to hold on to your nerves at the time of interview?

No one can beat the anxiety that we get while we are sitting on the chair outside the interview cabin. A feeling that is a mix a lot emotions. We are all nervous and scared, but at the same time there is this feeling of performing and doing something that keeps us motivated to walk in the cabin as well. A tons of things are going on in a candidate’s mind while waiting for the round of interview. Some questions like ‘How will I manage to answer them as I am already so nervous’, to ‘Will I be able to crack this?’ There are a series of questions that tend to make the candidate more and more uneasy. However, interviews are one of the most interesting and valuable things to happen in a job seekers life, as the person’s career pretty much depends on the interviews, so it is always advised to handle the nerves, while going inside the interview room.

Here are a few steps to ‘take it easy’, during an interview:

  1. Prepare yourself well

Well, if a candidate is confident he/she will always be able to combat the nerves and prove himself/herself right. However, confidence basically comes from preparation. If you are prepared well, and if your mind and your heart know that you would be able to make it, or at least you are prepared to face the rounds well, then a lot of anxiety moves outside the window itself.

  1. Try and be as positive as possible

No matter what others are saying, and no matter how bad your last interview was, when you are inside the interview premises you need to believe in yourself.  Your self-belief will open many doors for you, which even you would have not imagined. And, if you are positive, and if you know what you want then a lot of uneasiness disappears on its own.

  1. Don’t listen to anyone

This is a very valid point. While we are sitting in a room full of candidates, we tend to judge the company, the recruiters and even the process, however this practice should certainly be avoided.  Everybody is so keen to know what happened to the other candidate, who just walked out of the interview room, that we simply forget that every individual has got different capabilities, and the interview experience for all might not be the same!

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5 tips for employers to create a wonderful first impression on new hires.

New hires are undoubtedly a little nervous when they step in to the office for the first time. However, as an employer, it is very important to help them ease out a bit on the first day. New hires from different regions, from different domains join together at times, and all of them might take a little time to feel better. Though, all the company’s mostly have their personalized induction sessions to familiarize the employees with the company, however, only induction sessions are not enough to acquaint the employees with the company.

Here are a few steps to create a great first impression:

  1. Strategize your induction sessions

Induction sessions are an important part of the first day of the employees however, induction sessions should be planned in a way that they entertain the employees. Which means, the session should have the right elements to not just introduce the company, but to also interest the new hires at the right time.

  1. Organize amusing activities

In order to help the employees engage with each other, and also with the induction organizers, it is necessary to let them open up. Fun games create an entertaining environment, and encourages more conversations.

  1. A speech from the top management

If possible arrange a speech session during the induction, where top management people come and introduce themselves, the company and their role. This will help the employees to understand the company from a different prospective. Plus, employees will also feel more valued.

  1. Offer them some goodies

No matter, how old we grow, some goodies or free gifts always bring a smile on our face. So, if possible, give some customized goodies, with your company’s branding to the new hires.

  1. Create an inviting environment

The first day is pretty important for both the employers and the employees. Therefore, on the first day, make sure that everybody who meets and greets the new employees should welcome them with a smile. There should be a lunch session organized, where the teammates get another chance to converse with each other.

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5 ways to attract the best talent to your company!

Employees of any organization are the assets of the company, and there is no doubt about this fact. Efficient employees make the workplace environment better, and enhance the quality of the work in any organization as well. Also, dedicated set of people bring in a lot of commitment, and inspire people to do good for the company. There might be thousands of ways available to hire the workforce, however, it is not easy to find out the best people that will actually benefit the company in the long run. It is tough, but not impossible. But, now the question arises, how to actually attract the right talent to your company?

Here are a few steps to help you find the best people:

  1. Create a healthy environment

A workplace environment that is beneficial for both the employees and the employer always attract people. Workplace happiness, and wellness is important to hire and also retain the best talent. Efficient people find various opportunities, the only reason they will choose your company instead of the other would be; if your workplace culture is beneficial to the people.

