September 2017

Tips to Rise & Shine on your First Day at New Job!

The feeling of getting a new job is incomparable to anything in this world!
From the stress of looking for the best job, handling your nerves at the time of interview to answering those curveball questions, the process of getting a job is no easy feat! Though, Career Marshal’s expert recruiters do try their best to simplify the process.

Now, since, you’ve crossed most of the hurdles, it’s the time to pat your back, and now, your main aim should be to nail your fist day at job! Remember, First impressions lasts long, therefore, it’s important to make it count!

Listed below are 5 tips that will help you kick start your first day like a pro:

  1. Dress professionally!

You’ll already have the idea of the dress code, but it’s important to select the most appropriate set of clothes for the first day. A neat and smart look always impresses, though, it’s important to feel comfortable as well. Spend some time with your wardrobe to find out that best pair of clothing!

  1. Punctuality Matters!

Since, it’s your fiat day at the job, it’s better to reach early than late. Reaching early will give you the bandwidth to freshen up, and breathe in. Plus, you’ll have enough time to spend with the initial onboarding team as there’ll be a lot of formalities that you’ll have to do on your first day.

  1. Lunch Together!

Lunchtime, is the occasion to indulge in some casual conversation with your boss and coworkers. It’s a nice way to tell them about yourself, and to know about them to. Lunchtime conversations play an important role in easing the setting, and connection. Plus, it will also help you loosen up.

  1. Know your Goals!

You know why you wanted to this job, and why the company selected you. Now is the time to prove your selectors, and yourself right. Find out your initial goals, set some yourself, for yourself, and jumpstart your new beginning!

  1. Get Acquainted with your surroundings

Change always brings in a bit of discomfort. A new place, new workstation, new people, new bosses, everything can be a little bit daunting in the beginning. Therefore, it’s better to spend some time with the people around you, with your workstation, to make yourself comfortable with the surroundings.

First days are memorable, therefore, ensure that you have some good memories of your first day at job!



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Common email mistakes you should avoid while applying for a job

Writing a smart e-mail is also a required skill to get a good job. Most of the times we apply online and besides attaching a resume, some introductory lines should be written to summaries about yourself to the recruiter. Those few lines play a decisive role in leaving your first impression on the employer/recruiter and a single mistake can snatch your destiny from your hands. Before you do these silly blunders next time while applying for a job, it’s better to read on about the common mistakes and their impact on your candidature.

Using the same email for every job –         

Are you seriously doing this? Oh no, don’t do this. Grow up and be professional. Before applying for a job read about the company and the offered profile and include some related details in your e-mail. This will make the recruiter realize that you have really invested yourself in knowing about the company and you are a responsible person. Remember, the recruiters are smarter than you, they can easily see the laziness behind your stereotypical e-mail language.

Poor Grammar distracts–

Make sure the e-mail you are writing is grammatically sound. Write carefully and read thoroughly before you send the email. You may have a good hold in your field but your grammatically wrong sentences in the e-mail may prevent the recruiter from even opening or downloading your resume. If you are not very sure about your grammar, there are many types of software that do spell check and grammar check for free. Actually, accept it or not, but Indian job market demands people with good English.

Replying emails too late –

A job seeker has to be proactive. They can’t afford any kind of delay. Giving a late reply to e-mails will snatch many opportunities from their hands and sometimes there is no second time. So, check your emails regularly and reply them as soon as you can. You are not the only person whom the email has been sent. There are thousands of job seekers craving for a job and ready to take your place.

Using Emojis? Stop it now –

It is absolutely unprofessional to use Emojis while writing a mail for a job application. Emojis are for friends and family, and not for professional conversations. Recruiters do not take such candidates seriously. It’s like wearing a shirt with cartoon print in your interview.

