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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Organize your Job Search

When you are on a hunt for a job, it’s very common to be applying for multiple job postings at once. This is especially true for those who are just starting out their careers. But multiple applications mean making different versions of your resume, and many, many different deadlines to keep track of. With so many things to keep track of, it’s fairly easy to get disorganized.

An unorganized job search process can lead to embarrassing mistakes, for example lost phone numbers, and missed interviews. To help avoid these pitfalls, our career experts at Career Marshal have put together a few tips to keep your job search organized.

  • Start with clear career goals: It is very easy to just jump right in and start sending out job applications. But before you do, it’s best to take a step back and think about the bigger picture here. Where do you want your career to go? Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line?Though it may seem quite trivial, visualizing your career path is a very important step to take. How would you know where to start from, if you don’t know where you’re headed? Reflect on what you would like to do, and don’t be very specific. Once you have a general idea work your way backwards from there.
  • Create a schedule: after you’ve realised your goals, start building a schedule. Step aside time from your daily activities to look for jobs. This could be a time taking process so try to set aside at least 2 hours in a day. Sounds difficult? It’s really not. Try to reserve blocks of time between your daily activities for your job search and some extra time trying to adapt your resume towards the specific job.
  • Try to track your applications: this is where things can get messy. Applying for multiple jobs leaves you with a lot of things to manage. To look as professional as possible and to ensure your own peace of mind, our experts think that it’s important to keep track of all the details.

One of the best ways to do this is to create a list to keep track of each job application. You can start by creating a an excel sheet. Include all relevant information such as company name, job position, Hiring manager, etc.

  • Work with an expert: Working with recruitment experts like Career Marshal, can really expedite your job search process. All you have to do is upload your resume on our website and look for relevant jobs. Your resume will be directly sent to employers without having to apply separately with different emails. With our premium services like resume writing, resume highlighting, resume broadcast and job for sure features you are guaranteed to find your dream job.

During the job search process, you can often feel discouraged and overwhelmed. But by following these few simple tips on job search organisation, you’ll be ready for an effective, organized, and positive job search.

Good luck!

Harsimran KaurThe Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Organize your Job Search
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What to highlight on your resume

Creating a perfect resume needs effort and takes a lot of time. Even though there are a lot of templates on the internet which are available to download for free, the resumes those stand apart are the ones on which the skills and accomplishments are highlighted and makes the job seeker’s profile look interesting. Here’s the tricky part, what do you need to highlight on your resume? You don’t want to sound like you are bragging, yet you want to clearly demonstrate that you are the right fit for the company. How do you know what skills to highlight? How do you do it effectively? We are here to help.

Identify the skills needed for the job you are applying:

The best way to decide what to highlight on your resume is to understand what the employer needs, how will you be able to fulfill them. Everything you need to know is generally available in the job description mentioned in the information about the job. If you read the job description carefully, you will have insights to what the employer is looking for in candidates. You will also be able to identify the keywords you can put on your resume. This method will assure you pass the initial computer screening of the resumes. Even a short description of the job has all the keywords.

For example consider the following job announcement:

Job description

The ideal candidate will expand the company’s brand presence by finding the target audience to distribute marketing content to. You will create and implement the marketing strategy using online methods to gain new customers. The ideal candidate is both a self-motivated individual and a positive team player.


  • Plan and execute digital marketing campaigns
  • Monitor and analyze effectiveness of campaigns
  • Find and target audiences
  • Client servicing
  • Managing client expectations
  • Managing a team
  • Will be expected to work in the following digital marketing verticals: SEO, SEM & SMM

If you read it carefully, the employer needs someone who’s a team player and a person who is good at planning and monitoring. It’s always a good idea to mark those keywords and present them in your resume.

How to highlight your skills effectively

The best way to highlight your skills effectively is to imagine yourself doing the job. Then look at your past work experiences. Think of specific duties you performed and the benefits you provided.

