June 2017

Bring Out Your Best during a Phone Interview

You may have been preparing yourself about the importance of body language during an interview. But then your potential recruiter requests for a phone interview, now what? Even if your resume has managed to catch the eye of a recruiter, it is only the first step towards your ultimate goal. The next important step is to impress your hiring manager during an informal phone chat.

Our experts at Career Marshal believe that most recruiters see this as an important pre-screening process which avoids wasting time for both the recruiter and the candidates. During a telephonic interview a recruiter can gauge your availability, past experience, motivations, and expectations relating to salary and the job itself.  This type of interview forces them to pay more attention to a candidate’s language skills, which is important for a position that requires client dealing.

Have all info on hand

The worst way to start a phone interview is to not have any recollection of the job description or the recruiter. The chances are if a potential recruiter calls you they will be thrown off and it will ruin your chances of selection.  Career Marshal advises you to keep a list handy on a sheet of paper with:

  • The Position
  • Job description
  • Day you sent your application
  • Few notes about the company

It is also recommended to have a copy of your resume handy, along with a list of your strong points and weaknesses.

Make sure you are in the right place

If the recruiter calls you while you are out shopping for vegetables, or are otherwise occupied, tell them immediately to reschedule at a mutual convenient time to be professional. Make sure, however, to thank them for calling you and show your enthusiasm for this opportunity.

Our experts believe that some recruiters understand that all candidates may not available to talk at all times and it is better to have a focused conversation rather than one with a risk of interruption.

Put on a smile

Career Marshal believes that you can always hear a smile, even if it just while talking on the phone. Posture and facial expressions can be important, if you are in a grumpy mood, the recruiter might be able to catch your expressions over the phone.

Be polite, friendly and professional

This goes without saying, but it can often get lost with an informal chat over the phone. Interview Gurus at Career Marshal advise that if you are trying to aim for a face-to-face interview, you should be polite and professional.

Try giving references or anecdotes from your past experience which are relevant to the job requirements, it will make the recruiter feel that you could be a potentially good fit. It is also recommended to try and make a link between the recruiter whilst keeping it professional.

As your conversation wraps up, be sure to thank the employer and reinstate your interest in the position.  While ending the phone call make a lasting impression.

RinkyBring Out Your Best during a Phone Interview
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How Career Marshal is beneficial for Jobseekers and Employers

Finding the right match in this competitive job market is very exhaustive for both the employers and the jobseekers. We at career marshal understand the complexity of the current job market scenario and give our best at achieving the expectations of goals for both sides.
Having been founded in 2012, with our headquarters in New Delhi, Career Marshal strives to capture all possible opportunities for you in different sectors. May it be IT, HR, Marketing, Sales, BPO, or any other field we are always there to help.
For Employers
At Career Marshal we help you scan thousands of resumes in just one single-click. We help you find the best match for job requirements with practically no effort. We thrive for minimum efforts and cost and optimum results.
Career Marshal is your one-stop for meeting all your recruitment needs. Here’s why:
 We boast an expansive database of highly trained and qualified jobseekers. So you will definitely find a suitable match for your job opening.
 Today is an era of social networking. Everybody and everything is available online. Then why not post jobs on social media? We advertise your job posting on social media websites to expand your search horizons.
 The ultra-responsive short-listing technology on our website filters jobseekers to match your exact requirements.
 We bridge the gap between you and your prospective employee, bringing you closer to your next recruitment.
For Jobseekers
At Career Marshal we care about your career more than any other job site out there. We say it because we believe it; we endeavour to land you the best possible opportunities to put your career in fast gear. We ensure that everyone registered on our portal lands up with a job, for this we organise job-fairs regularly and also conduct walk-in at our office. After all one call can make that difference in your life.
Why should you register with us? Well here’s why:
 With a large database of employers with thousands of job openings, your next appointment letter could just be a few clicks away.
 We are a one-of-a-kind job portal providing career consultation and jobs all in one place.
 Scanning your profile to highlight your qualification, skill set and work experience to land you the best suitable job that you will love.
 Just submit your resume on our website and relax, we will help you scan the best match for you.
 We provide outstanding premium resume and job services that guarantee to land you with an offer letter by making a lasting impression.
 Our consultants are always available to help expedite your job hunt.
Apart from the services mentioned above, we also specialise in services that groom the personality and skills of a candidate so that he/she find it easier to fit into the job environment.
The jobseekers and employers are both very well-informed in this fast paced job environment and we at Career Marshal, help both sides in making the best choices by providing relevant and contextual information. We have a diverse network that spreads all over the country, making us experienced in breaking boundaries and bridging the gap between employers and jobseekers. This is why Career Marshal is the best one-of-its-kind job seeking portals in the country today, providing an ultimate premium experience.
We aspire to become the leading end-to-end job portal in the country hosting a range of premium and career enhancing services for all.

adminHow Career Marshal is beneficial for Jobseekers and Employers
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How to Deal with job and work place stress

Stress can be both positive and negative. It all depends upon how it is affecting you or is it manageable or not. Some stresses work as a kick to perform better and others tend to make a withdrawing nature.

adminHow to Deal with job and work place stress
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How to answer top 5 common interview questions

The common interview questions that usually a candidate comes across are enlisted. And Career Marshal is trying to help you with the right answers for the same, making all the difference for you. Keep the following interview tips in mind and you shall come out with flying colors.

adminHow to answer top 5 common interview questions
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Tips to Dress to Impress

When you go for an interview Career Marshal suggests that you dress as per the role. The dressing for the interview depends upon the industry you are applying or going for. Some accept informals as well but for the interview one must dress as per the profession.

adminTips to Dress to Impress
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