  1. Continuously Inspire people

During the interview process, or even after that you should never miss any opportunity to encourage people to work with you. Tell them your success stories, and how you achieved them. Keep sharing your goals and aims with the people so that they find a good reason to be associated with your company. An organization can choose to put out videos or messages on the social media platforms proving their worth as an employer.

  1. Openness attract

Openness in any organization directly relates to the higher management. If the higher management of the company is frank, and keeps in touch with the employees, it strengthens the belief of the employee in the company. A company where any employee can reach to the upper management for genuine reasons proudly showcases itself to a wonderful and cool place to work. Any decent candidate would be glad to be associated with any such organization.

  1. Employees should be encouraged to perform

An organization that offers whereas incentives or other benefits to employees if they perform well motivates the employees to perform better. Plus, it also gives rise to a healthy competition, and good employees would certainly want to compete and grow in the long run.

  1. Give them the opportunities to learn

All the talented people want to learn and thrive. Therefore, an organization which gives them the right directions to grow will always be the top choice of the best candidates.

Hiring the best talent is very important for any company, and Career Marshal, let’s you find out the best talent, in an easy and efficient manner.

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How to choose between multiple job offers?

Finding a job is certainly not a piece of cake. Firstly, we have to find out the ideal site to look for the right jobs, then apply for the suitable jobs, and finally face the interviews. However, getting an offer letter might not be the end of the job search process. In general, candidates apply for multiple jobs together to be on the safer side. Plus, it always good to keep more than one options in hand to choose from. And, the good part is that quality candidates clear more than one interviews as well. Now, the question arises, which offer to accept and which to neglect, However, neglecting an offer letter is never a great thing to do but at times, a candidate has to do it, in order to make a better choice for his/her career.

Here are a few tips to choose the best offer:

  • Compare the companies

A good company plays a major role in career development of any candidate. A better company always adds to the profile of a candidate. Therefore, while selecting a job offer, do a thorough research between two companies. Read the reviews of the companies, gather information regarding the organizations, and then only choose the best one.

  • Compare the roles and responsibilities

Your job functionality should be one of the main deciding factors while selecting from multiple job offers. The roles and responsibilities are actually what you would be doing if you join the company. So, please be careful while reading and picking the best amidst the multiple job options.

  • Read the offer carefully

Different organizations offer different set of things to the employees apart from the salary. There are certain benefits that lure the employee, however you should always go for such benefits which will help you in the long run.

  • The Salary!

Salary should not be the only deciding factor however more salary generally gives a little bit more satisfaction. Therefore, if you find out that probably the roles, and everything else between the companies are pretty much similar then going for the company that offers more salary is not a bad option!

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How to positively discuss one of your most difficult situations at work during an Interview?

How did you overcome one of the most challenging, or tough situation at work? This is one of the questions that is generally asked during every interview. However, what’s the purpose of asking this question?

The recruiter basically wants to test your situation handling and pressure management skills. A difficult situation brings along a bit of anxiety too. So, the answer of this question helps the recruiter know your capability to handle such situations.

Here is how to prepare for this question:

  • Say no to Negativity

Never ever mention anything that displays your negative behavior or attitude towards any tough situation or circumstance. Difficult situations are a part of every business. So, let the recruiter know that you are always prepared for any such incident. And, you have the power and patience to deal with any such situation.

  • Time to showcase your skills

Tough situations are only handled with utmost care, and thinking. Challenging circumstances test the endurance and perseverance levels of an individual. Also, it is the time to showcase your capabilities, to help yourself, and the company overcome any challenging situation.

  • Never put the blame on anyone

Bad mouthing creates a very wrong impression. No matter how much an individual contributed in the making the situation tough, or how much you hate any one, never ever mention such things during an interview. You should always tell them that you have the ability to manage, both tough people and situations in a positive manner!

  • Don’t miss out on mentioning the learnings

Challenging circumstances also brings along a lot of learning. The process of overcoming a tough situation involves lots of thinking, courage, and determination. Hence, on the way to reach the outcome, a person faces a lot of situations, which help him learn and grow as an individual as well. Therefore, while answering the question, never forget to mention what you learnt from the incident.