Choosing keywords showing you in action

Give life to the actions you performed on the job. Express your skills in a manner that is impactful, forceful and persuasive – whatever your job may have been – by using action-oriented verbs, such as:

reduced | pioneered | targeted | designed | managed | streamlined | secured | expedited collaborated | authored | coached |increased |monitored | systemized | conceptualized

Show your benefit:

Your resume is your marketing document, and like any other good marketing document it should list out the benefits. People love numbers. Quantify the benefits your work provided to your previous employer. Things like, “Increased profits by 10%,” or “Reduced customer churning by 10%” demonstrate that your skills will benefit your future employer as well.

As you develop your list of skills, share them in a way that demonstrates that you have become more responsible and valuable as time has progressed. If at all possible, make sure the most valuable skills are highlighted under the most recent employment.

Avoid Keyword Overuse:

You are enthusiastic to prove your worth, but make sure not to overuse keyword phrases. “Track record of success” and “Introduced new products” are pretty cliché. “Team player” is even more abused. You can express the same idea, using different words.

Your goal is to showcase the right skills to win over your employer.   Make sure your efforts are also to please the computer. Don’t end up creating wording that mangles the English language. You can even take the help of a professional resume writer or a resume highlight service to increase your chances of getting the attention of employers here

Harsimran KaurWhat to highlight on your resume
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Pros & Cons of Working with a Startup

Working for a startup can be pretty awesome and pretty awful at the same time. By awesome we mean: flexible schedules, tons of responsibility, and lots of opportunities for advancement and growth. But, it can also be not-so-awesome as well. By that we mean: crazy working hours, job uncertainty, and an unclear structure in office.

If you’re just starting out or making a career change, joining a startup can be intimidating, sometimes even foreign.

Our career advisors at Career Marshal evaluate why you may or may not want to work for them.

The Pros

  • Unique experience: Startups mostly have a very favourable work environment. Their workspaces are creative and innovative to grow and favour the imagination of their employees. A stimulating workspace is always quite crucial.
  • A great learning experience: Startups usually put a great deal of responsibility on their employees. They hire them because of their skills but a company founder usually expects much more than just that. The founders and CEOs generally work directly with the employees with the absence of any middle management, so the employees learn from the best.
  • No Supervision: with the absence of middle management, there is no supervision placed on the employees. They have a license to show off their brilliance, which in turn increases their productivity and creativity.
  • A few more perks include flexible working hours, free food and even drinks at times, casual working atmosphere, work from home, etc.

The Cons

  • Heavy workload: one can expect to work very long hours with few day offs and vacations. Start-ups tend to capitalize on emerging trends and early growth for them is very vital. Thus they expect their employees to work round the clock to make it happen.
  • Job stability or security: According to a research 3 out of 4 startups fail within the first three years. So job security is a big question in such an environment.
  • The salaries are not-so-good: Being a startup, most investors don’t shell out a lot of money for such enterprises. So one can’t expect a very good salary in comparison with traditional companies. Most of their funds are actually spent on operating costs, product development, or growing a customer base.
  • Startups are usually run by brilliant founders who develop a good product or service and secure enough funding for initial investment but that does not make them good mentors. Therefore, start-ups sometimes lack strong mentoring which also affects job stability.
  • Lack of social life: working at a startup could be fun but one works hard as well. Employees are put under a lot of pressure to avoid any losses, so can be sure of missing out on any social life at work. Work and life is a balance and working long hours at work may definitely take a toll on both.

Startups fight to survive even when they have reached great heights and are more established than before. As technology changes fast, the competition becomes fierce, and even the small missteps can have big repercussions on a startup. That’s why many startups struggle even after going public.


Harsimran KaurPros & Cons of Working with a Startup
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Resume Lies and How to Spot Them

As a recruitment manager, you think you are all set to hire candidates to fill in your job positions who are qualified and suitable for the job role. While you may be looking at the required qualifications and relevant work experience, should also look for honesty in the process of hiring the candidates.

Inflating the resume with the help of the all-too-familiar resume language is likely very harmless. But sometimes many candidates could also falsify a resume with the wrong information. Thus, our experts at Career Marshal advice all recruiters to be extra cautious while they intend to hire candidates for vacant job positions.