Wrongly spelled company name? Biggest sin ever –

This is a situation in which even God cannot save you. A little mistake in your name’s spelling suddenly catches your attention and you do everything to rectify it. Isn’t it? Same is with a company name. A company will never recruit a person who doesn’t even know how to spell the company name correctly. While writing the e-mail, check twice or thrice and make sure that you have correctly written the company name.

Above mentioned mistakes are suicidal for your career. Hope the information above will help you write a professional e-mail and get the job you desire. Get in touch with us here, our plethora of job opportunities have much more to offer.

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Resume Guide:Improve your chances of landing into the interview

A book is not judged by its cover, but our profile is very well judged by the kind of resume that we prepare. A resume is basically the brief of all the experience that we have gained over the years, including our education. Our resume should directly put forward the caliber and potential that we have, and what we can bring to the table to help the businesses nurture.

However, according to studies across platform, people hardly spend around 10 seconds to judge whether it is worth a read or not. Just like attractive food-packaging enhances your craving, a good resume certainly strengthens your candidature.

While preparing your resume, you should always keep these things in your mind:

  • Prepare a Draft

Before preparing your finalized resume, it is suggested to prepare initial drafts. The drafts should picture your final resume. Plus, continuous evaluation of the drafts will help you prepare the best resume

  • Keep it Simple!

Yes, simplicity impresses. A simple and concise resume, with to the point details will encourage the recruiter to read your resume, rather than flipping to the next page.

  • Add the relevant information

Keeping your resume simple doesn’t mean that you can ignore significant data. It’s important to add everything that is worth adding, but in brief.

  • Renovate it on a regular basis

Keep yourself abreast with the latest resume trends, and market requisites. Regularly update your resume to keep it fresh and up-to-the-minute.

  • Say No to language errors

Language error can certainly be a big turn off. Hence, make sure that your resume goes through multiple levels of screening before sending it to the recruiter.

But, what’s that one change that can instantly amplify your chances?

 Objective Statement:

Objective statement plays a solid role in getting more interview calls. Its aim should be to engage the people reading it, and also, it should have the selling propositions sufficed sophisticatedly.

A personalized objective statement, which clearly describes your role, and your strengths, always help the recruiter make a better, and positive decision. There’s a reason why objective statement is placed at the top of your resume. It is the first thing that any recruiter would notice. Messing up with the objective statement will clearly mess up your chances of landing into a good job.

How to prepare a perfect objective statement?

Here, you would have to put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes. You have to exactly write, what they would be interested in reading. To the point, crisp, and personalized objective statement is enough to get you a call from the recruiter.

While drafting your Objective Statement, first note down your key abilities, and achievements. Think thoroughly that how can you actually help the organization grow.
As per Career Marshal’s experienced recruiters’ simple and personalized objective statement always works well!

Need some professional assistance in preparing a world-class resume?

Career Marshal Offers resume writing service at a reasonable price. We help you curate a professionally sound, and first-class resume in around 5-7 days (excluding Sundays). We have an in-house team of experts who master the art of resume making! Also, we keep seeking your feedback and review, to ensure that we deliver exactly what you want!

Interested in our resume writing service? Click here to know more

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Mistakes you should avoid during your job search

Searching a job is a kind of expedition in itself. One wrong step and the adventure may turn into a life threat. In job search the threat is on your career. One wrong word during interview, poorly written resume, unprofessional outfit etc. can spoil your career. Job search is an art you need to master without leaving any margin for any flaws. One wrong step may cost you your dream job. It’s all about acting wise at the right time. Sometimes even the smallest mistake may leave you regretting for years. Our experts of Career Marshal are offering their thoughts on the mistakes that you should avoid during job search.

Don’t stuff your cover letter with too much information

Do not over clutter your cover letter with unnecessary information. Cover letter is a summary of your overall career, experience and a justification of what makes you competent candidate for the applied job. Tell the employer why you are a perfect fit for the profile, how you are a good deal for the company and which skills of yours relate to the profile.