The answers of these major 4 points are enough to let the recruiter know about your ability to manage any tough situation.

The actual situation?

What did you do to overcome it?

What was the outcome?

And, How did it prepare you for the future?

Always describe the situation with honesty, and positivity, and we are sure that no recruiter will ever cut your marks easily on any such question! We, at Career Marshal prepare individuals to understand these type of questions better. Hence, never hesitate to ask for our experts’ support anytime, and for anything!!

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Experience & Abilities count more than a sparkling degree!

A good graduation or a post-graduation degree adds a special value to the resume, and this fact can never be denied, however, presently, educations not the main factor, which decides the professional position. Experience has surpassed education in becoming the chief deciding factor. Not just that, problem-solving skills, which enable an individual tackle real-life situations, are mostly gained by experience. In this technology driven era, even a kid can understand the basic nuances of the modern technological progresses.

Good graduation degree matters, but not more than the abilities and qualities of an individual. The abilities define the capabilities of a candidate. Plus, now a days, a lot of tests are being organized as a part of the interview process, to review the skills of the candidates. And these test results are given more importance than just a good degree. Also, not just the tests, even interviews these days are organized to analyze the abilities of a candidate simply because there is a lot of competition, and recruiters want to be sure of their choice.

Not only the abilities, but the temperament matters too. A company might find a candidate with exceptional educational background, however, somebody with more confidence and a never say die attitude will always be preferred over just an educational degree. Because the environment has become very aggressive, and only people with immense dedication, and the strength to beat the odds can surpass the competition.

Presently, degrees are losing the sheen. Employers are more focused on hiring a problem solver, a go getter, than just a professional graduate. And, one of the major driving forces of this change is the booming start up culture. Startups not just pave the way for young graduates, or even dropouts to become entrepreneurs, but also offers numerous challenging opportunities to anyone who wants to that extra mile, but doesn’t have a degree to prove his abilities. Passion and self-motivation are the drivers of a successful startup journey.

And, yes, Experience is one such think that proves to more fruitful than any degree. It teaches the basics of job functionality, and helps an individual gain the real sense of a professional life!

So, do not get bogged down if you could not get any good degree, just focus on polishing your skills, and experience, and nobody can stop from going big in life, and this what our Career Marshal experts teach the candidates!

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5 ways to amplify your retention rate

Employees are the most valuable assets of any organization. Employees contribute to the development of the company, and also influence the culture of the company. Therefore, is it is very important to be selective about the employees. However, even if you finally manage to the best set of people to work for your company, but the main task is keeping them interested in the company. The retention of any organization says a lot about the company. A good retention rate signifies good employee culture. Though, good salary is important, but that is not the only factor which can influence the employee to stay with your organization for long. There are several other factors that influence the retention rate.

Here are a few ways to boost your retention ratio:

  1. Keep your employees Inspired

Employees should be given a pump at regular intervals. The motivational speeches or emails are a way to keep them motivated, and this helps them perform better.

  1. Constant growth Opportunities

Keep sharing constant growth opportunities with your employees. The opportunities can be aligned with the developmental goals of the company, or can be individualistic growth opportunities. It is important to give them a reason to perform and do well.

  1. Keep them engaged

Employee engagement is a fantastic way to let the employees know that you want to see them enjoying their work. Employee engagement initiatives not only increase the interest levels of the employees but also, help the employees combat stress and pressure. Plus, these initiatives are a great way to bring the teams together, and open up communications.

  1. Employee Wellness Initiatives

Healthy and happy employees enhance the quality, and quantity of work.  It is very important to implement some useful employee wellness initiatives to let the employees that you care.

  1. Give them the freedom to explore

All the employees have their own set of key responsibility areas, and tasks. However, it is very important to give the employees the freedom to explore, and learn new things. They should be given opportunities to try their hands in different departments as well.

A good employee retention rate not only depicts a great company culture, but also saves time and money of any organization. Hiring good employees is a tedious task, and hence, if you hire good set of employees, then it is very important to encourage them to stay with the company, happily.