Here are some red flags to take note of while scanning resumes:

  • The school/college sounds iffy:

Although there are a many schools, colleges, and educational institutes that are not accredited by the government, there are some institutes that claim to offer educational certificates which turn out to be completely fake and often give out false degrees to their students. This is why you as a recruiter have to be cautious while interviewing candidates.

As a recruiter, if you find the name of the institute somewhat fishy and if you doubt its credentials especially coming from the candidate, be aware that the candidate must be cooking up a story surrounding it.

  • Previous employer is completely unknown

Sometimes, in desperation to take up a job, candidates often end up doing things that are absolutely unimaginable. They can even go up to the extent of faking a recruiter as well. Yes that’s true. In a given situation, while hiring potential candidates and asking questions about their previous employer, if you think that you have never ever heard about them, the chances are that the candidate is simply faking it.

It is important in this situation to do some research work before you begin with the interview process. Look up the internet and call up the company and speak to the HR person directly.

  • Overinflated Job Position

Many candidates also tend to mislead in terms of their job titles. They intentionally exaggerate their job titles in order to get a better job position. As a recruiting manager, while hiring candidates, it’s an important task to know what to ask and how to ask questions. If you sense something fishy, dig a little more and ask more technical questions related to their job profiles and titles. If the candidate is unable to come up with clear answers, then you know that they are faking it

  • Far-fetched self acclamations

It is a very common attempt to focus on acclamations during recruitment. But, in this process if you notice that the candidate’s accomplishments are a little too far-fetched – that is if they are way too much, then you must sense that there is something wrong. Too many self-inflated phrases such as – the youngest, only employee, world class leader, pioneer, first person, can turn out to be a little too dubious. If you sense something iffy, do remember to cross question the candidate.

Resume lies are becoming quite common and there have been multiple cases where candidates have been caught faking at interviews. However, there can be some that can be truly smart in terms of fabricating facts. In such cases, it is completely on you as the recruiter to go for a thorough background check of the candidate before making a final decision.

Harsimran KaurResume Lies and How to Spot Them
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How can a Strong Vocabulary Impress a Recruiter?

The way we talk and the words we use on a daily basis truly define our standards or communication. Irrespective of the language we speak, the larger and deeper our vocabulary the more sophisticated we sound. Whether we are talking about a start to a successful career or having a fruitful career, it all depends on how you make it to the interview.  No matter the type of industry or company you choose, jobs with attractive salary packages are offered to candidates who have excellent communication skills. The English language is now referred to as a global language, and in current times it has become a prerequisite for all candidates to prepare themselves with strong English language skills.

Our Hiring experts at Career Marshal think that while on one hand, dressing good and having the exact skillset for the role are equally essential for any employee; on the other hand being effectively communicative in the English language can really help an employee in ensuring success at each and every level in your career.

Significance of a strong Vocabulary

From a long time, the appearance of a candidate carried a huge weight on their shoulders. But with the evolution of recruitment industry, we have noticed some remarkable transitions in the process of scouting, screening, interviewing and finally hiring potential candidates. Thus, even if one is a genius in mathematics, but he has a poor vocabulary, it will put forth an impression that he is not the right fit for any organisation. One can realize the significance of having a strong vocabulary at the time interviews, wherein the candidates are evaluated directly from the way they talk by the hiring manager.

How to build a strong vocabulary?

  • Reading: Our experts believe that the ideal way to increase and enrich your vocabulary is to develop a habit of reading. By reading we do not mean the occasional fashion or entertainment magazine, what we mean is some good books-fiction or non-fiction.
  • Where to start: Start by reading a few classics or bestsellers then find your interests. Start building your way up from there. You can even start from children’s classics as they are more interesting and shorter than average books to develop an interest. While reading, sit with a dictionary and note down meanings of words you don’t understand and also, evaluate its usage in the sentence.
  • How to perform in an interview: Once you are acquainted with new words and have practiced them. Now comes the need to master the art of communication during job interviews. Try not jump on using the newly-acquainted high-end words in front of the recruiter all at once. Do not be a vocabulary freak. The recruiting manager does not want you to be a dictionary. He just wants to know how well you make use of the right words while answering his questions. They judge you not only on what you speak, but also on how well you speak. Making correct use of the right words here is extremely crucial. Trying to use very flowery words or words that are too complicated will also not work. It will rather make you appear like an amateur. And you definitely do not want to seem like one.
Harsimran KaurHow can a Strong Vocabulary Impress a Recruiter?
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Accelerate your Job Search with these Tips

Whether you are a complete fresher or even if you are looking for a job change, you have probably realized by now that searching for a job is no less than a full time job. In the present difficult economic times, it takes an immense amount of time, effort and planning in order to land the job of your dreams. But, with the right mindset and by working smarter and not harder, you can definitely make your job search much less of a pain.