A cluttered resume

Same rule applies for the resume also. There are many things that really don’t belong to your resume. Statements in your objective, long paragraphs without bullets, irrelevant experiences from the distant past, hobbies, reasons for leaving your previous job, references etc. are a few things that make your resume look cluttered. Before starting your job search, always take an expert advice or go for a professional resume writing services. They will alter your resume according to the related industry trends.

Not making a match between your qualification and the job.

Before you apply for a job just make sure that you have all the related qualifications required for that profile. Randomly applying for job search just for the sake of good salary package will take you nowhere. Read the full description and pay attention to the qualifications they are looking for. If you really find yourself compatible to their requirements, then apply for it otherwise move on to find a better match for you.

Saying the wrong thing at a job interview

There are a few things you should keep to yourself during a job interview. Expressing everything may cost you the job. For example –

I really hate my job,

I am planning a vacation in coming weeks,

My current employer is awful,

The working hours are too long.

I don’t have any questions.

Can I work from home?

Interviews make me feel nervous

No taking follow-ups

Employers really appreciate the candidates who take follow-up. It shows that you are not among those who give interviews to just get more salaries. Taking follow-up leaves a good impression on the employer. Besides, it also gives you a chance to say which you wanted to say in the interview but couldn’t.

Job search is like a fragile stuff that needs to be handled extremely carefully. So next time you search for a job or give any interview be careful and be professional.


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10 Ways to Not Get Hired

Avoid these Mistakes — Get your dream job!!!
We are living in a highly competitive world that has become even more competitive with regard to landing in a suitable job since the recent economic recession of 2008. If you have also felt the impact of this global economic scenario and wish to be perfectly prepared for any interview then you must have a look at the below mentioned pitfalls that you must avoid in order to get your dream job.

  • Not Following up: You should always follow up on the progress of your selection after giving an interview. If you don’t follow up after the interview the company personnel may think that you are not serious about the job and they may hire another person.
  • Not adding the personal Touch: If you don’t customize your resume as well as cover letter for each of the position you are applying for, you may get the same result, i.e. an interview call but not the job as the company personnel may think that you don’t value their organization enough to customize your response as per their job requirements.
  • Not Researching: If you don’t research about the company as well as the job you are applying for before appearing in the interview then you may be left tongue tied in the interview as you will have no answer to their questions.
  • Not Building your Network: If you don’t manage and expand your social and professional network then you may not know of the job opportunity that matches your dream job and someone else may grab it rather than you.
  • Not mentioning your assets: Everyone brags a lot in his resume but fails to clear an interview. If you also feel the same then you should try not to brag in an interview, rather you should tell the interviewer how you can help their company.
  • Not having reliable references: Before going in for an interview, you must build up a network of credible references so that your skills and competencies can be vowed for by a reliable person. Doing so will help your interviewer to trust you with much more ease.
  • Not Being Calm: Even if you are desperate to get the job, you should never show it in the interview. Rather you should keep yourself calm and composed so that the interviewer perceives you as a good resource for his organization.
  • Not leaving an awesome first impression: You should always be nicely dressed and polite when you are interacting with any person of the company that can offer you your dream job. Doing so will help them to realize that you are a good person and trust me that matters with most of the reputed companies.
  • Not having a positive attitude: You should never start explaining about the personal and professional problems you are facing during an interview. You should focus your energies on telling the interviewer how you have solved a professional problem by keeping yourself in a positive frame of mind as it will help him to judge you as a potential problem solver, not a trouble maker.
  • Not exploring different methods to know about the job: Everyone uses the traditional methods of job hunt and if you wish to land yourself in your dream job then you should widen the scope of your job hunt techniques. Hiring a reliable consultant or using social media to know about latest job openings can be some options you should try.

In the end it can be stated that if you avoid these pitfalls then your possibility of getting your dream job would be much higher. Good Luck!!!