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3 Ways to justify the gap on your resume

Resume holds a lot of importance in the corporate world. It is like your profile to the corporate world. Just a sheet of paper is enough to tell to hiring manager whether you should be given a chance to prove your abilities or not. There is no doubt about the fact that a resume should be prepared in a fantastic manner. However, certain portions of your resume are powerful enough to let the recruiter create an impression (positive or negative about you). ‘Gap’ in one of such things.

The world ‘Gap’ seems pretty daunting, when it comes to looking for a new job. There can be many reasons of certain gap months or years in a candidate’s resume. There can be various legitimate reasons justifying the gap years, starting from choosing to opt for gaining some certifications or qualification to trouble in finding a new job after getting laid-off in the previous organization. However, it is very important to convey the reasons properly. Here are some tips to conveniently convey the message to the recruiter:

  1. Be prepared to answer

Well, gap is something that certainly attracts the attention of all the recruiters. And, almost all the recruiters will ask you to reason out your gap period. So, be prepared for cross questions also! Our experts at Career Marshal always motivate the candidates to be confidently prepared to answer all such type of questions.

  1. Honesty is the Best policy!

Being honest always works! We might be scared to share our gap reason with the recruiter thinking that the recruiter might reject, thinking that you are not regular or something, but that is just our perceptions. The recruiter processes have evolved over the years. Therefore, it is important to be honest about your gap, and let the recruiter take a fair decision!

  1. Confidence Matters!

Honestly describing the reasons pertaining to your gap only holds importance if the message is conveyed in a confident manner. The recruiter should be convinced by your justification, and you have to tell them in a way that they accept the fact that the gap was absolutely genuine.

There is nothing to be afraid of as long as you are speaking the truth. And, you have to follow this mantra for an interview as well. Just be yourself, and the recruiter will surely get something more positive about you that will absolutely overlook the gap period!


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5 Fantastic Resume Hacks to get more Interview calls

Your resume acts like your profile to the corporate world. Just a few sheets of paper are enough for a recruiter to decide whether you deserve a chance or not. Though, there is no doubt about the fact that resume alone can never describe who you are, however, it does  play a major role in telling the recruiter what you can bring to the table. Therefore, it is suggested to prepare your resume with utmost precession.

Your resume is your first impression on the recruiter. No matter whether you are the most educated amongst all the candidates, or whether you are the most experienced of them all, grammatical errors or sentence formation errors will certainly disappoint the recruiter.

Here are 5 resume hacks to fetch you more interview calls:

  1. Be Unique

No doubt about the fact that internet has got solutions to a lot of our problems. However, referring to internet, for preparing your resume might not be the best thing to do. Copying and pasting the commonly used phrases, and using the most used temples are not the right ways to go about preparing a world-class resume. You are different, and so should be your resume!  Make sure that your resume has that personal touch, something that clearly differentiates you from others.

  1. Numbers

Numbers, facts and figures are always attention-grabbing. If you have something that can be depicting via numbers, than you should surely mention those figures in your resume.  Numbers showcase your achievements. They somehow help to quantify your experience.

  1. Write about going extra mile

We all mention our job roles, and our key responsibility areas in our previous organizations. However, adding some pointers about some more achievements or something that you have done in the past that was more than your daily task, will help the recruiter know that you have got good potential!

  1. Give it a Fantastic Start

Profile summary or the objective statement are important parts of any resume, but they are generally overlooked. Prepare a customized objective statement, which stands out of the crowd. Something that will attract the attention of the hiring manager!

  1. Crips sentences always work better!

The attention span of a recruiter is very small. Hence, try to keep the resume content as crisp and relevant as possible. Avoid writing huge paragraphs. Bullets and numbers help the recruiter understand your previous experience better!

Preparing a resume is not a cake walk. And, hence, we at Career Marshal offer text and visual resume making service. Our expert resume writers stay updated with the latest resume trends, so that they deliver topnotch, and unique resumes every time.


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