Our consultants at Career Marshal suggest the following steps that can instantly accelerate your job search:

  • Choose a job portal: A good job portal like Career Marshal offers you tons of job opportunities in all fields. We are one of the leading recruitment companies today having something for just about everyone. We strive to land the best possible opportunities for you so that you have an amazing career.
  • Apply to a LOT of jobs: While it can be quite intimidating to apply for 20 jobs in one single day, but we find that it’s much better to throw as many fishing lines into the water as possible as you have more chances of catching something rather than nothing at all. The worst-case scenario is that you’ll have multiple job offers to choose from and who doesn’t want options these days. Although, if you wait a few days to apply to an open job, your resume and application might end up being lost under a pile of other potential applicants. When this happens, the recruiter may get enamoured with another applicant and may never even see your resume.You can increase your chances of landing an interview and a job offer by simply applying first, and submitting a flawless resume, and becoming the recruiter’s early favourite.
  • Check the details carefully: When applying for a job, check the job description very carefully and also check the company. Then try to tailor your resume including keywords from the job description. This highly increases your chances of getting that interview call.
  • Be consistent: You may be searching for a while now without any luck but just because you didn’t get that interview call doesn’t mean that you should give up. Continue your search and continue applying to opportunities that suit you best, you never know the best one could just be your next one. You may have to give up some of your precious time, but it will surely pay off and save you time somewhere down the road.
  • Take advantage of Social networking: While you are at it, our Recruitment experts suggest creating social media profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn. These sites are now proving to be an essential tool in job search with the rise of the social media. A lot of recruiters now want to look at your LinkedIn profile to see your work experiences and credibility. Also, try to include their links in your resume so that the recruiters can see for themselves.

Also, a lot of job portals such as Career Marshal very frequently post jobs on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Thus, giving you a chance to be up-to-date with the latest job openings in your field.  Who knew that connecting with your friends on Facebook could also land you a job!

Harsimran KaurAccelerate your Job Search with these Tips
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How Social Media can land you a Job

Social media has emerged as a key player in the job search process today.

Social Media Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ allow employers to get a glimpse of who you are outside the traditional confines of a resume, or even an interview. Social media sites offer job seekers the opportunity to learn about companies they’re interested to work in; connect with their former and current employees; and know about current job openings instantly, among other things.

This is the reason why more and more job seekers are becoming highly active on social networking sites on a daily basis, and most employers now utilize these sites in their hiring process.

So how can you as a job seeker tap into the power of social media to make searching for jobs easier? Our experts at Career Marshal have gathered all the tips you need to use every platform out there to your advantage:

  1. What accounts to have:

Our experts think that every job seeker should at least have a LinkedIn account, and a Facebook or Twitter to show that you’re a real person. Beyond that, you should consider social networking sites that are really important for your industry.

  1. Always use your real name:

It can be quite trendy to pick a catchy nickname or handle when making your profile on a site but, as much as possible, try using your real name. This looks more professional and also implies that people will be able to find and scan your profiles when they search for your name. If your name is a rather common one or if you often go by a nickname, in that case, choose a consistent name and use the same across all platforms, and try to include your real name somewhere on each account.

  1. Include your profiles in your resume:

Your social media profiles are a great representation of you and you’re personality, so make sure they’re out there! Try to include your Twitter handle on your resume, also mention your industry-specific network, and tell your recruiter where to find you on your business card or your email signature. If you’ve done the work to make your social media profiles look good and professional, don’t be shy about sharing them!