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6 skills that can harm your career if not worked upon

1. Taking decisions

Every moment is a moment of decision. And, poor decision-making will take your career downhill. But do you know how to take a good decision? It is important because as you grow your decisions get bigger and have a huge impact on the organization and careers of people.
Therefore, ask yourself three questions every time: Will it take you a step ahead towards your career goal? Will it enhance your profile? And, finally, will it generate avenues.

2. Listening with intention

One of the greatest failures of professionals is the inability to listen effectively. This leads to their communication abilities remaining stunted. Listening with intention is about total focus on the speaker — his choice and sequence of words, sentence construction, tone of voice and body language.

3. Building connections

You cannot remain cut off from your surroundings at the workplace. Irrespective of your core skills, you will not achieve the best possible results unless people are willing to work with you, help you and connect you to the right opportunities.
This is possible only through your personal relationships. Thus, the ability to relate to people and build lasting connections is essential for your success. Make a start by reaching out to people you are genuinely interested in.

4. Creating time

Highly skilled people get more done and, therefore, progress faster. People with lesser skills are work overtime to meet their basic targets.
Therefore, they don’t have the time to spare for learning new skills. Sounds like a Catch-22 situation? Not quite! People with higher skills are usually those who mastered the art of creating time within their routines. This time is invested in learning or gaining more experience.

5. Promoting yourself

Are you socially conditioned to frown upon people who brag about themselves or take pride in communicating their abilities and achievements? If so, it is unlikely that you are selling yourself correctly on your CV, to your boss, to your team and to your company.
Terrible strategy! If you do not market and negotiate for yourself, no one else will. Your employer does not have systems to measure, evaluate, hire and promote without inputs from you.

6. Understanding business

The aim of business is to make profits. Do you know where the revenues come from? Who are your customers? Why do they pay your firm and not the competitors? Are you aware where the cash goes? What are the largest expenses for your firm? Does it need to invest in machinery or infrastructure? Does it need to borrow cash?
If you don’t understand business, you will not align your interests to that of your firm’s and, thus, miss out on the most valuable growth and learning opportunities.

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Hobbies that may turn into a great career

Long tiring working hours, job insecurity, target pressure, increment struggle, boring assignments, salary deductions, exhausting daily travel to office and what not? If we are doing our job with such stressful and unfailingly regular challenges we start yearning for life where we could decide our own working hours, all decision could be in our hands with a freedom to use the extremity of creativity, and we could measure our own performance and could have a complete hold on the earnings. Well, to many of you this must sound like a mirage but this can be a reality for you. How? Well, we all have some hobbies which can be turned into profitable deals with little efforts. Below are some hobbies which can be turned into a lucrative career.


Writing has always been a hobby of aristocrats. In today’s world of marketing and showbiz, owning good writing skills can bring great monetary opportunities to you. As you must have also heard, that the content is the king, you good writing skills can be an amazing career for you. Start your own company and take projects or go for a freelance content writing. Today there are many websites where you can get international writing projects and can start earning in dollars. Wow!!! Not a bad deal.


Your eye for detailing paired with your passion for photography can launch you as a star of the photography world, opening doors to countless opportunities. To judge your potential, initially, you can start by taking pictures of your family members in different moods at different locations. Let the artist in you keep innovating new sides of this world. Once determined, start looking for new opportunities. Consider yourself lucky as you are in India, which celebrates a bunch of festivals, occasions and functions whole year, especially marriage. Also try to get some projects from the corporate world, as there you will get the chance to meet more prospective clients.


Your love for traveling and curiosity to know about new places may someday help you as a great tour guide. Initially, you can practice your skills on your friends and family. Whenever you go with them on vacations, take initiative and describe them about the place. One important thing to remember is your pronunciation. Being a tour guide you will have to interact with people from different continents, so you need to have good English with no mother tongue effect. So before you turn your love for travel in a full-time career of tour guide, go for a personality development training and groom your dressing sense, pronunciation, body posture etc. for an unshakable successful career.