  1. Like Pages like Career Marshal on Facebook

Today is an era of social networking. Everybody and everything is available online. That’s why at Career Marshal we post jobs on social media our social media platforms. We advertise our job postings on social media websites to expand your search horizons. Like us on our Facebook page and get regular updates about the best job opportunities for you.

At Career marshal, we boast a diverse recruiting network that spreads all over India, this makes us extremely experienced and efficient in breaking all boundaries and bridging the gap between recruiters and jobseekers. That’s how Career Marshal is one-of-a-kind job seeking portal in the country today, providing the ultimate job search experience.
Our aim is to become the leading end-to-end job portal in the country, providing a range of premium and career enhancing services for all jobseekers.

Harsimran KaurHow Social Media can land you a Job
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6 Benefits of hiring professional resume writing services

Job searching sure isn’t an easy thing, and if you are hunting for jobs in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, you should stand out among thousands of other applicants. What’s the first thing you do? You broadcast your resume on the best job portals in India. Then, you wait for the placement consultancies or the companies you have applied to call you. But, have you ever thought whether you have a professional looking resume which grabs the attention of employers? Everyday hundreds if not thousands of people apply for jobs on job portals, how to ensure your resume gets you hired? If you have been job searching for some time without luck, consider writing a better resume. Here’s where a resume writer comes in.  Resume writers are professional writers, who are experts in making your resume unique from the rest of the applicant pool. Here are the benefits of hiring a resume writer, and why it’s such a good investment.

Professional Look:

Resume is your very first impression you give to your employer. An expertly created resume looks clean, polished and professional. In addition to looks, the resume should be error free and have correct grammar. Nothing turns off an employer than a poorly written resume. We at Career Marshal ensure you have a resume that stands out and catches the eye of the employer earning you an interview.

Objective View

For most candidates, it is difficult to have an objective view of their education and career. Applicants often get confused on what to include, what to leave out and what to emphasize. An experienced resume writer can help you add what are the most important details and trim the excess information.

Highlighting essentials

Let’s face it – your resume is not your life story, therefore it shouldn’t include every single thing you have done during your career. It is important to strategize and emphasize relevant accomplishments and highlights of your career. It helps an employer understand how you are the right fit and benefit the company.

Is in tune with current trends

You want a resume that appeals to ATS(applicant tracking systems) in job portals as well as to employers, it shouldn’t be outdated. Are you still using career objectives? They are replaced with summary and core competencies. Mentioning References? Not needed anymore! Resume writers keep in mind of the current trends and design your resume to meet the expectations of the hiring managers.

Save yourself time

We frequently hear about job seekers who spend months in fine tuning and designing the perfect resume. Save yourself from that. You have other important things to do. Polish your skills, keep up with the current trends in the industry, prepare for your interview, and leave the hassle of creating the perfect resume to the pros in reasonable time.

Save yourself money

This might seem unbelievable right? How can you spend money on hiring a professional resume writer and still be saving it? Well, pay heed to this career advice. Compare the salary lost from a prolonged job search with the cost of resume writing service. You’ll actually end up saving money. Investing in an experienced resume writer seems a better option than losing out the money through the job you got with a polished resume.

Now you know why it’s a wise idea to hire a resume writer. Career Marshal provides the best resume writing services in India making sure your resume mirrors your goals and land you up in the job you have always wanted. You can avail our resume writing services here.


Harsimran Kaur6 Benefits of hiring professional resume writing services
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Do’s and Don’ts for applying a Job Online

Online Job portals like Career Marshal make it very easy for you to apply for a job online. We have a system to keep your resume in tow, so that it is easy to submit. But your online job seeker profile plays a very important role in getting you noticed by the recruiter’s eye. That’s why our resume experts at Career Marshal are offering some Do’s and Don’ts to effectively guide you through the process of applying for jobs online:

  1. Check out the company’s website before you apply.

Recruiters like to see that you have a special interest in their company. They’re likely to pursue a candidate who has a history with a similar industry and also they know why they’re applying now. Take the time to learn the company’s mission and values. Then, try incorporate these into your job history and your resume. This will make sure that you stand out among other applicants who applied without doing their homework.