Voice trainer/voice artist

If you have a good grip on a language with a pleasing voice and you want to use your voice then the profile of voice trainer will be the perfect career for you. Many BPO companies hire voice trainers for the English language to train their newly appointed staff. Not only this, a person with good voice and pronunciation can also work as a voice-over artist, dubbing artist or narrator. With good command of any language, working on the above-mentioned profiles will be a cakewalk for you.

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Start your career after marriage- Career tips for married women

Marriage is a huge change for a girl that brings countless twist and turns in her life. New culture, new place, new family, new look and of course, a second innings of career. Now she has many things to prioritize and make a perfect work-life balance. Some start their career immediately after marriage while some have to wait long. Our career experts at Career Marshal believe that through proper planning ever woman can start her career and have a bright future. If you are also one among those who are planning to give a new start to their career after marriage, then below mentioned tips will be greatly helpful to you.

Approach your last job – If you are newly married then the company where you used to work before marriage, can be an easy way to start your career again. If you are residing in the same city after marriage also then you will also agree with this suggestion but if you are in a different city now then check if your previous company has any branch in that city or not. If yes, then your career can take a leap again after marriage.

New girl in the city Vs career struggle – If you have relocated to a completely new place and have nothing familiar here, then you need to look for new job opportunities. Although, it’s really not a big deal, the only side effect of such situations is salary compromise. But, a little compromise on some pennies is good for future benefits because more you delay, more you will get underpaid.

Recognize your strengths – This is for the women who start their career late. But, again the plan is same. A planned preparation will help you start your career again even after years of marriage. Knowing your strengths is very important. You must have some skill which you can use to kick-start your career. Polish that skill with some practice or by pursuing some course and look for the related opportunities. If you really master your field then nothing can stop you from getting a good job.

Be your own boss – It’s the greatest freedom a married woman can have. Start your own business or opt for freelancing. Working on your own conditions is blissful. Yes, you may not be able to earn well initially, but gradually you will start getting regular projects and then you can bargain and get your desired price. Make a website showcasing your professional experience paired with your key skills and job opportunities you are seeking presently. Send the link to the prospective clients and let the market know about your presence. This will definitely bring you great opportunities. Don’t forget to mention you contact details.

The only successful trick to start your career after marriage is ‘keep trying’. Today’s world is full of opportunities where every woman has a chance to earn pennies and live respectfully while pursuing a successful career. At Career Marshal, we have numberless job opportunities for everyone. Get in touch with us and click here to pick the job you love.




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Pradyuman- Another innocent victim of masked education system

Dear Parents,

Sorry to say but all the dreams cherishing in your eyes for a bright future of your child may get shattered at any moment, any day. Why? Well, we strongly believe that the life and death are in God’s hand and we have decided to allow the school security agency behave carelessly and do not do their duty of keeping the school safe, sincerely.  But yes, we as a responsible school will inform you the time when you can come to collect your dead dreams from our school.  Thank you for investing huge figures of money in our institution, we assure you that the money you gave for your little ones will surely be used for the welfare of other children by intimating their parents when any further loss of innocence happens in our well-maintained school premises.

Yours sincerely

School Administration

No wonder if in coming years, parents receive emails with such language from the private schools of their children. The frequency with which the kids are getting killed in so called high standard schools and shameless school administration showing absolutely irresponsible attitude tells that our education system is craving for a meaningful change.

The stories of student’s deaths and murders in mysterious conditions in school premises have become a frequent highlight of news channels nowadays. The recent case of a 7-year-old boy Pradyuman Thakur’s murder, in Ryan International School, at Gurgaon has shaken the souls of parents who send their children to the same school. He was found dead with a slit throat in the school bathroom. Sexual assault is another stress for his parents and the accused bus conductor has confessed his crime. The little boy of class II was excited about his friend’s birthday and chocolates, but destiny brought him the greatest bitterness and an intolerable pain for his parents.