  1. Tailor your resume for every job you apply online

We cannot stress enough on the importance of including key words from the job description on the posting in your resume. Most recruiters receive hundreds of resumes for every job posted. They simply don’t have the time to go through each and every detail of all resumes, therefore, they just look for keywords that match their job requirements, in your resume. Having included keywords, instantly makes you stand out from the rest of the candidates.

Also, if there is anything that needs to be manually filled in, make sure you don’t miss them out. It is very unprofessional to leave out any blank unfilled sections in your online job application and there are chances that the recruiter will totally rule you out.

  1. Add your updated LinkedIn profile:

With growing age of the use of social media, LinkedIn is quickly becoming one of the prerequisites of any job profile or resume. It is essential to have a LinkedIn profile, this makes sure that you look seriously professional to the recruiter. But before you like it, make sure that your profile is job search worthy and well updated. Your profile picture should also look professional, rather than the one taken during vacation.

  1. Get Professional resume services:

With a fast-paced life writing a well updated resume in accordance with your career goals could be a very challenging task. We therefore recommend hiring professional resume writing services from Career Marshal to make sure your resume is top notch. We make sure that your resume is professional that lands you a job instantly.

  1. Resume Highlighting and Broadcasting Services:

At Career Marshal, we also offer resume highlighting and resume broadcasting services that makes you stand apart from the vast pool of potential candidates.  With our resume broadcasting services we make sure that you are on the top of the list of every prospective recruiter. With just Rs 500 for 90 days this services is definitely worth to make you land the job of your dreams.

With our resume highlighting services, we give you the ‘flaunt it cos you have it’ edge. We highlight your resume so that your profile stands out to our database of nationwide recruiters to surpass any possible competition.

Harsimran KaurDo’s and Don’ts for applying a Job Online
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The Importance of On-The-Job Training

Employees are often trained away from where they work, whether it’s down the office space or on the other side of the country. This traditional approach puts a wall between “what employees learn and what they do”. This is where On-the-job training can step in and break down this wall.

Training presents a big opportunity to expand the knowledge base of the employees; however, many employers find the development opportunities very expensive. Employees also miss out on the time that they can spend working, while they are busy attending training sessions, which in turn delays the project deadlines. Despite all potential setbacks, on the job training provides both the company and the employees with benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment.

Learners and teachers work shoulder to shoulder to develop a feeling of chasing the same goal when training on the job. The training then becomes something not simply given to employees, but something in which they love to participate. The employees can give immediate feedback about what they don’t understand and/or offer suggestions about how to improve certain processes.

At Career Marshal, our experts believe that just recruitment is not enough, employee retention is another challenge faced by recruiters. This is where on-the-job training also improves retention. The in-situation experience helps an employee strengthen recall of information in a way that classroom learning can’t do thus, making the working environment more fun.

When learning and everyday work are combined together, the employee’s mind is processing and associating the office environment with the skills that are being developed while training.

Our experts recommend the following blending classroom work with on-the-job training:

  • Message: On-the-job training is one of the most effective ways of training when employees play an active role. Most offices send this message by asking for participation and, also by listening when employees share their thoughts.
  • Process: One important part of this type of training is also to bring employees together every day to discuss a point that was covered in training. This should be more of a huddle than a meeting, a short conversation like this makes training a part of their routine work.
  • Tools: New technologies can help offices in integrating teaching into their everyday activities. Such tools put training guidance at the employees’ finger tips; and also lets them look up key points when their jobs requires it.

According to a a recent study by our experts, employees who have access to training and development programs in their organisations have the advantage over employees in other companies who are left to look for training opportunities on their own. All investment done by the company in training, shows the employees that they are valued. Training creates a supportive workplace and employees learn things that they wouldn’t have otherwise known about or sought out to learn themselves. They feel appreciated and challenged through training opportunities and in turn this leads to more satisfaction toward their jobs.

Our experts suggest that organizations that deliver a clear message and use good processes and training tools can break the wall between the employees learning process and their everyday tasks at work. When learning and work then come together, the goals of training and that of the organization become the same.


Harsimran KaurThe Importance of On-The-Job Training
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