It’s not the only tragedy. Same thing happened in another branch of Ryan International School at Vasant Kunj, Delhi When a 6-year-old of class I was found dead in a water tank.

The question is much bigger here. How all these things happen and when will come the day when these greedy schools will get the right punishment for bringing such great pain in people’s lives? It’s not about murder only; it’s also about the extremely wrong practices of these monstrous greedy schools. Before we hear of another tragedy, why there is no full stop on the huge amounts they grab from the parents on the name of great facilities? How can we allow people to use education field as just a business to earn money? Why don’t we get to see a really big and of course a positive change in the education system where education won’t be a platform for only money transactions? Don’t you think, before teaching students, these education institutions should gain the knowledge of moral values and ethics?

We do not want to hear such heart breaking BREAKING NEWS stuff on news channels anymore. Invalidating license of such schools will be a good decision but even this will not bring the lost innocent kids back to their mourning parents. Actually, we need to act now so that things can be changed before any such incident takes place.

There is an immediate need for serious action and laws to restrict and punish the irresponsible attitude by schools. On the other side, the private schools need to work on every aspect related to the well-being of students. Above all, the actual need is for implementation. Laws can be many, but if they are not implemented on time on the actual culprits, there is absolutely no use of making any rules and regulations. Do you know in Finland the education from pre-primary level to upper secondary school level is free and funding is the responsibility of the government? The monetary contribution is divided between the municipal government and federal government. Can’t we think of any such system in our country?  If not, then at least there should be clear rules to limit the fee amount and ensure the responsibility of private schools. After all, if we are giving our trust to these so called well-equipped schools we want an uncompromisingly safe atmosphere for our children and nothing in this world can DARE to deny this.

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Top International BPO interview questions – answers for fresher’s asked by reputed organizations

Are you a fresher looking for a good job? Do you wish to get a job in an International BPO that has a lot of scope for growth? Would you like some help in clearing your interview at an International BPO? If yes then you should have a look at the following questions and answers that are usually asked in an International BPO.

Introduce yourself..

This question is generally aimed to check your communication skills which are a vital factor to get a job in an International BPO. In order to answer it, you should start with your personal introduction like your city of birth, your education details as well as your family background. You should be confident while answering this question as it would help the interviewer to decide whether you can handle the interview or not.

What is an International BPO?

First you should know the full form of BPO which is Business Process Outsourcing. An International BPO is a way for companies present in developed countries like UK, USA, etc. to outsource their less efficient tasks to the third world countries.

Why Indians are employed in an International BPO?

Indians are very flexible. They are ready to work in different shifts and are willing to learn different accents to help international clients to deal with their issues. Indian Labor is comparatively cheaper than cost of employment in developed countries and is still sufficient for the Indians. Indians are also quite good at problem solving and exploring many ways to resolve a situation which helps in keeping the customers happy.

Why do you want to join an International BPO?

Do not say for the money. Rather you should emphasize on your core qualities indirectly. For example: You can say that you want to explore your problem solving skills and help the customers happy. You can also say that you are good at communicating and love to chat, so you think you will get good opportunity to communicate with a lot of people in a BPO. Adding in that it is a booming industry will also be wise.

What is a Call Centre?

A call centre is a specific type of BPO that deals with resolving customer queries, selling them products or services by voice process only.

Would you be comfortable in working in shifts?

Yes. I have given it some thought and I am willing to change my lifestyle a bit in lieu of a good job opportunity. I admit that I may face some problems due to the change in my sleep cycle but I am willing to adjust.

How do you rate your communication skills?

Try to be honest and not aim to flatter. Giving yourself 7 or 8 on 10 can be a nice option if you want to impress but not flatter. But remember to justify it by trying not to stammer or sound nervous. You may also be asked to choose between chat and voice process and should be very honest about it.

We hope some of these questions would help you to get a job in an International BPO. Best Wishes!!!

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